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  • Day33


    August 19, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Looking around the city. Bikes everywhere. They rule the roads in the city. Went to have a look in the Red district. Very interesting but sad that this still exists. But we were still nosey and went to see the ladies in the windows. Smelt the air....full of dope. They have special coffee shops for smoking the stuff and eating special cookies. Gave this a miss.Read more

  • Day13

    Leaving Amsterdam and Rotterdam

    May 7, 2015 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    Despite high taxes and excessive government regulation, Amsterdam is a city that can barely function. Overpopulation and choking traffic are problems that the government has not been able to solve. We caught the bus at 5:30 pm in front of the NH Barbizon Hotel, a grandly beautiful modern interior in a historic building. We used their rest rooms before leaving to hit a traffic jam that delayed our return to Rotterdam about an hour. Hal and Sharon Miles happened to be in Horizon Court, so without even removing our jackets, we dined with them. I went back out on deck to grab a few shots of the sunset as we left Rotterdam.Read more

  • Day80


    June 22, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    We got woken up to the roaring building alarm telling everyone to evacuate the building.
    *grumble grumble*
    After the fire in London recently I was anxious to get out straight away but classic William DORDLED out of bed and into the toilet while the whole building is screaming NEE NOR NEE NOR.
    I stood by the door stuck between 2 impulses. One to run and one to wait for my idiot.
    Our room mates had long gone by now.
    He finally finished his 30 second wee and I went into the corridor which was packed.
    Story goes it was a false alarm but still, could not believe his lack of urgency. Especially after last week. I have no desire to die in a building fire.

    I snoozed for another 20 before starting to pack.
    I think I need a new toothbrush. My teeth still feel furry after brushing.
    Will has a very sad tummy :( has done for days. it's really awkward listening in to such private business but the toilet echoes 🤣
    We checked out with 3 keys - either our room mates left one of theres behind or my theory about be cleaner from last night is spot on.
    We went to central, Wills tummy needed food so we stopped in at the first thing we saw - Burger King because Will was getting pretty desperate for pain relief.
    He slowly nibbled on a cheese burger and I tried their big mac version, King Mac lol.
    Doesn't even come close.
    We then walked the terribly long 1.7km journey to our house boat.
    Ok so it's not that far but with my big bags, 100m is too far lol.
    We found the boat relatively easily.
    Our front door is so tiny!!! Because it leads to the bottom of the boat. Watching Will get in was quite funny.
    I went first, then the bags then him.
    It only came up to my hips so he had to practically fold in half hahah
    The inside is awesome though!!! Love it! We have aircon and a tv so we are set for our planned lazy day.👍🏼
    Nap time ✌🏼

    Woke up to the sound of rain 😍
    A massive storm soon came though. I loved it! I sat on a fluffy mat and looked out the little circle window. If Amsterdam floods the best place to be is on a boat 💪🏻
    It went for ages and the lightning from outside lit up our little space.
    So cozy :)

    In our welcome booklet thing it says there is a mini fridge and all drinks are free... we can't seem to find it though 🤔🤔

    We have no intentions of going out into the storm so we have decided to try using deliveroo.

    We have order pasta and pizza. I've put in the instructions to not enter the boat and I'll go upstairs when the app tells me they are on their way. 👍🏼
    We are watching the soccer at the moment.
    Cameroon Vs Australia. It took me a good solid 15 minutes to realize it wasn't in English.

    Our food was eh really hahah we are having such bad luck.
    At least it didn't break the bank.

    We went out to the supermarket. On the way I pet a cat 😍😍😍😍😍 beautiful baby rubbed up against my leg.
    I liked the walk to the supermarket. It was more suburban and you got to see where people who live in Amsterdam actually live.
    They have this big beautiful weed growing everywhere up their houses. It's actually quite a large flower.
    We bought bread and filling to make sandwiches to have for lunch tomorrow. We might go see some windmills. You shouldn't go to Holland and not see a windmill.

    Walked back. I've had a bowl of coco oops and we are watching the Telly.
    The room temperature is just right 👌🏻
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  • Day81


    June 23, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Thus far this has been a wasteful and yet wonderful day. It's 6pm and we haven't left the boat yet.

    Woke up around noon. Went to organised a bowl of cereal for some coco pops for us both but when I took the bowl off the rack it's unbalanced the cutlery which then fell off, slid down the curvature of the boat and I got stabbed in the foot. Lucky it was butter knife or it would have pierced me for sure. This version of events just hurt a lot!
    No cut so happy with that.
    The coco pops were so good. Didn't realize how much i like coco pops until be had then at the hostel in Bruges.
    I had a mid afternoon nap which took me all the way through until 5pm hahaha.
    I think Will was on his phone the whole time.
    Before my nap we tried to make sandwiches but the bread was some multigrain vegan free rubbish. Will finished his first sandwich but couldn't finish mine for me. He touched the meat and was horrified by its texture because it was raw. We had a heated discussion over how I had just poisoned him 😂😂😂😂 then I googled the name on the wrapper - it's meant to be raw- which was my assumption - and apparently it's traditionally ox meat. Not sure if our batch was though.
    The second sandwich was put in the bin.

    Now after my nap, I'm writing this while sitting on the deck of the boat waiting for our Indian deliveroo person.
    Yesterday just went so well we thought we would do it again.

    The Indian was good. We got some share deal which ended up working out well.
    I'm trying to organize Denmark and Norway it's so stressful because I'm waiting for people to reply. We have finalized meeting dates with both danish groups and Randi has offer accommodation in Norway woohoo!
    Julie is also trying to get us free ferry tickets to get from the top of Denmark to Norway but and while that is great I still don't yet know what ports I also need to get to and from.

    Found out Laura is in Amsterdam lol so we are going to meet her tomorrow before getting on the train.
    It's going to be a massive Ukutula reunion week lol.
    I feel like we haven't properly done Holland having not seen a windmill lol. Except the boring white ones we saw which we also have so it's not as exciting.
    On our final night we celebrated with a final joint hehe sorry mum.
    I don't want to pack. Our stuff is everywhere lol
    Should shower... won't have opportunity for 2 days but i really cbf right now lol
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  • Day1

    De Gouden Reael

    September 21, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Da es erstens regnete und zweitens Ron, der Vermieter auch noch nicht da war, kehrten wir ggü. unserer Unterkunft ins De Gouden Reael ein und genossen die ersten Heineken. Später stellte sich raus, dass Ron zwar direkt nebenan war, aber er wegen dem Regen auch nicht raus wollte. Egal, Bier war lecker.Read more

  • Day1


    September 21, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Als wieder trocken war, konnte uns Ron endlich abholen und uns die Unterkunft zeigen. Der ganze Steg scheint Ron und seiner Familie zu gehören. Sein Sohn wohnt neben an in einem deutlich größeren Hausboot und ein Bootsverleih gehört auch mit dazu. Die Butze selber ist ausreichend gross. Ein größeres und ein kleineres Doppelbett oben unterm Dach, eine Miniküchenzeile mit Wasserkocher, Kaffeemaschine, Toaster und zwei kleine Gasherdplatten, ein Duschklo (ja, all in one!!) und ein kleiner Wohnbereich unten. Kein Steigenberger aber für uns ausreichend.Read more

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