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  • Day140


    January 22 in New Zealand

    Samen met onze nieuwe Antwerpse vrienden beklommen we Mount Alfred en zagen we 1 van de mooiste uitzichten ooit. De weg tussen Glenorchy en Queenstown was ook niet mis :). Queenstown zelf vonden we wat te toeristisch & dus we bleven er maar tot ons ijsje op was.

    Weetje: de serie Top of the Lake werd opgenomen in Glenorchy!

  • Day137


    August 17, 2017 in New Zealand

    We had a lazy morning before heading to a nearby pool for a shower. You could pay $4 for a shower or $6 to use the facilities so as it was raining we decided to pay the extra $2 and have a bit of a swim. We didn't quite make it to the lane swimming area though as we got distracted by the kids pool with rapids so we swam around there for a bit before jumping in the spa pool which was very nice!

    A couple of people we had bumped into mentioned that we should make the trip out to Glenorchy which is an hour outside Queenstown so we headed out there after our swim. It was a beautiful drive along the side of the lake and when we arrived we found a nice spot to pull up for lunch next to the lake. The weather was a bit pants so we didn't fancy going for a walk. Instead we popped into Mrs Woolly's General Store which is a treasure trove of all kinds of pointless nik naks that had absolutely no practical use but were very pretty! After a browse we headed back into Queenstown.

    We haven't stopped thinking about Fergburger and all the other flavours we could of had so we decided to be naughty and go back there for dinner. It is the only Fergburger in the world and we are leaving Queenstown tomorrow so it would be rude not to. This time I opted for the Bombay Chicken burger which was chicken tenderloins marinated in a chilli and coriander yoghurt with cucumber raita, mango chutney and salad. I thought my last burger was amazing but this was epic! Simon went for the Sweet Bambi which was a Fiordland deer burger with Brie, caramelised onion chutney and salad. Needless to say we were very happy customers... again.
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  • Day8

    Glenorchy, New Zealand

    November 4, 2017 in New Zealand

    Glenorchy!! One of the most beautiful drives in the world...and, for you fellow LOTR fans...location for a good chunk of the filming. The road is narrow, winding and in parts 1 lane (meaning that there really is only 1 lane for both ways of traffic)...and takes you through some of the most gorgeous views ever. Love!!!

  • Day24

    NZ - Huuuubscharuber (I)

    March 9, 2017 in New Zealand

    Muahaaa mein erster und hoffentlich nicht letzter Heli-Flug 😁😁😁! Das war GIGANTISCH!!! Leider nicht die Route die ich ursprünglich wollte, nämlich noch mal über den Milford Sound aber dafür mit Gletscher Landung!

  • Day34

    Road closed!??? Not for me

    February 2 in New Zealand

    Get sick of waiting, Störtebeker checked the way. Short trousers and flip flop on to check how deep is it and then drive through!!! Ress Dart Track tomorrow I‘ll come!

  • Day192

    We drove along Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy. This is a prime example of, "The journey is the destination." The entire winding drive along the lakeshore was beautiful. It helped that the weather was great. The sunlight made the lake glow an amazing blue-green.

    Several stops along the way gave us a history lesson in the mining past of the area and more great scenery. The first stop was the Mt Crichton Look Track. Here early settlers mined for gold. Channels carved into the rocks, and even carved through the rocks, enabled waste rock from the mining to be disposed in the river. Crawling through the dry channel let to a beautiful hidden waterfall. On top of the hill, a historic hut of a miner showed what life was like back then.

    Bob's Cove was another trail off the main road. A walk to the top of the headland gave stunning views back down the peninsula and the beautiful waters below.

    We continued as far as we could for the day and parked our van along the lake. Before going to bed, a refreshing dip in the cold waters was great after hiking for much of the day. And the following morning we did the same. Great start to the day!
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  • Day193

    Beside gold, settlers also mined for Scheelite (Calcium Tungstate for the chemists). Swedes actually first called the rock Tungsten, which the element was later named after. It's a white rock that is very hard. It's often found together with gold, so mining for both resources went hand-in-hand.

    Mining work was very volatile. During war, hard scheelite was in high demand because it could be used in armour plates and big gun barrels. But after the war, prices dropped too low to continue mining it profitably.

    We went for a hike to one of these old Scheelite mines. We first saw the processing area. Water was channeled down a pipe to turn a turbine. The mechanical power moved the machinery directly (no electricity). Different crushers, shaking tables, a rotating drum and washing bins separated the scheelite from ore. The engineer in me got excited again.

    An old bulldozer had been left behind. Back to work! Ore was dug from tunnels and moved by mining carts over rails. Ore was dumped in big piles. One rail went right over the edge of a cliff and stopped abruptly. It looked like a mistake. But we later learned that this is how they disposed of waste rock. "Bye!"

    We drove through the town of Glenorchy. Someone was building a Tiny House in a vacant lot. Cool! Unfortunately we didn't meet them. But it was interesting to see the frame almost fully built. We stopped by the Mrs. Wooly General Store. It's an old fashioned looking store selling eco-friendly products. And right behind it a new eco-village was being built, with really forward thinking resource and waste management ideas. Sweet area!

    Mats did a hike later that afternoon, along the Rees-Dart track. It's named after the two rivers that flow down to Lake Wakatipu from the mountains. Mats hiked along the Dart River. It had great views of the mountains surrounding the mountain, particularly Mt Earnslaw. And looking up the valley you could see the glaciers feeding the rivers.
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  • Day280

    Middle Earth Tour

    April 22, 2017 in New Zealand

    Good thing we liked Glenorchy because the next day we went straight back there for our second activity. This time we joined a Middle Earth tour (yes another Lord of the Rings activity).
    Our tour guide was a big fan himself and had so much background knowledge about the films, we really had a blast and learned so many new things.
    We drove to different places that were used as a set in the movies. 💕
    One of them was used as the setting for Isengard as well as for the scene in Wolverine where the helicopter explodes and you can see him walking away the lonely street.
    Another big highlight was the Forest of Lothlorien that felt completely magical. 💕
    We had some morning tea amongst the trees and felt like real elves exploring the forest that was also used to shoot Boromir's death scene.
    The only thing missing in my pictures from the last spot are the elephants. It is the scene in which Frodo, Sam and Gollum watch Faramir's men attack.
    We were enchanted the whole time and tried really hard to store all the new information in our brains.
    It made us want to watch the movies again (we also did that as a preparation for the trip ) because our tour guide told us so many things we never noticed before. 💕
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  • Day227


    November 22, 2015 in New Zealand

    Tag 2 des Routeburn Tracks: Es ist kalt, es regnet in Strömen, die Wettervoraussage verspricht nur noch mehr Regen und wir haben wie erwartet wegen Kälte und Schnarchern nicht den besten Schlaf gefunden. Alles in allem keine guten Voraussetzungen für den zweiten und anstrengensten Teil des Routeburn Tracks. Aber schon nach wenigen Metern hoch zum Saddle sind wir von der schönen hochalpinen Landschaft eingenommen und vergessen die Strapazen. Auch wenn wir nicht das beste Wetter erwischt haben, aber der Tag war dennoch wunderschön. Man merkt man wieder dass Wandern in NZ doch was besonderes ist, selbst die Wälder sehen hier einfach anders aus und man erwartet hinter jedem Baum eine Märchengestalt so mystisch anmutend sind diese. Fazit: Nass ABER SAUCOOLRead more

  • Day226


    November 21, 2015 in New Zealand

    So heute gilts, der Routeburn Track steht auf dem Programm (einer der 9 Great Walks hier in NZ und wegen seiner Beliebheit schon weit im Voraus zu buchen) und wir sind mal gespannt wie es uns ergehen wird. Die letzten Tage waren wir beide gesundheitlich angeschlagen, dann noch die eher schlechte Wetterprognose und noch die knapp 35 km Strecke im Kopf, die Motivation könnte vorm Start schon etwas grösser sein. Aber wir beissen uns durch und hoffen drauf, dass wir belohnt werden ;-)
    Und wir sind doch recht erleichtert nachdem der erste Teil der Strecke eher einem gemütlichen Spaziergang durch den Wald ähnelt, erst der letzte Teil hoch zur ersten Hütte wird etwas steiler. Da kommen wir beide dann ordentlich ins Pumpen, geschwächt von der Krankheit schleppen wir uns in die Hütte und freun uns riesig auf die Nacht im Massenlager und vielen Schnarchern ;-)
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