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January - October 2020
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  • Day20

    Cabin life

    February 5 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ -8 °C

    Its so peaceful here - could easily spend a few days. The scenery is beautiful and calming. At night the fire with the candlelight is cosy. The wood for the fire is birch and smells wonderful.

  • Day20

    A cabin in the forrest

    February 5 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ -9 °C

    We made it today. Flight half empty flight so changed seats and slept most of the way laying down across three seats. Luxury.

    Met by the lovely and helpful Michael who actually built the cabin. He relocated from Germany 15 years ago and built himself a cabin by a river 30 minutes out of town in the middle of nowhere.
    No electricity or running water and often gets snowed in!

    Kiruna is a mining town and they want to mine underneath the town centre and its surrounds so the whole area is being knocked down and relocated. What a massive exercise. All paid for by the mining company.

    Anyway we did a supermarket stop, bought way too much food and then we set off in a sleigh attached to a snow mobile.

    Our cabin is on an island with the river on both sides so we went right over the frozen river. It has electricity but no running water. For that you need to drill into the river and then bucket your water up to the cabin. Luckily we were totally set up with water but I did help!

    Next was bringing in enough fire wood.

    We were then shown how to use the wood burning sauna and hot water system. The idea is to have your sauna and then go outside and jump in the snow. You do that a few times then you mix the hot water with the cold water or snow and then pour it over yourself to wash. Alot of work as the water takes 45mins to heat assuming you make a successful fire.

    There is also a little hut where you can make a fire and sit around it eating and drinking. You sit on wooden benches covered in reindeer throws. Very cosy.

    Then we were left pretty much in the middle of the forrest.

    So we had a simple lunch and then chilled.

    Next I started the fire - successfully! Birch is so easy to burn.

    I would go out every so often to check on the Aurora but nothing as too cloudy. Of course they appeared last night when we were stuck in Oslo.

    Anyway life in the cabin is lovely!
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  • Day19

    Flight to Kiruna Sweden via Stockholm

    February 4 in Sweden ⋅ ☀️ -1 °C

    Flight to nowhere more like it.
    Up really early, rushed breakfast, taxi to airport and flight delayed, then delayed and then delayed again.
    Anyway we finally made it from Oslo to Stockholm but had missed the only day flight to Kiruna.

    Next one was at 9.30pm which would mean arriving in Lapland at 11pm with the only way to get to our cabin which is on an island in the middle of nowhere by snow mobile. Plus supermarket would have been closed. Anyway not going to happen so after phoning the cabin people to make new arrangements and transferring to the 8.30am flight the next day we get vouchers from Scandinavian airways for lunch, dinner and breakfast and a free night in the Radisson at the airport. So not bad given the circumstances.

    We also get upgraded at the hotel so we have a nice big room and I immediately disperse our crap everywhere.

    Lunch was ordinary and then we collapsed on the comfy beds and slept for five hours. Now I need to acknowledge the younger me (say 6 years ago) who would have caught the train into the city and walked to everything notable or at least done a hop on hop off and then gone to the massive shopping mall on the way back. Farewell younger traveller!

    And then for dinner what else but swedish meatballs!

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  • Day18

    Chilling in Oslo

    February 3 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -3 °C

    Didn't do much today. Both of us are exhausted so we gave the city tour and museums a miss and just walked around the city centre. Then an afternoon rest and the tour farewell dinner in the evening.

    The breakfasts in Finland and Norway are incredible. The photos show just part of the breakfast - not shown is the juice section, bread station, omelette station, hot breakfast choices, biscuit section, cheese selection and hot drinks station.
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