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  • Day47

    Annapurna Circuit - Deel 2

    November 5, 2016 in Nepal

    4 november was de dag van de waarheid: om 4u opstaan om meer dan 1000m te stijgen naar de Thorung La Pass (5416m). De ontlading was groot: ons doel bereikt zonder hoogteziek te worden! Helaas moesten we ook nog een dikke 1600m dalen, niet zo prettig voor onze knietjes.

    Onze trekking zit er ondertussen op. Samengevat: veel ups & downs (letterlijk & figuurlijk, Laura had het met haar topconditie soms wel zwaar), enge loopbruggen over wilde rivieren, toffe & interessante mensen, dhal bhat, gezellige dorpjes en prachtige natuur!Read more

  • Day16

    Hoch Hinaus ins Kalte

    October 29, 2015 in Nepal

    Heute stand die Königsdiszipline an, die Überquerung des höchsten Passes der Welt. Angefangen hat alles mit alten Erinnerungen an den Bund. Um 3:30 Uhr klopfte es an die Tür und es wurde geschriehen ... "Aufstehen, Frühstück und dann geht's los."
    Naja, da haben wir das eben so gemacht. Zu aller Freude, hat es die ganze Nacht durchgeschneit. So lagen ca. 20cm Neuschnee. Dunkelheit und man sieht den Weg durch den Schnee nicht ... optimale Bedingungen würde ich sagen.
    Aber am Ende standen wir nach einem harten Kampf trotzdem auf 5416m und danach ging es gleich wieder recht rutschig runter auf 3500m.
    Aber es war ein geiles Gefühl!!!
    Read more

  • Day24

    Day 5 Jomsom to Kagbeni

    June 12 in Nepal

    Today we left for a morning of trekking leaving Jomsom towards Kagbeni. Passing amazing arid surrounding with lots of stones and rocks (macapaca would be in heaven) and the occasional lush green apple orchard and always surrounded by beautiful mountains. We crossed small parts of the river bed, climbed and descended different paths and saw horses and donkeys. It was nice to arrive in Kagbeni, an amazing old Tibetan town.Read more

  • Day26

    We decided to take a rest day at Jharkot, because we loved this old village, but also because it would allow us to go to Muktinath, a famous Hindus pillgrams site, but also a place at 3760m above sea level and surrounded by amazing peaks. From Jharkot, Muktinath is about 30-45min walk, but pretty steep uphill (as you climb 250m in altitude) for us it's about twice that time. Lila did a pretty amazing job walking most of it (possibly motivated by the lolly reward at the end...ahhh no... we have been turned to lolly bribery!). Lila enjoyed ringing the many bells on the way and Jean had a little dip in the freezing cold holy water at the temple at the top. There is a huge black Buddha, and other small side shrines and temples which make this a pretty special experience. After a meltdown from Lila (we're unsure if it was her hangry or altitude sickness) we walked down whilst soaking in the magical mountains surrounding us and then had what I think was my best meal in Nepal so far, home cooking from our guesthouse.Read more

  • Day24

    Day 5 Kagbeni

    June 12 in Nepal

    After finding a nice place to stay and a shower and rest, we headed out to explore the old town of Kagbeni. There is an old Tibetan monestary and a very old part of town with amazing old stone walls, old wooden doors and people with amazing character in their faces just about town. We had a nice tea at a cute old tea shop, watched people coming home in the afternoon after working the wheat fields and saw a herd of long haired mountain goats pass us in the street.Read more

  • Day25

    Day 6 Kagbeni to Jharkot

    June 13 in Nepal

    We left Kagbeni this morning after a yummy Tsampa porridge breakfast and followed the river upstream. We were about to head back to the road when we came across a family herding mountain goats who showed us part of the way, we saw one of their tiny day of goats and the had to climb up from the river to the road side. We were met with newly tarred road, which was odd but made for easier walking. The view was nothing short of spectacular, with huge mountain peaks all around. The road is tarred as the are a huge number of jeeps heading up to Muktinath, a holy pillgramage site for Hindus. So much of their tourism over the past 10 years has moved from trekking to Nepalese and Indian pillgrams. Lila managed to do some walking to a nice view point and we were lucky to catch a lift on the back of a tractor and then walked to what we thought was our next destination, however was the village before. We decided to rest here for the night and rethought whether we would aim for Muktinath, as this was quite an amazing old village.Read more

  • Day14

    Thorong La Pass

    October 9, 2017 in Nepal

    5416m... at a first glance maybe not that high if you think of all the people that manage to climb mountains like Everest or Lothse. Still 3000m higher..
    BUT.. for a normal human being, without practise for high altitude nor perfectly equipped, it is a big challenge.
    Over the last couple days we felt perfectly acclimitazed for the high altitude and were also ready to start the ascent from thorum pedi (4500m) at 4.30am. I never expected that a full moon could lighten up a path in the mountains so well that wearing head lights was almost useless! Wonderful😊 And if I would have wished a condition for our ascent it would have been like that what we had: almost no wind, no clouds, almost full moon in front, sunrise in the back und no sign of altitude sickness.. Better than I could dream of! Because of those incredible moments during the ascent and of reaching the final peak, the nasty descent to muktinath over 4 hours (to 3900m) was pretty easy to forget😄 As a little reward we enjoyed a little beer (nepalese volume: 650ml - small people but big bottles of beer😋) in muktinath and we did not think of the "dangerous" and bumpy long ride to tatopani on the next day.Read more

  • Day146

    Marpha - Annapurna Day 11 (End)

    October 30, 2015 in Nepal

    (2670m / 36 km travelled) Today was not without its challenges, despite it being the first full day after the high mountain pass. We started in Muktinath and made our way through several mountain-side villages, their stupas and gompas standing proudly on their high points. As we continued onward we went through an arid expanse of desert, shielded from regular precipitation by the Annapurna range. Eventually we arrived in Jomson and pushed through the Chairro, where we found no homestays and then backtracked to Marpha for the evening. The family who took us in had two of the most exuberant children that we had met so far on the trail. A simple "Namaste Babu!" from us prompted hours of energy from them.Read more

  • Day145

    Muktinath - Annapurna Day 10 (End)

    October 29, 2015 in Nepal

    (3800m / 22 km travelled) After descending from 5416m to 3800m and battling the snow all the way down, I settled in a lodge in Muktinath, which can be more aptly described as a growing mountain town than as a traditional village. There was even free Wi-Fi for me to sync these footprints. But free WiFi at a Yak farming town in the middle of the Himalayas, even where finding bread was a challenge...? The world is a peculiar place. After conquering the pass earlier this morning, the shower and warmth were a much more welcome commodity than that interweb stuff all the kids are raving about. Tonight I will decide where to venture tomorrow.Read more

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