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  • Day109

    We had some breakfast, went for coffee and then wandered up to the market. I had a Cremina roll which was a chicken schnitzel with avo big crunchy roll! Was delicious. We then had a very mad rush back to the hostel to get our things, raced to the bus stop, got on a local bus, it went too slow so we got off and got a taxi to the main bus station, we ran and got a ticket and boarded the bus to Oaxaca with only a few minutes to spare. The bus was super fancy with very comfortable seats! The bus was about 4.5hours and on arrival we walked 1.5km to our AirBnB. We checked in and went out for Mezcal on a roof top while hiding out of the rain. We had a massive serve of nachos and guacamole! We then went to another Mezcal place for more tastings where they had a musician playing. The drinks were yummy and quite smoky in flavour!Read more

  • Day110

    We had a sleep in then went for coffee and breakfast at a cafe. After we wandered around to the Cathedral, had a look in some shops, we walked down to the market to look at all the food. There were many chocolate shops making chocolate from scratch. We looked at the textile museum which had some amazing pieces in there. I then put washing on, we had more coffee, checked out the bus station and had an early dinner at the market. I had lots of beer cooked over coals from the meat section. Not much veggies if you order anything with meat!
    We had some beers back at our apartment and went to the jazz club for some mojitos.
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  • Day111

    We had some breakfast at home, got an espresso coffee and got on the tour bus for the day. First stop of in Tula where we saw the widest tree in the world!! It was a Montezuma Cypress and measured 42m in circumference. It was very impressive. Next stop was a weaving place. We saw how they spin the wool, dye the fabrics and weave. Zoe brought a beautiful carpet! Next stop was a Mezcal distillery, we saw the entire process for making Mezcal and got to sample quite a lot of flavours. We got a little bottle as a souvenir. We then stopped for lunch and Zoe and I had a picnic in the car park. I even managed to sit in a puddle. After we went to the Mitla Ruins which had very intact intricate mosaic stone work on the walls. It was very impressive. Only a part of the ruins has been uncovered as yet. Next stop was the Hierve el Agua which was limestone that had created a petrified waterfall and pools to swim in. The surrounding mountains created a stunning backdrop to the pools which were a nice temp to swim in. Back on the bus I was lucky enough to have coke leaking from above onto my seat so couldn’t sit back the whole 2hour trip back Oaxaca. Back home we had some of the Mezcal we brought with the salt which has crushed up worms in it. We went out for dinner and nearby was a performance/parade of some sort where little kids had paper mache and fireworks coming out of their heads. All the crowd was looking away to not get fire in their eyes!
    Dinner was ok, some more beef tacos with not much flavour. Back home we had some hot chocolate.
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  • Day112

    We went out for coffee and tried to get into the palace which was closed for some reason? After we packed all our things and walked to the bus station to buy our tickets to Puerto Escondido. We had a big breakfast at the markets of chorizo scrambled eggs with beans. We then boarded the bus and after about 3 hours our bus broke down and we were stuck waiting! Still waiting while writing this. We waited and waited, it started to pour rain. After over three hours a new bus finally came. It then started to get dark and we were driven by madly around the mountains. We finally arrived in Puerto Escondido and walked in the dark to our hostel. We arrived after midnight and everyone was very lovely greeting us!Read more

  • Day113

    We slept before having some banana bread and coffee for breakfast. I was super keen to do the bioluminescence tour to the lagoon but as it was the full moon was advised against it as you wouldn’t see much. Zoe and I walked to the different beaches along the coast. We had lunch at one of restaurants on the water of fish tacos and a big fresh coconut. We walked along to big beach and had a cocktail. The surf was very rough so no one was swimming. We then walked back to Carrizalillo beach and had a beer before a big wave came and got us soaking wet. Luckily my phone was in my dry bag. We walked back very wet to the hostel and after showers went to watch the sunset with people from the hostel on the rocks. We had a few beers before heading out to dinner where I had fish in a tomato and olive sauce. Back at the hostel we had some drinks on the roof top before going to bed.Read more

  • Day114

    We got up early to go on a sunrise cruise to see the dolphins. We went out far into the open water where we saw schools of dolphins swimming past. There was bottlenose and spotted dolphins. We jumped into the water to swim with them but each time they had already swam away. I didn’t realise how fast they were at swimming. We came back about 10am, had a pastry for breakfast, booked flights to Cuba and we checked out of our room. We had some delicious Middle Eastern falafel for lunch and then wandered down to our fav beach Carrizalillo. We relaxed, swam and had some beers. The weather was beautiful and the temperature in the water was nice and warm. We had lunch at a little taco shop where you got unlimited fillings. I had fish tacos which weren’t from the shops I’d been recommended as these were all shut. After we headed back to the hostel for some showers. We had a bit of stress getting to the bus stop on time but made the night bus with 3 minutes to spare. Zoe and I had some Mezcal with us left over which helped us to sleep.Read more

  • Day115

    We arrived in San Cristobel and walked up to our hostel. It was beautiful and sunny when we arrived. We had a big breakfast at a cafe in the square and chilled out till 2pm when we could check in. We were terrified as on the bus we’d both been bitten and it felt like bed bugs had got us on the bus. We put all the things we had on the bus with us into the laundromat and walked along to see some of the shops in town. Had some wine and stopped for dinner at fancy restaurant to have the Chile en nogada dish for dinner which was a local delicacy. It was quite nice but the inside was full of sweet fruit. We stopped at the Spanish tapas place for a wine then back in the hostel watch a guy singing and playing the guitar but he wasn’t very good.Read more

  • Day116

    We had a really yummy breakfast that was included as part of our stay with omelet’s and pancakes with lots of fruit. We then signed up to a tour and after a quick coffee we headed on a bus out to see two towns just outside San Cristobel. Zinacantán and Chamula which bit had a high indigenous population and some poverty. The main industry seemed to be growing flowers and textiles. At Zinacantán we saw the church which had been damaged, walked around town a bit and to a textile shop. Most of the things didn’t look too great. We tried some of the local drink Poche which tasted just like alcohol. At Chamula we visited the main church where the floor was decorated with pine leaves, there were many candles flickering from glasses or just on the floor. The flowers decorating were beautiful and there were groups of families sitting, praying, drinking and sacrificing hens to take the disease from the sick away. It was a little disturbing to see these chickens having their necks broken in the church. There was a small market outside which we had a look at before heading back to San Cristobel. We stopped for a coffee and then walked to the main market for lunch. I had some yummy tacos of beef, chicken and pork for only $21 pesos or $1.45 AUD. We walked around the stores and saw lots of tassels and pom-poms. I brought a beautiful ring from a local artist which I just love. We headed back, got our washing and went out for some more shopping. I brought a top and Zoe got some shoes before we stopped at the Spanish tapas bar. We had a massive serve of guacamole with chips and olives. Back at the hostel we packed and had some of the free unlimited moijitos they had on.Read more

  • Day117

    3:30am wake up today to check out and get picked up on a bus at 4am. It was a small shuttle bus that wound through the very tight mountains. At 7am we stopped for a buffet breakfast and then kept driving till about 9am when we arrived at the first waterfalls Agua Azul which were super long and very impressive. We walked about 1km up seeing all the different sections and we swam upstream. After we piled back into the car and drove to the next waterfalls Salto de Agua which was one large fall where you could walk behind it. It was very impressed too!
    We had a coffee before we drove to Palanque ruins where we had two hours to look around. The Mayans were here and it was a very busy city of about 8,000 people at its peak. It’s thought it was designed too closely together with 4 people per m2. The people all moved away to other cities and this was the downfall. We found the falls that Zoe had heard about but you were no longer allowed to swim there. We checked into our hostel in town, had some chips and beer before heading out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. I had a massive serve of local river fish fillets with a spicy capsicum sauce. We went to bed early as were very tired!
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  • Day118

    We had coffee in the garden areas before going to the cafe across the road for a big omelette and fruit platter. We checked out our bags and got a collectivo to the ruins. We spent three hours walking around and exploring the ruins. In the museum there was a big sogcofogous in which they found the red queen. We walked to the nearby hippie town of El Panchan. It seemed pretty dead there but we stopped for 2 for 1 cocktails and before long two people from our last bus tour joined us for drinks and some dinner. We stayed till about 8pm before heading into town for some shopping at the supermarket, got our bags and were onto the bus at 9:45pm for a 13 hour journey. Zoe and I brought some Kraken Rum for just under $9 which back home would be about $45! Was a very yummy drink for the bus once we finally managed to get some drink out of the bottle.Read more

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Mexico, Mexiko, Meksiko, Mɛksiko, ሜክሲኮ, المكسيك, ܡܟܣܝܩܘ, الميكسيك, México, Mïxiku, Meksika, مکزیک, Мексика, Mehiko, Мексіка, Мексико, मैक्सिको, Meksiki, মেক্সিকো, མེཀ་སི་ཀོ།, Mecʼhiko, Mèxic, Mĕ̤k-să̤-gŏ̤, ᎺᏏᎪ, Méšeesévehoévenó, مەکسیک, Messicu, Meksyk, Mecsico, މެކްސިކޯ, མེཀསི་ཀོ, Meksico nutome, Μεξικό, Mehhiko, Méjicu, Meksik, Mexique, Messic, Meicsiceo, 墨西哥, Meagsago, Méhiko, मेक्सिको, 𐌼𐌰𐌹𐌷𐌹𐌺𐍉, મેક્સિકો, Meksico, Makasiko, Me̍t-sî-kô, Mekiko, מקסיקו, Mexikó, Մեքսիկա, Mexiqo, Mexikia, Mexíkó, Messico, ᒦᒃᓰᖂ, メキシコ合衆国, mexygue, Mèksiko, მექსიკა, Miksik, Мексикэ, ម៉ិចសិក, ಮೆಕ್ಸಿಕೊ, 멕시코, Mexicum, Meshiko, Mekisiko, Méscico, Messich, Meksike, ແມັກຊິໂກ, مئکزیک, Мексик, Мексике, മേക്സിക്കോ, Messiku, မက္ကဆီကို, Meketiko, Mexihco, Be̍k-se-ko, Messeco, Meksikho, Méhigo, Mexic, Meeksikoo, ମେକ୍ସିକୋ, Мексикæ, ਮੈਕਸੀਕੋ, Messike, Meksikoe, Méssich, میکسیکو, Mishiku, Migizike, Мексіко, Megizike, Mèssicu, Mekisîki, Meksėka, මෙක්සිකෝව, Maxiko, Mehika, Meksikë, Meksikokondre, IMekisikho, Méksiko, மெக்சிகோ, మెక్సికో, Méxiku, ประเทศเม็กซิโก, Mekisikou, مېكسىكا, Mèsico, Mễ Tây Cơ (Mê-hi-cô), Mäxikän, Мексикудин Ниицәтә Орн Нутгуд, מעקסיקא, Orílẹ́ède Mesiko, Maegsaego, i-Mexico

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