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    • Day8

      Last day in Mazatlan

      March 29, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

      It’s our Last day in Mazatlan - moving on tomorrow. This has been a wonderful start. Finished our stay up right with another long walk on the beach and a beautiful meal. Picked a place over-looking the ocean and watched another gorgeous sunset. Amazing how that never gets old, and crazy how affordable places like this are that would be way out of my price range in the US.

      Had to climb all those stairs to get to the restaurant. Not too hard, surprisingly. I’m already feeling much stronger just in a week of being more active. Also, the hill/mt in the pics is the lighthouse we climbed earlier in the week.
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      Wow! You must be really hungry by the time you climb all those stairs to La Marea!! What gorgeous photos you have as treasured memories!! Amazing sunset❣️

      Christie Mitchell

      I’m more doing this journal for myself than anyone else. When I’m done, the company will make a book of it for me and a jordan. So trying to capture as much as I can here

    • Day7

      Only paid “tour” we took

      March 28, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

      We did our only tour in Mazatlan today - spent the day on “Stone Island”. It was well worth the $$. Also saw a cliff diver on the way to the boat. Crazy high into just a few feet of water.

      I was amazed by the amount of stray animals there are here. We had a couple friendly pups join us on the beach for a bit. Every male was not neutered that we saw, so the problem probably just grows exponentially.

      The people I’ve met here are so wonderful. Friendly. So family oriented. They have been kind. Caring. Multiple times, as I’ve been searching for the right bills to pay for something, the locals will quickly jump to help me pay what I need. (I have it, just trying to find it). They have such a generous spirit with the little they have. They work HARD here - the jobs I see everyone doing here are not easy. This short time in Mazatlan certainly has busted any incorrect preconceived stereotype I may have had.

      Ended our day with another sunset from the roof of our Airbnb.
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      Wow!!!! That was amazing. Cool that you caught him doing it too.

      Christie Mitchell

      Wasn’t it tho!! Tonight apparently thru do it with torches in their hands


      Look at you with your long sleeves and Jordan in her barely nothing outfit! Too funny!

      Christie Mitchell

      Yeah We got burned the day before and she has awesome skin so had already recovered. Me not so much

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    • Day5

      10 mile walk … it was a challenge!!

      March 26, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

      What an exhausting day! When I left the US, I figured I’d either gain 50 lbs from eating all over the world - or I’d lose 50 from walking halfway there. So far, walking is winning out..

      We hiked up El Faro - highest lighthouse in the America’s, 2nd highest in the world. Not a huge distance - only 1.5 miles, but VERY steep and ended with 386 steps. It was a challenge, at least for me. Lots of stray cats live on the mountain - all very thirsty. 😢 A cloud bank rolled in while we were up there - it was beautiful. And there was a glass floor overlook that definitely brought some anxiety out in me, but still a cool experience.

      The seafood here is incredible! We sat on the beach, feet in the sand, and had another great lunch with another great pina colada. (Served in a hollowed out pineapple!) May be my drink of choice for awhile.

      Then Jordan got a wild hair to walk all the way back to our Airbnb. 5 miles, on the beach. Gorgeous weather, walking in the surf. Paid for it tho with some very sore legs/feet and some sunburn, but so relaxing and pretty. And hopefully getting stronger for the more strenuous adventures to come.

      Since Rod died, I haven’t really taken any extended time for myself. I had to get working full time right away when he died to provide me and the kids our much needed health insurance, help with college expenses, figure out how I was going to make payments on a house I couldn’t afford, how I was going to survive without my partner in life, and main bread winner. (The price of being a stay at home mom for 20 years.) I put my head down and got what was needed done. It’s been a long 4+ years to get financially stable (changing my life drastically by moving to SC to find affordable housing) and it’s a relief to finally feel like I CAN just breathe, and know life is going to be okay if I take this time for myself.

      I’ve definitely chilled out some. No anxiety today and no tears. 😃 Just trying to enjoy whatever experience comes my way. It’s such a different way to live life - no real responsibilities, no consistency or normalcy - everyday is a different experience or adventure, but getting used to it. Won’t go on forever, so need to soak it in and learn to enjoy every bit of it. Before I know it, I’ll be back at work with all the normalcy I can handle.
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      You're gonna have rock star calves by the end of this trip!

      Christie Mitchell

      Yes I am!!


      It'll go by before you know it so soak it in and do what you can so that you remember it all later. My RV trip is a thing of the past now and it seemed like it was happening slowly but now....seems like it flew by. Wish I had kept a journal. Enjoy it all Christie!

      Christie Mitchell

      Thanks. That’s why I like this app. It will print it all out in a book form when I’m done. Have another journal app I’m using for my own personal feelings of the trip.

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    • Day4

      Centro Historico

      March 25, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

      Beautiful day exploring Centro Historico, or old town. The temp is an ideal 75-79 and blue sky - amazing. Sat oceanside and had seafood tostadas and guac — and a HUGE pina colada. Simple pleasures. It was awesome.

      Still feeling like an infant. Making inaccurate assumptions - like the bus must only take coins, or have to have exact change like olden day US buses. We walked around for an hour trying to get pesos in the form of coins … they make change from bills on the bus. Who knew? Oh yeah .. they did! 😂Woops. And the money - I feel so stupid trying to figure out how much their coins are worth. The bills are so much more resilient than ours (plastic coated) and are beautifully colored. (Honestly everything is so colorful here - the buildings are gorgeous.)

      it’s going to take a bit for me to not instinctively think something is way too expensive when it’s marked $100. They use the $ sign here even tho it’s in pesos. Jordan has to keep reminding me that it’s only $5 - if not, my mind thinks $100.
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      Sounds like a fantastic adventure. Looking forward to traveling with you


      Looks very colorful! Good thing you have Jordan going on this adventure with you! What incredible memories you will make! Thanks for sharing some of your picks… love them!

      Christie Mitchell

      It IS a good thing she’s along. Makes it much more fun. Adam is joining us in a week or so for a short vacation

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    • Day78


      November 24, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      The ride on the cargo ferry wasn't as bad as expected. There was a small room with some seats, so Meike slept on two seats and me on the floor. They supplied blankets so it wasn't too hard on the floor. We also got dinner and breakfast.
      After arriving in Mazatlán, we explored the old city center with its beautiful colonial buildings.
      For the night Meike had organized a place via couchsurfing at Irene's home. So we cycled to the beach restaurant of Irene's parents where we were spoiled with a couple of yummy fish and seafood dishes. We talked about our trip and listened to different types of music. I tried to advertise German Schlager and apres ski music but I wasn't very successful 😔
      In the evening, we went out for some ice cream and a drink. The atmosphere in the town was very nice as there was live music and dancing people at many places.
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      Go Herbert! :-)

    • Day671

      Mazatlan, Fähre nach Baja California

      March 27, 2021 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Ein letzter Sunset in Mazatlan. Am nächsten Tag nehme ich die Fähre rüber nach La Paz zur Baja California. Hatte auf der Fähre ein Platz auf dem Oberdeck. Dort kann man im Auto schlafen, doch leider hatte ich einen Kühllaster direkt neben mir.....Read more

      Berni Maria Südamerika

      Das mit dem Kühllastwagen, dass war wirklich Pech😢


      Ja sicher pech ! Schone Ostertage 🐥🐣🐤🐔 und ein schone reise weiter 🍀😘


      Wer ist das im camping chair???? Einstein mit langen Haaren und philosophieren am Strand!!! LOL


      "Der alte Mann und das Meer" Hemingway

    • Day3

      Vegan in Mazatlan

      December 15, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      On our first night in Mazatlan, we went to La Ruta Vegana, the best vegan restaurant in Mazatlan... well, OK, the "only" vegan restaurant in Mazatlan but it nonetheless deserves the accolade that "best" conveys.

      Roch ordered a plate of 3 quesadillas and I ordered a couple of tacos along with an order of crispy potato wedges to share.  The only thing lacking was a good bottle of Dos XX.  The restaurant doesn't serve alcohol so we had to settle for non-alcoholized beer which was surprisingly satisfying with our meal.  Our dinner altogether was a mere $18.11 and we left the restaurant thinking, we gotta come back to this place...

      ... and indeed we did go back the very next day.  We didn't realize that La Ruta Vegana was the only vegan restaurant in Mazatlan until we went to Bliss Tienda Vegana which we thought was a cafe as well as vegan store.  Nope, it was just a small vegan store so we happily went back to La Ruta Vegana.

      This time I ordered the quesadillas and Roch ordered "Pozole", a Mexican soup typically made with hominy (processed corn with the germ removed) and pork. The thick soup is seasoned with a combination of spices and garnished with radishes, shallots, shredded cabbage, limes and tortilla chips. We'll never know for sure if the vegan version that Roch had was as good as a traditional meat version.  All I can say is, there wasn't a drop of soup left when it came time to pay for the meal.

      The owner of La Ruta Vegana told us that there were a few other vegan restaurants in Mazatlan but they have consequently closed.  How odd, when everywhere else we've travel to has seen an increase in the number of vegan establishment in light of the plant-based revolution.  La Ruta Vegana will be celebrating its 5th anniversary next week, and we have every intention in joining in on their celebration.

      Although dining out here is a challenge, the local markets offer a plethora of beautiful fruits and veggies. They even sell large packages of trimmed and diced mixed vegetables that is made into soup. In fact, that's what we had for dinner last night. Strangely, however, Sinaloa province is reputed to be the mango capital of Mexico (and home to most cartels), but we've rarely sen any. Those we did find were expensive even by Canadian standards.

      On the other hand, papayas and pineapples are plentiful and succulent, so we can't complain too much.
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    • Day21


      February 25, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Mazatlan's Carnival is one of the largest in the country. There has been a parade on the Sunday before Lent and the finale on Shrove Tuesday stretches along the sea front for 5 miles. This year the theme is every one of the 20 Latin American countries, all the way to Argentina. Rather than take many photos of the floats, impressive as they are, I focus on individuals or groups taking a break before the procession proper starts. The girl in green represents Brazil and the red girl, Cuba (complete with baseballs). The brass bands back up the floats or perform for small parties.

      On Ash Wednesday all that remains is confetti on the paving stones. And had the start of Lent been later in the calendar, there would have been no Carnival at all.
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    • Day19

      Mazatlan: Jack Kerouac was here

      February 23, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Writing this on 27th March, I note that virus cases in Mexico are rising sharply and wonder if the measures being taken will be sufficient to halt the scourge. Today there is a protest at the Arizona-Sonora state border trying to stop people getting INTO Mexico. Did anyone expect this consequence of the Beautiful Wall?

      Anyway, back across the divide, I have arrived in Mazatlan after an overnight bus. Before checking in at my apartment, I sample tacos with mushy beans at a simple but friendly al fresco stall. Mazatlan is a popular stop on the way from the USA to Mexico City; it has a lively expat community but long before this was established, Jack Kerouac stayed here in the 1950s. It's a lively fishing and shopping city as well; Liverpool is an important department store chain founded when the Mersey Sound was at its peak.

      Not to be overlooked is that mainstay of all Mexican cities, the municipal market. The musician, while his back-up music is all recorded from the box, is an impressive tenor.
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      I forgot to say how helpful the people can be. On my first night the street map fell out of my pocket and playing the safety card, I had left Maps.Me at home. Plus I'd forgotten the location of the apartment where I was staying. With the help of some very obliging locals, I identified the taqueria where I had breakfasted and they walked me back. This took 15 minutes. Would this happen north of the border or east of the pond?

    • Day57

      Mazatlán, Mexico

      February 26, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Da Mazatlan nicht wirklich auf meiner Besuchsliste stand hatte ich auch kein Plan was man hier machen kann und sollte!
      So habe ich mir im Hostel ein Fahrrad ausgeliehen und bin erst mal zur Prominade gestrampelt!
      Unterwegs habe ich eine Aussichtsplattform auf dem Berg der direkt am Ozean liegt entdeckt ... also erst mal dorthin!
      Die Stadt Mazatlan ist überschwemmt mit Touristen aus den USA und Kanada. So spricht jeder englisch was mir sehr entgegen kam!
      Oben auf dem Aussichtpunkt auf dem Berg war es ja schön aber jetzt nichts was ich noch nicht gesehen habe!
      So hieß es wieder Runter und auf zur Prominade die noch etwas 5 Km entfernte war.
      Aber da war doch noch was ... der Hafen ... so habe ich wieder ein Umweg über den Hafen gemacht und habe mich durchgefragt ob es eine Möglichkeit gibt mit dem Boot nach Puerto Escondito im Süden zu kommen?! Leider haben wieder alle abgewunken ... bis Juan der am Hafen lebt ... er sagte mir "Siehts du das Segelboot da drüben... es gehört einem Kanadier der vor paar Tagen hier angelegt hat und alleine unterwegs ist .... vielleicht kannst du den ja mal fragen ... sein Name ist Roberto... doch der ist gerade nicht auf dem Boot!
      Super das war doch schon mal eine Aussage👍
      So habe ich Juan gesagt das ich später wieder komme! Und bin endlich Richtung Prominade!
      Ich glaube mein aussehen wirkt wie ein Magnet angesprochen zu werden!
      So hat mich Alex (Älex) angesprochen ein Mexikaner der einst in den USA lebte und jetzt seine Rente in Mazatlan genießt!
      Am Strand an der Steinküste waren Taucher die gerade frische Austern (Riesen Austern) geerntet haben! Ich soll unbedingt eine Versuchen (ich kenne die und die haben mir absolut nicht geschmeckt) aber Älex bestand drauf ... nagut wenn es mich schon von Caviche nicht ausgeräumt hat😆😅
      So machte einer der Taucher eine Auster für mich auf und machte Limette und Chilli drauf und ich sollte die in einem Stück verschlingen. Die war so riesig das die kaum in den Mund gepasst hat. Ich war schon an den glibrigen und salzwasser Geschmack bereit! Aber nix da es war eine feste Masse die überhaupt nicht nach Salzwasser geschmeckt hat .... es war köstlich ungelogen köstlich!😳 jetzt verstehe ich auch alle die, die dass als Delikatesse verkaufen!
      So fragte mich Älex was ich mache ... nix nur rum düsen mit dem Fahrrad und schaue was es hier so gibt ... war meine Antwort!
      Wie der Zufall es will war Älex auch mit dem Fahrrad und meinte nur los ich zeig dir die Stadt!
      Okay warum nicht.
      So meinte er ... du musst unbedingt "Marina Mazatlan" sehen ... was einfach mal 13 Km entfernt war!
      Nagut so sind wir los und Älex erklärte mir jedes Stadtviertel und jede mögliche Attraktion von Mazatlan!
      So sind wir am "Marina" angekommen und es war leider nichts anderes als ein Jachthafen!
      So haben wir uns am Strand noch ein Bier gegönnt und sind dann zurück!
      Zurück am Hafen wo ich Roberto treffen wollte ... erst mal gute Nachricht meinte Juan .. der Roberto ist zurück auf dem Schiff. Aber leider hatte ich keine Möglichkeit zu im zu kommen! Der Juan hatte zwar ein Boot aber nur ein überdimensional großes!
      Hmm so nah und doch so fern!
      Planlos saß ich noch eine Stunde mit Juan am Pier mit der Hoffnung das Roberto ein Landgang macht.
      So meinte Juan ich soll doch ein Brief schreiben und er würde es Roberto morgen oder noch heute Abend übergeben!
      Gute Idee ... so habe ich aus dem Ärmel eine kurze Bewerbung in Englisch verfasst mit meiner Idee und meinem Ziel! Ja gut eine große Hoffnung hatte ich ja nicht bei nur einem Boot!
      Ich verabschiedete mich von Juan mit der Hoffnung er würde mein Brief wirklich Roberto übergeben!
      Zurück am Hostel habe ich noch meine Wäsche abgeholt die ich heute früh abgegeben habe .... diesmal habe ich wirklich alles ausgeschöpft und habe meinen kompletten Backpack waschen lassen!
      Dann bin ich noch zum Markt da ich heute noch nicht wirklich was gegessen habe!
      Sieh da ich habe endlich wieder Pozole gefunden in einer etwas abgewandelter Art!
      "Pozole" .. es war die Suppe mit Salat und Mais und nach Wahl Hänchen- oder Rindfleisch nur das es dieses mal keine Auswahl gab ... es gab nur Rindfleisch. Aber es war genau so gut wie beim ersten mal als ich die Suppe probiert habe!
      Zuhause (im Hostel) zurück bin ich noch mal aufs Dach den Sonnenuntergang anschauen! Dabei merkte ich wie sehr ich mich in der Sonne verbrand habe! Ich habe es wohl nicht gemerkt da es am Stand immer schön windig war!
      Ja gut die nächsten Tage werden es Zeigen!
      Für morgen habe ich mir den Tag noch komplett offen gelassen ...kein Ziel und kein Plan.
      Die Entscheidung was ich machen werde fällt morgen früh!
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      Was ist da ???


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