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  • Day125

    Nelson - Aimee's Home

    May 5, 2017 in New Zealand

    Nach großartigen Tagen bei Abbey hieß es heute: Goodbye Golden Bay. Auf dem Weg über den Takaka Hügel (50 km Kurve an Kurve) haben wir noch einen weiteren Abstecher in den Abel Tasman Nationalpark gemacht und uns den Harwoods Hole Walk gegeben.

    Durch den dichten Wald ging es zum Hole, einem 167 m tiefen, gerade abfallenden Loch. Gerade die letzten Meter zu den Steinen am Abgrund waren interessant zu klettern, da schon einige Menschen hier die Steine rutschig geschliffen haben. Der Blick in den Abgrund war ein weiteres Highlight, das Echo der eigenen Stimme auch. Fotogen ist Krater leider nicht. Einfach zu groß.

    Weiter ging es zur nächsten Bucht, wo es Essen am Meer gab. Haben es uns mit unseren Tupperdosen auf Treibholz bequem gemacht. Danach noch ein bis drei Äpfel beim Bauern geborgt und weiter nach Nelson.

    Da Julias Rucksack nun offiziell verloren ist, wurde heute das erste Mal richtig geshoppt. Regenjacke inklusive Fleece zum Reinzippen, Bikini und Schuhe mit Profil haben wir bereits gefunden. Außerdem haben wir nach Backpacks geguckt, aber da gab es noch keine finale Entscheidung.

    In der Unterkunft angekommen gab es Abendessen und ein Gespräch mit Lara und Paulina, zwei Mädels aus Neukloster, die wiederum Teile von Julias Familie aus Wismar kennen. Die Welt ist schon echt klein.

    P.s.: Die grünen Früchte auf dem einen Bild sind Feijoas. Sehr coole und super leckere Früchte hier in Neuseeland. Kannten wir beide vorher noch nicht, wird jedoch als sehr gut befunden.
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  • Day15

    Lake Ianthe Matahi

    February 21, 2017 in New Zealand

    Had a look at the beach where our campsite was located this morning but there was no way that we were going for a swim as the waves and rip tides were very strong. Speaking to the locals the sea is much colder than it usually is at this time of the year but then it's not surprising when they haven't really had their summer this year with it raining everyday on the west coast for the last 11 weeks. Had a lovely day today though with only a short shower this evening.
    This area is in another National Park and it's not surprising at all as it is beautiful. We think we have found the most stunning part of NZ today while walking on the Pororari River Track that we found by chance, often overlooked by the Pancake Rocks nearby. The track, which we walked along to a swing bridge and back, ran alongside a beautiful shallow river with unique fern trees and tall limestone cliffs.
    We then continued our drive further south stopping off at the beaches on the way including Hokitika where we brewed a coffee and had scones.... Camping by Lake Ianthe Matahi with our hundreds of friends (sandflies) but those aside its very picturesque with a jetty that we sat on to eat tea.
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  • Day16

    Abel Tasman Day 2

    November 22, 2016 in New Zealand

    Fueled up and hiked out from Totaranui, we turned around at Waiharakeke Bay just short of the overnight hut at Awaroa. We did not want to mess around with tidal crossings.The route is part of the Abel Tasman coastal track, another of New Zealand's great walks.

    Stunning beaches, the contrasts between the sandstone golden beaches and crystal turquoise blue waters are unique compared to the rest of South Island's rocky beaches. A relative easy walk with one massive hill, if the incline killed us on a day hike I am sympathetic towards the guys doing the full shebang it will be hard after 4 days of walking. A magical day with the outstanding natural landscapes. The climate and relaxed atmosphere made it a wonderful place to have quality time in the outdoors. We stopped for a delicious NZ pear, soaked up the atmosphere with some fellow walkers and made our way back. We got creative with some interesting photography, on Goat bay.

    We were back earlier than planned, so we decided to smash a workout. I went for a 5km run to explore the surroundings, I found the overnight huts for the multiday walk & saw the rest of the campsite . Roedolf did a 25 min workout. We embraced the Doc site's cold showers after building up a sweat - not 5 star but does the job ( I am getting good with this). Back to the windy road to where the road takes us next, we are becoming experts at planning en route.

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  • Day462

    Failing at escaping the rain

    May 24 in New Zealand

    So we woke up this morning to the biggest of downpours. Unfortunately we had planned to head even higher up the coast to visit the Oparara Arches but the weather was predicted the same as Westport; terriontal rain all day with no sign of it easing. We came to the conclusion that this will just have to be added to the list of things to do in summer and instead we headed inland towards Nelson. On the way the weather seemed to ease and we had brief moments of seeing the sun. The drive was very long but we eventually entered Nelson Lakes national park which has two major lakes. We visited Lake Rotoroa first and as we arrived the rain caught up with us and it chucked it down. We sat in the back of the van having tea from our flask to warm us up. Once it had cleared up a bit we ventured out to the jetty and had a look around at the scenery. The clouds were obscuring most of the view which was a shame but it was still nice to have a walk around and look at the fish in the lake. For some reason Nick's walking boots were wet inside today so we decided against doing the set walks here because they all were on muddy tracks and it would have ruined his other shoes. We didn't mind though because soon enough the rain was coming down once more. We headed back on the road and drove what felt like forever to the next lake called Lake Rotoiti. This lake also had a jetty and we were lucky enough to see an eel swimming around the end of it. We wondered if people feed it because it did look as if it was waiting for something. It's a bit of a backpacking tradition to jump off this jetty into the lake to get a good photo so it could be that he was hoping to get a nibble on one of our toes! Not surprisingly we were not fancying a dip in the lake today seeing as it's been pretty cold and wet already. Instead we explored the area and watched the ducks go about their lives. The cloud seemed to be shifting so we stuck around and we are glad we did because within half an hour or so we could actually see the mountains in the distance much more clearly. You can see the difference between the first two photos. We did drive up to what was marked on the map as a lookout point. The track was very narrow, windy and steep but we managed to get up there, luckily passing only two cars at quite conviennient wider spots. We parked up behind a car we'd seen at the jetty and all four passengers who were outside turned around and gave us the strangest of stares making us feel quite weirded out. We couldn't find the lookout and with people acting strange nearby we decided to turn around and head back down and on our way towards Nelson. We spent the night in Richmond which is just below Nelson at a paid campsite. It was rather compact and strange to see caravans and campers that have taken up permanent spots on the site. Some even had gardens and ornaments outside and you do wonder how much they pay to occupy a site all year round. Seeing as my last shower was a freezing cold one in the campervan (Nick used all the hot water) having a nice hot shower here was amazing. We also made full use of the kitchen and spread out making pizzas in the mini ovens. It did result in a small miniature, teeny tiny fire but we won't go into that!Read more

  • Day17


    November 1, 2016 in New Zealand

    Kiwi and Kellie's place. Landed in Nelson and went for a run up to the shops at Richmond. Met up with Kellie and had lunch at the Stable resturant near the shopping centre. Got some groceries at the pack and save for tea. Kiwi cooked up a lamb roast for dinner. It was beautiful.
    Next day we were suposed to go fishing but the weather was too windy so Kiwi took us around the place and showed us a few things. We went to a hippi self supporing comunity and had a date scone and tea. Bloody beautful. We also got some fresh unhomoginised milk out of the dispenser. Cost us $2.50 for the litre and we had to bring out own bottle. It was delicious. We moved on from here and went the Muture were Kiwi grew up. This place was first settled by Germans many moons ago. The distict grows grapes for wines and hops as well as sheep of course. We had a real fruit icecream and Kiwi cooked us up a really nice dinner of scolops. blue code and we had venisin and gourmet sausages to. Kellie was headng out to an Abba tribute show which she managed to get a couple of tickets for Gail and I and the trhee of us went into the Theatre Royal for the show. It was great.
    Next day we stayed until lunch and then headed off to Hanmer Springs. Gail and Ron left early as they were meeting Barb and Gary at the Kahuna caravan park to head down the coast through Blenheim and onto Kikora to see the seals. From there they headed into Hanmer.
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  • Day463

    The centre of New Zealand

    May 25 in New Zealand

    I was incredibly excited to discover that there is an exhibition showing in Nelson called the World of Wearableart, or WOW for short. In second year of uni I wrote a research paper all around the subject of when is a fashion garment classed as a piece of art. I was surprised that this competition has been running for many decades because when I was researching this topic it never came up at all. It's a world wide competition although it seemed most of the contestants were from New Zealand. I guess if your country hosts the contest every college and university would be pushing for you to enter. The garments were weird, wacky, amazing, clever and innovative. One thing they all had in common was the sheer time and effort that had gone into every detail. So much creativity and imagination had been poured into every idea and all the pieces were completely unique. It's amazing seeing how different minds interrupt the same brief and that's one thing I love about design. The exhibition also played the runway shows of each category, something that was more a theatrical performance with different characters acting out their garment surrounded by lights, smoke and dancers. It looks like an amazing show to go and see and it's something I'll definitely be looking into when it next tours the World. We sat in the video room watching the runways alone or at least we thought we were alone. At one point I turned around and almost jumped out of my skin to discover a women's face about 20cm from my own looking at me. It was rather creepy. The exhibition space was also showcasing fancy cars so we walked around admiring these as well. After a quick coffee and a cheese scone in the cafe we headed into Nelson itself. The city centre was horrible to drive in because we are in what feels like such a big van and every hazard possible seemed to be popping up every few metres. People take more risks in a city so I was paranoid someone was just going to pull out into the side of us at any moment. We luckily made it to a carpark in one piece and set off to explore the city. The Victorian garden was our first stop and it highlighted how much the British love a good garden, so much so they made one here when they settled. It was beautiful to walk around with a river running through it and even an oriental Chinese inspired section. After walking down nearly every pathway we headed away from the city and began at 20 minute steep ascent to "the centre of New Zealand". After the quite intense hike we reached the top of the hill which had 360 degree views out over the hills, city and mountains beyond. Reading the information we then discovered this isn't actually the centre of New Zealand as advertised. Nelson as a city is in the centre of New Zealand and this hill top is the centre of Nelson but the actually specific point of the centre of New Zealand isn't here but somewhere else in the city. I think they decided to put it up a huge hill to make people all sweaty and tired so they head straight to get a drink from a shop when they get back down! Even still it was a nice place to sit and admire the surroundings. We also visited Christ Church, which is a little confusing when there is a city called Christchurch. It was a rather disappointing church that was made of concrete and not so nice to look at. After visiting a few shops to get some groceries and other bits we headed to the only decent sounding freedom camping spot in Nelson. It's 3 allocated spaces in the carpark for a park. It got dark quite quickly and I had a horrible time trying to find the toilets in the dark and it actually ended up being quite spooky being in the park. Luckily we have gained 2 other people in the other spots so we aren't so alone here which feels a little safer!Read more

  • Day17

    Letzte Etappe auf der Nordinsel

    March 27, 2017 in New Zealand

    Bis nach Welington sind es keine 2 h mehr, von daher nehmen wir uns Zeit und machen dreimal Stopp am Meer. Am Nachmittag checken wir in einem Backpackers Hotel mitten in der Stadt ein. Das ist echt gross und nach 7 Etagen Mehrbettzimmer’n kommen wir in die 8. Etage mit Doppelzimmern, die wieder alle von den etwas Aelteren bewohnt werden :) Wir haben eine tolle Aussicht ueber die Stadt, nur die Aussicht ist grau, da das Wetter umschlaegt. Unser Auto bringen wir auf einen Parkplatz etwas ausserhalb. Auf dem halbstuendigen Rueckweg zieht ein ordentliches Windchen, was in Wellington wohl aber meistens der Fall sein soll. Es ist deutlich kuehler und da es auch noch nieselig ist, beschliessen wir heute nichts mehr draussen zu unternehmen. Stattdessen setzen wir uns in die riesige Empfangshalle mit grossen Tischen. Nur dort gibt es kostenloses Wifi und nebenbei viel zu sehen. Gegen halb 6 scheinen die Ueberlandbusse anzukommen, die die Backpackers ausspucken. Wow, was fuer eine Menge Leute hier eincheckt! Das Hostel hat eine eigene Kneipe im Keller mit guenstigem Bier und Essen. Die ganze Atmosphaere hier im Haus … versetzt mich voll in die Wohnheimtage der Studentenzeit zurueck :)))Read more

  • Day100


    November 17, 2016 in New Zealand

    Tut mir leid, dass ich jetzt seit ein paar Tagen keinen Blog mehr geschrieben habe. War meistens unterwegs und hatte kein Internet. Doch heute regnet es den ganzen Tag und ich kann euch von den letzten Tagen berichten. 😉

    Ich habe mich letzte Woche Donnerstag mit zwei Freunden (Hendrik und Simon) in Richmond getroffen. Die haben gerade bei einer Familie gewohnt und dafür ein bisschen dort gearbeitet. Es war noch ein Bett frei und ich konnte auch dort schlafen 😊 Donnerstag und Freitag haben wir dann Vorbereitungen für unsere Wanderung zum Mt Arthur getroffen.

    Samstag Morgen ging es dann los. Krankheitsbedingt allerdings nur zu zweit, was allerdings nicht so schlecht war, da ich dadurch Hendriks Rucksack und Wanderstöcke nehmen konnte, mit denen ich eindeutig besser ausgerüstet war. 😊
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