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  • Day229

    Ice Lake

    April 15 in Nepal

    Acclimatization is a terrible word but plays an important role if you want to go up as high as we wanted to. So we decided to climb up about 1200m to the Ice Lake which is at 4700m, stay there for a bit and climb back down.

    As we climbed up we could feel how the air became thinner and thinner, headache started, so we went slower and slower, like in slow-motion, but we made it to the lake! We had never been that high before and the scenery up there was just amazing. Climbing back down along the steep slopes wasn’t that much fun then.. but the views were worthwhile :)Read more

  • Day235

    Thorong La

    April 21 in Nepal

    A couple of days of more ‘up and down and up and down’ took us to the Thorong High Camp at about 4900m. Although we arrived there quite early in the morning we decided to not continue to the pass and down on the other side, other than all our fellow trekkers - we were just too exhausted. So for the moment we were the only ones at the camp. But this should change throughout the day and people ended up sleeping on the ground in the packed dining room.

    We started to feel more and more sick because of the altitude. At least when the snowfall started in the afternoon we regretted our decision to stay. But the atmosphere in the camp was so mystic, everyone was so excited about the next day (can we go or do we have to stay?), almost everyone had to fight one’s symptoms of altitude sickness and it felt like being part of a large trekkers community with so many familiar faces and so many stories to tell. And many people in a packed room cause some welcome heat as well :)

    Our decision turned out to be a good one: The next morning was beautiful with a clear sky, a shining sun and fresh snow enchanting the landscape.

    The ascent to the pass was incredibly demanding then, both physically and mentally. It went about our iron will, our concentration and focus on the path, our mutual motivations, our sucking for oxygen, going step by step, no more talking, slowly, slowly, slowly, further and further, higher and higher, pushing our limits. From time to time, dazed trekkers sitting on a horse were passing by.

    These 4 hours were probably the most intense of our lives, we had never breathed so thin air and we made it to the Thorong La on our own, followed by tears of joy and goose bumps. 5416m and it’s such an incredible feeling to be up there but so worth it!
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  • Day15

    Thorung La High Camp

    October 28, 2015 in Nepal

    Die letzten beiden Tage haben wir uns auf den Weg zu unser vorerst schwierigsten Mission gemacht, die Überquerung des höchsten Passes der Welt. Heute sind wir auf dem High Camp auf 4860m angekommen. Hier ist es sau kalt und Nachmittag hat es auch noch angefangen zu schneien. Deswegen haben wir nach unserer Ankunft und dem Mittagessen uns in unsere Schlafsäcke vergrochen und ein warmen Tee angesetzt. Morgen geht es dann in aller früh um 4:00 Uhr los über den Pass.Read more

  • Day31

    Trek to Thorung high camp (107.5km)

    August 20, 2017 in Nepal

    Today was a short but steep walk to the high camp. We are now at 4850m above sea level, our last night before we cross the high pass.

    No eagles today but I did see some signs that the Yeti roams these areas. Perhaps we will catch sight of it tomorrow.

  • Day11

    Tilicho Lake

    October 6, 2017 in Nepal

    After a really tough walk from Upper Pisang to Manang (feeling like crossing Sahara) we spend one additional day for acclimitazing in Manang (3500m) to be ready to ascend further to Tilicho Lake (4900m). On our way to the lake we made a stop in between in Kursung (4000m). At that time we realized and our guide himself was really suprised that many locals were trekking to Tilicho Lake as well. And the reason for this invasion was that they pilgrimming to the lake because a famous nepalesian movie was partly shooted around the lake recently. You cant believe your eyes how badly equipped and prepared those people were. Many of them maybe tried to ascend a mountain for the first time in their life! We tried as good as possible not to be disturbed by that mass of people and continued our way along a narrow but beautiful path (feeling like trekking to Mordor 😄) towards Tilicho Base Camp. There we were really lucky to get a free room. After having little lunch we started the final passage to Tilicho lake. It was a tough ascent, definitely feeling the thin air. But with every additional meter the lungs and the legs were not burning anymore. And in the end we got the reward! An outstanding scenery with the blue painted lake surrounded by the snow covered mountains! Amazing😍 If I would call something like a magic or special moment then it must be this!Read more

  • Day21

    Thorong La Pass (5416m)

    November 9, 2016 in Nepal

    Great day, started at 3am! -2 so not as cold as expected and great stars. 1000m ascent and 1700m decent today to get up and over the pass. A couple of tea houses offered a welcome hot lemon and rest from the cold. Brilliant day walking, even more amazing mountain views and both felt well in the high altitude. Walked from Thorong Pedi (4450m) to Muktinath, where Vishnu was born (3700m)Read more

  • Day143

    Yak Kharka - Annapurna Day 8 (End)

    October 27, 2015 in Nepal

    (4000m) 37 km travelled. Today we ascended to Tilicho Tal at 4990m then descended past base camp to Yak Kharka at 4080m. The major change in altitude and ground covered did not go unnoticed; a nosebleed and extremely sore calves accompanied the final few hours of the nine spent hiking. On the way from Tilicho Tal Base Camp to Yak Kharka we stopped through the abandoned village of Old Khansar (pictured below). It served as a welcome break from by far our most strenuous day yet.Read more

  • Day144

    Thorong La Base Camp - Day 9 (End)

    October 28, 2015 in Nepal

    4900m. 12 km travelled. Because both the lower and upper base camps for Thorung La Pass (5400m) were less than a half day's walk from Yak Kharka, we afforded ourselves the luxury of sleeping in. We arrived at Thorung Phedi, the lower base camp, at 11:30 and, after a brief stop off, decided to continue the 400 meters upward to the high base camp to give ourselves a leg-up tomorrow morning. Thorung La is the world's highest mountain pass, so a full night's rest and a hearty dinner will be tonight's first priorities. Unfortunately, sleeping in well-below freezing temperatures at nearly 5000 meters altitude may not cooperate with those plans.

    The base camp mess hall was already cold, but then the snowstorm rolled in. Tomorrow's 500+ meter climb in the snow will be delightful, I'm sure...
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