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    • Day41

      Puerto Vallarta - Abendshow

      April 13 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Angie und ich sind ein Abend in einen Club gegangen und waren ein wenig tanzen :D

      Zwei Abende gab es im Hotel eine Abend-Show. Hier haben Bands gespielt, eine Geigenspielerin, es wurde live gemalt, Jongleure waren da und Angie und ihr Bruder haben sich eine Tequila Flasche bestellt. Dann haben wir bestimmt 3h lang zu Mexikanischen Musik getanzt. Ein sehr schöner Abend.Read more

    • Day40

      Puerto Vallarta

      April 12 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Angekommen in Puerto Vallarta bzw. in einem extrem krassen Hotel! „Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta“ wer das mal googeln will. Hier bin ich mit Angie und ihrer Familie. Einfach nur unglaublich!!! Schaut euch mal die Bilder an. Hier bleibe ich noch bis zum 16. und dann geht es zurück nach Deutschland.Read more


      Das sieht ja alles wirklich verrückt aus. Genießt es. Wir freuen uns schon auf dich. Lieben Gruß an die ganze Familie von Angie.


      Ich freu mich auch schon so doll auf euch!! ♥️ richte ich aus!


      Wirklich der HAMMER!



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    • Day83

      Islas Marietas

      November 29, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      As the music in the hostel didn't stop before 3am, we decided to have a late start and leave after breakfast (which they served from 8:30am). Usually, we try to be on the road at 7am in order to avoid most the midday heat.
      From Sayulita, we took a small road with less traffic to Punta Mita. Irene had recommended to go to Islas Marietas, so we checked out the offers. As we got a good deal and people seemed to be very knowledgable, we went on a boat trip to the islands. Definitely a good decision! The islands were formed by volcanic activity and are under government protection, so there's many species of seabirds as well as abundant marine life. On the way there, we saw a humpback whale and some dolphines. We observed the birds, among them some blue (and yellow) footed boobies, got wet from the water of the blowhole, checked out some caves and the stone bridge, snorkelled to sea the tropical fish and discovered a hidden beach.
      As the tour took longer than expected (Mexican times...), we booked an AirBnB some 30km away to be able to make ot before dark. When we arrived at the address, noone was there. We called the owner and he told us that it's actually not available at the moment because the light is not working and he has been waiting for someone to fix it for some time (Mexican time again...). We were both a little frustrated and hungry, as it was getting dark already and there weren't many options for accommodation. However, Google helped us this time and led us to a cosy hostal with friendly people and a fresh fruit and vegetable store next door 😊
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    • Day47

      3 nights in Puerto Vallarta

      January 26, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Since our short trip to San Blas, we just hung out for 5 days and did beachy things with Pat and Gail, and apartment neighbours, Van and Lola, in Chacala. They are from Bellingham also and Lola has been busy getting things ready for the ukulele workshops. Gail will be running jam sessions during the workshops and Pat will be a gopher. So lots of excitement as everyone around us prepares to do their part. James Hill, the ukulele guru from Nova Scotia, arrived with his family and is staying with his mother-in-law, Dorothy. Chacala is small, so communication is pretty good.

      On Sunday, after a significant Saturday rainstorm, all of us packed up and got ready for the next segments of our trip. It’s always a little sad to say goodbye but we know we will meet up sometime in the future. We just don’t where! It has been a fun 3 weeks with our old friends.

      Pat and Gail moved into a hotel for a week and we got a bus to Vallarta. It was an extremely easy 2 hour trip to the bus terminal near the airport. We paid a taxi driver 200 pesos to take us right to our hotel, Hotel Eloisha, in the Old Town. Quick and easy!

      I picked the hotel because it is in an interesting part of town, was a reasonable price, and at the far end of the malecon. There is a park directly across the road and the hotel has a rooftop patio and small swimming pool with a good view of the ocean. A light breakfast is served in the mornings.

      We arrived before check-in time and we were offered available rooms. We actually chose an indoor room that ended up having a bit of a septic smell, so after the first night, they moved us to a room overlooking the park with a nice sunny balcony. We enjoyed watching the activities in the park. The huge patio on the rooftop was a great place to hangout and the pool was just right.

      Walking on the malecon was a daily treat. One day, we stood and watched a big pod of whales spouting and causing waves. Another day, we watched a very tanned man stack large and small rocks, one on top of another. Quite the balancing act. There are lots of wonderful restaurants so one night we took a break from tacos and pozole and had a pasta dinner in an Italian restaurant with wonderful service and excellent food. I think it was called Dolce Vita. Another afternoon, we ate two Mexican favourites of ours - a guacamole and Molcajete - at a nearby place called Margaritaville.

      We had a final laundry run before packing up and I got my hair cut. Mexican prices and service are the best!!! Our boarding passes for Our flight to L.A. were printed off in a nearby cyber cafe and we bought some didactic games for our grandkids at the Book Fair that was going on.

      We loved the convenience of everything. We will miss Mexico...
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      Looks beautiful. Safe travels to NZ!


      Have a great trip to New Zealand! Looking forward to your posts.

    • Day49

      Mosaic Project in Lazaro Cardenas Park

      January 28, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Right across the street from the Eloisha Hotel,there is a very active community park. The day that we arrived, there was a Ceviche Festival. Every morning, a large group of people have a Zumba class at 8 a.m. Folk dancers perform in the evening and musicians play. We were very impressed by an interesting and beautiful mosaic project that is ongoing. All the concrete park benches and pillars and walls are being covered with colourful mosaics - a huge project that volunteers are encouraged to take part in.

      Have a look at some of the many benches already completed.
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    • Day678

      Puerto Vallarta

      November 7, 2021 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      I continued my trip to Puerto Vallarta with Eloise from Bristol, England. In the new hostel we found a cool activity, a hike to different beaches in the south of the city. We made new friends and with one girl we continued traveling to Sayulita.

      Drinking games, dance party nights, sunset pizza lookout point, the beach walk and all ended with some food poisoning. 5 out of 8 people from our hostel were having a soft to rather strong upset stomach. I felt nauseas for only one day where I had to puke after a bus ride to the next place called Sayulita.
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    • Day15

      Puerto Vallarta

      March 8, 2020 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Arrived here with an all clear an hour early at 9 am. Met Carl Wiebe at Sbux at the new mall. Vic says the mall is not new and was here already 10 years ago. He is right. Took a cab to the Malecon and walked to the Ocean Bar. Margaritas for $2. Can’t beat that!Read more

    • Day2

      Lazy day

      December 28, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

      (Apparently I only took pictures of food and drinks today)

      Fairly lazy day today. We slept hard (me especially being the one who can't sleep on planes). All the same, Caty woke up around 6, and had to suffer until 7 for breakfast.

      After breakfast, Laura and I hit the gym for an hour while Caty read and watched movies, before spending some time at the pool.

      Once the sun came out in earnest, we took a taxi down to the Malecón (boardwalk) to walk around and get lunch. Caty was starving by this point (and the grumpies had settled in), but we powered on and meandered towards Layla's, which opened right as we arrived. It took a while before we had food in front of us, but it was well worth the wait. Laura had fish (which will be a constant on this trip), Caty had a hamburger, and I had spicy spicy chicken (spicy will also be a constant for me). I also had a surprisingly good Mexican craft beer -- very unexpected.

      After lunch we continued waking the boardwalk until Caty hit the point of exhaustion, and taxied back up the mountain to the hotel for a nap and more time at the pool/hot tub.

      For dinner we went back into town and had grilled meats and cocktails. We had shrimp wrapped in spiiiiicy peppers and a dish of Ceviche appetizers. Matching our experiences thus far, a meal out was a multi hour affair, so by the time we were done Caty was ready for bed, and we went straight back to the hotel, after a brief stop to pick up sunscreen for tomorrow.
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    • Day39

      Puerto Vallarta

      November 30, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Der heutige Tag war mit einem Bootsausflug, Schnorcheln, Strand, Essen und Trinken geplant. Dazu sollten wir bis 12 Uhr am Hafen sein, um mit dem Boot zu starten. Relativ pünktlich starteten wir von unserem Hotel zur Busstation, um dann mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zum Hafen zu gelangen. Leider kam unser Bus jedoch nicht und so langsam wurde die Zeit, um pünktlich am Hafen anzukommen sehr sehr knapp. Dank der Überredungskünste der Tutoren wartete das Boot auf uns, bevor es ablegte. Zum Nachteil aller schon eingetroffenen Mitreisenden. Nachdem der Bus endlich an der Station eingetroffen war fuhren wir ohne weitere Probleme zum Hafen und trafen insgesamt 30Minuten später als geplant dort ein. Als kleine Strafe mussten wir jeder noch eine extra Gebühr zahlen, 30 Pesos. Das sind umgerechnet 1,39€ also definitiv verkraftbar😂
      Nach einer kleinen Einführung und Begrüßung seitens des Bootspersonals wurden uns auch schon die ersten Erfrischungsgetränke in die Hände gedrückt. Aber keine Sorge, erstmal blieb es bei Wasser und Cola. Der Alkohol folgte zu späterer Stunde😜
      Auf dem Weg zur Insel auf der wir unser Essen bekommen sollten, gab es die Möglichkeit zu Schnorcheln. Da ich in Tulum nur in den Cenoten ein wenig auf eigene Faust getaucht bin, wollte ich die Chance diesmal wahrnehmen und machte mich mit Schwimmweste, Taucherbrille und Schnorchel bereit für das kleine Abenteuer😍
      Das Personal wies uns mehrmals daraufhin, dass wir auf ihr Zeichen sofort vom Boot springen müssten. Sollten wir uns nicht trauen und die anderen am springen hindern, wurden wir vom Schnorcheln ausgeschlossen.
      Natürlich bin ich direkt gesprungen, auch wenn ich etwas nervös war. Das Mädel vor mir hat sich allerdings nicht getraut und wurde direkt zur Seite gezogen, damit ich springen konnte🤭
      Es war eine super coole Erfahrung zu Schnorcheln und jetzt würde ich als nächsten Schritt gerne einen Tauchschein machen und das Meer zu erkunden😀
      Es war zuerst etwas komisch durch den Schnorchel zu atmen, weil es sich so anfühlt als würde nicht genügend Luft durch das schmale Röhrchen kommen. Aber ich habe versucht Ruhe zu bewahren und dann war es auch gar kein Problem mehr. Ich habe ganz viele kleine bunte Fische gesehen. Vor allem super viele blaue Fische waren dort in der Bucht. Ganz viele Dories 🐟🐠 und sogar mehrere Seeigel und Muscheln habe ich gesehen. Insgesamt konnten wir eine halbe bis dreiviertel Stunde Schnorcheln, aber die Zeit verging so schnell, gefühlt wie 10 Minuten. Aber es hat sich definitiv gelohnt und auch echt Spaß gemacht.
      Anschließend sind wir auf eine Insel, deren Name ich nicht mehr weiß gefahren, um dort zu Essen. Um auf die Insel zu kommen mussten wir von unserem Boot in so kleinere Rettungsboote umsteigen, um an Land zu kommen. Das war ein wackelige Angelegenheit und auch das aussteigen aus dem Boot ins Wasser war mit meinen kurzen Beinchen eine Herausforderung🤭aber es hat alles geklappt, keiner ist über Bord gegangen.
      Das Essen war super lecker😋Nina hatte Fisch mit Gemüse und Reis und ich hatte Tortillas mit Bohnen, Fleisch, Gemüse und Reis. Aber natürlich haben wir wie meistens die Gerichte geteilt, sodass wir beide alles probieren konnten.
      Nach dem Essen hatten wir noch knapp anderthalb Stunden, um die Zeit am Strand zu verbringen. Natürlich haben wir die Zeit genutzt, um noch ins Wasser zu gehen. Anschließend haben wir uns mit dem Boot wieder zurück zum Hafen bewegt. Diesmal war der Wellengang jedoch etwas stärker, sodass Nina und mir echt übel geworden ist🤢das war etwas schade, weil wir so gar nicht die abendlichen Farben am Himmel genießen konnten😯geschweige denn Tanzen oder die Partyspiele mit machen konnten. Zum Glück wurde es zum Ende hin dann doch etwas besser, sodass wir ein bisschen tanzen konnten😄
      Es war also ein gelungener Ausflug und hat mal wieder echt viel Spaß gemacht.

      Aber seht selbst😘
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    • Day3


      July 14, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Yelapa finally woke up at 8:00. She had gotten closer to me in the middle of the night, occasionally putting her chin in my hand. When she saw her leash she got all excited. We walked to the beach which is literally a block away. A lot of guys out there with their off leash dogs running wild. She loves the beach, and of course she poops right there in the sand, and of course I pick it up. She is such a quiet dog, and I think she has a keen sense of smell. She has to sniff every bush, every tree trunk, everything. Same behavior I noticed on the beach in Yelapa - BassamRead more


      Such a cute dog, very cute face. What breed?



      He and Yelapa

      She's a mix, with probably some Schnauzer in her


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