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  • Day142

    Abel Tasman Cruise

    February 4, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    The morning was a little more relaxed today and the sun was still shining! Woop! We set off for Kaiteriteri at the northerly point of the Abel Tasman national park where we were due to catch a ferry. The road was another unsealed New Zealand special, winding up and down more hills and full of pot holes and ridges that made the journey once again a little unpleasant, the views this time were much nicer though!

    We arrived at the campsite and DOC office and walked out onto the beautiful golden sand beach to wait for our boat. It was a stunning beach and clearly very popular with visitors and trampers (walkers) alike with a camp that housed up to 1000 people. It would have been nice to do the whole coastal walk of five days but maybe we will save that for when I'm a bit fitter.

    We boarded our catermaran using a little bridge they folded out onto the shore and took a pew downstairs. The journey south to Anchorage took about an hour and we headed upstairs for the majority of it to enjoy the view even more. The coastline is considered one of the best and it is no surprise. So many golden bays, lush green mountains and gorgeous blue sea, dotted with rocks. We saw a stingray at one of the beaches we docked at and a couple more seals too on sections of rock.

    Anchorage was gorgeous, the bay curved right around the long beach and behind us was the forest waiting for us to explore. We chose a walk to Cleopatras pool which was a two hour return and should leave us time to enjoy the beach too. The walk was a bit steep in places, a lot more difficult than anything I have done in a while but the views made the effort worth it. Torrent bay was visible over sections of walk and as the tide was out the blue sea mixed with swirling ribbons of sand that came far inland. We really enjoyed the walk, the bush is gorgeous and full of the sounds of cicadas, which are honestly deafening at times and I cannot believe they can make such a noise! The pool was a pretty place, shallow waterfalls and a big pool that looked very inviting for a swim and made us wish we had time. I managed to fall in a bit whilst walking from rock to rock so my foot at least got a dip! Not embarrassing at all :-/

    We got back to the beach with some time to spare and set about changing to have a swim in the sea. I went first and stopped once the water hit my was freezing! Rob went next and decided to just run and jump, it was still cold, he never got used to it lol. Eventually we sat and sunned ourselves to dry off and then caught the boat back to camp, enjoying the coastline views again on the way.

    From here it was another drive along the gravel road and then to our next camp for the night at Richmond.

    Our final stop off for the day was to a cave which people online had advised was spectacular. The one downside was the steep climb that everyone mentioned, very very steep and very high. We went for it though and after walking along a dried up riverbed for a while we cane to the steep walkway up. It was steep from the off and it never let up. They weren't kidding when they said it was tough. We had to keep stopping for me to catch my breath (and consider just turning back) but I managed to plough on. It felt never ending as each corner revealed another section and then another and as we got higher it became more of a clamber at times than a walk.
    Eventually though the cave came into view and it really did make the jaw drop. I have never seen anything like it. Absolutely cavernous and the ceiling just filled with thousands of phytocarsts which hung like daggers. We walked along the lookout into the cave and you couldn't see the bottom at all, it was massive. We tried to capture it in photos, which turned out to be quite impossible, and then headed back down the horribly steep path to the car.

    We rewarded ourselves with a pizza Hut pizza, where we also noticed the odd attire of some old local ladies who were dressed nice but with purple caps on their head that made them look like they should be on a coach trip, before heading to bed exhausted.
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  • Day15

    Abel Tasman Coast Track: Day 4

    January 7, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Early wakeup to reach in time the low tide at Awaroa: that crossing was fun and the water super cold!!!
    In the afternoon we stayed at Totaranui camping: finally a shower, electricity, a small supermarket, wifi and more than 20 people around us!
    Last dinner and night of the track... a little bit sad, but dreaming of a normal bed!!!Read more

  • Day15

    Abel Tasman Coast Walk, Totaranui Bay

    January 12 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Now it's time for me to walk at least a short part of the famous Abel Tasman Coastal Walk!
    I drove to Totaranui Bay and started my walk from here. Luckily it's not so warm today. ” Only” 25 degrees so it's actually good, that I had so much other things to do yesterday when it was much warmer.
    Lite little breeze from the ocean was fitting perfect.
    It is a really, really nice walk, 350.000 people are every year walking at least a part of the Track.
    I really would like to do the hole one another time. 😉
    So I will definitely come back here again, to walk all the way and do another Canyoning trip😉

    Shortly after I started my walk I saw two Wekas in the bush and after a little closer look I even saw the two young ones beside them. Nice to see them, they are also really rare and you can just find them I special parts of New Zealand, obviously only on the south island.

    After a nice walk I came to this beautiful beach and stayed there a little bit too long, so I decided to not walk to the next beach as well and instead walk back and drive up to Puponga where I will spent the night.
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  • Day13

    Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

    November 9, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    Abel Tasman NP definitely lived up to its reputation as amazingly beautiful. We took the Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle out to Medlands Beach and spent a couple of hours hiking and relaxing on the gorgeous beach. Best spot ever for a picnic...and we found a few friends along the way.

  • Day100

    NZ South - Abel Tasman Park Wassertaxi

    October 22, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Heute war wieder Wandern angesagt. Mit dem Wassertaxi fuhren wir zuerst an den Buchten des Parks vorbei und bekamen einen ersten Eindruck vom kleinsten Nationalpark Neuseelands. Nach einer 2,5 h Bootsfahrt (Route siehe Bild) wurden wir in der Bark Bay ausgesetzt.

    Als wir an Land gingen, glaubten wir unseren Augen kaum, wir sahen dass der Weihnachtsmann von unserem Wassertaxi abgeholt wurde! Tja auch sein Urlaub geht mal zu Ende! 😉Read more

  • Day127

    Abel Tasmen Nationalpark day3_1

    March 16, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Der letzte Tag der Wanderung durch den Abel Tasmen Nationalpark bricht früh an. Wir müssen um 8:30 eine Engstelle direkt am Campingplatz überqueren. Diese Engstelle ist nur bei Ebbe zu überqueren. Wir sind etwas spät dran, daher heißt es nun, Hosen aus und schnell auf die andere Seite. Die Flut kommt schon langsam wieder. Das Wasser reicht zum Teil bis über die Knie. Angekommen auf der anderen Seite heißt es, die nächsten 3 Stunden nochmal zu genießen, bevor uns das Wassertaxi am Zielort abholt.Read more

  • Day13

    Casual Sunset Walk at Abel Tasman

    January 15, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Nach einem beglückenden Abendessen mit vorgeschlagene Bauch gingen wir noch den 20-minütigen Spaziergang zum Strand. Die Flut hatte wieder eingesetzt, sodass wir direkt die volle Wasserpracht vor Augen hatten. Und der Anblick aus den spiegelnd klarem Wasser, dem Gebirge im Hintergrund, goldenem Sand und den aufgrund des Sonnenuntergangs wechselnden Farben am Horizont war es mir wert einen extra Footprint zu erstellen 😊.
    Zusammen mit Valerie, Alice, Allie, Dani, Laura, Lea und Stella genossen wir zunächst die Stille, mussten aber dann mit paar Tänzen zu Musik die ankommenden Mücken verjagen (also niiie das Bugspray vergessen 😉). Am Abend relaxten wir noch ein wenig in unsrer Freiluftunterkunft und gaben der quirligen Alice von der Isle of Man noch ein wenig Deutschunterricht.sie schlägt sich schon nämlich super und möchte für unsere geplante Oktoberfest Reunion bestens vorbereitet sein 😂. Ihr bisheriger Favourite ist der Büstenhalter, es geht aber nichts darüber, wenn sie kleiner, grüner Dinosaurier mit ihrer natürlich hohen Stimme sagt oder auf Deutsch flucht 😂. Leider kann ich hier keine Audiodateien hochladen..Es ist aber zum schießen..
    In diesem Sinne geht's jetzt ins Bett, gute Nacht 😊.
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  • Day180

    Abel Tasman North - Anapai & Mutton Cove

    December 26, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    We drove to the other side of the peninsula, to Totaranui. This small town/campsite is named after the Totara trees, another giant tree, that line the driveway. It's always busy here because it marks the official end of the Abel Tasman Great Walk, one of NZ's most popoular hikes. But, because of Christmas and the start of the NZ "summer holidays" for schools, it was extra busy. We intended to hike a trail that was a bit further out and quieter, in the hopes that we could still score a camping spot. As we feared, it was fully booked.

    It was a significant hike to the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula. But we figured we could easily make it there and back before the park closed. And leaving our camping gear in the van, we would be much lighter. Our timing was good. Because the tide was out, we could take a shortcut by wading across the river. It was a really cool way to start the track.

    The Abel Tasman Great Walk is known for it's beautiful bays. On the hike to the tip of the peninsula, the bays were no less spectacular. The majority of the track went through forest, but occasionally the trees opened to reveal a great view of the coastline below. And several times, the track went over the beach itself. All the campsites were along the beach and they were definitely full. In hindsight we were glad that we didn't stay. We also saw more shags hanging out on the edge of the surf.

    As we moved past the popular camping spots, the trail got rougher, including a scramble over a beach of boulders. But after a while, our efforts were rewarded. As we neared the lighthouse, the cliffs became steep and the wind was fierce. We thought we heard lots of seals barking. But as we came around the corner, we realized that the noise was coming from a speaker system. Plastic gannets were propped up on the rocks, and the sound system imitated their calls. We were fooled. Apparently the gannets were falling for it too. A real gannet (which is quite rare) flew by overhead. The hope is that gannets will colonize the rocks where they can be protected by the rangers.

    We ate the supper we had packed and hiked back to the van. The tide was up again, so we had to hike around the river mouth this time. On the home stretch it started to rain, a little extra motivation to walk fast. But we were back with plenty of time to spare before the park closed. That night it poured, so we had gotten lucky with the great weather during the hike and not tenting!
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  • Day109

    Abel Tasman Tag 3

    November 26, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Eigentlich wollte ich an Tag 3 noch den Schlenker am Ende des Abel Tasman machen, doch als es am Morgen schon wieder kurz geregnet hat und meine Füße nicht ganz so motiviert für eine weitere Wanderung waren habe ich die Chance genutzt, dass es in Totaranui einen Parkplatz gibt und somit auch eine Straße.
    Ich wollte kein Geld für die überteuerten Wassertaxis bezahlen und hatte mich entschlossen zu trampen. Eine Viertelstunde später wurde ich auch schon von einer Familie mitgenommen. Der Weg die Straße zurück ist viel länger und umständlicher, als der Wanderweg an der Küste. Somit bin ich am Ende bei 4 verschiedenen Leuten mitgefahren, aber ohne jemals lange warten zu müssen. 😊
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