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  • Day115

    Day 2 - Rotorua

    July 26, 2017 in New Zealand

    Today we decided to fully immerse ourselves in Rotorua's thermal activity and what better place to do that than Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. We got there early as we didn't want to miss the Lady Knox geyser erupting (which happens at 10:15am prompt every day with some gentle encouragement from some organic soap). It was pretty cool to see it up close but because we knew it wasn't a natural eruption it took some of the magic away and wasn't as impressive as the one we'd seen from afar yesterday. After the eruption, we headed into the park which is pretty stinky however I have now been sharing a confined space with Simon for over a week so it wasn't much different!

    The pools and craters were very impressive and there was steam rising from the ground every which way you looked. The colours were also amazing. These are all due to the different mineral elements and include bright orange, yellow and green. There were also bubbly mud pools which reminded me of Shrek's swamp and if you could tolerate the smell were mesmerising to watch.

    For the last 2 nights we have been staying in a car park on the lake so tonight we have opted to stay in a holiday park so we can have proper showers and charge all of our electronics! The park even has hot pools so as soon as we had parked up we dug out our swimmers and went for a dip! We are both pretty sore from the caving still so it was lush to relax. When we plug into the electric we also get heating which is a very welcome treat as despite the sunshine today it has been pretty chilly!
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  • Day482

    Yesterday the couple we spoke to at the thermal pools told us about a glass blowing place nearby called Lava Glass that they visited. When we left Taupo today heading towards Rotorua, our next stop, Nick happened to spot the glass place as we were driving and decided to pull in. Unfortunately they are currently using the low season as an opportunity to refit the cafe and install new ventilation in the workshop so we were unable to go on one of the demonstrations they usually offer. This did however mean they let us enter the gardens for free to have a look around at the pieces out there. The colours were beautiful against the greens of the garden plants and when light shone through some of the pieces it really did transform into quite a magical place. They had glass flowers, balls that reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even small forest scenes trapped inside a glass snow globe style shape. After exploring the artwork outside we returned back inside to the shop where I had been admiring a few vases. We then spent about an hour looking at all the ones they had after I'd decided I wanted to buy one. I saw one I liked but felt it needed something else added to it. This lead us and the assistant on a journey from talking about commissioned pieces to even seeing works that were still in progress until eventually after realising how hard it is to control the outcome of the pieces I fell in love with the first one I was drawn to. Nick also really likes it so that is bonus seeing as he will have to see it everyday. Although it was a lot of money the level of skill that has been used is truly beautiful. It's inspiration was also the Huka Falls which we visited the other day so that makes it even more special. Every time I look at the photo of it and see how by some pure chance they managed to get those two bands of detail twisting around each other I just love it even more. It's been wrapped up in two layers of bubble wrap, cardboard, a bag, a dressing gown and put into a cardboard box with a cushion to protect it on our journey around NZ. I'm so very pleased I bought it and we will have this truly unique souvenir of our time here. We plan to return to the studio in summer to see the glass blowing demonstration once they are up and running again. After driving up north we made it to Rotorua and with no real plan we just headed to the lake front to explore. We strolled along the waters edge and eventually made it to a Maori village which had some beautiful Maori artwork on the buildings. Steam was rising from the lake and other areas around the site which gave it a very mysterious feeling. Unlike our last encounter with geothermic steam this really smelled strongly of sulphur. The whole town has a slight odour to it. After a little search on Campermate while we ate tea and biscuits I found a good deal on a powered site with free wifi included. We headed to the site quite early to do some research but we actually managed to get a lot of help from the receptionist instead. She gave us advice on what to do and even offered us discount for a geothermal place tomorrow and booked us a Maori village experience evening for tomorrow night. She was able to advise us which companies were best and it feels good knowing we have a planned day for tomorrow.Read more

  • Day483

    A bit of a disappointing evening

    June 14 in New Zealand

    We set off reasonably early this morning to begin our busy day of doing things at Te Puia, a geothermal site that has the tallest geyser in the southern hemisphere. When we arrived we found out that they run free guided tours on the hour and it just so happened the next one was only in 10 minutes time so we decided to get on board with that. We were in a small group of 8 and were shown around by a Maori woman who lives in the village next to this area. It turns out her tribe have been taking visitors to the geysers and hot pools for decades and now that it has been turned into a real attraction her family and people still continue to run and own the site which I quite liked. She was very informative about the history of this area and the traditions and beliefs of her tribe. It felt like an authentic experience that couldn't of been explained better by anyone else. She showed us around a school they have on site where the students take a course to learn the traditional art of jade/bone/sandstone carving, wood carving or weaving. As we walked around we were on a high up walkway looking down into the studios and the students working. It did feel a little as if they were animals in a zoo being observed. One man who was once a student at the school is still coming here 50 years on. It seems a great place to learn Maori art techniques and what was even more great is seeing how many students there were not from a Maori background. It showed that many people do have an interest in the history of this beautiful country and It's first people. What was also great about the guided tour is she knew exactly when the geyser was looking like it would erupt so we headed over there as soon as she got word on the radio. There's actually two geysers connected here. The one on the left will start to go for about 10-20 minutes before the large one erupts. It's a pretty good indicator of when to expect an eruption and they know it happens every 1.5 to 2 hours. The water and steam that shot out of it was incredible to see and it went so high into the air. It can reach 30m high but I'm unsure if we got to see it at this height. We ended our tour at the kiwi house where we saw 3 birds because it just so happened to be feeding time. After the tour we explored the rest of the park and watched another eruption of Pohutu the geyser before heading back to the campsite. We were picked up at 4:45pm to go on our Maori experience evening at the Matai village. Initially we had high hopes for the evening as we were in a minibus of only 8 people but when we arrived and were escorted into a tent of 140 people all sat at dining tables we were instantly disappointed. We had no idea how large the group would be and even when we were split into two groups you were still with 70 people walking around. We spent about 45 minutes just sat waiting for things to start and then listening to our host go through every single country in the world that people could be from. Two people he knew from the USA were there so they instantly were his favourites. As we walked in a group of 70 down to the river to see warriors paddle in a waka canoe boat he only talked to his friends and also took them straight to the best viewing spot. It was like the other 68 of us didn't exist. Our food was cooked traditionally in the ground by the geothermic steam which was rather cool but we didn't sit down to eat until very late. We watched a cultural show first which demonstrated traditional songs, instruments and the haka dance. That was the saving grace of the evening because it was very interesting to see. We had our buffet dinner which was meant to be traditional Maori food but I'm pretty sure they didn't have pavlova or chocolate log back in the day. We then went on a bush walk in a group of about 30 with a girl who looked about 15 as our guide. All we were shown was glow worms and a couple of replica huts. She talked about the glow worms by saying "here folks we have the glow worm who is an egg, no worm doing its thing for 5 days and then it umm dies". The natural spring they have on site apparently gets here from the river by "some sciencey stuff and then there's the spring". It was laughable really and that was it we were back in the mini bus going home wondering what $90 was spent on. All we know is they are making a real killing here if everyone pays $90. I'm glad we got to see some Maori dances and performances but it was definitely nothing to write home about. Oh well tomorrow is another day and we can just put this down as a learning curve to always ask how big the groups are before booking!Read more

  • Day139

    Hot Pools in Rotorua

    January 2, 2016 in New Zealand

    Nach einer Nacht im Hostel und erfolgreich verschlafenem Silvester bin ich wieder nach Taupo hoch gefahren und nach kurzem Stop weiter Richtung Norden. Zuerst bin ich an den Huka Falls vorbei. In einer steilwandigen Schlucht fließt ein türkiser Fluss ziemlich schnell. Daher werden dort auch Sachen wie Speedbootfahren oder Rafting angeboten.

    Weiter Richtung Rotorua kommt man wieder in vulkanisches Gebiet. Viele natürliche Hot Pools und Dampf der aus dem Boden kommt. Ich habe mir einen freien Pool gesucht. Der war echt cool, eine Art See in den ein heißer und ein kalter Bach herein- und als einer wieder rausfließt. Warm und kalt mischen sich dann und man kann sich die gewünschte Temperatur aussuchen, indem man etwas herumläuft.

    Danach rein in die Stadt. Es riecht nach faulen Eiern! Leider find es an zu regnen, also bin ich nir etwas rumgefahren. Die Innenstadt ist eine normale Stadt eben, soweit nichts besonderes. Am Wasser aber gibt es einen großen Park mit einem riesigen alten Gebäude, ein Museum glaube ich, das war schon schick. Dazu kommen weitere Parks und eben den recht großen See.
    Auf meinem recht schicken Campingplatz habe ich mich dann nochmal in den Hot Pool gelegt und entspannt. Später gabs nen Wein und ich hab mich noch mit ein paar anderen hier unterhalten.

    Leider haben wir heute starken Dauerregen, da werde ich mein Zelt gleich wieder im Auto aufhängen und nochmal durch die Stadt fahren. Nachher gehts in ein Kiwihaus.
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  • Day79


    March 21, 2017 in New Zealand

    Da die letzten Tag nicht so aktivitätenreich verliefen, hatten wir in Rotorua jetzt volles Programm.😀 Bei Shirley und Daniel (Airbnb) fühlten wir uns schnell wohl und entschieden uns 5 Nächte zu bleiben.
    Tag 1: Am Morgen machten wir uns zu einer überteuerten Sehenswürdigkeit auf. "Te Puia". Dies ist ein Park mit einem Geyser (Schwefelfontäne), Schwefel- & blubbernden Schlammbädern. Wir erhaschten noch einen kurzen Blick in die Maoriwelt, wo wir einen "Kriegen" tanzen sahen. Den Nachmittag vertrieben wir uns mit Souvenierkäufen.
    Tag 2: Für unsere geplante Gokartfahrt (ohne Motor) mussten wir früh aus den Federn. Vier Mal konnten wir den Hügel runterkesseln & da wir die ersten waren, machte es um so mehr spass auf der Bahn. Faszinierdene, kleine, verschiedenfarbige Kraterseen gestalteten unseren Nachmittag.
    Tag 3: Schon wider klingelte der Wecker früh, diesmal lies uns eine Fantasiewelt früh aufstehen. Mit der ersten Tour & einer super aufgestelten Führerin durchlebten wir das bis ins kleinst detailierte Hobbiton.☺ Im gemütlich eingerichteten "Grünen Drachen" genossen wir bereits um 10 Uhr ein Bier. Mit vielen neuerfahrenen Details & einem guten Eindruck fuhren wir nach Rotorua zurück. Am späten Nachmittag verwöhnten wir uns in einem übelrichenden "Spa".😜
    Tag 4: Mit Michael (Österreicher), den wir in Gisborne kennen gelernt haben liesen wir uns in einem nassen Ball den Hügel runter rollen. Unser Abend gestaltete sich am St. Patrick's Day gemütlich in einem Pup mit live Musik.
    Tag 5: Laura & Michael gingen Wild Water Rafting machen und Dimi konnte mit der Fotografin mit und das ganze Spektakel im Trocknen sehen.😄
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  • Day4

    Journée numéro 2!

    February 28, 2016 in New Zealand

    Alors... La journée numéro à 2...
    Roulement de tambour...^^
    Journée succession de ratages mais on a quand même finit avec le sourire!

    Nom du chapitre : une blonde et une brune devant une carte
    = " Mais qu'est ce qui dit?? " Mdr

    1ere étape : Le ratage du réveil!
    Prévu à 8h, nous nous réveillons en panique à 9h36. Au programme ce matin réservation de nos bus de la traversée de la Nouvelle-Zélande et hébergement : auberges ou couch surfing : pourquoi payer quand on peut faire gratuit^^

    2eme étape : ratage de nos réservations!
    Suite au café clope matinal, nous voilà Sabine et moi embarquée dans un tour du monde de nous même!
    : La Vraie Rencontre
    Oui, parce que c'est pas le tout mais on court partout depuis qu'on s'est rencontrée, je ne connaissais même pas le nom de son petit amoureux et elle ne connaissait pas le nom de mon sac à dos^^.

    Activité matinale : découverte de l'autre, non mais c'est important, n'oublions pas qu'elle dort au lit d'en dessous et que tels Fredon Saquet et Sam nous nous embarquons à pied dans la traversée de la NZ.
    Nous prenons alors toute la matinée pour un check up de nos vies professionnelles, sentimentales ou ex sentimentales^^, (le "bien le bonjour" d'ailleurs à tous ceux qui nous ont conduit sur cette route^^), bref, nous sautons naturellement la case situation financière décidant que ce n'était pas là peine de perdre de temps^^

    13h : suite à notre conversation forte en émotions (oui, oui quelques larmes de complicité furent coulées), duo renforcé que nous sommes, nous décidons de nous coller enfin à la tâche, réservations de jours qui arrivent!
    Alors par contre ce qu'on a pas raté c'est notre colloc de chambre en train de faire ses petites affaires quand nous sommes rentrées de façon inopinée^^ dans notre petite chambre de 4 lits superposés! Il y en a qui ont pas froid aux yeux!
    Nous si!

    3etape : Le ratage d'Internet
    L'auberge et l'Internet qui marche pas, alors celle la on s'en souviendra. Vous nous excuserez famille et copains pour le peu de nouvelles qu'on a pu donner, mais en est sans connexion!
    Nous partons donc à la source de technologie la plus proche ...
    Talatata! et McDonald's Fût!!!!
    ( hey, On contrique la mondialisation, le capitalisme et autres phénomènes de notre société, mais alors qu'on se le dise, backpackers que nous sommes on est quand même bien contents quand McDonald's, Starbuck et autres mutlinationales nous sauvent la peau!)

    4eme étape : Le Voyyyache ( "voyage" avec Florence foresti prononciation)

    La carte de Rotoura sous le bras, sac à dos, leggings et nos deux pieds, nous prenons la route vers la forêt de Redwoods, connue pour ses arbres gigantesques.
    Sabine mène la direction avec notre carte de route et nous fait plonger le périphérique pour atteindre le parc, quand après 25 minutes de marche nous passons en bas de la rue d'où nous étions parties, Mdr.

    18h-20h : Randonnée dans les Redwoods, nous qui pensions nous retrouver au coeur des paysages de Lord of the Ring nous avons finalement trouvé twilight! En tout cas on s'y croyait bien!

    De la forêt de Redwood nous souhaitons rejoindre le village Thermal Whakaewarewa la réserve Arikikapakapa ( pas de commentaires sur les noms, j'en ai déjà ras le bol de leur Maori c'est impossible de dire les noms et de les retenir, mais source de bons fous rires)
    Je prends le lead sur la carte de route pour atteindre nos prochains rdv avec la nature!
    Nous marchons, marchons, maaarchoooonnnssss...
    Sabine me répète plusieurs fois "mais Sarah, je crois que ça ne mène à rien" et moi têtue que je suis, enfin vous me connaissez... Mais si, mais si, viens on vers.
    Et ba, ça ne menait à rien...

    Demi- tour sur notre longue route!
    Nous trouvons enfin le bon chemin et nous balladons sur de magnifiques sentiers au couleur du soleil couchant en direction des villages thermale et Maori. La nuit tombe assez rapidement, n'avons ni eau, ni lampe torche dans le sac à dos ( une blonde et une brune en rando^^)

    Nous passons rapidement voir les lacs mais il fait trop sombre, on a trop mal aux pieds, assoiffées, affamées, on prend chemin de l'auberge qui est encore long.

    On arrive enfin à l'auberge rêvant d'une douche bien chaude!
    "Mais? Où est la clé?"
    "Cest toi qui a la clé?"
    "Aaaah non c'est toi qui l'avait"
    "T'es sûre? Non je crois que je te l'ai donné"
    Bref, on a perdu la clé, c'est parti pour la réception et $15 pour une nouvelle clé!

    10h30 : on se réchauffe enfin, Noodles poulet-curry pour Sabine
    Soupe crème de choux fleur pour moi, cette fois ci pas de raté!

    Nous rencontrons Tomas et andreas venus d'Autrice, couple ultra sympathique, voyageurs, baroudeurs, plein de bon conseils et d'humour. Nous passons une excellente soirée à se raconter nos voyages autour d'un billard à la French, que nous avons bien sûr perdu
    #Une blonde et une brune au billard.
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  • Day52


    October 26, 2016 in New Zealand

    Rotorua ist eine eigenartige Stadt! Du wirst mit Schwefelgrüchen begrüßt und siehst überall Dampfwolken aufsteigen.
    Grund dafür sind natürliche geothermale Aktivitäten!
    Aufgrund dessen gab es hier auch recht viel zu entdecken. So besuchten wir ein geothermales Gebiet (Wai-O-Tapu), in dem man all die unterschiedlichen Dinge, die Rotorua so einzigartig machen, bestaunen konnte. Zum Beispiel sahen wir den Champagnerpool, der mit Schwefelgeruch, warmem Wasser und verschiedensten Stoffen und Farben einem wortwörtlich den Atem raupt.
    Natürlich kann man die Wärme vom Boden auch in anderen Dingen genießen und so machten wir uns auf zum 'Kerosene Creek'. Dieser Fluss ist ein ganz besonderer, denn in diesem Fluss fließt nicht einfach nur Wasser, da fließt warmes Wasser! Ein Fluss mit warmen Wasser... what the hell...

    Rotorua hat uns beiden super gefallen und nach ein paar Tagen hatte man sich auch an den Geruch gewöhnt und man konnte ohne Atemprobleme durch die Stadt schlendern. Gefallen hat uns auch der 'Thursday Night Market', bei dem man verschiedenste Köstlichkeiten kaufen und probieren konnte.
    Natürlich beschäftigten wir uns auch mit der Kultur der Maori und so besuchten wir ein Maoridorf, das die Geschichte auf eine großartige Art und Weise darstellte. Und natürlich gab es auch was zu essen, aber nicht irgendwie gekocht... Das Fleisch ( Lamm und Hühnchen ) wurde nach der Hangiart gekocht, das bedeutet, dass man die natürliche Wärme, die im Boden steckt nutzt, um das Fleisch zu garen! Super lecker!!!

    Für die Zeit, die wir in Rotorua verbracht hatten, campten wir in einem Holiday Park, der alles hatte was man braucht und nicht braucht! Wir bekamen auch unser erstes Jobangebot dort, lehnten allerdings ab, da 3 Monate in einem Holiday Park arbeiten nicht unbedingt das war, was wir uns vorstellen.
    Von Rotorua geht es nun weiter Richtung Süden... Nach Taupo.
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