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  • Day3

    Home Sweet Home

    January 6 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    I made it to Mexico the morning of January 5th and, after a 2 hour bus ride to Puebla, arrived at my host family’s home. My roommate, Erika, met me there at the same time and we met our family together. We put our suitcases in our room and then went to the table to share our first meal with the family. Margarita, our host mother, made us scrambled egg and tomato sandwiches on freshly baked rolls and we sat down together with her daughter Lupita and her son-in-law Jesus. We talked about the mountains and volcanoes surrounding the city, my roommates stressful travel adventure to get here, and lots more, all in Spanish!
    After breakfast, Erika and I unpacked our bags and “moved in” to our new home, then took a much needed siesta. Around 5pm, we walked through the neighborhood to our housing coordinator’s home and took care of the financial part of the trip. When we got home, Margarita made us a small dinner (rice with eggs and green beans), and we had some really interesting conversations. When we sat down, Erika asked if the family typically says a prayer before meals. Margarita said no but that she would say one if we wanted. She then prayed over our food, thanking Him for our food and praying for all people to have food too. As dinner continued, we talked about everything from family and her home to politics and religion. When we brought up Trump to her, she immediately responded with empathy, saying that we should pray for him because he must be suffering. She spoke with such kindness and compassion in spite of the fact that his beliefs do not match her own. I think that we can all learn a lot from Margarita.
    Later that night, Erika and I met up with some classmates at a nearby bar and drank to our new adventure.
    All in all, today has been exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting, but I’ve learned that I am far braver than I ever knew and I am so so so thankful to be a part of this incredible experience.

    That’s day one. Stay tuned for more.
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  • Day6

    Class Day 1

    January 9 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today was the first day of class and I already feel kind of intimidated, but I know that feeling will pass. I am excited to go to school at the Ibero. My classroom is super pretty and has big windows that look out onto a field and it’s already really hard to ignore the view during class. Attached to this post are some pictures from the Zócalo.Read more

  • Day39

    colourful puebla

    October 13, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    Dit moment ben ik aan het reizen met Jonathan en zijn vriendin Katrien.
    Wat een leuk gezelschap! Ze hebben een huurauto en kunnen dus op plaatsen komen waar je als backpacker nooit zou terecht komen.
    Zo ben ik in puebla geraakt en ik ben hier ontzettend blij om.
    Het is een hipsterstad met leuke winkeltjes en restaurants waar je het ene mooie plaatje na het andere kunt nemen.

    De 3de foto heb ik kunnen trekken door in de macdonalds op het 4de verdiep te gaan. Zo hadden we een prachtig uitzicht over de zocalo. Om daar niet gewoon foto's te trekken hadden we een MC flurry besteld op ons 3 , die uiteindelijk niet genoeg bleek te zijn. Katrien en ik hadden zin in meer dus bestelden we nog een MC flurry met snickers en karamelsaus.
    Guilty pleasures
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  • Day187

    Welcome to Puebla

    February 5, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We expected an easy ride to Puebla as we had ~500 m of elevation to drop over a distance we thought would be about 90 km. However the road rolled up and down and made us feel like we were hardly moving. Then we were denied access to a toll road for the first time in Mexico so had to take the longer free route through Tlaxcala and into Puebla on hectic highway 121. We breathed a collective sigh of relief once we made it within the city limits and traffic slowed to a crawl as we rode through a busy market to Omar's house. We had met and connected with Omar's cousin Omar (yes both of the same name) in coastal State Park campgrounds of Oregon and California as he and his friend Kish were riding from border to border of the US west coast. As he knew we'd be heading through central Mexico, Omar mentioned that he had family in Puebla if we found ourselves passing through the city. Despite being within Puebla city limits, Omar's family's home felt like a jungle in a rural village, with lots of trees and plants in the garden surrounding the house, in addition to 9 dogs and 20 birds! As soon as we arrived we were seated and given water to relax (or as they say here descansar = de tire yourself). We chatted with Omar and his mother Alicia, then later Omar took Karl, Francois and Holly out on the town (Helene wasn't feeling well, so stayed in to relax). We searched for tacos arabes - without luck due to the late hour - but got to see the city all lit up at nighttime and the squares still full of people hanging out on a warm Friday night. Puebla's architecture is quite different from the other cities we have visited and we enjoyed wandering around and later getting a view of the city from a viewpoint at the Zona Histórica de Los Fuertes.Read more

  • Day7


    November 12, 2015 in Mexico ⋅

    Die viertgrösste Stadt Mexikos liegt nur 2.5 Stunden östlich von Mexico-City.
    Zu besichtigen gibt es hier vorallem eines: katholische Kirchen! Diese sind wirklich eindrücklich. Die Catedral de Puebla ist für ihre hohen Türme bekannt. Mit stolzen 70m sind es die höchsten Türme einer Kathetrale in Lateinamerika.
    Die Rosenkranzkapelle lockt mit ihren in Blattgold eingefassten Verzierungen hunderte von Besuchern an.

    Die Stadt scheint auch nicht ganz ungefährlich zu sein. Immerhin wurden wir von der 'Touristenpolizei' mit den Worten "geht nicht weiter; in den nächsten drei Strassen werdet ihr sonst bestimmt ausgeraubt" angehalten. Anschliessend drückten sie uns einen Stadtplan in die Hand. Danke! Wir hatten unseren nämlich im Hostel liegen lassen...

    (Was wir übrigens nie für möglich gehalten hätten (und uns wohl auch niemand glaubt): wir vermissen das Essen in Afrika!! Entweder treffen wir es immer ungünstig oder das mexikanische Essen in der Schweiz schmeckt wirklich einfach besser..!)
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  • Day108

    A day in Puebla

    October 2, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We had a sleep in, breakfast at the hostel, then a takeaway coffee sitting in the sun at the local park. We had a look at the large Cathedral next to the central square. It was very impressive! After we walked to the Museum Amparo which had a lot of ceramics and paintings. The museum had an amazing rooftop with views around to all the nearby churches. We had a vegetarian buffet lunch with lots of food for Zoe! We had a look in some shops before it started raining really hard, so we stopped for mezcal cocktails. We had a look in a street market, the artist street, the lollies streets and then wandered up to look where all the tunnels were. It was closed but we looked carefully through the windows. The security man kindly invited us in, chained the door behind us, grabbed his baton as he led us into the underground caves. I was slightly terrified as was reading the book Room at the time. He didn’t try to kill us, rather showed us a nice tour of some of the underground cave systems. We left excited to be alive and happy that we saw some of the caves. We then walked into town and had roof top drinks with views of the square. After we found a restaurant for some Mole! I ate enchiladas with chicken and three types of mole sauce. Tasted a bit like a curry!Read more

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