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  • Day128

    After an early start we were soon on our way to Nelson. We weren't exactly blessed with the same weather as yesterday so it was pretty grey and rainy.

    Once in Nelson we realised there wasn't many rainy day activities bar a peanut butter factory tour which was fully booked (a shame I know). We therefore grabbed a nice shower at the local super loo, headed to the tourist information for some Abel Tasman and Golden Bay ideas and went to the library of all places. Here we could use the wifi to download lots of Netflix and log into a proper computer to try and work out some New Year activities when we will be in Sydney. We also booked a deal for a boat and walking tour in Abel Tasman National Park tomorrow as it was looking like a good day on the forecast.

    As it was a little way to Abel Tasman we made our way to the next camping spot in Motueka which meant that we only had a 10 minute drive to the meeting point the next day.
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  • Day130

    Our final stint in New Zealand. We spent a lot of time sight seeing - the highlight of which for me was Abel Tasman which was very pretty. Doug had two flights - the first was a scenic flight over the glaciers and mount cook in a helicopter. The second was a flight for whale watching where he managed to see a sperm whale. I bowed out gracefully of both flights as I felt I'd already done enough spewing on this trip. We took a day trip over to the north island to revisit Wellington and went back to the museum to see the Gallipoli campaign which we missed last time. We also did a wine tour in the Marlborough district and had a lovely spa day at Hanmer SpringsRead more

  • Day70

    Kia ora - willkomme in Neuseeland!
    Ich bin bereits sit über enere Wuche in Neuseeland. D ziit verflüügt, han nämli s Gfühl, dasi erscht grad aacho segi...

    Bin binere liebe Gaschtfamilie, han e riisigs Zimmer (guet, wer mis Zimmer kännt, weiss dass das schnäll mal möglich isch) und s gfallt mer ächt da z'Nelson. Dur das dass Früelig isch, rägnets sehr oft und sehr starch, meischtens isches sehr chalt - au im Huus drin. Däne ihre Fänschter chöntisch nämli grad wäglah - die dichtet überhaupt nöd... S Wätter chan aber au sehr rasch umschlah und denn chans aso ächt heiss wärde. Han mi innerhalb vonere Wuche scho 3 mal verbrännt und han so de Verdacht, dases eppe so wiitergaht. Ich chönt mi na 100 mal am Tag iigräme, d Sunne isch extrem starch da!

    Geschter simmer is " Centre of New Zealand" gwanderet, das isch eich sochli de Huushügel/Bärg vo Nelson und isch exakt die geographischi Mitti vo Neuseeland.

    Han natürli au Schuel und die isch aso ächt aaschträngend! Mer sind 10 Lüüt i eusere Klass - 7 Schwiizer, 2 Dütschi und ein Südkoreaner. Das isch halt chli schaad, au ade Schuel susch sind sehr villi Schwiizer...

    Hüt bini min erschte Rugbymatch go luege- für die wons ned wüssed, Rugby isch enart d Religion vode Kiwis (Kiwi=Neuseeländer) Aso die won mi kenned, wüssed dasi Fuessball zimli dämlich finde und eppe ähnlich gahts mer mit Rugby. Alli stürmed uf de Ball, raufet mitenand, kämpfed um de doof Ball... Naja, nöd so ganz miis aber doch emale spannend gsi zums gseh z'ha.

    Mir gahts mal chli uuf und ab. Es isch halt aaschträngend, wieder sochli es normals Läbe z füere, wieder id Schuel z gah und nöd z'letscht au zum neui Fründe z finde. Das alles brucht vill Energie und au Närve zums durestah.. Ich mein, s isch ächt schön da aber momentan isches au na sehr aaachträngend...

    Liebi Grüess id Schwiiz und ich schicke eu e Umarmig!
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  • Day3

    Woke to great weather so continued on our way. Drove through the most dramatic landscape constantly taking it in turns to drive. On the way saw a sheep auction so stopped off to take a look before a picnic lunch in a lovely small town called Wakefield. It seems to be the norm here for some people to walk around in bare feet regardless of age or activity, very chilled out. After James dropped Louisa off with the luggage at our new car rental place while he went and dropped the relocation car (other than insurance and petrol, it was free and a great way to get from A to B). Had a walk on Nelson beach before checking into a holiday park campsite which meant we could have a shower and charge everything!Read more

  • Day30

    Spent the day exploring Codger's Trails in Nelson. Rode some absolutely fantastic tracks with beautifully built berms and jumps. We hit up Turners, Top Dog, Firball and some others. Firball was a mint decent all the way down from the trig point above Nelson - several kilometres of beautiful singletrack! Nelson MTB club know what they're doing!

    Sweet as!! ;-)

    B & C

  • Day47

    From kayaking we rushed back to our next place in Nelson. This Airbnb had a balcony overlooking the water and we wanted to catch sunset. We just did. And boy we were not disappointed. The apartment was gorgeous, large balcony, spacious open planning living/dining area and bedroom, all with large windows overlooking the water. Finally cooked the dinner we had planned for 2 nights ago and then cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie.Read more

  • Day56

    Our freedom camping spot was in a shopping plaza parking lot last night. It was super convenient as it was right in the center of town. Surprisingly, the town was pretty much a ghost town after 5pm as everything seemed to close. We headed to do a local walk that provided great views of the town. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t want to agree with us and it started raining 5 minutes into our hike. We pushed on as it was only 15 minutes to the lookout. The views were really nice and you could look off and see the rain clouds moving around and all the dry locations that we were not in. After heading back down we bee lined for a nice café to wait out the rain. We spent a couple hours here emailing and the like.

    Next it was time for some shoe shopping. Rebecca’s hikers had taken a beating and were taking on water like the titanic when it rained so it was time to upgrade. There were quite a few hiking shops around town so we checked them all out and settled on a nice new pair of Meindl’s. I’ve always wanted a pair of these but they don’t sell the in Canada. Rebecca lucked out. The only issue is we didn’t have any break-in time so we would have to bring both pairs of boots on the next hike.

    Shopping completed, we hit the road to drive out to Moteuka for the night to camp. Moteuka is only an hour from the Abel Tasman Trail head. The freedom spot would actually have been great if it was summer. It was right on the beach and they had an interesting Ocean swimming pool. Kind of like of fenced in rectangular that filled with seawater.
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  • Day119

    For the evening after the track we booked us a private room in Nelson for the night. Having in the way a great pizza from a chain called "Hell", which became our favorite for the time and lastly we just extended our room in Nelson for another night. Because sometimes it feels just good to stay at one place for more than one night...

  • Day77

    Wow... Nelson did not disappoint. We spent nearly two weeks here experiencing the truly awesome steep, gnarly trails.

    So many trails, so little time! We managed to pack in most of the iconic tracks in the region. Some of our favourites were Peaking Ridge, Crankenstein and 629, Hotbox and Smasher (a lot more challenging in the rain!) and Putakari!

    We both fell in love with Nelson and the super friendly MTB community made us feel right at home. Big thanks to my cousin Pat who was kind enough to take us biking and point us in the right direction of some killer tracks (and let us take over his driveway with our Bongo). Still quite a few more tracks to conquer and many more we are dying to repeat so we will have to return.

    For now we were glad to come away in one piece (with a few extra bumps and bruises).

    Now time for some Marlborough Bongo shuttles with Marty and Jenny before we say goodbye to the South Island and head north.

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  • Day275

    3 1/2 hours, that's how long it takes to cross the gap between the North and South Island of New Zealand via ferry. We found a rather perfect little spot on board of the ship and had the perfect view while staying warm behind the glass. 💕
    We spend the time reading and admiring the changing landscape. The South Island does look different compared to the North Island which we got to experience further after we arrived in Picton.
    Our spot for the night was Nelson but we stopped at a beautiful winery called "Cloudy Bay Winery". Since I will forever love everything that can be used as a swing I was more than happy with the seating at this place and it was such a good scenery in the midst of the wine fields. 💕
    After our little relaxed stop we drove to yet another movie set from the Hobbit movies. In real life the river is called Pelorus River but in the movie it is the forest river in which the Hobbits escape from the elves stuck in barrels.
    If you are a movie geek you should definitely consider going to New Zealand. 💕
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