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Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa

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  • Day70

    Hanmer Springs

    November 30, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Gestern sind wir durch eine wunderschöne Landschaft nach Hanmer Springs gefahren, nachdem Henni in Greymouth noch beim Friseur war 💇‍♂️

    Heute waren wir in den Thermal Pools, das ist eine angelegte Badeanlage aus den natürliche heißen Quellen mit vielen kleinen Becken in unterschiedlichen Temperaturen (von 35 bis 42 grad). Das war ziemlich entspannt und das diesige Wetter hat auch perfekt dazu gepasst!Read more

    Frank Remmers


    Elena Remmers

    Heheheh die Schilder sehen netter aus als die Australischen Badeschilder :P

    Elena Remmers

    😍 Ich mochte das Örtchen voll 😊

  • Day249

    Back on the Road

    September 12, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Nach 3 Monaten arbeiten, sind wir nun seid 2 Wochen auf Reisen. Die letzte Zeit verbrachten Solveigh und Ich durch die Arbeit von einander getrennt. Eine Woche nachdem wir in unserer Airbnb Wohnung eingezogen waren, bekam ich einen Job in einer Fabrik in Blenheim. Da es bei uns gerade Winter war und es in dieser Zeit schwer ist einen Job zu finden, fing ich auch direkt am Tag darauf an zu arbeiten. Die Fabrik war eine gute halbe Stunde von unserer Wohnung entfernt, und so entschieden wir uns dazu, wieder aus der Wohnung auszuziehen und uns geographisch für die nächste Zeit voneinander zu trennen. Ich arbeitete nun für einen guten Monat In der Spätschicht einer Fabrik die Fruchtriegel herstellt. Nach dem uns aber die Arbeit ausging, musste ich mich nach einer neuen Arbeit umschauen. Zum Glück fand ich schnell einen neuen Job in einer Holzfabrik. Dort arbeitete ich die letzten zwei Monate.
    Solveigh arbeitete weiterhin in der Muschelfabrik, und zog in ein Hostel in Havelock. An den Wochenenden unternahmen wir dann Ausflüge in die Umgebung, schauten uns ein Rugbyspiel an oder ruhten uns aus.
    Nun sind wir seid dem 1. September wieder mit unserem Auto unterwegs. Wir fuhren über Christchurch, am Mt Cook vorbei, bis nach Queenstown in den Süden. In Queenstown buchten wir auch unsere Australien Reise. Tagsüber hatten wir meistens Glück mit dem Wetter, aber Nachts wurde es teilweise sehr Kalt. Trotzdem macht sich der Frühling immer stärker bemerkbar. Die Bäume fangen an zu blühen und die Vögel werden lauter. Heute genießen wir einen Tag in den Hotpools und in ein paar Tagen geht es dann auch schon wieder von Picton aus mit der Fähre rüber auf die Nordinsel.
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    Boris Neugebauer

    …traumhafte Landschaften! Genießt Eure Reise!


    Die Bilder sind traumhaft, aber es klingt so, als ob ihr sie euch durch harte Arbeit verdienen müsstet. Alle Achtung vor euch beiden und weiterhin alles Gute!!

  • Day38

    Hammer Spring

    February 7, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Hiervon hab ich leider keine Bilder gemacht 😅 in den Hammer Springs gibt es verschiedene Pools die unterschiedlich warm sind von 20-42°C mit verschiedenen Mineralien auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert 😍 ganzen Tag für 35 Dollar sind so 20€. Ach und hier gibt es manchmal Ampeln die die Zeit anzeigt wie lange man warten muss kann manchmal so 2 Minuten sein kann aber auch 12 Minuten dauern 🙈Read more

  • Day274

    Hanmer Springs

    February 22, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We travelled here for our last night with the camper van so we could enjoy the Thermal Spa waters.
    As we arrived the skies were cloudy and we passed through some rain showers on the way. We were considering turning round to find a sunny spot elsewhere. Gradually, however it brightened up, the clouds lifted so we carried on. We were glad we did, the village is high upon a plain surrounded on one side by forested mountains and caters for the tourist with plenty of eating and drinking options. There were a number of classic old cars on the main street.
    We did the Conical Hill walk to see the views of the plain and then the Woodland walk back to the village. The walk was very steep going up but the view from the top made it worthwhile.
    After lunch we entered the Spa which gets its water from natural springs and geothermal sources.
    Karen was pleased to get her first old age concession on the entry price. The natural spring water pools were at 40-42 deg C with a high sulphur content - untreated water direct from the ground. The geothermal pools were 36-38 deg C and used filtered water. The jacuzzi and aqua therapy pools were very powerful.
    We had a proper swim in the 25 m pool too which joined to the lazy river. A fabulous 2 hours of sheer relaxation. We felt our skin benefitted from the experience.
    After that we found our site for the night which was a nice site full of old cars and caravans. The reason was that the site adjoined the show ground where the following day there was the annual Hanmerfest show run by classic car enthusiasts. We were surrounded by 50 and sixty year old Fords, Oldsmobiles, Chevvies, predominantly old American cars all highly polished. There were a couple of British cars there too - an old MGBGT which we actually saw moving and a Humber and Singer 1950s vintage. In the morning 400-600 cars were pouring into the show ground, the throb of the old engines was relentless.
    During our camping experiences in NZ we have always received warm and enthusiastic greetings from the campsite owners, all of whom have been very helpful in pointing out places to visit and telling us about the many facilities on their sites. This, our final campsite in NZ, was quite different. There was a sign telling us that departure time was 10am. Upon asking whether we could stay a bit later as we had to pack and sort out the van ready for its return we were told no and it was suggested that maybe we get up at 6am so that we would be ready. The woman running the site said that her mother always called the English whinging poms!!!! Clearly she was not going to change rules for us. However the site was lovely and we enjoyed our last night in the van.
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  • Day175

    Hamner Springs

    July 3, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    This morning we drove to Hamner Springs from Christchurch. It took us about 2 hours to get there. We were all struggling from the night before. We went to Hamner Springs thermal pool and spa to sweat out the hangover. It definitley helped. Kyra had a coupon for a private pool so we all went in there first, it was inside. After this we went in a few of the hot pools. It was a beautiful sunny day and we could see the snowy mountains. The temperatures of the pools ranged from 34 degrees - 42 degrees. The heat from the pools were all natural and contained minerals. It really was relaxing.

    We also had fun in the small water park. It was cold out waiting to que for the double rubber ring but it was worth it. The first slide we went around a big bowl and then dropped in the middle down a slide. The other slide we went down and up a steep quarter pipe. It was great fun! In the evening we drove to Kaikoura. We stayed at dusky dolphin backpackers.
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  • Day32

    Hanmer Springs, NZ

    July 6, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Boulders and bites.

    It feels like we've pulled the rip cord. After four weeks of meandering south, we've uprooted from Queenstown and in less than 24 hours we've made it to Hamner Springs. Within the week, we'll be back in Auckland which means plenty of driving, the same amount of work and a lot less activity. But not for trying!

    The Moeraki boulders was our first stop out of Queenstown. The eerie grey clouds we left behind were no less grey, the air temperature only slightly warmer and the wind, much stronger. Combine that with a high tide, which covered much of the famed boulders and you have a very unexceptional trip out of Otago. My enthusiasm for rocks, apparently uncontagious. Must have been the hand sanitiser.

    We took a more eventful break at a winery off SH1 just south of Christchurch in an effort to add some fulfillment to our day. In the kerfuffle of an entry that we made, Cat was bitten by a dog. Her only conceivable mistake was perhaps that she was a Cat, and had presumably crossed some kind of doggone boundary. Shock was rife, if not that she had just been bitten, but of all the animals we have petted, played and parted, this tame farm dog would be the one to bite. The result was a couple of bloody fingers and very awkward introduction to the owners, who had witnessed the whole thing and were now attempting to remediate the situation with pawpaw, plasters and wine. It was from then on, a very personable and hospitable tasting-turned-local-history-lesson, sealed with a verbal and bottled apology.

    More irony was waiting for us in Christchurch with a yelping, jumping, barking Bella taking some time to warm to after recent events. We'd caught Hamish and Kasia between soccer games, half marathons and house warmings, so we made an agreement to babysit the dog in exchange for a night's accommodation. As we pulled out of the driveway for Hanmer Springs the next morning, with Bella whining at the window, I hope I speak for Cat and I, that we still like dog's but prefer Cats?

    Two things surprised me about Hanmer Springs, and neither of them are even mildy interesting. The first is the order of the 'm' and 'n' in the word Hanmer, which would more commonly be found reversed, and is easier to say when reversed. Hence perhaps why it can be said either way, just so long as its pronounced with sufficient brevity to create ambiguity. The second surprise is that it's in the foothills of the alps, as opposed to the Canterbury plains, where it appears to be located when viewed at a distance on a non-contoured map as obviously, I had only seen before. Unsurprised? No surprise.

    What is surely unsurprising to us all, is that Hanmer is famous for hot springs, which have underpinned the now substantial adventure tourism hub it has become. I managed to convince Cat, recovering from skiing injuries, a burn and a dog bite, that her injuries couldn't get much worse and she should come mountain biking in the mud. Unbelievably, they didn't, which is a testament to her skills alone, as I foolishly led her up and down some trails which are considered advanced on the best of days, when they didn't look like waterslides. We brought plenty of mud and all of our dignity back into town and made a quick transition into the hot pools. What mountain biking didn't do to her, the hot pools did: miss accident prone skinning a knee on her first slide!

    Aside from the slides, and the kilometres walked getting around that complex (it's rather large), the pools were very relaxing. The only thing missing was the David Attenborough commentary which had unlimited potential, given the quantity and variety of human like creatures lurking about.

    Work filled Monday for Cat. I'm taking a holiday from my holiday - making the most of a lull in the workload. Stuffed full of souvlaki, I severely underestimated Mt Isobel and my plan run turned into a walk / climb in what was a stunning venue. Snow, ice and hurricane force winds were also on the list of underestimations.

    That aside, it was a very relaxing wee stop. Highly recommend!
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  • Day18

    Foxs and Franz Josef glaciers

    February 6, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    We set off heading g north up through My Aspiring National Park and the Haast Pass. Again the scenery is stunning and only small communities not big enough at times even to call them villages.The temperatures are remaining high trying to remember to drink and cover yourself in Deet for the sandflies is hard😭😭😭We are both eaten alive with them .We were warned about them They must be related to Scottish midges. Having left the trees of the national park we went along the coast road having seen our first view of the Tasman Sea. A very different type to the Pacific much bigger waves too rough to swim 🤔Bruce Bay was lovely .Eventually we reached Fox Glacier Chris had been there 20 years ago when she walked on it .Now you can get to 450 meters of it after a 1 1/2km walk.but you see. Hardly anything. I couldn't make the whole walk as it was too tough so went back for the and .y book! Very disappointed.when you see where it was in 1935 and 1750 you realize climate change is real. Onwards t m lo Franz Josef glacier. There is again a long uphill track which I can't do. But slightly more to see.From a track leading g to Gillespies beach we looked back and saw a far better view of Fox glacier and it looked like one.😃we headed on up the coast to Greymouth.after lunch at the beach, not the nicest one, we re used to, and carried on north to Pancake Rocks. Well worth the long drive.strange rock formations and weird caves caused by the sea..A well earned ice cream was eaten while watching the world go by. Onwards again,I feel like been on the road for days and made it to Redfin for the night. Our 4th freedom camp in a row.Roll on a Top Ten site for hot shower and so.e Washing😆😆
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  • Day15

    Hanmer Springs Hot Pools

    January 5, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We set our alarm for earlier but didn’t get out of bed until 11am. We got brunch with our friends and then did some afternoon shopping. We didn’t buy much but it was nice to cruise around. After a nap in the afternoon we went to the Hot Pools.

    According to the website: “The water in our thermal pools starts as snow and rain falling on the Hanmer Springs mountains almost 180 years ago. It seeps into the Greywacke basement rock and comes to rest in a reservoir some two kilometres underground, where it is warmed by heat radiating from the earth’s core. Today, we draw the water to the surface and use it for bathing and heating purposes.” The pools range from 28-42° C. We also went down the two big waterslides and the kids laughed at me screaming!
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  • Day14

    Den Jahreswechsel zu lange gefeiert?

    January 1, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Nachdem wir gestern beschlossen hatten, dass wir das neue Jahr mit der deutschen Zeit anfangen lassen wollten, haben wir den Jahreswechsel hier ganz einfach mal verschlafen. Irgendwie war wohl auch nicht viel los, jedenfalls wurden wir von keinem Feuerwerk geweckt.
    Nun dafür ging es um 6:15 Uhr aus den Federn, waren wir doch mit dem Pottwal verabredet. Schnell frühstücken und es ging ans Wasser. Grosses Glück, wir konnten mit einer Tour früher starten und so eine halbstündige Wartezeit vermeiden. Leider ging dann die Warterei los, trotz fünf verschiedenen Stopps und intensivem Abhören der Geräusche unter Wasser konnte kein Wal lokalisiert werden und wir mussten uns mit Albatros, Seehunde und Delphinen begnügen. Vielleicht hat er der Wal zu lange gefeiert und unsere Verabredung verschlafen😉. Das Gute war, es wurde 80% des Geldes erstattet.
    Dann nach "Neujahr" am Strand sind wir durch extrem trockene Landschaften gefahren, zu unserer Überraschung ist das Thermometer nach nur 40 Minuten Fahrt von 21 auf 32 geklettert.
    In unserem Zielort, der nun wieder in grüner Landschaft liegt, waren es noch 29 Grad! Ein Rundgang durch den Thermalbadeort hat uns einen Touristenort gezeigt, der vorallem, fast ausschließlich von Kiwis genutzt wird. Ein leckeres Abendessen beim Inder hat den Tag abgerundet.
    Etappe: Kaikoura - Hanmer Springs; 144 km
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  • Day48

    Lewis Pass

    December 3, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    Heute haben wir eine kleine Wanderung am Lewis Pass gemacht, dort hatten wir einen tollen Blick auf die Berge. Auf der weiteren Fahrt zu den Hanmer Springs konnten wir uns kaum sattsehen an der faszinierenden Landschaft. Jetzt werden wir noch in den Hot Pools relaxen.Read more

    Anton Weigert

    Einfach nur krass


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