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  • Day82

    Too many tourists

    November 28, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Some days are not as good as others... We left our campspot pretty tired, as we didn't sleep well. Plus, our tent was totally wet due to the humidity. Anyways, the first 50km of today's ride were very scenic: a bit rolling through green rainforest, beautiful views of the coast and not much traffic on the road.
    However, this changed once we turned on the 200 towards Puerto Vallarta. Heavy traffic, speeding cars and buses cutting us pretty closely and construction work - no fun riding at all!
    We stopped in La Penita for our lunch stop and to dry our tent. We tried to get Internet to research hotels nearby, but neither our local SIM nor the restaurants in town had working wifi. So we continued to San Francisco, a surfer town. We were overwhelmed by the amount of tourists here and couldn't find a decent hotel, so went on to Sayulita. It's actually very popular among surfers and backpackers, so we faced similar issues and ended up in a hostel. We were the only ones cooking dinner while the others made extensive use of the happy hour. Feeling pretty old lieing in bed while they are playing YMCA and Macarena downstairs 😥
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    Florian Köppl

    In Mexiko scheint ja jeder Ort seinen Namen in großen, bunten Lettern zu haben. Gut für die Amis, damit sie wissen wo sie sind. 😉

    Meike Grothe

    Und für uns, damit wir nachher noch wissen, wo wir die Fotos gemacht haben 😂

    Florian Köppl

    Das stimmt. Nach eurer Reise wart ihr dann in so vielen Städten, da hilft es den Überblick zu behalten. 😅

  • Day83

    Islas Marietas

    November 29, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    As the music in the hostel didn't stop before 3am, we decided to have a late start and leave after breakfast (which they served from 8:30am). Usually, we try to be on the road at 7am in order to avoid most the midday heat.
    From Sayulita, we took a small road with less traffic to Punta Mita. Irene had recommended to go to Islas Marietas, so we checked out the offers. As we got a good deal and people seemed to be very knowledgable, we went on a boat trip to the islands. Definitely a good decision! The islands were formed by volcanic activity and are under government protection, so there's many species of seabirds as well as abundant marine life. On the way there, we saw a humpback whale and some dolphines. We observed the birds, among them some blue (and yellow) footed boobies, got wet from the water of the blowhole, checked out some caves and the stone bridge, snorkelled to sea the tropical fish and discovered a hidden beach.
    As the tour took longer than expected (Mexican times...), we booked an AirBnB some 30km away to be able to make ot before dark. When we arrived at the address, noone was there. We called the owner and he told us that it's actually not available at the moment because the light is not working and he has been waiting for someone to fix it for some time (Mexican time again...). We were both a little frustrated and hungry, as it was getting dark already and there weren't many options for accommodation. However, Google helped us this time and led us to a cosy hostal with friendly people and a fresh fruit and vegetable store next door 😊
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  • Day38

    San Pancho

    November 29, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Endlich wieder Strand😍
    Nina und ich haben an diesem Wochenende mal wieder eine geplante Reise der Universität von Guadalajara mitgemacht. Treffpunkt war an dem Freitag Morgen um 6 Uhr. Die Abfahrt verzögerte sich ebenso, wie bei der ersten Studienreise, die wir mitgemacht haben. Obwohl wir diesmal deutlich weniger Leute waren und nur mit einem Bus reisten, ging die Fahrt erst eine Stunde später los. Typisch Mexico kann ich da nur sagen🤦‍♀️😂
    Vier Stunden sollte die Fahrt nach San Pancho dauern. Die eisigen Temperaturen im Bus (Klimaanlage auf minus tausend Grad) machten die Fahrt allerdings etwas ungemütlich und die Wärme der Sonne und des warmen Sandes an den Füßen wurde nur umso mehr von uns ersehnt.
    Endlich am Strand angekommen konnten wir die Sonne, die Musik, den Tequila und die gute Stimmung genießen😍
    Besonders cool an den Mexikanern finde ich, dass sie einfach jeden Moment genießen und drauf los tanzen, wenn ihnen danach ist.
    Nach einigen Stunden am Strand sind wir mit unserem Reisebus nach Puerto Vallarta aufgebrochen, um in unser Hotel einzuchecken.
    Dort angekommen sind Nina und ich erst mal im Zentrum Essen gewesen. Wie des Öfteren sind wir mal wieder beim Italiener gelandet 😂
    Das Essen hat super gut geschmeckt und unser Kellner war echt top. Der hat sich sowohl in englisch, wie auch spanisch mit uns unterhalten und mich sogar dafür gelobt, dass ich auf spanisch bestellt habe, obwohl ich eigentlich kein spanisch sprechen😍
    Das hat mich natürlich unglaublich gefreut! Danach haben wir den Abend an unserem Pool auf der Dachterrasse des Hotels ausklingen lassen.
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  • Day28


    August 8, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Nach einem Morgenspaziergang an eine Felsbrandung ging es für uns lecker frühstücken. Heute gönnten wir uns lecker Frühstück im Restaurant und es war wirklich sehr gut. Kalina hatte einen belegten Beagle und ich das big boy breakfast mit potatoes, Eiern, Würstchen, bacon und Pancakes. Sehr lecker war es. Dann liefen wir gemütlich zurück und machten uns fertig für den Strand/Pool und legten uns erstmal eine Runde in die herrliche Sonne, bevor wir uns ins Meer stürzten. Aber auch hier war die Erfrischung geringer als erhofft. Trotzdem war es schön wieder im Salzwasser zu planschen. Am Nachmittag wollten wir dann nach Puerto Vallarta fahren doch leider kam ein Gewitter weshalb wir es ausfallen ließen und es uns im Haus gemütlich machten und gut 2 Stunden lang Karten spielten. Am Abend kauften wir ein paar Sachen ein um uns selber Tacos zu machen und spielten danach noch ein bisschen Karten bevor wir noch einen Film einlegten und schlafen gingen.Read more

  • Day162

    Hospitality and a Quick Fix in PV

    January 11, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Anna and Cedric did our homework for us (while we struggled with a bit of motion sickness in the RV, not being used to being passengers!) and dropped us off right at a bike shop that was luckily open on Sunday afternoon. We later found out that of the 3 bike shops in Puerto Vallarta, Velo Bikes (in the mall by the marina) was the only one that had quality bike parts for touring bikes. They assured us in the shop that they could use the hub to rebuild the wheel with a new rim and new spokes, but later offered Karl a deal on a new set of wheels that was only marginally more than the cost of the wheel rebuild. The only catch was that we had to wait two days for the work, but luckily, while we were in the shop Todd, a fellow Canadian and biking enthusiast, showed up to get a tube changed and offered to host us at his place in Bucerias. We gladly accepted, and after stocking up on food, separated for one of the first times on the trip as Karl took the bus and Holly rode the 17 km to the Flamingo Golf and Country Club - Todd rented a house there on the 10th fairway. After settling in, we shared a potluck dinner with Todd and some of the neighbors and talked about cycling and golf, spear fishing and water torture. Todd recently retired from a military career that took him all over the world and now splits his time between Canada, Mexico and Europe. In Europe he helps to organize cycling battlefield tours to support returning soldiers with health costs. We loved hearing about the tours to historic places from WWI, WWII and more recent wars, how touched Canadians (veterans and their families) were to experience these special sites, and the great riding that they do to get there. We spent our 'rest' day relaxing and dealing with more bike decisions, but made sure to have a swim in the pool before heading to Velo Bikes to pick up Karl's new wheels and fixed up bike - and we didn't forget to snap a photo with Ernesto, Hugo and Pepe who helped with the fix. Thanks guys!Read more

    Well that worked out well!! hope Karl is ok! Vanessa

    Holly and Karl

    It did! We were so lucky! Karl was ok, just a bit of road rash, he's all healed up now and like lightening with his new wheels :P

  • Day50

    Mazatlán to Sayulita

    September 16, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

    Day 48-49 - Sayulita ( 16th Sep 2019 to 17th Sep 2019 )

    Itinerary DRAGOMAN:
    Today we will drive to the surfing town of Sayulita on Pacific coast and enjoy some free time on arrival. Estimated Drive Time - 7-8 hours. On the following day we will have free time to explore the Playa Los Muertos beach and possibly try your hand at surfing! In Sayulita we will stay in a basic hostel. Try your hand at surfing at the relaxed coastal town of Sayulita (USD 20).

    Mazatlán hat einen guten Sandstrand und eine schöne Strandmeile mit vielen urigen Kneipen und Live Musik, die aber nach einem schönen Sonnenuntergang fast alle dicht machen. Ansonsten eine typisch laute, aber erstaunlich modere mexikanische Stadt. In unserem Hotel gab es erstmalig in México gutes Internet. Frühstück ist, wie in den USA, eher unüblich in mexikanischen Hotels. Um 08:30 Uhr fahren wir weiter. Die Landschaft ist immer noch sattgrün, leicht bergig und faktisch ohne Menschen. Gegen Mittag fahren wir durch ein Jungle Gebiet. Straßenschilder warnen vor der Überquerung der Straße durch Leoparden! In Atacama an der tropischen Pacific Küste essen wir “Camerones” in einem typischen Fischrestaurant am Strand. Wir sind gegen 16:00 Uhr in Sayulita in unserem sehr familienfreundlichen und farbenfrohen kleinem Hotel angekommen. Der Ort hat einen sehr schönen Sandstrand und eine gute Atmosphäre. Wir finden ein sehr schönes Restaurant am Strand.

    Koordinaten: 20°51′56″ N 105°26′37″ W
    Höhe: 20 müN

    Editiert am 04.11.2020
    Text von Wolfgang und Heidi
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    Lisa Klein

    It looks lovely. I’m sorry you’ve had some bad news. I hope that it isn’t too bad! You guys look marvelous like such an amazing trip. I really hope we travel together again soon

  • Day241

    San Pancho

    January 12, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    So we managed to drag ourselves away from Lo De Marcos a whole 20 minutes down the road to see our friend Frida (a Swede) & Todo (a dog) from Baja who were living in San Francisco (or San Pancho as it is known locally). It was such a different town, full of surfers and youngsters enjoying themselves, and therefore a bit more touristy. The camping didn't look very appealing so we parked up outside Frida's house and spent the evening enjoying the nightlife.

    The next day we spent lazying around on the beach, and had a weird experience in a beach bar, as they were apparently filming a Tequila advert & let's just say it was v strange - you'll be able to see from the photo.

    We liked San Pancho but we're going so slowly and there's so much more to see that we decided it was time to leave the coast and head for the hills.
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    Eileen Limbrey

    Fabulous photo

  • Day6

    Playa de Sayulita

    July 17, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Eduardo is lucky with finding parking right away. We start for the Playa. It is really busy. I have never seen this many people on the beach. My playa in Yelapa never gets this crowded, but this playa is much much bigger. We walk on the sand and it is scorching my poor feet. I immediately take shelter under a beach chair. He feels bad for me and he picks me up in his arms and takes me to where the waves break and the sand is wet. Ah, it feels good on my feet. We walk up and down, watching the children playing in the water, some older ones learning how to surf, and everyone having a great time. The weather is great, the sun is out and the ocean is calm. Reminds me of many such days I have seen on my beach in Yelapa - YelapaRead more


    Miss Puerto Vallarta...

  • Day6

    Don Pedro's Restaurant, Sayulita

    July 17, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    It seems the day will have a lot of eating. Yadira started her 2 weeks vacation and she is very happy. I am very happy too. They all pay attention to me all the time and they hold me and hug me and kiss me. At Don Pedro's Eduardo splits a big Hamburger with Yadira and Omartito orders arrachera,and he orders angel hair pasta. Yadira gives me a small morsel of her Kobe beef hamburger. I haven't had that before, and I love it. Right after lunch we head back and I hear him ask to stop to pick up some tequila at Soriana. We wait for him and Eduardo in the car, and pretty soon they are back with two bottles of Don Julio 70. He is telling everyone how good it is. The plan is to drop us off at our hotel, I need a siesta after all this and then pick us up for pizza, a treat for little Omar - YelapaRead more

  • Day250

    Nacht am Strand unter freiem Himmel

    January 17, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Mit Saria, Quin und Theo fahren wir zu einen Geheimtipp.

    Der Weg zu Fuß ist lang, da unser Alf die steilen unbefestigten Straßen nicht packt. 40 min und zwei beaches später sind wir da.
    Ein einsamer Strand an dem es heilen grünen Schlamm gibt. Feuer machen und unter freiem Himmel schlafen.
    An genügend Essen hat keiner gedacht, aber zum Glück haben wir noch zwei Zucchinis dabei. 😄

    Minimalistisch funktioniert auch!
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    RoMo -Tours

    Mit Schlamm spielen alle Kinder gern !!!😉😂😂👌😂

    Anja Felix PanAmerikana

    Genau 😄😄😄


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