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  • Day135

    Up, up, up

    November 26, 2016 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    What a fantastic day! I'm completely beat from some of the steepest trails I've ever been on. Always hiking right on the edge of the mountain, the views were incredible. I'm now in villages that are solely accessible by foot or helicopter. And many porters and mules crossed out path again.

    Most beautiful moment of the day: I made jokes with three extremely shy Nepali kids and ended up sharing my breakfast with them, opening up and laughing together :)

    Here's a 360° view of a tea house kitchen where we shared lunch with a local family unfortunately they moved so you can't really see them but you get a sense for the inside of the local houses
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  • Day134

    Life on foot

    November 25, 2016 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    I'm quite fascinated by the life in these small mountain villages of Nepal. Life is simple, family oriented and happens mostly on foot. While most villages are somewhat accessible by jeeps, you do not see vehicles here, but plenty of mules, porters and people walking from one village to another. There are small shops in every other village, and items are mostly carried in by porters. There was a guy on this remote trail, carrying a satellite dish to bring home. The kid from yesterday, Solam, walks 1.5 hours to school every morning and then back home again in the afternoon!

    But before you get this romantic image of remote life in the mountains here - I'm sitting in a guest house, waiting for dinner and on a little TV they're watching an American women's wrestling show, followed by a Manchester United soccer game.

    PS: Picture 4 shows a boy we met who showed us these vines to swing from. We each took a turn :)
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  • Day8

    Ringmu to Jubhing

    April 18, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Elevation - 1680 m

    Today we walked 19 km and, no word of a lie, it was all steeply downhill and very rocky. Every step down was a precarious balancing act. Because we were decending, it was very warm and dusty and we all felt nasty and dirty when we arrived in Jubhing. This was the worst day for Jon because all the downhill was very hard on his knees. And to add insult to injury, he got a very bad case of chafing in his nether regions!!
    We were so very glad to finally make it to the tea house.

    We desperately needed a to clean up but there was no shower. They had a separate building for a toilet and shower which looked fairly new but they hadn't got the shower hooked up yet. We had to make do with buckets of cold water in a little shower room. It was actually quite refreshing and it felt wonderful to be clean.

    This tea house looked fairly new so we figured it had been rebuilt since the earthquake. We had actually planned to go a bit farther and sleep at a higher elevation but there was no way we could have walked anymore. Unfortunately, there were mosquitoes at this level and as we hadn't planned to stay this low, none of us had gotten malaria vaccinations.

    I felt as though I was developing a cold so, once again, I stumbled off to bed right after supper.
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  • Day9

    Jubhing to Paiya

    April 19, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Elevation - 2730 m

    Well we have discovered a new use for duct tape! Jon put some sterile gauze over the chafed area and then covered the whole thing with duct tape. It hurt like the dickens when he took it off, and he is now sporting a bikini wax, but the area is healing up nicely.

    Today we walked 16 km but it was a mixture of up and down. The scenery is absolutely amazing and, of course, pictures don't do it justice.

    We have been running into more and more donkey and cow/yak trains. Cow/yaks are a cross between a cow and a yak. Their horns are different than a yak and their hair is shorter. These animals are harnessed up with wooden devices that sit on their backs over a pad. The gear is then tied to these wooden things. The donkey trains are rigged up in the same way but are quite sad. We saw a few animals with terrible sores and the men driving these trains threw rocks at the animals to get them going. The cow/yak trains were much more civilized and we speculated that because the yak trains are much shorter, they are probably family owned. The donkey trains can be quite long and are probably driven by hired help who don't really care much about the animals.

    It started to cloud over as the day wore on and made for a nice walking temperature. Just minutes after we reached the tea house a crazy hail storm hit. We figured the blessing we got from the Buddhist monks had saved us from being out on the trail when it hit! The noise was deafening on the roof of the tea house.

    After the storm, we had bucket baths with lovely hot water that was already heated in the kitchen. The rooms were like little cabins and the dining room was lovely and warm with a little woodstove in the middle.
    And surprisingly, this family even had a fridge sitting in the corner of the dining room. Someone would have had to carry that fridge over the rough terrain we had just traversed to get it there!
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  • Day6

    Wild Ride!!

    April 16, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    It was a crazy, bumpy ride through the mountains to the Phaplu airport. You ascend from Katmandu but then you never really go back down.

    To land you go through a pass so close to the mountains that you feel like the wings will touch the trees. The plane then banks to the right and basically drops quickly down onto a runway. The runway ends at the edge of a cliff so there is no room for error here.

    It was a bumpy, windy ride but it only lasted about 20 minutes.
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  • Day9

    27 Avril : Bupsa to Chourikharka

    April 27, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Nous partons à 8h15. Nous montons pendant 1h30 560m de dénivelé.
    Sur le chemin nous sommes à l'arrêt pendant 30 minutes. Le sentier n'est pas bien large, nous devons laisser passer les processions d'ânes sous peine de finir dans le fond. C'est donc à 10h30 que nous arrivons en haut de la vallée.

    Nous marchons pendant 1h10 à travers la vallée pour rejoindre le côté opposé. Cette partie est globalement plate avec des parties montantes et descendantes.
    Les paysages sont plus jolis que la veille, nous avons une belle vue sur toute la vallée même si nous marchons encore pas mal dans les crottes d'âne.

    Nous mangeons au village de Puya, devinez quoi, du dhal bat.
    Après cela nous descendons pendant 2h plus ou moins progressivement sur 6km, 600m de dénivelé. Mon genou gauche me pince un peu malgré la genouillère et le baume du tigre. Heureusement la descente se termine et nous commençons la remontée pour 400m.

    Au final nous aurons marcher 16km et 6h30.

    Nous arrivons à 18h au lodge à Chourikarka bien fatigués. La journée a été longue. Heureusement le lodge est propre et neuf. Les lits sont confortables et les plats délicieux. Nous prenons un thé au citron pour nous réchauffer en arrivant. Le ciel se dégage de temps en temps entre deux averses et orages. Il laisse apparaître de beaux sommets enneigés à travers la fenêtre du salon du lodge.

    Après quelques étirements nous passons à table vers 19h30 : frites en apéro pour tout le monde et soupe de nouille aux œufs et légumes pour moi. Ça réchauffe bien. Aurélie mange un riz frit et Hugo un dhal bat.
    Nous nous couvrons vers 21h, demain c'est reparti pour la même.
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  • Day8

    26 avril : Trek J3 Nunthala à Bupsa

    April 26, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Petit déjeuner à 7h comme d'hab. Aurélie retente le champah porridge avec des pommes dedans, il est meilleur que le premier que nous avons goûté. Quant à moi je mange du lait avec du muesli, pas mauvais du tout.

    Nous décollons vers 8h15 et c'est reparti pour un peu plus d'une heure de descente. Le sentier rocailleux n'est pas très agréable.

    Une procession d'ânes porteurs ne veut pas avancer et nous bloque un peu le chemin au début. Rapidement ils nous distancent. Nous passerons quand même la journée, comme le petit poucet, à suivre les crottes qu'ils sèment tout le long du chemin. Niveau olfactif nous sommes gâtés.

    Une fois en bas de la vallée au niveau de la rivière nous ne ferons que remonter pendant 900 mètres. Le temps est brumeux, nous n'avons donc pas de vue et le sentier en lui même n'est pas très beau, tapissé de crottes d'ânes. Nous faisons la pause repas à Kharikola, après être montés pendant un peu moins de 2h.

    Nous mangeons le traditionnel dhal bat à midi (400 roupies). Il nous reste 300m de dénivelé à faire et 4km. La pluie se met à tomber juste au moment de notre départ et cessera au bout de 30 minutes, juste histoire de nous mouiller.

    Nous arrivons à Bupsa avant 16h après un peu moins d'1h30 de montée. La douche froide est à 100 roupies et la douche chaude à 200, le choix est vite fait.

    Pour tuer le temps jusqu'à dîner de 18h30 nous jouons aux cartes, un jeu nepalais appelé col break, ressemblant à la belote. Une nepalaise, dentiste, qui accompagne 2 américains se joint à nous pour jouer. Nous passons un agréable moment tous ensemble.

    Ce soir nous mangeons des pommes de terre sautées et des nouilles sautées. Un régal, j'avais faim, le dhal bat est parfois ragoûlant le midi. Hugo s'offre même une bière à 500 roupies que nous partageons, il paraît que c'est bon pour les courbatures.

    Aussi, nous avons les jambes lourdes. Aurélie et moi nous badigeonnons de salonpas et voltarene sur les genoux. Hugo se shoot à l'aspirine.
    Nous avons fait au final quasiment 1000m de dénivelé positif et 600m de dénivelé négatif, Aurélie et moi avons mis nos genouillères et moi mes chevilleres en plus.

    Il est 20h12, un peu de lecture, la prière et au dodo.
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