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  • Day47

    Blubb blubb

    October 14, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Frauchen... von allen Tieren im Aquarium hast du nur Pinguine fotografiert. Was ist mit den Kiwis? Ach, da war es zu dunkel, verstehe. Aber hast recht, die Pingus sind auch süß. - Aegon

  • Dec5

    Haumoana Beach

    December 5, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    After Napier we went to Hastings where we met Jana, Michael and Hanna, Isi's friends from work. We went to the Kiwi Version of Christmas Markets which don't really resemble European Christmas Markets. It was fun anyway as we got to catch up and have a drink together. Afterwards we all went camping at the Haumoana Beach where we had pizza, a fire, marshmallows and drinks.Read more

  • Day22

    Notable Napier

    February 11, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    A lovely morning visit to the town of Napier - almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt in the modernist style of the day - Art Deco. We took a small tour with one of the town’s Art Deco experts who gave us an interesting history of the town both pre and post earthquake. It seems the ground was raised by 2 metres, and a huge area of new land was created from a shallow lagoon and swamp area. Some fabulous buildings including the Daily Telegraph and National Tobacco Company.

    On our return we joined a Q&A session with the singers and dancers and had a backstage tour of the theatre. Question from an audience member to the cast: ‘Can you tell us the topics Holland America does not allow you to discuss with the passengers?’ Duh...

    It was very hot today and we were glad to get back on board to the AC. Jean was asked by a helpful crew member if she was going to the dining room for a late lunch and was heard to reply: ‘No, I’m dining on my balcony!’ Hopefully there was no forced laughter! (Ken and Bill - you’ll recognise that).
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  • Day62

    Te Mata Peak

    January 31, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    I woke up early enough to check out the sunrise but it wasn’t as good as the sunset yesterday.
    I tried to sleep a bit more but around 7 am it started to blow and it got quick to a storm.
    So I got up around 8 in the end to get some breakfast. It just got worst and worst and I was wondering if I would be able to do anything today.

    Luckily I don’t need to check out at 10 am here, I can stay as long as I want. So I decided to wait a little bit and see what’s going to happen as the weather forecast said it should get better around early lunchtime, but blowing throughout the whole day.

    Around 11 am it was getting much better and I decided it’s time to leave now.

    I went to Cape Kidnappers as I wanted to the cliffs up closed. But unfortunately, the track is closed at the moment because the cliff is not stabil. 😕

    So the first real stop for today is at Te Mata Peak.

    Nice to be able to drive up to the top when it’s so hot 🙈
    Yes today I am a little bit lazy.
    But it’s getting really hot now, supposed to be 35 degrees today!! 🥵
    The wind makes it easier to handle I can say.

    The view from the top was awesome, the wind horrible. 🙈😂
    So I didn’t stay too long up here and went back down.
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  • Day62

    Waimarama Beach and Maraetotara Falls

    January 31, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    The next stop for today was at Waimarama Beach. Beautiful beach with a nice island in front of it!

    I was thinking back and forward here, if I should go for a swim or not, but was deciding against it in the end as it's quite a rough sea with the wind and knew I can go and swim and a waterfall soon.
    It also was a bit colder here at the beach, which was really nice!

    So I didn't stay so long, had a quick lunch and then went to the Maraetotara Falls. It was just around 25 minutes to drive from the beach there.
    It was a big problem to find a place to park the car. So many cars here already and such a small carpark. But I found a space where I could squeeze into.
    It was a 10 minutes walk down to the river and the waterfall. And this one is definitely well known!
    Many people here, a lot of families but also many dogs 🥰
    I got a new friend, a black Labrador that was very happy and came to say hello a few times.

    Well, I then went for a swim. Opps the water was muuuuch colder than expected 😱

    I was not the only one that got shocked. 🙈😬
    But I really wanted to cool down and go for a swim, I wanted it so desperately that I went in!!
    It took me a while but I went in for a fast swim and ten I got out again!
    It was cold but anyway really nice.

    I was sitting down in the shade for a while to get dry, talked with a family, the owners of my new dog friend until it was time to get going again.

    I then went to my next campground. It a little bit outside of Napier in a nice and quiet place 😊
    It was so hot during the evening and never really cooled down. The wind stopped during the evening and had really hard to fall asleep, as it was so hot, so in the end, I had the windows all open and the truck as well 🙈😂
    So I managed to fall asleep at least.
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  • Day63

    Tangoio Walkway

    February 1, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    It was already or maybe I most say still pretty warm in the morning. I had my breakfast in the shadow as sitting outside in the sun is impossible!

    I left around 10 am and was just hoping that the weather forecast for today is right and it's not getting hotter than 30 degrees 🤞🏼😅

    The first stop for me on the way to Gisborne was at the Tongoio Walkway.

    Here are two waterfalls within a few minutes of walking. The first one was very easy to reach and a famous swimming spot.

    For the second one, I need to climb up a quite steep path for around 15-20 minutes to come to the lookout. A couple recommended walking to the redwood forest, only 30 minutes from the lookout so I did that. It was a really nice walk and the forest was beautiful. A lot of big and old trees and so many birds and also goats around!
    Yes, goats! I was also surprised when there was suddenly a goat standing in front of me 😂😉

    They are super scared and I was just seeing them max for one second until they were gone again in the bushes.

    It started to get really warm now so I went back to the car to keep on going.

    There I met another couple, from Rotorua and they have me some nice tips, where to go and what to do around here!
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  • Day57


    November 2, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We hed a great few days aside Sheila and Mike in Napier. Dey took wis on a tour o Hawkes Bay, went various plice including view points, a market and much more. We visited numerous winerys and learnt a lot more aboot wine dan just pouring it and drinking😂 🍇🍷. We enjoyed meeting some o da family and da hom cooking- YUM. Finally we went ta dir neighbour Jack's ta watch da All Blacks play Ireland, All Blacks lost ta Ireland fur da first time ever... we said we most o been bad luck. 🏈
    We can't thank dem enough, see you nixt July 😉x
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  • Day16


    February 12, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today, I have not so much to report. I kicked off the day with a nice 10 km-run at the lakeshore of Lake Taupo - the first run since the strep-throat had knocked me off (from sports) for basically the whole January. At 1:30 I took the bus from Taupo to Hastings in the Hawke's Bay close to the Pacific coast. We drove through a landscape dominated by hills and forests. For the first time I saw way more sheep than cows😄 From a longer distance, one meadow looked like there were white rocks on it, but, when we came closer, I could see that it were sheep😂In Hastings, I walked some kilometers through the city center and some neighborhoods up to some rural area with apple trees and other agriculture. Hastings seems to be a rather unspectacular town with some pretty corners though. Maybe I should have gone to Napier instead, but seeing a rather "normal" New Zealand town is not so bad either. Tomorrow, I'll be going on Winery- and Wine Tasting-tour anyway🙃Read more

  • Day17


    February 13, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    Finally, I even made it to Napier, which had not been planned at all. Since the rest of the group all stayed in Napier, I spontaneously asked Denise, our tour guide and driver, if she could also take me to Napier instead of back to Hastings and booked a seat on the last Intercity Bus from Napier to Hastings at 7:35 p.m.. So, I could at least explore Napier for 1.5 hours. What a good decision! Napier is way nicer than Hastings! Other than Hastings it is located directly at the Pacific coast which gives the town a completely different atmosphere. Furthermore, Napier that had been completely destroyed by an earthquake in the 1930s is famous for its art deco-buildings. The mayor at that time even had brought foreign architects to Napier to rebuild the city in art deco style. I enjoyed the short time in Napier😊Read more

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