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  • Day207

    Shakespeare Cliff

    December 27, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    After yesterday's kayaking, I went back to the hostel to shower and relax. Later in the evening I walked into town to have a few Kilkenny at the Irish pub named Grace O'Malley's. Good name. Great beer.

    This morning I took the ferry again to walk up Shakespeare Cliff. I'm on my way to the lookout point now.

    It's a magnificent day, sunny and hot, but not humid. I got a little sunburned yesterday, so I'm trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. The sun feels so good!

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Dec15

    Cooks Beach

    December 15, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    We started the day by going to New Chums Beach which was a very pretty white sand beach. After a stop in Whitianga (yay Isi got new flippers!) we went to Cooks Beach and walked to the Shakespeare Cliff Lookout. We made friends with Matt and Lindsay that evening.Read more

  • Day3

    Coromandel - Halbinsel

    November 1, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Hey Dudes,

    mittlerweile haben meine temporäre Großfamilie und ich unsere beiden grünen Häuschen, Mama und Papa nennen sie „Camper“, entgegengenommen und erkunden nun damit Neuseeland.

    Mit so einem Wohnmobil sind wir ja bereits in Australien durch die Lande gezogen. Fetzt schon.
    Sie sind relativ klein, bieten wenig Stauraum für mein Spielzeug, aber sind doch sehr gemütlich und bequem. Zur Nacht bauen wir uns im Innenraum ein Bettchen und schwups hab ich eine Krabbelwiese und später mein riesiges Bett.
    Leider ist es nur so riesig, bis Mama und Papa auch dazukommen. Beide essen abends mit meinen Freunden Tina und Christopher (ich nennen beide nun nur noch T+C) um auch so gut mit ihnen befreundet zu sein wie ich. Aussichtslos.

    Nun sind wir also auf der Halbinsel im Nordosten der Insel. Eine wirklich malerische Landschaft bot sich uns heute als wir auf einer Küstenstraße fuhren um von dort dann eine tolle Wanderung zu machen.
    Zwischendrin trafen wir wuschelige, niedliche und hüpfende Sheepys (Schafe) und riesige Kühe und Bullen an denen wir respektvoll vorbeigingen.
    Nunja wir waren ja auf deren Terrain ohne zu fragen.

    An einigen Abschnitten der Küste dachte ich Pinguine zu sehen, was sich aber im Nachhinein als Vogel herausstellte, die nahezu identisch aussehen.
    Nunja also war es nichts mit „FindPenguins“.

    Die Landschaft hier ist atemberaubend abwechslungsreich. Gefühlt sehen wir alle paar meter andere Baumarten-, formen und -Farben.

    Eine weitere Wanderung führte uns zum Cathedral Cove, einer imposanten Gesteinsformation am Strand bzw. im Meer.

    Nun machen wir uns an der Ostküste auf den Weg Richtung Rotuora südwärts.

    Bleibt gesund,
    euer Matti

    #sheepysfetzen 🐑
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  • Day168

    Cooks Beach

    February 21, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    Schöner Zwischenstop für eine Nacht😊🌊 hatten einen tollen Campingplatz, Hannes hat einen Fisch beim Angeln gefangen, den wir zum Abendessen verputzt haben. Manchmal kam ein Wildhase vorbei und besuchte uns und er bekam von uns ein paar Karottenschalen
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  • Jun13

    Die COROMANDEL Halbinsel

    June 13, 2018 in New Zealand

    Auf der 25 sind wir auf der COROMANDEL Halbinsel unterwegs. In der Sommer-Hauptsaison vergnügen sich hier an den Stränden die Großstädter aus dem nahen AUCKLAND. An der Ostküste befindet sich unser Ziel: Cathedral Cove. Die Bucht mit der imposanten Grotte erwandern wir durch einen üppigen Regenwald. Auf dem Weg sind viele Opposum-Fallen aufgestellt. Es wird um Nachricht gebeten, wenn eine Falle zugeschnappt hat...
    Am Strand angekommen sind wir wieder einmal von der Ursprünglichkeit der Natur überwältigt. Die Brandung hat aus dem Kalkstein Höhlen und Grotten gewaschen, 1993 wurde diese Bucht als erstes Küstenschutzgebiet deklariert.
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  • Day109

    The Coromandel Peninsula

    March 1, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    After leaving Hobbiton in the late morning we drove for a few hours North towards the Coromandel Peninsula. We stopped for our picnic lunch with a view near to the town of Hikuai, looking down from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

    We couldn't stop for too long as we had a schedule to keep to, a rarity for us lately! The reason for this was because we were headed for one of New Zealand's most famous beaches, Cathedral Cove, and we needed to beat the tide. When we arrived in the quaint seaside town of Hahei we found the main car park to be tiny and therefore full, so instead we parked next to the beautiful beach but this meant we had doubled our walk to get to Cathedral Cove! Once we'd set off we realised the longer walk wouldn't be a problem really as the views we were being presented with at every turn along the coastal track were breathtaking, passing three other bays and a peaceful clifftop field dedicated to the memory of lost servicemen and women.

    Once we'd completed the hour-and-a-bit walk we descended a very steep staircase to the soft sand beach and we were greeted by two things: a throng of other visitors who covered every space the cove offered, and the incredible archway that gave the cove it's name. We'd timed our arrival well as it was low tide so we walked through the arch where we could see tide marks a few metres above us with the highest point of the sea-arch about 15m above us!

    The cove also has another small cave that tunnels about 10m into the cliff at beach level which we entered (at high tide it would disappear entirely!) and adjacent to this there is fresh water cascading down from the top of the cliff and it runs down a root system of one of the trees creating a very cool natural shower!

    After we'd enjoyed the sights of the beach we began the walk back along the coast to Hahei - this time it was harder going with more uphill, and in the afternoon heat we began to flag. Fortunately our next stop when we were back at the car was to drive 15 minutes to a beach where nature provides the savvy with a free spa... It's name is Hot Water Beach and that describes it perfectly!

    What you have to do is walk along the sand until you see water bubbling up through the sand - careful though, it'll be hot! This phenomenon occurs because deep below the surface is an aquifer that is so close to where the lava from an old volcano remains super hot, heating the water in the aquifer and it finds an outlet through the sand!

    We arrived and hired a spade from a cafe before crossing a lagoon to the main beach area. Although it wasn't quite the peak time to be visiting (again because of the tide) we could see a throng of people and dug-up sand. As we got closer we immediately saw dozens of people lying in shallow pools of hot water, having dug themselves spa pools right in the middle of the beach! You could divide the pools area roughly into three stretches running from sea to cliff face, with the middle stretch full of empty pools. We didn't understand why so many people would go to all the effort of digging out a few tonnes of heavy, wet sand only to then not relax in the water as a reward - we were happy to do so for them, however as soon as we stood in them we realised just how hot the water was, it practically scalded our feet!

    Presumably it was our comic hot-footed hopping in and out of a few pools that drew the generosity (or pity?) of a couple of guys who offered us their pool as they were leaving. It only took a little digging out to make it deep enough for us both to be able to lie just under the water and it was beautifully warm, just like a hot and sandy bath! As we began to relax into our pool we watched others make the same mistake as us with the super heated pools, and then to find an unused spot to settle in. There were probably nearing 100 pools in the area and all were steaming gently, even though the air felt perfectly fine to be in. It was a truly bizarre experience to be in hot water on a beach, but we really enjoyed our bath!

    I'd gotten quite hot while in the bath so decided to hop into the ocean to cool off, which proved to be very refreshing as the ocean obliged by pummelling me with a handful of waves. I'd read that the beach is amongst the four most deadly beaches to swim off in all of New Zealand, so didn't go much beyond 15m from the tide line when I spotted a big stingray drifting around in the wave a metre or so away from me! It was cool to see but I was out of the water as fast as I could be, much to Beth's entertainment!

    That evening we stopped en-route to our Airbnb at a vineyard known for it's kiwi cider and stone baked pizza. As we sat in their orchard chomping our yummy dinner we enjoyed the shade from the evening sun given to us by a kiwi tree, laden with hundreds of them. A great end to a great day.

    The following morning before we began our journey to Coromandel Town on the West Coast of the peninsula we made a quick detour to the beach that gave the village we had stayed in it's name, Cook's Beach. A stunning stretch of golden sand, running toward the mouth of a river nearby, it was certainly beautiful and also is the location of where Captain Cook observed the transit of mercury, a significant feat for the time.

    After a short walk on the beach we began our drive and as usual found ourselves stopping on the way to take photos, so when we arrived we had a leisurely lunch and look around the town before going down the road to Driving Creek Railway. I seriously doubt any of you will have heard of this train line as it's in the depths of a bush reserve, it's only 3km in length and it's destination is the top of a nearby hill. Doesn't sound too impressive really, but you'd be very wrong to think so. The whole track was laid by hand by a man named Barry Brickell and it took him over 30 years, including building bridges, stations and an incredible hill top tower, named the Eye-Full Tower (get it?)

    The reason the railway came to exist is because Barry was a keen potter and wanted an efficient way to bring clay from further up the hill that he could use in the pottery he established there, so he began recycling old two gauge track, sleepers and carts from the disused mines in the area and it grew and grew, having now carried more than one million passengers! We climbed aboard the tiny train along with another 20 people and the train pulled away, chugging its way slowly up the hillside. It is an incredible feat that Barry made the whole track including the two tunnels and a two story bridge that the train passed along, and it was made yet more impressive by the bush that he has begun to nurture on the land surrounding the track as he planted over 25,000 native trees there to replace the introduced species that he removed from the area! The bush didn't obscure the incredible views all the way out to the coast and the Hauraki Gulf, making for a very picturesque halfway point on our journey before we boarded the train again to descend following the same route in reverse. It had been a great afternoon and demonstrated the motivation of one man but also the great motivation and inspiration that has been given to many people who met and worked with him.

    We left Coromandel town and followed the coastal road to leave the Coromandel peninsula too. Our next stop was New Zealand's capital, Auckland.

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    Heather Cooke

    Must get hot tub in garden......

  • Day21

    Übernachtung am Cooks beach

    April 2, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Heute sind wir Richtung Süden weitergefahren, um morgen schneller zum hot water Beach und zur cathedral cove zu gelangen. In Whitianga hat Chrissi vor ein paar Tagen endlich wolle gefunden, die ihr gefällt. Sie hat schon begonnen die ersten Granny squares für unsere Neuseelanddecke zu häkeln 😊 Ganz entspannt gabs lecker Abendbrot... es gab wieder German Brot im Supermarkt! Nicht nicht wirklich wie zuhause aber wenigstens kein ToastbrotRead more

  • Day60

    Todays sleeping place

    December 18, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Noone is here. Maybe I'm wrong?
    Here was no place for non self contained cars, so I searched one for self contained.
    Only 15min away from Cathedral Cove. Yeei.

    Today was a good day. I actually planned this day for getting the car ready for selling, but no workshop had free time today. Bad for me.
    But I cleaned it from the inside, took photos and posted it.
    Thank you guys for your help. 🎉
    I was ready with everything and moved on. I'll be back in Auckland tomorrow evening, I think.
    I was glad I had some time for travelling today. Did a few walks and had a beach afternoon. 😂
    Walking is always a good idea. No day is completed without a walk! 🌿
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