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  • Day419

    Some people are awesome

    April 11 in New Zealand

    We've packed up our things and left our very cute Airbnb to travel to our next one. On route we passed through a town called Oxford. We were optimistic it would be at least large enough to have a stroll around but the shops were not extensive and with the rain it was hard to want to walk along the high street. Instead we called in at the local bakery for a morning coffee and pie to wake us up. We're a little obsessed with pies now because of the fact single portion pies are such a big thing here in NZ. My sister Katherine would love it! Nick had his first try at venison because we've seen so many deer farms around but I stuck to a standard country chicken which was with bacon and mushroom. It's such a filling, warming and homely snack that we're quite hooked on to the point where this may be a pie tour of New Zealand we are currently on! We did get to see Oxford's old jail block: a red building which I honestly thought were toilets. There's two cubicle sized cells and that's it. I'm pretty sure it'd be easy to break someone out seeing as the walls are made of wood but hey it seemed to work for the town in the olden days. Our next stop was a town called Cust, I think someone cut off the 'ard' from the sign. There was even less in Cust but there was a patchwork shop randomly on its own so we called in just to have a little look if there was any amazing fabrics for my quilt. There wasn't unfortunately and because we were the only customers we ended up talking to the owner quite a while because it felt like we couldn't just leave. She was lovely and all but it was a little awkward when she disagrees with the dairy industry. We were still a lot earlier than we could check in so we decided to head to the town of Rangiora which to our pleasant surprise is actually quite big with lots of amenities. It was here while strolling around that I realised my foot was soaking from the water on the ground so I looked at my shoes to discover a large part of the grip missing from the bottom and a long chuck of rubber from the side had gone too. You could feel the fabric inside so it was just soaking water up like a sponge. Luckily we had all our stuff with us so I could change socks and shoes. These were my hiking shoes as well so we are now on the hunt for shoes while near Christchurch. We did discover a UK food store which got us very excited but it was mostly junk food and highly priced. I did give in to some rolos and chewits though. Eventually after killing time we headed to our Airbnb where we were greeted by Sheryl, our host. She was very warm and inviting and you could tell she is a mum. Her husband Rob came home later on and we ended up talking to them both for 4 and a half hours and she made us dinner. I think they missed the company of their daughters. When Rob was a student he cycled over India and ended up getting rather sick so a family in a village took him in and looked after him for a week. That sparked a friendship and they've been visiting the family in the village ever since, even with their daughters. As much as you talk to be about India and try to explain it unless the person has been there it's just impossible for them to understand what it is like. We haven't been to a country like it since and I doubt we will again but 100% I'd go back to India any day in a heartbeat.Read more

  • Day420

    Some much needed down time

    April 12 in New Zealand

    Even though we haven't really done much recently we still are taking a while to adjust back into travelling life. It's surprising how exhausting constantly planning, packing and moving on really is which is why we are so looking forward to our campervan where our home and all our belongings just follow us around. We woke up to have a glorious breakfast prepared by Sheryl waiting for us at the table. We enjoyed homemade granola with yoghurt, freshly baked bread with homemade jams and even proper coffee from a coffee machine. They haven't had many guests stay, I think because of their location, and they've discovered that next door do Airbnb as well so they really are going above and beyond to make our stay perfect. It's a welcome level of luxury but it also does feel a little smothering so without really a plan for the day we just decided we needed to head out. We went to the town of Kaiapoi which doesn't have lots to offer but we enjoyed just strolling around. We visited the museum and art gallery which had some beautiful photographic work by a student on display. The prices were sky high which was unfortunate because I would have bought a print if it wasn't so dear. The museum had lots of information on the recent earthquakes and the war. They almost needed a little background info put in the war section because not being from New Zealand I'm not even sure which war they refer to. I assume the Vietnam war but it's all glossed over and referred to as if you already know. Apart from that it was a good museum to look around and not too large where it becomes overwhelming with information. The weather is being rather strange at the moment so this morning after warming up by the fire we headed out in wooly hats but come lunch time had to take off a few layers because it had warmed up so much. I think it's just how it will be from now on but it's a little hard to prepare for. We spent the afternoon relaxing in our own private lounge watching taken 1 and 2. It felt good to have this time just to ourselves to chill out especially when we know what busy travelling days lie ahead for us.Read more

  • Day24


    December 10, 2017 in New Zealand

    Hier fährt man als Neuseeländer am Wochenende hin... Mit seinem Geländewagen und Speedboat 🚤...
    Zum Beispiel um mit dem Jeep den Fluss zu durchfahren...
    Aber es war ein sehr schöner Stop und erst diese Wasserfarbe!!!!

  • Day120


    December 7, 2016 in New Zealand

    Ein paar Bilder vom Strand 😍
    Als ich auf einer Düne saß, ist mir eine Bewegung im Wasser aufgefallen, die kurz aufgetaucht und dann wieder verschwunden ist. Es waren zwei Delfine, die in Nähe des Strandes geschwommen sind 🐬 konnte leider keine Bilder machen, da sie zu weit weg waren. Aber ich habe mich unglaublich gefreut, Delfine gesehen zu haben 😊😁

    Später bin ich dann noch kurz in die Werkstatt gefahren, da mein Auto Geräusche von sich gegeben hat, als würde gleich der ganze Unterboden abfliegen. Im Endeffekt war nur ein Stein in meinen Bremsen 😂😂😂Read more

  • Day123


    December 10, 2016 in New Zealand

    Ich habe die letzten 3 Nächte, auf einem Campingplatz in Kairaki, bei Kaiapoi verbracht. Das Wetter war nicht ganz so toll, daher habe ich nicht so viel unternommen.
    Heute war ich dann auf dem Markt und habe mir Gemüse gekauft, bevor ich weiter gefahren bin.

  • Day27

    Campinglivet kan börja

    January 21 in New Zealand

    Även denna förmiddag skulle spenderas på de Nya Zeeländska vägarna. Planen för dagen var att åka från Hokitika och vidare till Christchurch för att byta ut vår SUV till en husbil. Förhoppningsvis skulle allt gå enligt planerna denna gången. Pratandes om den trevliga gårdagen påbörjade vi körningen och hade siktet inställt på att hitta en trevlig restaurang längs vägen för att äta frukost. Det visade sig vara lättare sagt än gjort då alla restauranger vi passerat haft söndagsstängt. Vi höll tummarna att något snart skulle dyka upp så vi kunde få vårt morgonkaffe. En stor skulptur av Gollum på ett hustak påkallade vår uppmärksamhet. Vi stannade till och upptäckte till vår stora glädje att vi kommit till en öppen restaurang. Gården runt huset var belamrat med skulpturer, unika prylar och djur. Vi hade kommit till ett riktigt unikt ställe. Min första reaktion var att hela gården och även huset var fullt med skräp. Men när vi tittade närmare på alla prylarna var de samlarobjekt och noga utvalda. Vi upptäckte förutom Gollum även en Gandlaf i fullhöjd. Vi hittade ett ledigt bord och beställde kaffe, scones och äggröra. Solen sken och vi kunde inte ha det bättre. Vi orkade inte äta upp allt bröd så vi gick ner till djurhagarna för att se om någon krabat kunde vara sugen.

    I ena inhägnaden låg ett flertal små griskultingar och sov. Så fort vi sträckte fram brödbitarna vaknade de och nöffade glatt. Uffe var noga med att alla skulle få en varsin bit. En trevlig upplevelse som satte guldkant på frukosten. Resten av bilfärden till Christchurch fortsatte utan fler stopp. Vi lämnade smidigt in vår hyrbil på flygplatsen och promenerade 500 meter till företaget Britz. Det var lång kö för att hämta ut husbilen. Helt okej för oss då de hade öppet wi-fi. Vi kollade upp rutten för eftermiddagen. Ytterligare några timmar skulle vi spendera på vägen som löpte norrut till Kaikoura som skulle bli vårt boende för natten. Spännande att bo i husbil de kommande fem dagarna.

    Äntligen blev det vår tur att hämta ut husbilen som visade sig vara både stor och fin. Det skulle inte gå någon nöd på oss med en fullutrustad sexbäddars husbil med allt en riktig inbiten campare hade kunnat önska. Vi fick en genomgång av alla funktioner men det jag var mest intresserad av var hur man skulle tömma toaletten. Uffe som skulle köra bjässen frånsade sig uppgiften att även ta hand om den biten. Jag kände att jag borde bidra med något, dock är jag extremt äckelmagad. Efter lite diskussion kom vi fram till att den som använde toaletten flest gånger skulle tömma. Nu gällde det att knipa ;).

    Uffe hoppade in i förarsätet och rullade ut från parkeringsplatsen. Det var inga problem för honom att manövrera den lilla lastbilen och vi rullade säkert norrut. Vid en större by utanför Christchurch stannade vi för att äta lunch och handla på oss förnödenheter. Ska vi campa ska vi göra det ordentligt och laga all mat själva. Vi kom ut från affären med välfyllda matpåsar och packade in allt i vårt nya kök. När allt var ordentligt inlagt fortsatte vi färden mot en fårfarm i Kaikoura där vi skulle campa med husbilen för natten. Vår strategi var att stå på billiga/gratis campingplatser varannan dag då vi inte behövde varken ladda 12-volts batteriet eller fylla på färskvatten. De andra dagarna skulle vi välja campingplatser med fler facliteter.

    Molnen hopade sig och det började så småningom regna när vi körde längs havet. Det tog sin lilla tid att komma fram till farmen eftersom det var vägarbeten längs den lilla kustvägen. Vi roade oss med att glatt vinka till alla vägarbetare vi såg. De vinkade glatt tillbaka och verkade inte nämnvärt påverkade av regnet som öste ner. Vi rullade in på fårfarmen och stannade till på en gräsplätt osäkra på var de ville att vi skulle stå. Vi möttes av en kvinna som gav oss tummen upp och även två nyvärpta ägg till frukost dagen efter. Precis utanför vårt fönster gick får och mumsade på det gröna gräset. En rogivande syn som inte var helt fel att laga mat till. Vi hade en riktigt mysig kväll och kände oss redan som rutinerade campare.
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  • Day35

    The long journey to Christchurch

    November 2, 2017 in New Zealand

    We were up early to check out and walk to the airport. After checking in we got a croissant and drink for breakfast and waited for our first flight at 9am to Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the lack of leg room the flight went smoothly and just over three hours later we arrived in KL. It took ages to get through immigration but it wasn’t a problem as we had a long layover.
    Luckily we could drop our bags off early and had a drink before going through security. We then watched a film before getting some lunch whilst David had a beer. Then we boarded our flight ready for the long haul to Auckland, as soon as we got on we realised it wasn’t going to be the smooth half full plane we had got from London. Luckily we managed to change to two seats near the window giving us a bit of our own space (and a bit further from the kids). The food was and rubbish and our moods matched by the time we landed. After finding our way over to the domestic terminal we got a tea, pie and McDonalds breakfast muffin (for David). A few hours and a short flight later we landed in our new home, Christchurch. We got a shuttle to our Airbnb before heading out for a pizza and bottle of wine. This was followed by an early night as we were both shattered.Read more

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