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  • Day152

    Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur #5

    October 3, 2017 in Malaysia

    An unserem letzten Tag in KL waren wir im Stadtteil Brickfields oder auch Little India genannt! Man fühlt sich dort wirklich wie mitten in Indien oder in einem Bollywood Film😄 überall indische Shops, indische Musik und leckeres Essen soweit das Auge reicht 😍

  • Day23

    We made it to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    November 25, 2016 in Malaysia

    One typhoon warning, a boat journey, two pricey flights and we are now in Malaysia.

    Tammy and I were here last April. We were reminded of the fact when the lovely border people greeted us with " welcome back to Malaysia mam".

    We loved it then and cannot wait to explore this beautiful lush country, at a slower pace.
    We are expecting to spend about three weeks here,before heading to Cambodia via Thailand. Obviously all this can change what with typhoons and all!!

    Leaving the Philippines suddenly was very hard (we adored it) but the island we were heading to was in the middle of the typhoon and it didn't look like it was shifting. We even got onto the ferry, got settled and waited over two hours, until a Filipino announcement declared the boat wouldn't be leaving until Saturday!! At the earliest!! Most people didn't move, they planned on staying on the boat until they got the all clear!! Now i know we are on a budget but the prospect of staying on a boat for three nights in the port, didn't seem like the obvious choice, so we found a plush hotel and got a double room for £15!! to re-group and plan our next move!!

    The journey from Bohol to KL, was LONG... but was made much easier with a cheeky 7 hour stay in the Wings Lounge, basically a pod, to get your head down in between connections.
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  • Day10

    Bei Tageslicht ging es durch die Straßen, die alles andere als angenehm riechen, sobald man einen Abwasser Schacht überschritt zur Mall für ein Frühstück. Dieses besteht obligatorisch aus halb gekochtem Ei, Toast mit Kaya und Teh. Anschließend ging es weiter Richtung heiliger Fluss bis hin zum Central Market, wo Schlendern und Shopping angesagt waren. Mittagessen bei Texas-Chicken und dann den Pullover über die Knie und für 5 RM Richtung Batu Caves. Sind Schöne Höhlen, jedoch auch unfreundliche Ladies und Stechmücken waren vertreten. Nach einer Bus Buchung und ner Menge Kreditkarten beef steuerten wir die Tsingtao Rooftop bar an, wo der Abend bei Cocktail und Bier ausklang.
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  • Day106

    Day 106: Back to KL

    September 29, 2016 in Malaysia

    Time to leave Ipoh and the north of Malaysia. Our train to KL was at 1pm, and we'd arranged to meet the car hire man at the station around 12pm. After a hotel breakfast we were a little lost for ideas, but decided to re-visit the park we'd been to a few days earlier (with the man-made waterfall and so on).

    So into the car we got, and headed off. The park was a ghost town today, a sharp contrast to the busyness of our previous visit which was on a weekend. There were only a few people in the place as far as we could tell! Decided to spring the 6 ringgit for the boat fare to the far shore, where there was a large park with several attractions, sort of like a mini version of Sydney Park.

    We had a nice slow stroll around, enjoying the gardens, the flowers, and the look-outs. Discovered that there was a feeding zoo with deer, who looked very non-plussed by us, as well as a pair of emus (or maybe ostrich, I can't tell) who didn't look very healthy or happy. It looked like both of them had completely picked all the feathers off their hides around near their bums, and it looked awful. We didn't stick around long as it was depressing.

    Lots of garden staff around as well cleaning up, since it looked like a storm had blown through the previous night. We'd noticed some wind and rain, but this was something larger - branches down, leaves blown everywhere etc. We left them to it, and after an hour or so of wandering the park we headed for the exit. Back to town by 11am where we had an early lunch, ensuring that the popiah staff hadn't sold out yet - it hadn't!

    We shared three plates between us - maybe a little greedy but they aren't that big either. We made the station by 11:45 where we parked, found our rental car man (who didn't even look at the car or petrol levels, just grabbed the keys, shook my hand and left!), then settled in at the station to wait. Lots of people waiting for a different train including a usual group of shoving Chinese grannies, but when our train arrived hardly anyone got on! In a carriage that probably seated 50, I think it was just us and another couple nearby.

    Nothing really to report from the journey, just reading this time - up to 60% of War & Peace! Didn't really do much looking at the scenery, since this is the second time we've done this route by rail, and the nearby highway is one we've done a few times as well (we got a bus from KL to Penang via Ipoh in our 2015 Malaysia trip).

    Arriving at KL, it was quite easy to find our apartment as it's right near the station. Something different for us this time - we've booked an AirBnB, which is a sort of Uber for hotels. People use it to rent out spare rooms/units, meaning that you aren't staying in a hotel with all that that entails. We were staying in a moderately fancy 2-bedroom apartment, in an enormous complex of buildings. We're on level 22 of 38, and there's an identical building next door. Reading room and entertaining area on the roof, enormous pool, gym and sauna on level 7, plus a convenience store and a small cafe too. Not bad!

    Our hosts are a young French couple who have lived in Malaysia for six months - the apartment is enormous and has two bathrooms, so it shouldn't be a problem to share with them. After heading upstairs and having a brief chat, we headed out to explore the area while she went back to work. We're staying in Little India which has a few interesting shops and stuff, so we had a look around. But there was less to see than we expected, so we went back to the apartment building and jumped in the pool instead.

    After a nice long relaxing swim we went out for dinner. Right next door to us is the Nu Sentral mall, an enormous 10-level shopping centre that's connected to the KL Sentral station (which is where we'll be getting Grand Prix trains from too). We headed in and perused the fancier food options on the upper floors, eventually going with the Manhattan Fish Market where Shandos had a salmon & mash dish while I had fish & chips of course.
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  • Day192

    Bali ruft

    March 12, 2017 in Malaysia

    Unser letzter Tag in Kuala Lumpur beginnt mit dem Besuch des Nationalmuseums. Hier wollen wir etwas über die Geschichte und Kultur Malaysias und Kuala Lumpurs erfahren. Über Grab (sehr guter Taxi-Service in Asien, ähnlich Uber, aber komfortabler) bestellen wir wieder einmal ein Fahrzeug und für 5 Ringit sind wir 29 Minuten später dort. Die Ausstellung beginnt mit der Entstehung der Landmassen von Südostasien, Malaysia, Indonesien und den Philippinen. Spannend, dass vor 20.000 Jahren eine Landverbindung zwischen den Inseln bestand, so dass sich Mensch und Tier hierher ausbreiten konnten. Wir sehen auch den ältesten Fund eines menschlichen Schädels, den Java-Menschen.
    Ansonsten wird sehr anschaulich das Wachstum der ehemaligen malayischen Königreiche und die Kolonialisierung durch Portugiesen, dann Holländer und Briten dargestellt. Zudem wurde Malaysia während des 2. Weltkriegs vor dem Angriff auf Pearl Harbour von den Japanern besetzt. Am 31. August erhielt die malaysische Föderation seine Unabhängigkeit. Der König Malaysias, wird alle fünf Jahre aus einer Reihe von neun Adelsträgern gewählt. Damit ist das Land eine der wenigen Wahlmonarchien der Welt. Das Parlament Malaysias setzt sich nach britischem Vorbild aus Ober- und Unterhaus zusammen. Da Malaysia aus unterschiedlichen Gebieten gebildet wurde, war es eine besondere Herausforderung, ein nationales Verständnis in der Bevölkerung zu erzielen. Heute scheint das gelungen zu sein.
    Kuala Lumpur war übrigens eine Zinnminenstadt und ziemlich sumpfig, hat sich aber in den letzten 50 Jahren zu einer großen, modernen und offenen Stadt entwickelt.
    Das reicht uns zur Geschichte und wir verbringen lieber die letzten Stunden vor der Fahrt zum Flughafen am und im Pool unseres Hotels.
    Der 3stündige Flug mit Malindo Air ist leider verspätet, wir landen 20.35 Uhr in Denpasar. Die Immigration und der Zoll auf Bali gehen super schnell. Nicht mal das Ausreiseticket wollen sie sehen.
    Wie immer beschaffen wir zunächst Geld und dann prüfe ich, ob die Internetverbindung funktioniert. Dieses Mal kaufen wir keine neue SIM-Karte, denn das Roamingangebot von U-Mobile (in Malaysia aus genau diesem Grunde gekauft, und weil sie günstig sind) ist für die nächsten Tage einfach unschlagbar. Wir wechseln bald alle 2-4 Tage das Land und da ist es nicht sinnvoll jedes Mal eine neue Prepaidkarte zu kaufen.
    Schnell noch ein Taxi besorgt und auf geht es in die Nacht zu unserem neuen Quartier, dem Rama Residence Padma in Legian auf Bali. Um es vorweg zu nehmen, dieses kleine Boutique Hotel ist erst 2 Monate alt und super.
    Nach einem kleinen Rundgang, Einkauf von Wasser und Finden einer Wäscherei 😊, fallen wir geschafft ins Bett 😴💤.
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  • Day2

    Dead (Tired) on Arrival

    July 8 in Malaysia

    The journey went super smoothly, from early set-off from a miserable cold Canberra to successful IT rescue at Lugarno (with delicious lunch at S&J) to easy transition to the airport. Perfect seats on AirAsia and we hadnt needed to bring our own sick bags after all. The meals were delicious (altho Mike didnt get his Nasi Lemak) and everyone except Luka managed to grab a bit of sleep. Arrived 3.15am-ish, straight thru passport control etc in perfect timing to catch the first bus straight to KL Sentral. Imogen's careful reading of the bus tickets averted a near disaster and the journey only took 40 minutes. No trouble finding our hotel and within 15 minutes we were tucked up in the comfortable but tiny, windowless cells of the City Central @ KL Sentral Brickfields, minutes away from Im's favourite Milo Roti restaurant. All slept 5.30-9.30, Luka waking us in time to get the dregs of our hotel's dreggish breakfast. Even the crockery was in short supply! But we had big culinary plans for the day so that was
    no disappointment, however seedy and grumpy some of us were feeling.

    Found the GoKL free bus service no trouble (everyone so friendly) and took the Red Line to the National Mosque, which Imi agreed to visit this time. We all robed up, admired the architecture and took a free propaganda tour from the lovely Fatima, who pounced on us as soon as we took an interest in the religious pamphlets. Learned a lot about the history of the building and Islam. Imogen's summation - "Only slightly better than hanging outside the building while the rest of you go in)

    The onward journey to Restoran Rebung provided the ordeal to make that delicious meal all the more rewarding. We were too tired and hot to walk through the Lake Gardens, and GoKL had proved such a success earlier we decided to try again. Several false stops and quite some time later we resorted to a taxi but we didnt have complete confidence our driver knew where he was going. But we did find the fabulous establishment eventually, and couldnt believe the amazing buffet before our eyes. Just as good as we had read about and seen on Youtube and only 40RM each. Highlights included the rendang, fish heads, string hoppers and chicken curry. Mike spotted Chef Ismail and we introduced ourselves and received a lively exposition on the huge wok of dodol we had been laughing about earlier. Imogen ate too much sweets, and Mike was also suffering from overeating when we eventually left. luka bravely tackled the sendol (the rest of the party horrified by the presence of corn in a dessert), but as I write this, he is the only one who became physically ill from the meal, albeit hours later in his room and more attributable to fatigue than greed methinks.

    We passed the afternoon walking through the Lake Garden (an integral part of any trip to KL) and riding GoKL.

    And now we are waiting for 7 when we will have a small meal and crash in our comforTable beds ...

    Bring on Sunway Lagoon (let's hope Luka recovers with a bit of sleep)
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  • Day19

    Trip to KL, The Vacation That Wasn't

    September 28, 2016 in Malaysia

    The month of September started with great promise, in fact half way through the month everything had be going fine and dandy. On my birthday, Sammy got a babysitter for Alex while we went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants: Lawry's Prime Rib. I couldn't believe this restaurant is in Singapore. We had a great time and Alex seems to have had fun with his sitter. When we returned, some of our new friends came to have some cake. My new friends Indra from Germany made the most delicious churros and my friends Rashmi and Amu got me wonderful chocolate and wine. It was a great birthday and I couldn't wait to head out to visit my friends Grace and Merlyna (Lyna) in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

    Alex and I set off on our first trip by ourselves taking a short flight and were picked up by Lyna and her boyfriend Faz. Our first night was great, we had a lovely dinner, talked a lot and had a good night's sleep. On our first full day in Malaysia we headed to the city center and visited the famous Petronas Twin Towers but not before having lunch at a place called Little Penang Kafe, a place I will never forget, and not for good reasons.

    After visiting the 84th floor and seeing the views from there and from the crosswalk from the famous movie "Entrapment", we headed back down and, as we were leaving the lobby, Alex threw up.

    Thinking it was probably because of the fast ride down on the elevator, I changed his clothes and put him in the stroller. Unfortunately he puked again and a few minutes later, yet again.
    After 4 episodes I knew we needed to see a doctor but after the fifth time, it was time to go to the hospital as I got very worried that Alex was getting dehydrated.

    I called my friend Grace who lives in downtown KL who offered to drive us.
    Alex was put on an IV on his leg. That night was one of the longest night's of my life. I was so worried about my little one and only managed to relax when he was sleeping peacefully a few hours after being admitted.
    As I started relaxing, I started paying attention to a slight pain in my stomach and although I tried sleeping it off on the hospital reposette, I soon had to get up and puke myself. I was pretty sick as well. Fortunately, the bug only lasted a day in my system. As for Alex, he was doing much better after the first day but the doctor wanted him to stay an extra night.
    The good thing was that he was feeling better, the bad thing was that he was very restless and we were both itching to get out. I was exhausted and fed up.

    We were supposed to go visit Malaca with Lyna and Faz but because of the incident, we didn't go. Lyna and Faz went with Lyna's family and later called saying they were both feeling sick as well. It was so bad for them they ended up going to the clinic. Whatever bug we got was pretty bad and we think it was from something we had at the little Pending Kafe.

    After Malaca, Alex and I were supposed to visit Penang with Grace. This town is about 5 hour drive from KL, however, after the hospital I didn't think it prudent to put Alex through such a long drive and decided to cut our trip short.

    Thank God we came home safely and in good health. I guess I'll get to see more of Malaysia some other time, it was still nice to see Grace and Lyna and I was so grateful they were there for me through everything at the hospital. I'm thankful that even after so many years I have great sister friends.

    October is less than week away, I'm sure it will only bring good things. I'll let you know how it goes.
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  • Day1


    July 21, 2016 in Malaysia

    Nach der Ankunft in KL schauten wir uns in der Stadt um. Nach einem Besuch in der IT-Shopping Mall (ein Basar für Handys und andere Elektronik, wo 5 Verkäufer nebeneinander genau dasselbe Zeug anbieten xD) und einem Regenguss gingen wir am Abend über den Chinamarkt ("Wolle Hose kaufen?" auf Chinesisch) zum Inder. Dort konnten wir beim Naan-Backen zuschauen. Auf dem Rückweg zum Guest House knipsten wir noch den KL-Tower und einen "voll schönen" pinken Brunnen.Read more

  • Day110

    Day 110: Doing Nothing

    October 3, 2016 in Malaysia

    Today was a designated rest day that we'd built into the schedule, as I knew from previous experience that attending a Grand Prix was surprisingly tiring. So we opted to have a full day of doing nothing.

    And that's what we did! I played some games, caught up on some internet stuff, and generally relaxed. Shandos did much the same, but did venture out for a spot of shopping later in the day. Had lunch at the same place as on Friday, but the food wasn't quite as good as the previous visit.

    Did some Skyping in the late arvo, particularly hoping to catch Shandos's parents before they left on holidays for Port Douglas (and Schnitzel before his holiday at the kennels), but they were packing and didn't hear the call. I'd also come down with a cold which was annoying - first one I'd had since arriving in Indonesia several months earlier.

    For dinner we went to a bustling Indian restaurant in nearby Little India, though the food was a bit average. We also mis-calculated our remaining ringgit and didn't have enough to pay - short by about a dollar! I got up to find an ATM, but the waiter (who spoke very little English) pushed me back into the chair and I was a little worried about what was going to happen next. But he counted the money we did have, re-wrote the receipt so that it magically added up to what we had, gave us a smile and left! Nice man, and we were very grateful.

    Early to bed tonight as we've got an early start and a long day of travelling ahead.
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  • Day61

    Ps.... KL lay-over

    April 1 in Malaysia

    So we had an 18 between flights... So made the most of KL, and Colin visiting his childhood. First stop Batu cave home of the 5 legged cow (since dead) Colin was surprised at the development here, as a child it was mainly fields. There are 272 steps to climb before heading into this remarkable Temple and well worth the visit. The visit was made by going into the Dark Cave which was a 45min tour around labyrinth of very dark caves with interesting flora & fauna.

    A quick visit was made to Low Yat plaza where we were disappointed to find electronic goods were not much cheaper than home. Found a local restaurant for lunch and had amazing nasi goreng (of course what else would we choose?) for less than tenner.

    Then long wet (yep it was raining) to KL towers and Petronas tower (this one was shut unfortunately) but we did go thr the shops underneath it and wow, every designer brand going, all I could afford was new Pandora.

    To finish off (our trip completely) we went round Central Market, now these prices were more our style. In the taxi on way back to airport we passed the first place Colin stayed in as a kid on his way to maylasia, the Old a railway station.

    So lots new memories made but old ones revisited as well.
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