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  • Day144


    May 31 in the Netherlands

    Arrived on a foggy morning ,still able to see the very tidy fields and farms at the end of the runway ,love the “order” that is Holland .Not long to taxi in to our Hotel, Bilderberg Garden, chosen to be in a lovely part of the city, leafy and near to huge Parks and gardens, Museums and very residential, everything is here and its not teaming with many..The Hotel, well not quite what the pictures portrayed, but spacious, with all we need ,quite a wait for our room as they were fully booked last night, its small ,just 3 floors. Wilted badly by room time, but rallied and sorted lots. Later walked on a warm ,sunny day to Vondel Park ,through the neighbourhoods of little cafes, shops, and bridges with flowers in pots ,across the water ways, and MANY bicycles ,the cycle lanes run adjacent to the roads ,beside the footpaths ,and the cyclists are at speed, strong, healthy people are the Dutch, bikes of every shape and creed with various attachments, most are very ordinary, no gears ,or fancy big tyres here ,this is tradition..some have large, varnished, attached ,small coffin like boxes for the children ,often more than one…its dangerous ,they go so fast and come from all angles, one has to be very alert.!
    The Park is huge and we covered a small corner with a tranquil lake , birds, geese with families, and many doggies ,space to run with ears flying…Beautiful trees, so green and lush in the spring, surrounded by very old beautiful, brick mansions, so we detoured back into the neighbourhood of these huge homes, with the high hooks to lift to upper floors, built from the 1600’s til the 1800’s and more, the gardens are so pretty just now, and its unique and lovely… They have tried to restore bees to the city, as they decline in the world, spray not happening ,wild flowers planted and things left a little unattended looking ,now the flowers are past,but now there are 61 different species of the bees, doing very well ,it has worked so well..
    We had organic juices and healthy veggies chips and things ,as we strolled along…Much more to enjoy tomorrow, and weary we are now…
    How exciting to have a link to Junes new BLOG, exciting for me to be a follower on their journey..

    Thursday..Dinner last evening outdoors in a nice setting ,accompanied by a CAT ,a resident of the area, he comes in for attention, a Black and White number, rather lean, and so friendly…but woke from his rest on a nice chair, at the smell of a tray of Prochetta ..delivered to the next table, and…hopped up for a sample…the guests just smiled and assisted him down, regulars I think…! We had a burger configuration with Truffle mayonnaise ,and asparagus ,delectable crunchy potatoes…beautiful. Our Hotel small that it is has a famous restaurant, with a Michelin Star chef ,Stefan van Sprang…we will try that at some stage…Later we thought a quick walk around the block , which of course resulted in much more it’s so ,so pretty, you just want to go on.. and a warm evening brought out lots of cyclists …large park like green spaces ,all down the centre of the roads ,with statues of various kinds ,everyone out at the Cafes, StreetSide… found a small supermarket for water and strawberries… so almost dark when we came back..! Much sleep needed and so we had many hours…!
    This morning, breakfast here ,with different and nice things like a soft yoghurt like “ fruit cheese”, boiled eggs as in all Dutch Breakfasts, beautiful brown bread, cold meats ,cheese and much more and then the usual breakfast things we have..
    Off on a mission for a Bank, humm, Bank said a resident shopkeeper, no Banks are a thing of the past around here.. internet is the way, so a tiny money machine, in a little leafy square, sticky and ants about, gave us what we wanted from our Travel Card…it all worked like magic…always in another language is interesting…! Then rain began, so we came back for umbrellas our destination The Museum Square, we walked for a distance everything interesting and different ,Café at the Opera House for re positioning, Sam is learning mode on the Maps on Phone, phew they have been a challenge for the older user..but the Children on reception have advice…!! The Museums are many and amazing, long cues and some only available on line, so we saw Van Gough, with a changing video, from the outside and some I rather liked..then Banksie has a little one which is special, I rather liked his statues and things..
    Over a large expanse the Rijksmuseum ,huge and amazing , one of the most outstanding , we were able to walk under that, into the narrow back streets of Old Amsterdam…most I loved the gardens, around Rijks , not huge but maze like in parts, some huge trees, reflection pond, and beautiful Busts in the Hornbeam hedges, a fountain that people stood in, the centre of whilst it displayed…All food for the soul and much of it…Thunder clouds gathering , so we came back a different way ,just followed our instincts…quicker and better than Google maps, though we had a quick check at one stage…..3 Hours solid walking ,and we do like Amsterdam..
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  • Day146


    June 2 in the Netherlands

    Yesterday ended well, as we went “out” for our tea ,to our little shops and square close by ,discovered the best Deli, ever, with selections of simply everything you could imagine ,chose several salads, quiche, goats cheese and spinach and tomato, so creamy and tasty ,soft cheese and beautiful little biscuits and a berry fruit salad..The coleslaw like mix, had figs and apple, the green bean, celery and tomato, had tiny beans and chick peas ,onion and snowpeas.and there were more…,all so crisp and with different dressings ,some so creamy… The berry fruit salad had, Strawberries, Blackberries ,Grapes, Red currants ,Raspberries and Blueberries ,it looked and tasted divine… So we set up our table, bathmat for table cloth , and had a feast with spoons only, but you manage..! We have a nice Bay Window part, with two large comfy chairs in afternoon light ,the mornings in here are very dim, lighting not suited to the more senior eyes...!
    Very tired and needing to sleep far too early, so consequently we are up before 5am…never mind that will settle I was thinking we had done so well, sleeping well when required…
    Not the best idea, as awake before 4am…Off out this morning to Vodofone to rectify the phone problems ,done in an instant, but…even he wasn’t sure ,so now some stuff works anyway ,but I wont need it on board… Quite a hike which brought us many nice things to enjoy, and we walked for 3 hours ,right into the fringes of the inner city .What was good was a most wonderful Market ,went for many blocks ,all closed off specially. Fruits ad Veg ,fish, all things Dutch, like waffles, and then clothing , simply everything, all tidy and orderly as it would be in Holland. There were fabrics… of all kinds, and some quite amazing ones, lovely to think they still sew here. Lots of stunning furnishing fabrics, much to enjoy.
    As we explore we realise we are in a perfect spot here, not at all busy..
    Excellent meal last evening ,here at the Hotel..but it rained and became colder, so we didn’t go out for the evening walk. Prinsendam today, so exciting to be sailing away this evening, 1pm check in ,so plenty of time to get organised ,and check out by 12. The staff of this Hotel are simply the nicest of people.

    Dawn we hope you are not frozen, Middlemarch in the news ,and we saw this morning the Poolburn School pictures and read the article…Brrr ,but the Brass Monkey’s will be happy..or pretend to be.!
    I know notifications are not regular on Find Penguins, sorry but they only notify you once in 3 days, so as not to clutter your in-box…so when you go in you will find more than one post ,often. I so love that you are all there ,its like a warm gathering of friends and Family…Bye from Amsterdam, which we have loved .
    Saw a very thought provoking , sad ,but good movie, The Glass Castle, and there is a book by Jeannette Walls, which may be even better .It is based on her true story.
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  • Day143

    Hong Kong To Amsterdam

    May 30 in the Netherlands

    Hong Kong To Amsterdam

    Our last day in Hong Kong was so good ,we were out early, still very hot 30o, at 8am..but we walked in our neighbourhood ,amongst the many Families going to work and taking the children to day care and school, all in uniform ,and they are very cute of course.. Little cafes with things western and also local food ,a big circuit in the spotless surrounds ,the washing all out in various ingenious forms of securement.. high above. Back for breakfast ,coffee shop with harbour views, and later further afield for a glimpse of more local life, supermarket in depth, its such precision ,of beautiful display. Lunch in an area of so many different foods, lots of Japanese and Bakery items, quite amazed that in this bustling area, a Mother left her little boy, gathered from Day care with all his treasures ,pictures and books, to settle, just beside us, and went off into the supermarket ,for a reasonable time, came back with food and off again, not many countries that could happen ,these are gentle people ,quiet and disciplined ,walking everywhere we don’t ever feel unsafe ,never have..I know there is organised crime on a huge scale, but we still love Hong Kong, after 8 times..and still much to see, restricted this time with the glasses being made, and we journeyed off for them later in the day ,all perfect ,after a wait in a downtown mall ,so much to watch ,needing to be out of the intense heat…
    Dinner packed and transported collected exactly on time as always happens in Hong Kong…The Airport more vast than ever, and we walked what seemed miles, even a train this time ,and in the end seemed to be roughly where we have been before.??? A 777 300 this time very huge and maybe not packed, as usual ,it’s a long way, and was a bumpy ride ,but sleep possible I think for longer than it seemed..A full and active day helped there…
    Need to share the pictures so a smaller post...
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  • Day2

    Amsterdam (NL)

    July 9, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Arrived at Schipol airport, unboxed my bike, loaded my gear and pedaled the 15 km into the city. Very fortunate to be hosted by friends from South Africa in an apartment close to the city center.

    Amsterdam is considered the most bicycle friendly city of the world. Bicycles by far outnumber the cars in the city. No Peter Sagan wannabes in flashy lycra, with top of the range carbon bikes around here, and also no helmets.

    Got my cultural fix and visited the Rijksmuseum. One of the sixty museums in Amsterdam, and ended the day, at the other end of the spectrum, the Heineken Museum.
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  • Day2

    Town center

    May 3 in the Netherlands

    Filho, aqui todo mundo anda de bicicleta . A primeira foto é um estacionamento de bike aqui.
    Muita gente mora em “ house boats” essa segunda foto é de uma casa barco.
    Terceira foto é de um dos canais aqui . A cidade é cheia de Canais .
    The woman with me is my friend Sonce from Chicago .

  • Day1

    In love with you and Amsterdam

    August 18, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Es war unser erster gemeinsamer Ausflug und unser erster Halt war natürlich das Stadion in Amsterdam. In der Nähe gab es einen etwas anderen Burgerladen. Dann ging es endlich weiter mit dem Auto in richtung Amsterdam.

    It was our first trip and we went to Amsterdam. Our first stop was the stadion in Amsterdam. After that we rode to the city.

  • Day1

    Hѐ hѐ, het wordt wat.

    March 18 in the Netherlands

    Is eindelijk alles gerepareerd, gordijnen besteld, kijk ik vol trots rond in de badkamer en houdt 5 min later de douchedeur in mijn handen. Klein dingetje afgebroken, maar hij deed het toch niet meer. Grrrrr. Vanwege mijn nachtrust vrij snel een nieuwe besteld, en geen gehannes met repareren. Ik had nl ook een installatiemannetje nodig. Dat bleek trouwens een héél goed idee.
    Die gordijnen vind ik trouwens niet héél mooi, maar ze zijn lekker lichtdicht.

    En nu maar hopen dat er niet weer wat instort.
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  • Day3

    Day 3 - Around Amsterdam

    June 20, 2016 in the Netherlands

    Hi! Bogey here. Went back in time with Vincent Van Gogh today at the Van Gogh Museum. Vincent - is that you????

    Also pictured are some beautiful night shots of the city.

  • Day4


    December 30, 2015 in the Netherlands

    Vandaag hebben we een bezoek gebracht aan twee van Amsterdams bekendste musea. Eerst het Rijksmuseum met de Nachtwacht en Vermeers melkmeisje, en na een deugddoende wandeling door het Vondelpark het Stedelijk Museum met Mondriaan, Rietveld en Picasso. Vanavond nog langs de Indiër en morgen alweer huiswaarts!

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