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  • Day241

    San Pancho

    January 12, 2017 in Mexico

    So we managed to drag ourselves away from Lo De Marcos a whole 20 minutes down the road to see our friend Frida (a Swede) & Todo (a dog) from Baja who were living in San Francisco (or San Pancho as it is known locally). It was such a different town, full of surfers and youngsters enjoying themselves, and therefore a bit more touristy. The camping didn't look very appealing so we parked up outside Frida's house and spent the evening enjoying the nightlife.

    The next day we spent lazying around on the beach, and had a weird experience in a beach bar, as they were apparently filming a Tequila advert & let's just say it was v strange - you'll be able to see from the photo.

    We liked San Pancho but we're going so slowly and there's so much more to see that we decided it was time to leave the coast and head for the hills.
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  • Day6

    Playa de Sayulita

    July 17, 2016 in Mexico

    Eduardo is lucky with finding parking right away. We start for the Playa. It is really busy. I have never seen this many people on the beach. My playa in Yelapa never gets this crowded, but this playa is much much bigger. We walk on the sand and it is scorching my poor feet. I immediately take shelter under a beach chair. He feels bad for me and he picks me up in his arms and takes me to where the waves break and the sand is wet. Ah, it feels good on my feet. We walk up and down, watching the children playing in the water, some older ones learning how to surf, and everyone having a great time. The weather is great, the sun is out and the ocean is calm. Reminds me of many such days I have seen on my beach in Yelapa - YelapaRead more

  • Day6

    Don Pedro's Restaurant, Sayulita

    July 17, 2016 in Mexico

    It seems the day will have a lot of eating. Yadira started her 2 weeks vacation and she is very happy. I am very happy too. They all pay attention to me all the time and they hold me and hug me and kiss me. At Don Pedro's Eduardo splits a big Hamburger with Yadira and Omartito orders arrachera,and he orders angel hair pasta. Yadira gives me a small morsel of her Kobe beef hamburger. I haven't had that before, and I love it. Right after lunch we head back and I hear him ask to stop to pick up some tequila at Soriana. We wait for him and Eduardo in the car, and pretty soon they are back with two bottles of Don Julio 70. He is telling everyone how good it is. The plan is to drop us off at our hotel, I need a siesta after all this and then pick us up for pizza, a treat for little Omar - YelapaRead more

  • Day33

    Beach Please ;)

    September 9, 2017 in Mexico

    Sooo *__* ENDLICH der lang ersehnte Urlaub :) (sorry, dass es so spät wurde mit dem posten..)

    Wir sind mit unserem Luxusbus gut angekommen und haben uns, nach dem einchecken im total schönen und billigen Hostel, natürlich gleich mal den Strand angesehen bei heftig schwülen 30°.
    Leider etwas enttäuschend :/ Wegen starker Regenfällen und windigem Wetter war der naheste Strand total voll mit Treibholz. Nicht so schön zum baden.

    ABER nicht verzagen, Einheimische fragen! :D Ein bekannter Badeort hat ja bekanntlich mehr als nur DEN einen Strand ;) Also ab an den "Playa de los muertos", klingt nicht soo sehr vertrauenerweckend :D aber war tausendmal schöner und besser zum baden, als der andere. Dieser wurde natürlich in den nächsten Tagen auch auf Herz und Nieren getestet :D und auf Sonnenbrand >_< :D

    Da eine aus unserer "Gang" am Sonntag noch Geburtstag hatte, mussten wir natürlich mit gebührlich Corona und Tequila reinfeiern. Das Ganze endete dann in einem Club, der an eine Baustelle erinnerte :D und die Leute da waren zum großen Teil etwas seltsam :D Aber war totzdem lustig :D
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  • Day34

    San Pancho

    September 10, 2017 in Mexico

    Weil Sayulita jetzt net des größte Städtle ist, in dem man 4 Tage immer wieder was Neues sehen kann, haben wir aufgrund von Tips noch das noch kleinere Städtchen San Pancho besucht. Der Strand war dort der Wahnsinn! Aber leider auch mit sehr sehr wenig Schatten.
    ...Naja ich mein, entweder man will Strandurlaub oder halt net. Und dann ghört so klein bissle Sonnenbrand halt auch dazu. ;)
    Ein netter Neuseeländer, der mit uns im Hostel war, hatte ein Mietauto und hat uns begleitet. *eigennutzaufbeidenseiten* :D
    Abends haben wir dann noch einen kleinen romantischen Strandspaziergang gemacht. Wie's sich ghört :D ;) um uns vom Strand zu verabschieden :(

    ABER das wird vermutlich nicht das einzige und letzte Mal am Strand gewesen sein. Also nicht trauern, sondern wieder ab in die Stinkestadt :D

    UND: wir haben natürlich noch eine asiatisch aussende Frau gefunden, die ein Foto von uns gemacht hat. :D Darf ja schließlich auch nicht fehlen :D
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  • Day162

    Hospitality and a Quick Fix in PV

    January 11, 2016 in Mexico

    Anna and Cedric did our homework for us (while we struggled with a bit of motion sickness in the RV, not being used to being passengers!) and dropped us off right at a bike shop that was luckily open on Sunday afternoon. We later found out that of the 3 bike shops in Puerto Vallarta, Velo Bikes (in the mall by the marina) was the only one that had quality bike parts for touring bikes. They assured us in the shop that they could use the hub to rebuild the wheel with a new rim and new spokes, but later offered Karl a deal on a new set of wheels that was only marginally more than the cost of the wheel rebuild. The only catch was that we had to wait two days for the work, but luckily, while we were in the shop Todd, a fellow Canadian and biking enthusiast, showed up to get a tube changed and offered to host us at his place in Bucerias. We gladly accepted, and after stocking up on food, separated for one of the first times on the trip as Karl took the bus and Holly rode the 17 km to the Flamingo Golf and Country Club - Todd rented a house there on the 10th fairway. After settling in, we shared a potluck dinner with Todd and some of the neighbors and talked about cycling and golf, spear fishing and water torture. Todd recently retired from a military career that took him all over the world and now splits his time between Canada, Mexico and Europe. In Europe he helps to organize cycling battlefield tours to support returning soldiers with health costs. We loved hearing about the tours to historic places from WWI, WWII and more recent wars, how touched Canadians (veterans and their families) were to experience these special sites, and the great riding that they do to get there. We spent our 'rest' day relaxing and dealing with more bike decisions, but made sure to have a swim in the pool before heading to Velo Bikes to pick up Karl's new wheels and fixed up bike - and we didn't forget to snap a photo with Ernesto, Hugo and Pepe who helped with the fix. Thanks guys!Read more

  • Day4

    My heaven on Earth

    June 23, 2017 in Mexico

    Sayulita,✌🏼😎☮ a vibrant & colorful💜💙💚💛❤💗 hippy beach village known for its surfing🌊🏄🏽‍♀🏄🏾outside of Puerto Vallarta. My heaven😇 on Earth🌎. I fell in love❤with this place, I can't wait to return.

  • Day7

    Calm after the storm

    June 26, 2017 in Mexico

    ⛈⚡🌫💨💦Last night there was a huge thunder and lightning storm. This morning I woke up to an empty, peaceful beach. I love walking the beaches🌊after storms. I found tons of seashells🐚, and a little crab🦀 was making his way towards me. #morning #beach #playa #peaceful #horses #crab #storm #mexico #vacations

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