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  • Day10

    Wir haben uns für die Route über den Arthur's Pass entscheiden und verbringen die erste Nacht in Neuseeland nach ca. 67 km kurz vor Springfield auf einem kleinen Campground. Hier haben wir uns dann erstmal im Camper sortiert und erstaunlicher Weise auch alles verstaut bekommen. Geschlafen wird gemeinsam im Alkoven über der Fahrerkanbine. Der kommende Tag startet regnerisch und wir fahren weiter.

  • Day13

    Regen ohne Ende

    January 10 in New Zealand

    Die Tränen der verwitweten Maori Frauen hören gar nicht mehr auf zu fließen 😭
    Verdammte Hacke es hört gar nicht mehr auf. Seit 2 Tagen schifft es jetzt ......

    Außerdem trotzdem eine geile Hangebrücke besichtigt. Übrigens, das Händy lädet und die Brücke schwönkt.

  • Day1

    Springfield Junction

    August 6, 2017 in New Zealand

    Heading to the West Coast on the great scenic rail journey of NZ, the Tranz Alpine Express. Taking in mountain views, rivers, gorges and changing to temperate rain forest nearing the West Coast at the destination of Greymouth. En route is an 8 km tunnel, which at the time of building was the longest tunnel in the world. At the present time this is the only passenger route running on the South Island, but once the rail networks were a life line, the past history of this visible along the route.Read more

  • Day415

    What an amazing day! We woke up to a very wet and cloudy Methven and Nick questioned our plan for the day: to visit Lake Clearwater and the site where Edoras was filmed in LOTR. I pushed for us to still go because although it was raining the forecast did predict sun from lunchtime onwards. When working in the cafe I could arrive at work in pouring rain and 2 hours later it'd be glorious weather so I've learnt that the weather changes rapidly here. We packed up our belongings and said goodbye to Honey the cat before setting off on the hour drive. We passed the carpark where we parked to do our Mt. Somers walk and carried along 10km of gravel road. The road was very bumpy and we took it very slowly trying not to damage the car too much. After driving behind a herd of cows being moved along the road by what we now call 'cow dogs' we reached the small village of Clearwater sat on the side of the lake. It seemed to be mainly small holiday homes as many houses had all their curtains drawn. We parked up at the start of our route, a 3 hours walk around the lake. I decided to try out my new coat which definitely sums up backpacking life. I'm pretty sure it's a men's and it's two sizes too big so I've tightened every elastic part I can and it's completely not my taste im colour but it is water and wind proof and was a bargain $7 in a charity shop. You really can't turn that down! After a quick tea from our flask we began to walk. It was very calm with only the sound of insects around and as we continued to walk the weather just kept improving. About half way through it was glorious sunshine and we had to remove several layers of clothing to cope with the change in temperature. Although we did really enjoy the walk, and it wasn't too strenuous at all, we did reach a point where we were ready to move on. The scenerary didn't alter much because the lake isn't large enough to allow for that so as beautiful as it was we were eager for the next destination. We eventually made it back to the car and headed back onto the gravel to Mt. Sunday, aka Edoras. As you come around a bend and start to descend into a valley the scenery is just breathtaking. A completely flat plain with rivers running through it and mountains enclosing the whole area lie in front of you and in the middle stands Mt. Sunday. It definitely isn't a mountain but more a large rock and we found out it gained it's name by local sheep farmers meeting up on the summit every Sunday for a meeting. You just couldn't get over how incredible the scenery was. Everything felt unreal and almost like you're looking at a painting. We walked up to Edoras crossing rivers on small bridges before finally climbing to the top. It's a steep climb but only lasts about 5 minutes so it isn't too bad. At the top you have panoramic views of the plains below and mountains as far as the eye can see. The sun was rather blinding in one direction so you couldn't look that way for long. I don't think I've ever felt so small in my whole life. For me it's 100% the most incredible place I've ever seen so far. Unfortunately we couldn't enjoy it in peace because there was a man there flying his drone around and it's hard to ignore a very loud buzzing sound overhead. After a while we realised it was getting late so we tore ourselves away to face the gravel road back to tarmac and onto our next destination, Springfield. We drove as the sun set behind the mountains and eventually after stopping to pick up takeaway made it to an adorable Airbnb at 7.30pm to use as our base for the next 4 days. Where we visited today is a place most backpackers miss out because of how off route it is. If this is how amazing the unpopular places are I can't wait to see what else is in-store for us during the rest of our adventure.Read more

  • Day416

    A rather windy Washpen Falls

    April 8 in New Zealand

    The weather today was looking a little gloomy but we decided we shouldn't allow it to stop us from doing the things we want to do. We'd been recommended by the owners of the last hostel we stayed at to visit a place called Washpen Falls. It's a private walking track that the guy recommend is the best they have done in the whole of New Zealand and even Australia as well. We wrapped up warm, maybe a little bit too warm, and set off on the journey to the falls. When we arrived at the area we headed down a gravel road through a farm before you get to the start of the track. We were met by many curious cows staring at the car as we drove past. When we pulled up in the parking area and an inquisitive looking chicken ran over to me as soon as I got out the car, almost as if it expected we would have food for it. We poured ourselves a cup of tea which seemed to make the chicken even more confident it was getting food. I think Nick captured a pretty good picture of me trying to explain to the bird why tea is not a good drink for chickens. She wasn't having any of it and still hung around up until we walked off. We popped our $20 in the honesty box for entry and began the walk. We quickly entered a dense pine forest where many of the paths had almost naturally built steps from the surrounding trees roots. Walking through a thick forest is very different to our other walks so far and we definitely enjoyed the change. As you reach the top of an ascent you come out of the trees to a beautiful view of the valley below. The hills are made from rocks covered in plants and trees trying to grow on every possible ledge and shelf they can find. We continued on and soon we reached a huge cave cut out of the hill above. We climbed up again along the track past a moss covered waterfall until we reached the very top of the hill. This was the highest point of the walk and provides you with beautiful views of Canterbury below. The wind was so strong that you did feel unsteady on your feet. I didn't have my hair tied up so it was just going crazy and I was continually being whipped by either my hair or straps on my backpack and it all became rather comical. We descended down the other side of the hill and at the bottom is Washpen waterfall. It was pretty spectacular as far as waterfalls go and we did stand and admire it for quite a while. On the rest of the track we walked alongside the river and through the forest. We even saw some red and white mushrooms, the kind you associated with fairy tale stories. By the end of the walk we were so thrilled by how a 2 hour track could include so much variety in terms of things to see and appreciate. Plus it had beautifully kept toilets, something we've noticed is very very rare! After the falls we drove inland to Lake Coleridge. The wind was still very strong to the point where it was swirling our cup of tea around in a spiral. A river had decided to burst through it's banks and find new paths to the lake so we had fun messing around jumping over these streams. We finished our day with the trip to the shop and a huge scoop of ice cream to share from the dairy (convenience store). It turns a good day into a great day if you can finish the day with ice cream.Read more

  • Day417

    There's always time for tea

    April 9 in New Zealand

    The weather report predicted rain for today so we decided to set out early to try and do as much as possible before the start of the storm hits. Our destination for today was Arthur's Pass, a road that runs through the mountains from Canterbury across to the west coast. 82km along the road from where we are staying in Springfield is the Arthur's Pass village which has several walks on offer into the mountains. After breakfast we set off and the further we drove the more impressive the scenery became. Even with grey miserable looking skies the mountains were incredible to look at. The road is very windy and hugs the sides of each mountain you pass. Our first stop on our trip was Castle Hill. It's named Castle Hill because the hundreds of giant limestone boulders that are on the hill could be mistaken for the ruins of an old castle. A similar site a couple of kilometres down the road is where they filmed a battle scene from Narnia between the White Witch and Aslan but this area isn't open to the public. The whole time when walking around the rocks you're just wondering how they even got here in the first place. We were able to climb to the top of some of the largest boulders and sit and enjoy the view around us. It's a shame it wasn't a clearer day so that all the surrounding mountains were in view. We spent time drinking tea and simply taking in the surroundings. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore that you could spend all day weaving in and out of this amazing structural creation. We were conscious of the time and the imminent rain so after an hour or so we hopped back in the car and drove to our next stop at Cave Steam. You park at the top of a small hill and from the carpark you have no idea that a long tunnel cave with a river flowing through it runs right beneath your feet through the hill below. You can actually walk through the cave and river if you want to as long as the water isn't too high. It looked and felt freezing and we definitely were not feeling being sat in wet clothes so we just climbed down and had a look at the entrance instead. It's quite mind boggling how this tunnel cave even began to be carved out and how long it must have taken before the river burst through the other side. Back on the road we headed more inland and eventually reached Arthur's Pass village. After a quick coffee break we checked the visitor centre for walks we could do and also had a walk around the small museum which has information about the pass. There is a walk called Avalanche Peak which seems to be the best day trip that many people do. It is however a steep climb from the off up the side of a mountain to the summit. We felt we aren't quite at that fitness level just yet. Instead we decided to walk up to the waterfall called Devil's Punchbowl. It was quite an uphill walk but with many wooden steps so it wasn't too hard. You could see an original path through the woods so it almost felt a shame they had decided to build all these raised wooden steps because it ruined the experience a little. The forest on the other hand was incredible and as if it was straight out of a Lord of the Rings scene. So overgrown with moss and lichen. It was one of the oldest feeling forests we've been too and it was very sad to see everyone just power through it to get to the final destination as soon as possible. That's the trouble, everyone has become so obsessed with the destination they forget to enjoy the journey along the way. I spent so much time photographing mushrooms but I get so much enjoyment in capturing images of the things everyone overlooks. I feel the small things are so unappreciated and it's such a shame because there's so much beauty all around. The waterfall itself was rather impressive but I definitely fell more in love with the forest. On our drive back we pulled over several times to take photos and appreciate the ever-changing view. The rain had drawn in so when we arrived back at our Airbnb our host helped us light our log burner and we spent a good hour just talking to her. That's what we love about Airbnb, it's more personal and you get to meet some really lovely people.Read more

  • Day418

    Our first New Zealand snow

    April 10 in New Zealand

    It's hard to believe we've been here 8 months and we haven't yet experienced snow, until today that is. I'm sure it has snowed since we've been here but never where we were staying. This morning we woke up to snow coming down thick and fast outside. The ground was quite wet but it was falling so quickly that some of it was managing to pitch. It felt like today was going to be a day of not doing much but I then wondered how the snow would change the places we visited yesterday. We knew we had to go and check it out, but first it was time for pie. Springfield has one garage, one dairy, a pub and a cafe, nothing more. We walked to the cafe hoping for one of their stone baked traditional pizzas only to discover that the pizza chef no longer works there so it's off the menu. We both resorted to sharing two different pies and a coffee to try and warm us up before we set out on our drive. We headed back on Arthur's Pass and as we drove further the snow got thicker. It was still coming down heavily so we couldn't see much but a few close up mountains near by. It was incredible how in 24 hours the whole landscape could change so dramatically. We drove to Castle Hill and braved getting out the car. The snow came up to our knees in places and the rock formations looked as if someone had sprinkled icing sugar all over them. We had a snow ball fight, Nick lost, before our fingers felt as if they would drop off. After 10 minutes we were freezing and made a mad dash for it back to the car. If the snow hadn't of still been falling it wouldn't have been so cold. After trying to regain feeling in our fingers we head back on the road deciding it was getting too heavy and we needed to get back. The great thing is that the community is so prepared for this that the gritters and ploughers were out in force clearing the roads from the start. After only driving a minute or two the snow stopped and the sky began to clear and suddenly the most breathtaking scenery was all around us. It was jaw droppingly beautiful and we pulled over in every layby we could to get out and admire the view and take photos. We eventually made it back after lots of stops and got the fire going as soon as we got in to warm up our cold feet. Nick accidently smashed a wine glass last night so we knocked on the door to apologise to Lesley, our host, and this resulted in another long chat and a chance to meet her 3 week old puppies belonging to her dog Molly. They were a crossed breed of a poodle and a much smaller dog (cannot remember the name) and they were adorable. It was very hard to give them back after having a cuddle. She was completely fine about the wine glass so that was a relief. We've really enjoyed our stay in her home so it'll be a shame to have to leave tomorrow but that's travelling I guess.Read more

  • Day29

    NZ- Jet Boat Canyon Safari

    March 14, 2017 in New Zealand

    Naja, damit uns nicht zuuu langweilig wird bei dem ganzen Nichtstun, haben wir heute noch 'ne Jet Boat Canyon Safari gemacht! Was ein Spaß 😁😀

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