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  • Day1

    Maison de Frida Kahlo, Mexico, Mexique

    May 25, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    Nous sommes allés voir la maison de Frida Kahlo qui se trouve à Mexico. Frida Kahlo est un peintre, comme son mari Diego Rivera qui a peint d'immenses fresques un peu partout dans Mexico. À l'âge de 18 ans, elle eu un accident. Elle était dans un tramway qui s'est renversé et un bout de fer lui est rentré dans le dos. Elle aurait normalement dû mourir mais elle a survécu. Après l'accident elle pouvait quand même encore un peu marcher. Malheureusement on a dû l'amputer au pied. Elle est morte à l'âge de 47 ans. À la fin de sa vie elle ne pouvait plus marcher. Elle peignait quand même mais allongée, même si ça la faisait énormément souffrir. 

    Dans sa maison nous pouvions voir plein de peintures. Nous avons pu aussi observer son atelier. À cause de cet accident elle n'a pas pu avoir de bébé.

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  • Day369

    CD Mexico

    November 13, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Wir machten uns also auf den Weg unsere letzte Etappe der Reise. In einem Bus der mexikanischen ADO Linie ging es nach Mexico Stadt. Die Fahrt in dem sehr komfortablen Bus dauerte 4 Stunden, hier angekommen wägten wir unsere Möglichkeiten ab ( die Frage war Taxi oder Uber). Das Taxi hat gewonnen, es war günstiger. Die Taxifahrt verging wie im Flug da unser Fahrer nicht mit Geschichten und Tips sparte. Nach einer kurzen Suche des AirBnB konnten wir dann auch gleich einziehen und machten uns auf den Weg zum einkaufen. Der nächste Tag führte uns in die Altstadt und zum Anthropologischen Museum. Diese Wege legten wir mit der nur 5 Gehminuten entfernten Metro zurück, und ein kleines Stück mit den öffentlichen Doppeldecker Bussen Mexikos ( hier hatten wir das Glück das uns ein Wachmann ermöglichte ohne Metro Karte den Bus zu nutzen). Das Museum war extrem groß und sehr informativ, so das wir unsere Mexiko Stationen noch einmal revue passieren lassen konnten. Nach einem Spaziergang durch Mexikos grüne Lunge (ein riesiger Park in Mitten der Stadt) gab es ein Mittagessen und dann traten wir den Rückweg an. Wieder in unserem Appartement angekommen entdeckten wir Netflix für uns und verbrachten den Abend vor der Glotze. Weiter am dritten Tag, es ist Sonntag und wir hatten eine Veranstaltung gebucht. Es ging zu Rick der uns in das Lucha Libre einführte, das mexikanische Wrestling. Die Veranstaltung beinhaltete das Basteln von den “Traditionellen“ Masken der Kämpfer. Hier erfuhren wir auch die Grundzüge der Regeln und etwas über die Geschichte des Kampfes bevor wir uns auf den Weg in die Arena machten. Hier genossen wir bei Bier und Popcorn die Kämpfe. Zurück ging es wieder mit der Metro. Der heutige Tag steht ganz im Zeichen der Stadt Rundfahrten und so machten wir uns früh auf in die Innenstadt um unseren Bus zu bekommen. Nach einem Gelungenem Tag im Sightseeing Bus gab es ein Nachmittagsessen und da durch verpassten wir auch unsere letzte Stadt Rundfahrt. Bevor es nun zum Flieger nach Cancun ging packten wir und reinigten das Appartement. Der Flug nach Cancun war unspektakulär, in Cancun am Flughafen nahmen wir uns dann einen Mietwagen (der war nur halb so teuer wie eine Taxifahrt) bezogen das gebuchte Hotel gingen Essen und machten uns bereit am nächsten Tag um 22.40 Uhr den Flieger nach Deutschland zu besteigen.

    Nun sind wir wieder seit über drei Wochen in Deutschland der Bus ist bereits angekommen und gereinigt und einen Großteil unserer liebsten haben wir auch schon besucht. Nun geht es ans Job finden den die nächste Reise will geplant und finanziert werden.
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  • Day176

    New continent :)

    January 6, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    I'm writing from Mexico City, where my brother Mo and I arrived after a long flight marathon, including a 10 hour layover of seeing Miami South Beach.

    After arriving in the city of 20 mio people, we spent most day exploring, eating Mexican food and catching up with some sleep and really like the city so far. More pictures will follow :)Read more

  • Day178

    Dia fantastica

    January 8, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    We had a long and fun day! What felt like a bit of education about Mexican history and art was just as much a lot of beautiful views and impressions. Along our route were: modern art museum, Chapultepe park, street fair, castle & national history museum and a botanical garden. This huge park in the heart of the city really is a unique spot!

    Mo also taught me a new game - Roborama, much recommended ; )
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  • Day8

    Museo de Antropología Nacional

    June 2, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Did the hop on hop off bus tour from Zócalo, eventually getting off at the Museo de Antropología Nacional.

    Wow! This is one place if you go to México City you must visit. Spent about three hours going round it, and still didn't see it all.

    The museum's collections include the Stone of the Sun (Aztec Calendar), giant stone heads of the Olmec civilization that were found in the jungles of Tabasco and Veracruz, treasures recovered from the Mayan civilization, at the Sacred Cenote at Chichen Itza, a replica of the sarcophagal lid from Pacal's tomb at Palenque and ethnological displays of contemporary rural Mexican life. It also has a model of the location and layout of the former Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, the site of which is now occupied by the central area of modern-day Mexico City.Read more

  • Day177

    A sinking beauty

    January 7, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    We spent a beautiful day in Mexico City. Filled with touristy stuff like the hop on-off bus, the anthropological museum, a bunch of city squares and cathedrals, and a less touristy evening, checking out a few bars in the Candesa neighborhood. Oh and we saw a huge protest in the streets of downtown :)

    We're definitely enjoying our time here. One of the most obvious facts about mexico city - besides is insane size - is that it is sinking. 10 meters in the past 60 years!!! The reason is that it was been built on a dried lake bed, which cannot hold all the weight of this gigantic city. You see many older buildings leaning one way, streets are quite uneven in places, it's nothing I've ever seen before.

    Oh and it's such a valuable time with my brother! Can't wait for more exploring tomorrow :)
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  • Day264

    Cuidad Del México

    February 4, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    México City is a sprawling metropolis of 20 million people & twice the size of London, and everyone said not to drive in. That's without considering the 'Hoy No Circula' traffic restrictions that prevent foreign plates driving on Saturdays, as well as a different day of the week depending on the last digit of the license plate, plus some other random rules that completely baffled us! As Maya wasn't allowed on the buses or metro we had to cab it in, but fortunately Uber are here so an hours plus drive only cost us 15 bucks. We were definitely splashing out on our trip into the capital, and we stayed in a posh 5 star hotel - although this only cost $20 in taxes thanks to loyalty points left over from all that work travel :)

    We got dropped in Zócalo, or the historical centre. Mexico City really isn't dog friendly, and we had to tag-team it to visit the amazing Templar Mayor, which is the site of the ancient pyramids, but age is all relative and these were many centuries after the incredible Teotihuacan. Unfortunately most of it is still under modern buildings, or churches the Spanish built on the sacred sites.

    We checked into the hotel then squeezed in a 'quick' 2 hour visit of the jaw-dropping Museo Anthropologica, where we could have spent the whole day. They had fantastic displays of the entire history of man's journey around the world, as well as many amazing stone carvings from Teotihuacan and even a scale reproduction of one of the most ornate pyramids, complete with the long disappeared carvings and paintings.

    That evening we checked out the swanky Polanco district where we were based. We had an incredible burger and fries, complete with curry sauce. We found out about a secret club, and strolled down the street until we found a burly bouncer guarding an unmarked freezer door, and we knew we'd found the right place.

    In the morning we felt bad for Maya cooped up in the hotel room so took her through the massive park over the road, conveniently ignoring the no dogs sign (really, in a park?). We were planning on hopping in a cab when we noticed the main road was shut to traffic and was full of cyclists and runners, so we decided to walk the 6km instead taking in many sights on the way. By late afternoon we were dead on our feet so Ubered our way back to Elvis.
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  • Day342

    Mexico City Part 4

    July 6, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    From Oaxaca City, we travelled back to Mexico City for the final time. We almost missed our 1:16pm flight on Volaris because we got distracted chatting to Kyle and Terri from Texas. As we sat in the boarding area, a short Mexican woman came running towards us and asked if we were Ricky and Hason. When we confirmed our identities, she made us sprint to the gate. With our backpacks strapped to our backs, counter-balanced by our fat guts on the front, we took off as fast as we could, despite the load, and made it on-board just as the doors closed. It was as if there was something telling us not to go.

    Staying close to the CDMX airport, we arrived at our Airbnb and just wanted to quickly dump our luggage so we could meet up with our los venezolanos, Gerardo and Pedro. But first, we had to get through the check-in process; that is, we had (to try) to communicate with our hosts. The old lady who answered the door had a thick accent and spoke so quickly we had no idea what she said. And we had no clue what language the old man was even speaking. We're not sure if he had a speech impediment, if he had an accent or if he needed to put his false teeth back in, but he was just a series of mumbled hoots and clicks. All we could do was apologise and admit that we did not understand – no entendemos.

    The same words needed to be uttered moments later when Police on motorbikes stopped and quickly spewed out a series of their own hoots and clicks. When we admitted to our lack of Spanish speaking skills, the officer responded “English”. The police were in pursuit of two guys – luckily it wasn't two tall gringos from Australia. All of this while we waited for our Über to get to Pedro's house on the other side of the city. We spent our remaining waking hours with our Mexican-residing Venezuelan friends, chatting, laughing and savouring every moment before we needed to catch the next flight.

    Next stop: Los Angeles
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  • Day1


    October 29, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    After reading through a number of foodie travel blogs, one restaurant was recommended throughout: Pujol. There is also an episode on the Netflix series "Chef's Table" that highlights Pujol and chef Enrique Olvera that we watched before our trip.

    We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes prior to 9:30pm and just before a few other parties that must have had the same timeslot. Although the cozy restaurant was packed, we were pleased with the spacing between the tables which allowed for ample privacy.

    As noted in blogs and on Chef's Table, the menu comes delivered in an envelope with a wax stamp of an E. One of the waiters walked us through the menu and asked if we had any food allergies or dietary restrictions, and assured us that our pescetarian diet was of no concern. We allowed for a few compromises: insects and lard. We couldn't pass up the chance to try baby corn that is served with an ant sauce and Enrique's most prized dish, mole madre, which is prepared with lard.

    We started with tequila cocktails and several street food appetizers. While good and showcasing some unique flavors and ingredients, the starters weren't exceptional in our opinion.

    The second course was a vegetable mole dish with mushrooms, greens and crispy banana chunks. The flavors were excellent and we looked forward to trying the mole madre.

    For the third course, Brittany got the Amarillito tamal served with fava beans and Swiss chard; Nico opted for the lobster tostada. The tamale was exceptional and Brittany savored every bite. The lobster tostada was also quite good. The tostada shell was served on top of the serving bowl and the server recommended it be broken up into the crudo-style lobster.

    Course number four featured a buckwheat zucchini blossom and mushroom risotto for Brittany, and fresh seabass with beurre-noisette for Nico. Brittany's dish had a smoky flavor (due to the cheese) and the mushroom were cooked to perfection. The zucchini blossoms added a complementing touch try the cheese. The fish was one of Nico's favorite dishes ever. The preparation of the fish was on par with that of the best Italian restaurants, but what really stood out were the accompanying fresh corn tortillas meant to scoop the food. The combination created a delicious array of flavors.

    Course 5: the Oaxacan specialty mole madre. Two types of mole, one new and the other aged 1111 days, accompanied by fresh tortillas. The presentation of the course itself was a bold statement, relying on a sauce to serve as an entree. However, it did not disappoint. The flavors were really exquisite - one could discover new tastes with every bite. We had to ask for more tortillas (since this course wasn't served with silverware) to scoop up the rest of the delectable dish.

    After the first 5 courses, we were already pretty full but couldn't miss out on the dessert. There were 6 small items served. The first was a pulque sorbet served with chile powder which was very refreshing and cleared the pallet. The remaining 5 desserts were brought out together, and we were instructed to try them in a certain order. The highlight was definitely the churros. They were perfectly crispy and a little bit doughy with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.

    Two and a half hours later, we were finished, full and quite pleased. Overall this was definitely one of the best meals we've ever had. The price, when compared with Michelin star restaurants elsewhere, was quite reasonable. Also, as a result of the primary cuisine inspiration, we've added Oaxaca to our list of future destinations.
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  • Day2

    To the Centro Historico

    January 19, 2018 in Mexico ⋅

    Today was our day in the centro histórico. We went to buildings with Rivera murals, took a very quick trip through the cathedral (baroque is NOT my favorite) and very much enjoyed the excavations of the Templo Mayor. We wound around through little streets to watch the energetic street life bordering on chaos. Who else has five traffic cops at one intersection? Tonight we have dinner reservations at Pujol, reported as one of the world’s top 15 restaurants. Katy told me to prepare to roll our eyes a bit. But it should be fun!Read more

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