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  • Day248

    Waiting for the Bengal tiger

    May 4, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    We wanted to give it another chance to see a wild Bengal tiger and stopped by at the Bardia Nationalpark to do a 12 hours walking safari. The park is famous for its large population of tigers but only a few tourists make it to this remote area.

    Accompanied by Prem, our friendly guide, and Santosh, a brave bamboo fighter, we spent a whole day in the jungle, walking through deep bush, crossing crocodile rivers, watching out for wildlife - and waiting almost five hours for the tiger, at a spot by the river, silent and hidden in the bush, endurance and patience were essential...

    We were lucky: 2 wild Rhinos, a wild elephant (our first one!), herds of deer, monkeys and crocodiles. But not too lucky: No tiger. 30 minutes more at the spot by the river and we would have seen it, a group which stayed there longer saw it, damn!
    Anyway, it was an amazing day in an amazing jungle.

    The next day was full of surprises then: Someone had stolen our speedometers, our tent sticks, one of our cyclists‘ wallets and a drinking bottle over night. We had our bicycles in front of the door of Prem‘s homestay and left some things on them. Luckily, our tent and the sleeping pads were still there. How could that happen in a remote village with less than 50 homes? Must have been a kid or youth. The whole family and neighbors helped searching and we could find some things in the fields. But the tools, our speedometers and our repair kit was gone, and one tent stick broken. Not a perfect start into a new day...

    For good luck, the family put the red color on our forehead, called 'Tika'. And this should help: When we left the park cycling along the road that goes through the bufferzone, a safari jeep suddenly stopped a hundred meters in front of us and we heard the Indian tourists screaming. There was a tunnel for water underneath the road and 3(!!!) tigers had just crossed the road through it! When we got there, we could only hear the alarm sounds of the birds and the rustling as the tigers disappeared in the forest. So we stood there, listening and waiting. And then suddenly another tiger came through the tunnel! We couldn’t believe our fortune, we had just seen a wild Bengal tiger, a few meters from us, incredible, what a powerful animal! The following 15 kilometers to the next town became the most scary ones we cycled so far because we knew we were in real danger now. Before, it was just roadsigns saying that there were tigers... but there are, we saw it!

    The rest of this exciting day offered us another puncture and a nice, grassy camp spot with many kids around :)
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  • Day245

    Cruising through the plain

    May 1, 2018 in Nepal

    Did we write that cyclists world is small? Yes it is: On a busy crossroad we bumped into Anneke & Tane from New Zealand who we celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve with in Iran, and Milda & Dovydas from Lithuania, two more enthusiastic cyclists. A few minutes earlier or later, and we would have missed each other...incredible, and time to touch glasses, with fresh sugarcane juice for sure. It was so great to see you guys!

    In this mainly flat area of Nepal, we didn’t only meet foreign touring cyclists, no, cycling in general is quite popular to get to school, to work or to transport goods - and we like that very much :)

    We knew that India would be different, not to say chaotic, right behind the border, so we enjoyed these days even more. Although it was usually above 40 degrees with lots of mosquitoes, being here in Nepal among with great people and kids and camping in the forests was just great.
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  • Day6


    November 7, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Heute waren wir auf Safari im Bardia Nationalpark. Tagesziel: Tiger finden! Und tatsächlich hatten wir nach langem Warten, während dessen wir die Tiger immer wieder brüllen gehört haben, das Glück, dass ein Weibchen aus dem Wald herauskam und durch den Fluss auf die andere Seite gelaufen ist. Da das Ganze sehr schnell ging, konnte ich leider nur zwei, leicht unscharfe Fotos machen, aber immerhin!!! Den restlichen Tag haben wir immer wieder Tigerspuren (Fußabdrücke, zerkratzte Bäume oder Markierungen/Kratzer auf dem Boden) gesehen, hatten jedoch keine weitere Sichtung. Trotzdem war es spannend und schon diese eine Sichtung war toll!Read more

    Maria Hola

    Läuft es einen da nicht kalt den Rücken runter?? Wie weit war sie denn weg?

    Sibylle Hagedorn

    Auf der anderen Seite des Flusses, ca. 500m vielleicht. Ich kann nicht gut schätzen... Sie hat dann den Fluss in unsere Richtung überquert, aber eben in einiger Entfernung.

    Sibylle Hagedorn

    Tiger gelten aber als "ungefährlich", weil sie vor Menschen flüchten... 🤣🤣

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  • Day100

    Bardia Nationalpark

    December 11, 2016 in Nepal ⋅ 🌫 1 °C

    Unsere erste Safari! Die Natur ist einfach atemberaubend in Nepal. Hoffentlich schreibe ich das in den nächsten Footprints nicht zu oft ☺️ . Wir haben Nashörner, Krokodile, Eisvögel, verschiedene Affenarten und viele andere Tiere aus nächster Nähe gesehen. Wir haben Tigerfußspuren verfolgt, bis wir ihm brüllen gehört haben. Auf einmal waren auch die Guides recht aufgeregt. Meine Gedanken waren - wie cool wäre es, einen in "freier" Nationalparkwildbahn zu sehen und dann...oh Mist, was machen wir eigentlich, wenn er direkt vor uns steht? Wir haben gelernt, das Tiger nicht auf Bäume klettern können. Naja, ob das wirklich stimmt, immerhin sind sie ja irgendwie verwandt mit Katzen oder? Gesehen haben wir allerdings leider keinen.

    Naja, es wird bestimmt nicht unsere letzte Safari gewesen sein...
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    Marko unterwegs

    Puh... endlich mal nen Lebenszeichen von euch. Hab mir schon ernsthaft Sorgen gemacht.

    Easy Peasy

    Nee nee alles gut!! Wir fühlen uns hier einfach nur wohl!


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