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  • Day73

    Zandvort Dune Ride From Hell

    July 18 in the Netherlands

    Nancy, Don, and I woke early and caught the 9:26 train to the seaside town of Zandvoort. We brought our bicycles along on the train with the intention of riding a 43km trail from Zandvoort to Den Haag or 'the Hague'. The trip started out well enough, though we were met with a pretty steady headwind the whole way. The trail wound through some beautiful coastal dunes, most of which are off limits and being restored to a healthy natural stasis.

    Along the way we rode through the small town of Noordwijk. As we rode we passed a car with Obama and Clinton bumper stickers so I stopped to take a photo. The owner happened to be standing next to the car having his photo taken by a professional photographer. He explained that he was running for reelection as a city counselor. Pretty cool. He also said that some 'bad person had put a Trump sticker on top of his Clinton sticker' which he found very upsetting. Got my vote!

    A bit further on we passed a campground filled with pretty nice little rigs. Later we stopped for a picnic lunch before completing the 2nd half of the ride.

    In den Haag we visited the ICC or International Criminal Court. We all passed through security before taking in the very informative Visitor's Center. I took a photo of the poster depicting the cell that may someday hold Henry Kissinger if there's any justice in this world. Of course the US would have to sign on to be a part of the ICC in the first place!

    Before catching the train back to Amsterdam we stopped for a beer in a nice parkside café and a burger at a place called Ich Bin Ein Hamburger. Great burger and great atmosphere, though a bit spendy.

    All for now. Tomorrow Don and I are off to Paris where we plan to take in the Orsay and eat good food. Don will catch a plane home and I'll Ouibus it back to Amsterdam the day after.

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  • Day107

    Augie's 22nd Birthday

    August 21 in the Netherlands

    Augie's 22nd Birthday. We rose a bit early and made our way to Café Winkle around the corner for appletart and cappuccinos. Nancy headed off for her last haircut at the local hairdresser while Augie set off to the hardware for a piece of coupling to fix the toilet flush mechanism.
    (Some birthday!)

    We then boarded the train for Haarlem to visit the Dolhuys Museum. The Dolhuys translates something close to 'crazy house'. It is in an old asylum and is set up to depict and challenge our present and historical assumptions of normalcy in society. Something mirroring my efforts in professional life. The exhibit was clearly done. The use of individual stories was powerful. It is worth a visit of one is seeking a bit of challenge in one's thinking in this regard. There is also an exhibition of Outsider Art in the building. The museum of Dr. Guislan in Gent was both more extensive and profound should one wish a more impacting challenge.
    A link to the museum site is here:
    A link to the my photos from the visit is here:
    A link to Guislan is here:
    (Some birthday!)

    We then boarded the train to Leiden; a pretty university city near the coast to the north of den Haag. Nancy remarked that the city has a pleasant feeling of civility and a history that she appreciates. The Pilgrims set out from this town to board the Mayflower and begin the British effort toward the eradication of the native people of the Americas. The Spanish effort had been underway for almost a century before this tardy undertaking.
    (Some birthday!)

    Leiden is also somewhat unique in this part of the Netherlands as it sports a hill. We took some nice photos at the top. Granted it was a human compiled effort to defend the city, but a hill nonetheless. Besides, what room do I have to complain about fortifications as we hail from a country whose national sport seems to be war.
    (Some birthday!)

    We found Leiden to be so pleasant that we decided to forgo our plans to head on to den Haag for burgers at Ich Bin Ein Burger and track down a birthday dinner locally. We looked on the internet (free wifi throughout the town btw) and found just the place. We even stopped by to make sure that they served something other than burgers. Unfortunately they didn't open for an hour or so and we set off to explore more of the city. We walked the canals for some time before looking down on an idyllic looking floating restaurant on the banks of the Rhine. There was our mistake. We checked and burgers were on the menu. We ordered and were presented with two hamburgers that Augie described as having come from 'a public school cafeteria kitchen'. Augie later shared his observation that idyllic tourist oriented places don't usually have very good food. I later observed that if someone puts a similar plate of food in front of me in the future, I'm just going to get up and leave.
    (Some birthday)

    Actually all (most of) of this grousing is just part of preparing ourselves for a return to the States. I keep having to remind myself that there are places in the States that are similarly civilized and have a degree of social fabric still intact. We actually had a very nice time and Augie had a really nice birthday. At least as nice as the one spent watching 12 Years a Slave and listening to his mom and grandmother engage in a long discussion about where to spread Granny's ashes.
    (Now that was really some birthday!)

    This was a birthday spent sharing time, laughter, and experiences while traveling together with people we love. This is what really made it some birthday!
    (see photos)

    Happy Birthday, Bub!
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  • Day4


    August 9 in the Netherlands

    Heute ist es ziemlich plötzlich 10 Grad kälter geworden und dicke Regenwolken verdecken den Himmel. Aber das ist nach den heißen Tagen eigentlich ganz angenehm. Lotta fühlt sich jedenfalls am Strand trotzdem sehr wohl. 🌧🏖 Den Nachmittag verbringen wir ganz gemütlich in der Ferienwohnung. 😊

  • Day5

    Die Windmühlen von Kinderdijk

    September 14 in the Netherlands

    Amsterdam haben wir am heutigen Morgen den Rücken gekehrt und uns auf gemacht in Richtung Küste. Erste Station heute die Windmühlen von Kinderdijk, Unesco Weltkulturerbe.
    Für Wohnmobilfahrer ist die Parksituation ein Graus.
    Der Ausblick auf die Mühlen über das Moor belohnt jedoch.

  • Day11

    Der letzte Urlaubstag

    August 16 in the Netherlands

    Unser letzter Urlaubstag in Holland neigt sich dem Ende zu. Aus einem geplanten Strandtag wurde aufgrund des Wetters ein gemütlicher Bummeltag mit Pfannkuchen essen und Kaffee in der Strandbar. Felix musste Karlotta etwas von seinem Apfelkuchen abgeben. 😅 Wir sind aber anschließend trotz des Wetters noch einmal zum Abschluss ins Wasser. 🌊 Die Wellen waren super. Karlotta hat es sich bei ihrem Opa in der Babytrage gemütlich gemacht. 😍Read more

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