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  • Day34

    Abendliche Mangroven Fahrt

    August 27, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Am Abend haben wir dann noch eine Bootsfahrt durch die Mangroven gemacht. Dabei haben wir sogar Irrawady Delfine gesehen!!!! Die sind echt selten!! Unglaublich!
    Außerdem haben wir ein Krokodil und Nasenaffen (aber von sehr weit weg) gesehen.

    Und dann hat es angefangen zu schütten!
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  • Day157

    Sarawak Culture Village

    November 26, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today we visited the Sarawak Culture Village for a little Malaysian cultural experience. It is also called a “living museum” hence to the local and original peiple living there and showing the visitors their way of life and work. Very interesting! We even saw a cultural dance show 👌🏼😍

    Heute haben wir das Sarawak Culture Village für ein wenig Kulturprogramm zu erfahren besucht. Das Village wird auch als „lebendes Museum“ bezeichnet, da hier die Einheimischen immer noch leben und arbeiten und den Besuchern ihr Leben im Village zeigen. Sehr spannend und wir sahen sogar eine traditionelle Tanzshow 👌🏼😍.
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  • Day43

    Day 43: An extra beach day

    July 28, 2016 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Another day for doing absolutely nothing! We decided yesterday that although we were supposed to check out today, we'd stay another night and just relax on the beach and at the pool. A little bit of confusion with the front desk trying to explain to people with limited English that we weren't checking out, but had already paid for an extra night via Expedia. But we got through eventually!

    Breakfast again at the hotel restaurant (again completely empty aside from one other table). For whatever reason the tide seems much later today - I know it only shifts by an hour a day, but it seems to be a lot higher than it was 23 hours ago. There were also a few small waves coming in, obviously the current offshore was quite different and not getting as much protection from the reef or something.

    Spent some time swimming in the water which although clean still isn't very clear. There are saltwater crocodiles on Borneo although supposedly not around here, but it's still hard to put them out of your mind! Especially with our trip to the Top End so recently in our minds. Back to the pool for a while where I finished LA Confidential and swam around for a bit.

    Went into the town for a bite of lunch as we didn't feel like re-visiting the hotel restaurant. We shared a chicken & cheese martabak and a egg & onion roti canai, along with a pair of watermelon & mango juices. Much better value, only about 23 ringgit all up! For dessert we had an ice cream in a bun, which is exactly what you think it is. A scoop of ice cream, served in a bread roll. Interesting combo, but tasty!

    Back to the hotel where we spent a little bit of time in the lobby using the internet (there's no in-room wifi, and I can only get a 2G mobile data connection while Shandos can't get data at all). It's oddly disconcerting having only very limited access, but it's definitely a good thing to tune out for a while. Internet urges sated, it was back to the beach and pool for the afternoon!

    Didn't stay at the beach for long as it was low tide by now, and the beach isn't as nice at low tide. I found an enormous shard of glass in the sand (the size of an iPhone), and then after I'd put that in the rubbish bin I nearly stepped on a gigantic jellyfish. This thing was at least the size of a basketball, if not larger! No idea whether it was still alive or not, I don't know enough about jellyfish to even tell? You could also see right out at the water's edge a lot of little shoots coming up through the sand, which to me was a telltale sign that the beach was originally a mangrove swamp and had been cleared out for the hotel. The sand that far out felt quite muddy, the water was murky, and after my two unwanted discoveries we headed for the safety of the pool.

    Stayed in the pool for quite a while until around sunset (nearly 7pm)! Overall the hotel wasn't as busy as the previous day, though a large tour group of Chinese showed up in the late afternoon and started spitting and yelling everywhere as Chinese are wont to do (I later found out they were from Taiwan, whoops). Went back to the shopping area for dinner and realised that underneath Escobar where we'd been the last two nights was another place called Reggae Beach Bar with exactly the same menu, only the prices were 20% cheaper. Go figure!

    Had a beer here and then went to the food court for dinner - I had mi hoon (a fried noodle dish with spaghetti-like noodles), while Shandos had a char kway teoh. Back to the hotel around 8:30pm as a storm was brewing, happy with our nice little break and looking forward to continuing our journey.
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    Trish Forrester

    Where crocs are concerned, I think I'd err on the side of caution!

  • Day42

    Day 42: Beach time in Damai

    July 27, 2016 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We left the our curtains wide open overnight and woke up early-ish with the sun. A good sign! Barely any clouds in the sky, and our patience from yesterday was being rewarded. Down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast around 8am (banana pancakes very good), then straight off to the pool.

    The main pool here is absolutely enormous - much longer than any pool I've been in before, I'd say it's close to 80 metres end-to-end and about 30 metres across, with infinity edges towards the ocean. I spent the morning alternating between reading, lazing on the sun lounger and swimming. More people around today than yesterday, I guess yesterday everyone was hiding in their room due to the rain.

    Back to the hotel restaurant for lunch where we both had the fish & chips that was unavailable yesterday - again very good! Maybe the better chef was on duty today. Had a swim at the beach in the afternoon, the water is probably the cleanest we've seen since leaving Australia, though the visibility isn't that good. Probably about 1.5m I'd guess - I could see my knees while standing up in shoulder-deep water.

    Again spent the afternoon alternating between the pool, the sun lounger and reading my book. Around 6pm we decided to head back to the bar from yesterday. Had a drink while watching the sun set, and decided to lash out and eat there. My first choice of spicy chicken pizza wasn't available, and my second choice of beef burger wasn't available either! Went with a third choice of chicken burger which turned out to be a chicken parmigiana burger - schnitzel with spicy tomato sauce and melted cheese. Pretty decent, and Shandos's pineapple fried rice was good too. Though the bill was 99 RMY for four drinks and two meals - about $33 AUD which is very overpriced for Asia! Quite a shock coming from Kuching where we'd spending about $5 AUD combined per meal.

    Back to the hotel satisfied, and with the weather forecast for tomorrow looking good we decided to spend another day here. One more day, then we'll check out and head back to Kuching, spend the day after that at Bako National Park to see proboscis monkeys, then the following couple of days at a highland jungle longhouse!
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    Trish Forrester

    That looks beautiful! And so relaxing. Did you get some laps done?

    Joel Baldwin

    Definitely not!

    Peter Baldwin

    By the time you've done all this there won't be anything left to do when you retire!

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  • Day41

    Day 41: North to the beach

    July 26, 2016 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    After so many busy days in a row, we'd decided that it was time for a mini beach break! Surprisingly, we hadn't been to the beach since Bali and had only swum briefly a couple of times at the pool in Jakarta. So it was high time for one. The night before we'd found a hotel, booked two nights, and found a cheap bus that would take us there.

    So we packed up, breakfasted at an Indian restaurant around the corner (we had roti canai, not curry!) and walked off to find the shuttle bus leaving the Pullman Hotel at 10:15am. Arrived at 10am to be informed that it doesn't leave from there anymore, maybe try the Hilton? So we walked quickly to the Hilton, and they told us it left from the Grand Margherita Hotel. So we walked over there, and thankfully the shuttle bus was actually there! By now it was 10:15, so we jumped on board and off we went.

    The bus ride (well it was actually just a crappy old Toyota Hiace van) took about 45 minutes heading north. We were heading to a small place called Damai Beach, on a peninsula jutting out into the sea north of Kuching. The ride itself was fairly uneventful, although the gloomy skies turned to rain not long after we hit the road.

    We arrived at the hotel at about 11:30 during a heavy downpour and checked in. Check in time here isn't until 3pm (!!) so we decided to have an early lunch while we waited for our room. The hotel/resort itself is huge, probably around 250 rooms, but appeared to be very empty. We had lunch in the cavernous restaurant (with 3 occupied tables), neither of our first choices available from the menu. The food was okay, but expensive for what it was - I guess staying at a resort means you're stuck paying their prices!

    The rain eased off to a light sprinkle by 12:30 when we finished, and our room was thankfully ready by now! So we wandered in. The reviews of the hotel online specifically mentioned that the rooms weren't that great and they were right - probably 10 years old, shoddily constructed and without a lick of maintenance done since. Things like light sockets hanging out of the ceiling, a mouldy water trail coming out of the air con vent, very poor finishing on the paintwork, lights not working. Oh well, it was cheap, and we weren't planning on spending much time in the room anyway.

    Sat on the balcony for a little while before heading down to the pool in the drizzle. Had good swim and sat under a beach umbrella for a while before wandering around and exploring the resort. From what I can see, there's three main wings to the building and two of them are completely unoccupied. And the wing that is occupied is maybe 1/2 full. There's 4 restaurants/bars here but only one of them actually opens at the moment.

    Checked out the beach which was quite nice, and had a chat to the lady running the dive shop. Prices quite high even by Australian standards so we decided to skip. Late afternoon we walked into "town" which is basically a small shopping village with a restaurant, a bar, some handicraft type shops, a 7-11 and a hawker style food court. Drinks at the bar were pretty expensive (18RMY / $6 AUD for a can of Tiger beer), so we had one each and then headed for the food court where we indulged in burgers and a plate of fries. This was more like it - total cost was 14 RMY / $4.75 ish AUD for the lot.

    Thought we'd defeat the high alcohol prices at the bar and the resort by getting drinks from 7-11 and smuggling it back into the hotel (there are signs everywhere saying OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINK PROHIBITED, CORKAGE WILL BE CHARGED), but it was apparently the only 7-11 in Malaysia that didn't sell alcohol! Maybe they've got an "understanding" with the local resorts, or maybe they're a Muslim business and don't want to sell it.

    Defeated, we wandered back to the hotel and chilled out on our balcony until bed. I'd started reading LA Confidential again after giving up partway through it last year, so I made some good progress on that. We don't have wifi in our room which is both a blessing and a curse. Hoping for good weather tomorrow!
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  • Day4

    Nanga Shanti: bootrit + ontdekken

    September 17, 2017 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Bootritje naar Nanga Shanti, een homestay in de jungle. We zitten aan boord met een vriendelijk koppel Australiërs die daar aan work-away deden. Daarna werden we vriendelijk begroet door Kali, de lieve hond van het gezin.Read more

  • Day6

    Nanga Shanti: Waking up + departure

    September 19, 2017 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Blijkbaar had Kali de hele nacht voor ons hutje geslapen, wat een leuke verrassing 's ochtends. Nog even een snel ontbijt, inpakken en vertrekken; terug naar Kuching :)

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