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  • Day16

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    January 2, 2015 in Mexico ⋅

    Uh-oh! I think we've gone too far north! It's cool here today-we've gotten used to warmer temperatures, but we still don't have any reason to complain.
    We went yo a salsa and salsa event today. We made 7 different types pf salsa and 2 different kinds of margheriras-then we danced salsa!
    We are at sea the next 2 days before arriving in LA. Our first day at sea after LA will be Jeff's 60th birthday!Read more

  • Day68

    Reserva de Biosfera Sierra de la Laguna

    May 1, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    Das Reservat ganz im Süden der Halbinsel stellt eine große, kaum berührte Bergwüste unter Schutz. Hier kann man sogar noch Pumas in freier Wildbahn begegnen. Von der Vida Dulce an den Stränden träge geworden schnüren wir aber nicht die Wanderschuhe, sondern aalen uns in den natürlichen Pools der kristallklaren Bergbäche und in den heißen Quellen, die, in den östlichen Ausläufern des Schutzgebiets gelegen, mit dem Auto erreichbar sind.Read more

  • Day61

    Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo

    April 24, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    Im Cabo Pulmo Nationalpark gibt es einige Korallenriffe, die direkt vor der Küste liegen. Steigt man da ins Wasser, fühlt man sich wie in einem Aquarium. Wir haben auf mehreren Schnorcheltrips über 30 verschiedene Arten von Fischen gesehen und fotografiert, einige davon in riesigen Schwärmen. Hier eine kleine Auswahl:Read more

  • Day212

    RIP Pedro - A Life Too Short

    December 14, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    So we are devastated that Pedrito didn't make it. He was doing OK at the hostel, albeit a little subdued, and so we drove the half an hour to Cabo San Lucas where we found a tiny little beach nestled two brand new massive resorts that were going up - in fact this coast will just be one long hotel sprawl before too long. Pedro didn't want to eat or drink much, and had lost his verve for life.

    In the morning we took him to the vet who ran the triple test of common diseases, which all came back negative. We got his favourite food, and when he shunned this we started to worry. We had to inject electrolyte fluid into him using a small syringe and he really didn't enjoy that. The doc asked us to come back the next day so we found another little beach with a bit more around, and were over the moon when he suddenly smelled my fish & chips, and wolfed down a fair bit. The place we choose to kip was a popular place with the locals, and we even got serenaded at 5am, so on top of the worry for Pedro we weren't in the best of shape.

    In the morning he refused all food and drink again so back to the vets again, who suggested he stayed in overnight so they could properly observe him and make sure he had everything he needed. We cruised down the coast a bit further to get somewhere more peaceful and found a lovely deserted stretch of shoreline and spent the day sunbathing, swimming and worrying.

    In the morning we headed back to the vets and were heartbroken when she told us he had died that morning. He had hepatitis passed down from his mother and as his immune system was so weak he didn't really stand a chance.

    What hurt the most is he'd recovered from this desperate little bundle into a proper puppy, leaping around the place and attacking anything he could, so for him to deteriorate so quickly was awful to take. We were already imagining how much he was going to enjoy the volunteer trekking in Guatemala and how the orphanage kids were going to love him. Unsurpringly we were in a bit of a state and wondered around in a daze trying to make sense of it all.
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  • Day9

    Everyone needs a Butler

    August 13, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    This is our outstanding Butler Olena. Each afternoon at 4:30 she delivers our martinis and canapés. She also was fantastic getting us 8 reservations for the specialty restaurants at our preferred times.
    In addition we have 2 cabin attendants so we are very well take care of.

  • Day9

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    August 13, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    We anchored next to the famous Los Arcos (arch). Our day was relaxing on board the ship since we have been here many times.
    We even did the gym so we are “a little” ready for another great dinner.

  • Day209

    Scuba With Sea Lions

    December 11, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    We weren't looking forward to Cabo San Lucas, as it's full of American resorts (think Cancun/Magaluf) and doesn't have a great reputation compared to the rest of the Baja but we felt we had to go take a look. Fortuitously we had bumped into some travelling friends who recommended a nice small hostel and dive centre (plus they forgot to return their keys) and it was great advice. We squeezed the van into their car port and arranged a dive for the next day. There was a really nice mix of people & nationalities, including the first brit we had met on the road, and with only 8 beds a perfect size for us.

    We headed on an early start for our dive at Pelican Rock, only a 10 min boat ride from the harbour. Within a couple of minutes we had a lovely encounter with a white tip reef shark (only 1.5m long and harmless), then went out into the blue (you normally dive around rock/coral formations) and found an enormous school of cow-nosed and mobula rays. For the 2nd dive we went down close to famous Cabo Arch, and into a narrow canyon where we sat on the sandy bottom and watched the inquisitive sea lions pop down to say hello. We've never seen them underwater before and it was an amazing experience. On the way back we bumped into 2 tortugas (turtles) sleeping under rocks, one of whom wriggled free and swam over my head for an incredible GoPro shot.

    We had a delicious lunch at lovely local joint, and as we were away from the resort area it cost us a massive $4 each :) Diving is tiring so we lazed around the pool and then a few of us went out for another lovely meal, and ended up drinking 2 litre bottles of beer on the hostel roof terrace until the small hours.

    Its was lovely to hang out with cool people at a really nice place, but diving is always pricey and despite the cheap eats we were burning through money so we headed off to find a cheap beach, and also recover from a bit of overindulgence.
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  • Day207

    All Saints

    December 9, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    After a couple of restless nights we were delighted when Pedro started to sleep through the night. We moved on down to Todos Santos (All Saints) and found a surf beach to spend the night. Pedro took his first proper walk along the beach and, promptly slept for the rest of the day because of it! We went to pull away to get some supplies (aka cold beer) and found ourselves stuck in the soft sand, but fortunately one of the dudes camping nearby was a 4x4 instructor so he helped us out.

    We had an amazing burger at Shut Up Franks (don't ask me) and as we got into the van we heard a shout from down the street from George, a guy we'd shared that wierd night with up in Loretto. He had a heavy replacement clutch so we gave him a lift back to his sleepy little RV park and figured we might as well spend the night. We spent the evening shooting the breeze with Frieda next door and George, and the next day doing little jobs around the van. That evening we cycled into town and got another shout, this time Jacob & Chris who we hung out with up at the beach weeks ago, and inevitably ended up in several bars around town. It's really nice to be on more of a traveller circuit than there is in the US and to keep bumping into friends.

    In the morning they popped round to meet Pedro and afterwards we continued our journey south. We ate in an incredible restaurant they recommended which was surrounded by lush gardens where they grow all their own produce. We didn't make it very far and found an almost deserted beach, and the couple camping on the far side bought us an enormous fillet of Amber Jack that they had spear gunned earlier and it was delicious cooked on an open fire. It wasn't that long ago that I would avoid fish like the plague, as I would coffee - travel really does broaden the horizons.

    We were woken by the sound of dozens of rays jumping a metre plus out of the water and belly flopping onto the water, then a pod of whales meandered through the bay. Needless to say the sun is shining - this really is what life is all about.
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  • Day216

    To Cabo Pulmo & Beyond

    December 18, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    So we collected up our broken hearts and got out of the big bad city. We couldn't face any company so we found a deserted beach, lit a fire and drowned our sorrows. I went for a run on miles of beautiful coastline, but somehow managed not to enjoy it at all.

    We then drove on to our planned destination, which was a popular spot on the iOverlander app. There were loads of rigs there - maybe as many as 50, with most of them there semi-permanently, escaping the Canadian winter. It was a nice spot in the marine park, but we couldn't really muster up much enthusiasm for anything so just mooched about. The next day we drove the other side of the headland but were buffeted by some strong winds so we decided to cut our losses and finish off the incredibly painful, dusty, rutted dirt road in search of civilisation.

    Civilisation we found in Los Barriles (The Barrels - don't ask me why), and we found a reasonable camp spot in an arroyo (dry river bed) just on the edge of town. This place is a mecca for wind and kite surfers, and although we've done a bit of the former we weren't nearly hard-core enough for this crowd. The town was overly yankifed for us too, with the cheap taqueria (taco stalls) replaced with gringo restaurants so we only stayed the night.

    We decided to head back to our favourite spot at the bottom end of Baja Sur, namely Todos Santos.
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  • Day36

    Los Cabos

    August 6, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    Am Mittwuch nach de Schuel bini an Flughafe düsed, han nämmli es verlängereds Wucheend mit em Dave in Los Cabos vor mir gha. Los Cabos ghört zum mexikanische Bundesstaat Baja California. Ich bin also eimal quer dur ganz Mexiko as andere Ändi vom Land gfloge. D'Reis isch sehr lang gsi, zerst hani mitem Bus e Stund uf Cancun müsse fahre, denn vo Cancun uf Mexiko City müse flüge und schliesslich bini vo det uf Cabo San Lucas gfloge. D'Natur in Baja California isch ganz anderst wie in Quintana Roo (Bundesstaat wo Playa del Carmen isch). Los Cabos isch e kargi Sandwüesti mitemne wunderschön blaue Meer.
    Am Dunnstig simmer uf Cabo Pulmo gfahre und hend det e Schnorcheltour gmacht. Das isch für eus beidi s'Highlight vo dem Ufenthalt in Los Cabos gsi. Mir sind bi wunderschöne Koralleriff go schnorchle und hend unzähligi Fisch i allne Grössene und Farbe gse. Eimal hemmer zmitzt im Meer aghaltet und sind det is Wasser gumped. Woni mit de Taucherbrülle unter Wasser gluegt han, hani mine Auge fast nöd traut. En riiiisige Fischschwarm mit tuusige vo Fisch isch unter eus duregschwumme. Die Fisch sind riiisig gsi (ca. 60 cm). Wow, das isch es mega Erlebnis gsi. Mir sind dem Fischschwarm denn chli nagschnorchled und hend chöne beobachte wie sich die Fisch ständig neu formatiered. Bimne andere Koralleriff hemmer denn no e grossi Schildchrot gse. Ich bin mega lang, mega nöch näbed ihre gschwumme und han sie vo ganz nöchem chöne beobachte. Irgendwenn hets ihre denn gstunke und denn isch sie i de Tüüfe vom Ozean verschwunde.
    Am Fritig und am Samstig hemmer eus am Strand chli erholt und eus kulinarisch verwöhne la.

    Hüt hets de ganz Tag gregnet und gstürmt in Playa... Es zieht die Nacht en ziemlich heftige Tropesturm über Mexiko. Immerhin ischs defür nüme ganz e so heiss. Ich freu mich übrigens immer mega über eui Kommentär zu mine Posts. Wär cool, wenn ihr amig no de Name chönd dezue schribe, denn weissi au vo wem de Kommentar isch :-)
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