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  • Day46

    Ruber turns 13!
    To celebrate we ride rented bikes to the oldest tree in Mexico, or Latina America or the world.... depending who you wish to believe.
    Anyway: the Tule tree is some 2000 years old and impressive!

  • Day36

    After 5 weeks of holidays and let's say a little bit of partying Jay and I needed some down time so off to Mexico we went. We stayed in Krystal Cancun for 6 nights and took advantage of the beach front resort style living. We spent days laying on beach chairs drinking margaritas and swimming in the bright blue ocean. It was amazing! Mexico weather reminded us a lot like summer back home, hot and humid so we spent a lot of time in the water but unfortunately despite our efforts we both got a bit sunburnt.

    While in Cancun we also had a few tours booked to see the local culture and one of the 7 Wonders of the World. We went on a tour to see the amazing Chichen Itza, our tour guide was incredible, a true local who showed us the local side of the Mayan culture taking us to small towns where we could speak to the locals and purchase gifts knowing that the funds where going straight back to the Mayan families. He also explained a side of the history of Chichen Itza unlike the popular stories online which was refreshing to learn.
    We also visited the beautiful Ik Kil Centote, this was one place I had on my bucket list. An amazing swimming whole inside a Centote.

    One of the other tours we did was swimming with whale sharks!! Wow what can I say, swimming with these beautiful gentle giants was very humbling. Again we were with a very local tour guide on a small boat with a group of 6 other people. We put our snorkel gear on jumped off the boat and swam along side these amazing creatures - amazing!

    Best part for me about being in Cancun was that all of our tours, accomodation and car transfers (between tours, airport and hotel) was booked through Flight Centre and every company we dealt with was great. All the tours and transfer people were locals and made us feel very safe and welcome.
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  • Day42

    To end our amazing 7 week holiday we headed to Playa Del Carmen, about an hours drive from Cancun to spend the last 5 nights relaxing. And that is about all we did and we loved it! We started most days with a sleep in and then would head up to the hotel buffet breakfast and then would sit by the pool with a cocktail.

    We loved Playa Del Carmen! The town is a bit smaller then Cancun and not as touristy, the streets look a little bit more run down then Cancun and at first Jay and I didn't know what to expect however once we checked in and walked the streets we felt very safe and more at ease then we did in Cancun. In Cancun you can't walk down the street without being harassed by people trying to sell you things. This did not happen in Playa Del Carmen nearly as much. It wasn't a huge issue for us in Cancun as we had a beautiful big resort that was right on the beach and had everything inside that we needed.

    In Playa though we decided to stay in a small hotel a few blocks back from the beach so that we could experience some of the more local restaurants and it was great! The hotel reception recommended some local places to go for dinner that were a short walk from the hotel and Jay and I went to this one place about 3 times! Menu all in Spanish, restaurant filled with locals, great food, great service and very cheap. We also did some exploring of the town, checked out the beach and the famous 5th avenue markets and shopping.

    We loved our time here and enjoyed spending the end of our trip fully relaxing. At the end of our week we started our long journey home, 30 hours of flying and 3 planes later we arrived. Thank you to our amazing travel buddies and our Canadian family for hosting us for so long! Also thank you to Flight Centre Byron Bay where my amazing friend works who organised the second half of our incredible holiday - I could not have booked everything without you and I would highly recommend flight centre to anyone looking at overseas travel!
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  • Day39

    Day 38: Muchos saludos de México! 🌵
    Today I left the USA and jumped over the border to Tijuana.
    Better to say: I jumped into a new world. Yesterday I wrote about pure richness. Today - just a few miles more southern - I gonna write about pure poverty.
    The main street where I arrived "Av Revolución"was was very touristic and every two metres someone was speaking to me to sell me something.
    So I wanted to go off that street very quickly.
    I went into backstreet and there it was the Mexican lifestyle. All along the street musicans with their Mexican hat on played salsa music and people danced on the street.
    Yes, this definitely was a good place to rest. So I chose a restaurant and had a Mexican lunch. It was delicious!
    Afterwards I took a taxi to the beach. That easy? Not in Mexico! I walked about hundred blocks to find a taxi that brought me there. Not every taxi brings you everywhere. But the price was so cheap! I paid 1 dollar for a 20 minutes ride.
    At the beach I enjoyed the seaside and was able to stand next to the border with nice drawings on it. You was able to see helicopters of the US military for border protection at all time.
    At the end of the day I drank a coconut drink 🌴

    Before I got here I read in the internet "in Tijuana everybody speaks English". Never! The border officiers and the hostel stuff was able to but the rest? Mostly when they spoke spanish to me I was able to understand them 💪 But I wasn't able to reply 🙈 So I got hands and it worked 🙌

    Mexico ✔
    Tijuana Arch ✔
    Torre de Aqua Caliente ✔
    Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ✔
    Playas de Tijuana ✔
    Mural Esta Es Mi Tierra ✔
    Monumental Plaza de Toros ✔
    El Muro en la Playa ✔
    Illinois ✅
    Wisconsin ✅
    Minnesota ✅
    South Dekota ✅
    Wyoming ✅
    Idaho ✅
    Utah ✅
    Nevada ✅
    California ✅
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