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    • Day 57

      Bienvenidos a Mexico

      November 3, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      As we had a long day ahead, we got up at 5:30am. We were a little surprised that it was quite light already and checked our phones like 3 times. Then we realized that the time was changed to winter time over night - that made sense... 😏 Anyways, we cycled the remaining 10km to the Mexican border, followed the pedestrian signs to Mexico, passed a couple of doors and friendly Mexicans and found ourselves right in Tecate. No one checked our passport or wanted to give us the tourist card. So we looked around, found one of the friendly Mexicans and checked with him. He told us it's not necessary, but as we resisted he pointed us to a little office with the "immigration" sign on it. In order to get there, we pushed our bikes back to the US side of the border, got in the office, filled out the form, paid the fee and got our tourist card. The immigration officer gave us 180 days straight away when he heard that we are cycling 😉
      The rest of the day was up and downhill again, following the Ruta del Vino through the valley de Guadeloupe until we got to our hosts Tomas and Carmen in Ensenada. In front of their house, we saw a sign pointing to Ushuaia for the first time: only 10.693km to go (as the crows fly). We also visited the city centre of Ensenada which is pretty colorful and lively, lots of bars and restaurants full of people dancing and singing on a Sunday afternoon.
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    • Day 58

      And up we go again

      November 4, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      We decided to change our route for Baja a little. Instead of following Highway 1 all the way South, we are going for Highways 3 and 5 in the North. This meant we had to cross the mountains of Baja California again. Getting out of Ensenada was quite loud and stressful on a Monday morning. But once we were some kms away from the city, roads got nicer, there was less traffic and less rubbish next to the streets. It is now dark at around 5:30pm already, so we stopped at a nice spot at 4:15pm in order to get "tent ready" for the night.Read more

    • Day 59

      Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus and much headwinds

      November 5, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      We got up early in order to avoid the heat and get a long stretch done today. We hoped for tailwinds of course. However, reality was different and we had to fight pretty strong headwinds all day. The route wasn't too bad: high plains, some mountains around, a canyon, many cactuses. The area here is VERY dry. You don't find any water except for bottled water in the minimarkets. Therefore, we have to plan days like today carefully, so we always have enough to drink.
      Despite the headwinds, we cycled 162km to a campground on the East side of Baja where we could pitch our tent right at the beach.
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    • Day 60

      San Felipe

      November 6, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      After a long stretch yesterday, we had an easy day ahead of us. It started with breakfast at the beach, sunrise view included. Afterwards, the owner of the beach camp, Emmanuel, invited us over for a chat, some coffee and a second breakfast (cakes). He convinced us to stay a little longer for a swim in the sea and in the pool.
      We then headed into the town of San Felipe to get something to drink, plan our route and fill up supplies. At the Malecon, the beach promenade, we already bumped into Pam and Barry, our hosts for the night. We had a short chat before we split again to run our errands.
      From San Felipe, we had to cycle another 20km in order to get to the community Mision Los Sahuaros, where Pam and Barry live in a beautiful house. Once we got there, we headed straight to the beach. At night, Nancy and Clark, their neighbours, came over for a game night. We played "joker", a game similar to "sorry" with some special rules and tweaks. It was a great night with lots of fun, great food and interesting conversations.
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    • Day 61

      It's all about the people

      November 7, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      We realize that traveling by bike makes it really easy to get in touch with local people and it's actually one of the best parts of our trip.
      This morning started with a round of pickle ball, a game similar to tennis, but on a smaller court, a slower ball and different racquets. It's good fun and easy to learn. Thanks to Barry, Clark, Pam and Nancy for letting us play with you :)
      After that kind of technical exercise, we went back on the bikes. Our next stop was "Cowpattys", a bar along the road selling mainly hot dogs and beer (which we - of course - tried). Memo, the guy who works there is well known in the area. He works in the bar for several months, saves up money and goes bike riding the rest of the year. He went to Panama before, so he helped us planning our route in mainland Mexico already.
      At the bar, we met Ron who lives in Puertocito with his wife Susan. He first showed us the hot springs in Puertocito and then invited us for a chat to his house. His wife Susan and him are lovely people. They offered us snacks, sandwiches and water to support us on our trip. They also gave us some advice of where to set up our camp for the night. So we said goodbye and camped some kms further South at "Christina's", a restaurant right at the beach.
      Right there, we reached 5000km on the road.
      296h on the bikes
      62485m of climbing
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    • Day 62

      Beachside stay

      November 8, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Now that we are at the seaside of Baja California, we are taking it a bit more slowly. We had a pretty bad night of sleep as the seals made a lot of noises, the neighbour's dogs barked several times and we had a mouse visiting our tent again which Herbert had to chase. So after a slow breakfast , we rode to Gonzaga Bay. We were going to stay with Don, who we had met in San Felipe and who had invited us to camp at his beachfront house. The housing area here is actually quite amazing. The houses are built on something like a long sand bank. At high tide, they are surrounded by water from 3 sides. However, this way, all houses are right at the beach. We got here around lunch time, so we had plenty of time to relax, do some bike maintenance and study Spanish in the afternoon.Read more

    • Day 63

      Training on gravel

      November 9, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      After a relaxing night in Don's trailer, we enjoyed our breakfast during sunrise again. Then we headed off to a long day today, as we had to leave the East side of Baja California again to get to Highway 1 which will take us all the way to the Southern tip of the peninsula. The first kms were easy riding with only little wind. We then had to go on a dirt road for about 4.5kms - they have been building a paved road connecting Gonzaga Bay and Highway 1 and this is the last missing piece about to get finished at the beginning of next year. Luckily, we got back on a paved road afterwards, the dirt road stretch took us about an hour and we were covered in dust afterwards. All in all a good preparation for the South American roads,we definitely had some valuable experience. Once we got to Highway 1, we saw some interesting landscape full of giant cactuses of different species. At night, we camped next to restaurante Melany in Punta Prieta where we had a Mexican dinner. The problem here is that the food is quite low carb, so it doesn't give us the energy we need for cycling. So usually, we have to eat snacks at a shop before or after dinner on top.Read more

    • Day 13

      Across the border and beyond

      February 1, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

      As I write this we are sitting in front of a campfire in the visually stunning area outside of Cataviña, Baja California Norte, Mexico.
      It’s been about three weeks since Caroline and I crossed the border for the first time. We have been back through the borders twice since then so are pros now.

      We spent the first two weeks at a golf resort called Bajamar which is located between Tijuana and Ensenada. Lovely place to start our Mexico adventure. Played a few rounds of golf, did a lot of tinkering on the truck and camping STUFF. Lots of runs to Costco, Walmart and Home Depot. There were whale and large dolphin pod sightings daily.

      After leaving the condominium comforts of Bajamar, our first “off grid” destination was a nature preserve on the Pacific coast, about 30 min drive west of the town of San Quintín. Fabulous beach with lots of Pismo clams, stunning sunsets, and dolphins and seals playing in the waves. GREAT long and flat beach for walking and running.

      From there, we headed South about 3 hours on Carretera 1 to the little town of Cataviña. I want to tell you all that I’m not a good passenger in a car “ever”! But I know Caroline has been so patient with me throughout our travels. So she took the wheel. Yikes, she did an amazing job but my heart was in my mouth on this narrow 2-way “not an inch of room for error” stretch of road. With 18 wheelers coming at us with gusto. Not to mention all the crucifixes on the roadside. P.S. Hector RIP.

      While we had grand plans of camping in the desert upon arrival, the charming little hotel was just too inviting. We all checked in, then Derick and Shaun went off-road on their motorbikes and we went off-roading in the truck. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular. Massive sandstone boulders only to be matched by the gigantic Saguaro cactus and all the other crazy thorny plants that grow in this part of the world.

      We only planned to stay 1 night, but we were enjoying ourselves too much (plus having a “real” bed and shower was too nice) that we extended our stay for another night. We tried both the hotel restaurant (great spicy margaritas!) and the little roadside joint across the highway…while the restaurant was good, everyone loved the home-cooking from the little place across the road. Especially their salsa caliente! 🔥🔥

      Today we parted ways—the boys went south and we went in search of the ideal desert campsite. After at least 2 hours, we found a great spot away from it all, but not so far to worry if anything went wrong. Set up camp, befriended the local rook (pistachios!) and scavenged firewood. We’ve finished up our burrito bowls and kicked back in our chairs in front of a fire of cactus wood and a beautiful night sky. Ain’t life grand.
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    • Day 9

      Tijuana- Mexiko lässt grüßen 🥰

      May 6, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Vamos Mexiko, auf unserer „ Lebens ToDo Liste„
      stand Mexiko drauf😉 wir können es nicht fassen das auch Tijuana abgehackt werden kann.
      Dieser kurzer Abstecher, war es wirklich wert .
      Die 22,5 km lange Mauer die auch als „Tortilla Wall“ bezeichnet wird, war beeindruckend, es lässt sich nicht mit Worten beschreiben, wenn es nicht so eine schreckliche Geschichte hätte , würde ich es als Kunstwerk betrachten , was mich persönlich sehr beeindruckt hat .

      Die Stadt an sich,hat selbstverständlich nicht nur schöne Seiten.
      Wir waren in mehreren Vierteln gewesen, haben schöne Wohnanlagen gesehen, doch die Armut überwiegt. Mitten auf einer Schnellstraße, schlafende Obdachlose , Kinder die Geld zum überleben verdienen.
      Ein stehendes Auto ist innerhalb von Sekunden von Straßenverkäufern beladen . Bloß nicht auf einen anspringen 😂dann ist man selbst schuld .

      Am Strand, hat man diese Lebensfreude und positive Lebenseinstellung voll zum spüren bekommen.
      Armut und Einfachheit ist etwas, was einem immer vor Augen hält, dass man die wichtigsten Dinge des Lebens in vollen Zügen genießen muss.

      Der Grenzübergang, war für uns auch Adrenalin pur , na ja man hört so viele Geschichten… wir haben schließlich unser Gefährt im Armenviertel , für 6 Dollar stehen gelassen , und konnten nicht wissen welche Drogen uns vielleicht untergejubelt wurden 😂nein Scherz bei Seite😉
      An der Grenze sind so viele Polizisten und Spürhunde , dass man es wirklich mit der Angst zu tun bekommt .
      Magda wollte uns freiwillig in ein Gefängnis einbuchten lassen, weil sie es auch mal als gute Story empfand, zu unserem bisher Erlebten, dies hinzufügen 😂 wir haben dankend abgelehnt 👎
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    • Day 18

      Auf nach Mexiko Stadt

      June 28, 2022 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

      Von Tijuana, das liegt direkt hinter der Grenze zwischen Mexiko und USA gibt es viel günstigere und bessere Verbindung nach Mexiko City.
      Also vamos, ab nach Tijuana.

      Öffentlich Verkehrsmittel kannst du in den USA total vergessen 🙈, die kennen im Prinzip nur Auto und Flugzeug.
      Also kein Aufregen über die Bahn, wie in Deutschland, da in den USA defakto kaum existent. Also zumindest da wo ich war.
      Klassische Taxis sind hier auch fast ausgestorben, stattdessen benutzt man Uber oder Lyft.
      Habe ich noch nie benutzt, gefühlt hat ohnehin schon halb Amerika meine Kreditkarten-Daten, also App installiert und mal gucken wie das ganze so funktioniert.
      Die App ist wirklich gut gemacht, kurze Zeit später habe ich einen Fahrer über die App bestellt und 5 Minuten später ist er da.

      Von der Lift Fahrgebühr kommen übrigens nur 50% beim Fahrer an, den Rest steckt sich Lift in die Tasche. Immer diese Tech Unternehmen, die ihre Marktmacht ausnutzen 😒.

      Zurück zum Fahrer, wie es der Zufall dann so will ist mein Fahrer ein Mexikaner, der in Mexiko lebt und in Amerika arbeitet.
      Sehr netter Kerl, fährt mich bis zur Grenze und nimmt sich sogar noch die Zeit, mich zu Fuß über die Grenze zu begleiten ☺️.

      Am Flughafen angekommen, kommen mir erstmal zwei 17 Jährige Amerikanerinnen entgegen, die nach Cancun fliegen wollen um ihren Abschluss zu feiern.
      Spring Break ist doch eigentlich schon vorbei 🤷‍♂️.
      Die beiden sind jedenfalls lost und finden niemanden der Englisch spricht 😂😂😂. Ich schaue mich um und stelle fest, wir drei sind wirklich die Einzigen, die nicht mexikanisch aussehen. Das kann ja spannend hier werden. Den Check in Schalter haben wir jedenfalls kurze Zeit später gefunden 👌.

      Wirklich krass, dass die Mexikaner selbst am Check In Schalter schon kein Englisch mehr sprechen, obwohl der Flughafen in Tijuana direkt an der Grenze zur USA liegt 😳.
      Mir wird schnell klar, dass Mexiko durch die Sprachbarriere nochmal eine ganz andere Nummer werden wird als die USA …

      Jetzt sitze ich im Flugzeug (merkt man vielleicht an meinem ausufernden Texten 😅) und habe eine Mischung aus Nervosität, Vorfreude und Spannung im Bauch.

      Gleichzeitig bin ich echt glücklich darüber wie gut das heute alles funktioniert hat ☺️.
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