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  • Day7

    Day 7: Enkhuizen - Road Trip

    June 11, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Today we did a massive road trip starting in Enkhuizen in the north to Neeltje Jans in the south (with a few places in between) covering a distance of over 500 kilometres.

    Our first stop was near Schiphol Airport to charge the car up. This was a short 20 minute stop but we had time to relax in the sun and enjoy a stropwafel. We then headed to Den Haag, the political capital of the Netherlands where the government sits, there are also several international courts there as well.

    After parking the car we wandered through the Parliament House courtyard which is quite impressive and made our way to the Mauritshuis. The Mauritshuis is officially known as the Royal Picture Gallery. It has a collection of almost 800 paintings dating from around 1400 to 1800. The majority however are Dutch works dating from the 17th century, this was the Dutch golden age and boasted famous painters such as Rembrandt, Jan Steen and Vermeer. We were amazed at some of the paintings and really enjoyed this museum. The painting I most enjoyed was 'Apelles painting Campaspe' by Willem van Haecht, the detail in this painting is amazing. We also saw Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', this is a very famous painting but it didn't do much for me. I guess it's a bit like the Mona Lisa which I also thought was unimpressive when I saw it as well. They are both very famous paintings and obviously mean a lot to people who know much more about art and painting than I do so I will defer to their expertise and be happy to have seen such famous art works even if I don't really understand their significance.

    We enjoyed lunch in the town square opposite the Mauritshuis and then wandered a bit more around the town finishing up at the Noordeinde Palace which is one of three official palaces of the Dutch royal family. This was another impressive building. When we walked around town Maikel pointed out the Dutch coat of arms located above several shops around Den Haag, this means those shops supply goods and services to the king. Something to be very proud of I'm sure for these shop owners.

    We then drove to Deltapark Neeltje Jans which is located at the foot of the largest storm surge barrier in the world and tells the story of the construction of this amazing piece of engineering. The Delta Works were built to keep everyone safe and to prevent a recurrence of the 1953 flood disaster which resulted in 200,000 hectares of land being flooded and the death of 1835 people and the evacuation of 72,000 people.

    We saw a film as well as wandered onto the storm surge barrier itself to gain an insight into the construction methods and investigations that went into this major project that by the time it was completed in 1986 cost around €2.5 billion. One of the fascinating aspects of the Netherlands is its management of water through the reclamation of land from the sea. The first dikes were built in the 11th century and the techniques and extent of dike building continued throughout the following centuries culminating in an extensive and complex system of water control and management. The most elaborate project being the storm surge barriers. Without this water management and the system of sea and river dikes around 65% of the Netherlands would be under water. It's an amazing feat by this country and the worrying thing for the future will be the potential effects of sea level rise due to climate change not to mention the fact the land is actually falling at a rate of 1.5 centimetres each century due to tectonic movements. Im sure the Dutch will come up with an ingenious solution to this issue just as they have for almost a thousand years already.

    It was starting to get late in the afternoon when we left Neeltje Jan's and we needed to charge the car up to get home problem was there isn't many charging points in the south of the Netherlands. But Maikel had planned it to the centimetre as we got to the closest charging point with no kilometres left in the battery. We cut it very close indeed but thankfully the car was able to be charged up and we were able to continue our epic road trip.

    A few of the things that really stood out for me during the road trip was firstly the number of wind towers, they are all across the countryside as well as in cities and towns. They are everywhere. I loved them, Maikel not so much, but we did agree on the need for more solar energy and better technologies for battery storage. We also chatted about the electric car technology and the fact many car manufacturers in Europe are already making electric cars or planning to do so. You can only envisage the technology for these cars getting better very quickly.

    Another thing I noticed across the Netherlands was you get to see every shade of green, everything is green, this is a nice change to the Australian landscape. I must also mention how great the road and highway network is and the fact on many roads the speed limit is 130km/h (however many cars appeared to be going in excess of 150/160km/h). I have been advocating for higher speed limits in Australia for ages (especially since our nanny state seems to be slowly pulling back speed limits across the country) and you can see in the Netherlands that it certainly can occur and is safe, if the Dutch can drive at 130 on roads much busier than some of our country roads then surely we can too. Anyway, I will get off that soap box for now.

    The day was certainly a long one and finished with a late tea at Purmerend before getting home to Enkhuizen. Another great day in the Netherlands thanks to our excellent tour guides Rosemarie and Maikel.

    Tot Ziens.
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  • Day5

    Day 5: Amsterdam to Enkhuizen

    June 9, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Today started quite slowly partly due to the persistent rain outside but also as we decided to take advantage of the 11am check out and have a slow morning getting ready to head off on the next leg of our journey which is in Enkhuizen.

    Thankfully the rain stopped about 5 minutes before we had to walk to the train station and then it stopped in Enkhuizen just before we arrived, our timing was impeccable. Rose & Maikel were waiting for us and it was great to see them again, they have made us feel so welcome in their home. We also met their new cat, Pucky, who we have made friends with immediately. Rose made us some lunch and then we headed off for a drive to Hoorn. Hoorn is not far from Enkhuizen and also the town where my Opa is from.

    Before I get into our activities in Hoorn I must mention Maikel's new car. It's an electric car and it sounds like the Netherlands is advancing quite quickly with regard to setting up parks where these cars can be charged up. He gets about 150 miles from a full power up so this is fine for driving around the Netherlands however we would need to power up the car during a drive just between Loxton and Adelaide. The car is really comfortable and has a fair bit of grunt but I'm not sure how I would go driving on the right hand side of the road. I have often wondered why it is that English countries such as Australia drive on the left and the rest of the world on the right. I would have thought the Romans when they were building roads all over Europe and England would have dictated what side of the road everyone should travel on. I will look into this quirk of history later, but anyway I digress.

    We walked around Hoorn taking in this beautiful city, its harbour and the Hoofdtoren (a 16th century tower) and made our way to the Roode Steen (the main city square) where we visited the Westfries Museum. This museum tells the story of Hoorn during the 17th century, at the beginning of the 17th century Hoorn was one of the most important cities in Holland and became wealthy because of trading with almost every country in the world. Hoorn was one of 6 Bases for the Dutch East India Company. I have also learnt that after Amsterdam and Haarlem, Hoorn is the third monument city of North Holland, so we have now visited all three this trip.

    After our visit to the museum we had a drink at the bar across the square. I should mention that the weather cleared up this afternoon so we were able to enjoy some sunshine while sitting at the bar as well. After a bit more walking around, including seeing the shop Rosemarie works in we headed back to Enkhuizen, taking the tourist route as we drove along a dyke seeing some wind surfing along the way. We also visited the supermarket in Enkhuizen, I love visiting supermarkets around the world and looking at the differences of what is on the shelves.

    Rose cooked us a delicious dinner of sauerkraut, sausage and a bake she does with sweet potato, mince, bacon and cheese. After tea we walked around to Riets and Jan (Rosemarie's parents house) where we shared a strawberry cheesecake. It was great seeing Reits and Jan again and we are going back there for tea tomorrow night, apparently for kroketten, can't wait.

    Anyway, it's time to head to bed, it's 11pm and the sun has only just set. We have a bit of a tour planned tomorrow and then we head into the city of Enkhuizen to enjoy a jazz festival that is on this weekend. I'm really looking forward to that.

    Tot Ziens.
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  • Day8

    Day 8: Enkhuizen - trip to Apenheul

    June 12, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Today was our day to enjoy the surprise that Rosemarie and Maikel had planned for us. Our surprise was a trip to Apenheul Primate Park in Apeldoorn which is about 70 kilometres to the south east of Enkhuizen. Apenheul is a zoo that specialises in apes and monkeys and was the first zoo in the world where monkeys could walk (or swing) freely in the forest and between visitors. There are more than 30 different primates including the bonobo, orangutan and gorillas.

    Amy and I love watching primates, especially gorillas and we had talked about how we wanted to go to Apenheul when Maikel and Rosemarie had visited us in Loxton and it was very thoughtful of them to remember this and organise today, it was a great surprise, although Amy did have her suspicions this may have been the surprise awaiting us, but we very much appreciated today and loved our time at Apenheul. The highlight was seeing the gorillas, I loved watching them. This is the second time I've seen gorillas close up, we saw gorillas at Artis Zoo in 2014 as well and both times it's been the highlight of the day.

    We had a great time at Apenheul and many thanks to Rosemarie and Maikel for taking us there, we really enjoyed it.

    The drive to Apenheul was very different to yesterday, the countryside this time was forest for much of the trip as we drove through the Leuvenumse Bos a national forest. It was very beautiful. We also saw Maikel's workplace in Lelystad, he has about a 25 minute drive across the dike between Enkhuizen and Lelystad each day.

    In the afternoon Amy and I enjoyed a walk around Enkhuizen heading up to the Main Street to do some shopping as well as visit a few of our favourite places such as the Drommedaris, Davidstraat where Dad was born as well as Tante Marie's old home. I could never get sick of walking around this beautiful town, not only do I love the scenery and amenity it is also a great feeling being in a town and walking the same streets that Oma and Opa and the previous generations of our Dutch family lived in, and still live in. It's hard to describe the feeling I get but I know it's good for the soul.

    Rosemarie prepared another delicious meal for us tonight, she and Maikel have been spoiling us and their hospitality is second to none. Our meal was topped off with olliebollen for dessert, this was a little naughty given we are supposed to eat them at New Years, but I guess being together with such great family and friends from opposite sides of the world is a celebration worthy of these tasty morsels. I couldn't resist sending a photo of them to Dad just to stir him up as I know how much he would have enjoyed eating them too.

    So that was our day, another enjoyable one. The next leg of our holiday is fast approaching (only 2 more sleeps) which we are looking forward to but at the same time I don't want my time here in Enkhuizen to end.

    It's time to call it a night.

    Tot Ziens.
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  • Day4

    Tag 4: Enkhuizen

    May 15, 2013 in the Netherlands

    An Tag 4 ging es dann auch schon weiter nach Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen ist eine Stadt und liegt ebenfalls an der westlichen Seite des Ijsselmeers. In Enkhuizen sind wir in das Zuiderzeemuseum (Binnen- und Buitenmuseum). Das kann man mit einem Bauernhofmueseum hier in Deutschland vergleichen. An diesem Tag hatten wir sogar gutes Wetter und konnten auf dem Schiff bleiben und die Sonne genießen. Die anderen Tage war es leider windiger und veregneter aber gestört hat das auf dem Schiff nicht.Read more

  • Day1


    May 27, 2005 in the Netherlands

    Jahrgangsfahrt nach Holland: Zuerst 5 Tage Segeln auf dem Ijsselmeer und dann noch ein Wochenende in Amsterdam:
    Busfahrt mit der Klasse nach Enkhuizen, dem Startpunkt der Segeltour. Dort das Schiff geentert un die erste Einweisung von der Crew bekommen.

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