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  • Day73

    Volcano boarding, Baby...

    May 22, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Things to do when you visit León: volcano boarding!
    Der Aufstieg auf den Cerro Negro war nicht gerade einfach, aber die Aussicht einfach unbeschreiblich. Der Vulkan ist Teil einer Kette von Vulkanen die zwischen zwei Erdplatten entstanden sind und ist sehr aktiv. Er brach das letzte mal 1999 aus und man kann von oben gut das Ausmaß der erkalteten Lavaströme und der verteilten Asche sehen. Beim Blick in den Krater kann man Rauch aufsteigen sehen und bei Windstille dessen Hitze spüren. Wer ein Loch in den Boden buddelt kann sich auch schon mal die Finger verbrennen. 😱 Nach den berauschenden Aussichten ging es dann auf dem Board, das ich eigenhändig rauf geschleppt hatte, in kürzester Zeit wieder runter. 😂 Hat total Spaß gemacht und war nicht so schnell, wie ich gedacht hatte oder die Bilder den Eindruck vermitteln... 😜Read more

  • Day131

    Cerro Negro (León), Nicaragua

    May 11, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Heute früh geht es mit einigen anderen Leuten für mich zum Vulcanboarding anf den Cerro Negro. Es ist ein aktiver Vulkan ca. 25 Km von Leòn entfernt. Nach einer kurzen Autofahrt sind wir im Nationalpark angekommen und da ist schon der Vulkan den wir mit all unserem Gepäck erklimmen müssen!
    Der Aufstieg ist recht mühelos da einige Leute dabei sind die öfters mal eine Pause brauchen. Aber auch der Wind macht es um einiges angenehmer bei 32°C einen Vulkan zu besteigen!
    Oben angekommen nach ca. 1 Stunde Bergmarsch machen wir noch einige lustige Fotos bevor es dann mit den Holzbrett den Vulkan runter geht!
    Mit dabei ist Hasan (Sani) aus Lybanon der schon über 1,5 Jahre auf der Reise ist!
    Gegen den mache ich dann auch das Rennen auf dem Holzbrett!
    Doch davor erklärt uns unser Guid die Historie des Vulkans und der Umgebung .... leider wie überall auf der Welt haben auch hier die Menschen noch nicht verstanden wozu die Natur gut ist! Stattdessen wir alles abgerodet und abgebrand damit man das anpflanzen kann was mehr Ertrag bringt aber der Natur um das mehrfache schadet!

    Ja gut dann hieß es Anzüge anziehen und bereit machen zur Abfahrt! Mit den gelben Overalls sahen wir wie übergroße Küken aus!
    Die Abfahrt war schon sehr holprig und staubig ... aber das Rennen konnte ich locker für mich entscheiden!😉👍
    Zurück im Hostel habe ich es mir bis Nachmittag erst mal gemüdlich gemacht!
    Gegen 15 Uhr sind wir dann noch mal an den Strand von Las Pañitos. Heute waren aber schon einige Leute mehr da! Abkühlung im Ozean habe ich vergeblich gesucht ... den das Wasser war echt unglaublich warm!
    Heute war aber dafür den Sonnenuntergang auch um einiges schöner als gestern!
    Abends in León zurück sind wir mit der Rica noch mal in die Stadt was zu essen suchen! Siehe da heute ist auf dem Marktplatz eine kleine Veranstaltung mit Live-Musik und Essensständen.
    😀 oh mein Gott es gibt Pupusas ... dass sind die Meistaschen gefüllt mit Hänchen, Käse, Bohnen oder Rindfleisch aus El Salvador😍
    Den Bauch mehr als voll geschlagen haben wir dann auf dem Marktplatz gemüdlich gemacht und der übertrieben lauter Musik gelauscht bis wir dann gegen 1 Uhr zurück im Hostel waren!
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  • Day11

    Cerro Negro

    February 10, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ 🌬 27 °C

    The neighbour's rooster wakes me up this morning. It's about 6am so it's not that bad. It took me 2 minutes to fall asleep last night, I guess our trek in the heat was a pretty good workout after all.

    This morning another adventure awaits; we will go boarding down a volcano called Cerro Negro. It is the youngest Volcano in Nicaragua and it is still active. David our guide picks us up at 8am. He tells us that they estimate that Cerro Negro erupts every 20 years. The last eruption was in 1999. We first think he is kidding but he is serious 😳. If there is any sign of activity they would warn us and not allow any tours to get nearby. We should be okay.

    The ride in the Jeep is thankfully not as bumpy as yesterday. There are three other tourists with us going to the activity. Two are American and the other is Columbian.

    Once we get at the base of the volcano, David gives us a backpack and a board. We have 45 minute climb to get to the top. As we ascend we feel the wind becoming stronger and stronger. Our boards catch in the wind and try to pull us like a sail. We have to adjust the way we hold it or else get pulled somewhere we might not want to go. As we get near the top we drop our stuff and head to the other side of the top to see the lovely view and feel the heat of the volcano. You simply dig 20 centimetres and you can feel it being very hot. You also se the steam rising from the hole. You could easily cook an egg.

    After a couple cool photos we head back to our boards. We put on our gear comprised of coveralls, face mask, goggles and gloves. We kind of look like a bunch of minions. We head to the start of the descent after getting the instructions from David. I am a little nervous as the incline from up here can be intimidating. We do no see the bottom as the second half has an even stronger incline. I go first while the others watch. It is pretty fun and I start picking up some speed. Halfway down I feel the incline difference and pick up more speed, I feel rocks flying around me hitting my goggles. I'm glad I have them. Near the bottom my board gets full of rocks and sand and slows down my board to a stop. I have to empty my board before slowing descending the last part of the descent. This was fun. Too bad it's another 45 minutes to get back up.

    We put all our gear away, have a snack and head back to town. We stop for a beer to celebrate surving another adventure 🍻. We exchange contact information with David as he took photos of us and will share them.

    We head back to the hostel to pack our stuff and get ready. We are going to San Jorge for the night. We will sleep there before heading to an island the next day.

    Today is a really windy day. When we arrive at San Jorge we see the trees go sideways and the waves on the lake nearby are about 5 feet high. We try to find a restaurant after checking in our Hostel and find nothing of interest as ther is way too much wind by the water. We decide to dine at the Hostel restaurant. We have pizza and beer 🍕🍻. Tonight we go to bed early watching the Grammy's for a little while.
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  • Day41

    Volcano Boarding, Cerro Negro

    April 15, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    I went volcano boarding on the Cerro Negro today. Unfortunately volcano boarding it is not really convenient with kids, so i had to do it alone. It was fun, though it was slower than i expected. More pics will follow.Read more

  • Day27

    Volcano attempt number two

    January 29, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    I hiked up a live volcano and then slid down the side of it on volcanic ash on a wooden board at a 45 degree angle!!

    Never thought I would do that! The lawyer in me is saying an extreme sport will not be covered by insurance and is this a good idea!

    I did ask alot of questions though after the last debacle!

    This is the only place in the world where you can do this so I think it is a must. The volcano is Cerro Negro and it is one of the youngest and most active volcanoes in Central America.

    We set off at 6.30am in a four wheel drive and everyone had a proper seat! An hour's drive and then we start hiking. Check out my board!

    It wasn't too bad but it is abit slippery climbing over the loose volcanic rocks.

    Going early we miss the heat and the crowds. Its very windy at the top though. On go the protective suit, gloves and goggles and we are ready!
    Leaning back makes you go faster and you keep your heels on the ash as you go down.

    Some people can clock up speeds of 100km. The record is 175km on a bike but the guy that did that broke both his arms legs collarbone and various other bones on his first attempt when his bike broke in half!

    It was so much fun and I wanted to go faster but couldn't lift my heels up high enough! The guide said he was very impressed with my run! Some people didn't slide much at all and others only half way down. We all got covered in ash though with lots of grit and little rocks in our hair.

    Totally exhausted though. After getting lunch we set off for Granada about three hours away.

    Once in Granada we get the most extensive and comprehensive safety briefing so far! Basically never go anywhere alone, if out at night get a taxi, if you go out at night beware of everyone, don't use any ATM that doesn't have an armed guard, only venture three blocks down the main street, avoid side streets, particularly the one that runs right pass the hotel!!, don't walk through any park after 5pm and then a list of alot of places you can't go near and a list of other places where you can go but you must get the hell out of there before 4.30 when its starts to go bad!

    We are all wondering if the hotel is the best place to spend our time!

    We head out for dinner and the main street and square are very lively. We have a great meal sitting outside with lots of street entertainment.

    An excellent day!!


    The crater at the top of the volcano
    What we climbed up
    Protective gear blown up by the wind
    What we saw as we started our slide!
    Down we go!
    Off I go!!
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  • Day27

    More volcano shots

    January 29, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Little people at the top of the volcano
    We walked across here with high winds
    Lovely natural colour
    A little person on my shoulder
    You can see the sliding path on the volcano
    About to do a backflip right off the volcano - you can't tell but it was a sheer drop and quite windy!Read more

  • Day52

    Volcano Bording Cerro Negro

    February 17, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    The real reason why most backpackers come to Leon are probably the surrounding volcanoes and the fact that you can slide down Volcano Cerro Negro on a wooden board.
    I was pretty freaked out about this activity as I thought people were standing on the board and I had no idea how to do that. But as I didn't wanna miss out I signed up anyway and was pretty happy to find out we were actually sitting on the boards.
    I booked the tour with Big Foot Hostel which I figured later was probably one of the most expensive operators. But they claim to have the fastest boards and included in the price was a T-shirt, a beer, a mojito and a dry and hard cookie :) Oh, and we had music on the truck ride to the volcano. I guess it was the Party Tour operated by the biggest Party Hostel in town but I actually enjoyed the vibe of the tour a lot - this was an activity to not be taken to serious so the whole party atmosphere just worked pretty well with it.
    So after a truck ride with the mentioned music we were dropped of at the foot of the volcano and got out equipment which we had to carry up there. The board is really just a wooden board with a sheet of metal on the back and another special sheet of some material on the backside approximately where you put weight on the board. This is supposed to be the secret that makes you faster. Additionally to the board everybody gets a backpack with the jumpsuit you gonna wear on the way down.
    They made it sound to be a pretty steep walk up the volcano and try to convince you to pay a guide to carry up your board. But after Acatenango the climb up was a fairly easy walk and it took us less than an hour.
    Once up on the volcano you catch a look into the main crater before getting ready to rush down again. The crater was pretty impressive and the earth up here was so hot - not from the sun but from the inside.
    No it was time to go down. We put on our jumpsuits which are one size so I felt like I was wearing one of these "blow-up-sumo-suits".
    We got a short introduction on how to use the boards. The main advice was to not try to brake once you are really fast. It's just gonna throw you over. You could try to just not become to fast by leaving your feet on the ground on both sides next to the board but once you have made the decision to lift your feet you kind have to keep going till the end. You gonna stop there anyway.
    We were over 30 people and even though I didn't wanna be first I knew I wanted to get down there without waiting to long. So I took my space as third in my row and that proofed to be the right decision.
    I hadn't seen anybody crash when I got on my board so I was pretty confident and just went without to much fear. It was probably one of the craziest things I've done so far. As soon as I was on the straight part I just tried to lift my feed and from there it didn't feel like I had a lot of control over what was happening. I rushed down the volcano kind of jumping and sliding and even though I couldn't keep my feet in the air it didn't slow me down that my feet were bouncing to the ground all the time. I even managed to let go with one hand to wave at the camera half way down :)
    I loved it and according to the guy with the speed gun I had 55km/h at the foot of the volcano. Knowing that the record is 95km/h and the record of our group was 71km/h it sounds pretty lame but it definitely didn't feel slow and thinking about a car with 55km/h and then seeing the wooden board and the volcano it was probably fast enough.
    Once I was down there it was great fun to watch the others coming down. Actually a lot of people crashed (but noone got really hurt) or went really slow because something wasn't working for them. So I was pretty happy I went down as one of the firsts because after seeing all this I would have probably thought about it a lot more. And of course it's a far better view from down there to watch people :)
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  • Day14

    Vulkan Cerro Negro

    September 6, 2016 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Mit dem Bigfoot Hostel ging es heute zum Vulkanboarden!
    Auf Lastern wurden wir zum Vulkan transportiert und wanderten dann circa 1h nach oben. War gar nicht ohne mit dem Board und dem Anzug im Gepäck hoch zu klettern. Zwischendurch hatten wir genug Zeit für Fotos und den tollen Ausblick! Oben angekommen ging der Blick erstmal auf die Piste nach unten. Sah steiler aus als gedacht! Wir waren super aufgeregt und hatten ziemlichen Respekt vor der Geschwindigkeit nach unten. Die Fahrt nach unten war dann ziemlich cool! Eine unglaubliche Erfahrung! Wer kann schon behaupten einen Vulkan heruntergerutscht zu sein?Read more

  • Day36

    Cerro Negro

    December 10, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Schwarzer Hügel, so schaut er auch aus der schwarze Vulkan inmitten einer grünen Landschaft.

    Wir waren heute Sandboarden. Ähnlich wie Bobfahren nur ohne Schnee☺
    Um 8 gings schon los mit dem Jeep zum Fuße des Cerro Negro. 45 Minuten Aufstieg, ausgerüstet mit Schutzbekleidung und dem Sandboard. Die Aussicht vom Kraterrand - ein Traum.
    Und dann rein in die Schutzkleidung und los gehts, sitzend auf dem Sandboard hinunter. Hatte anfangs richtig Angst, schaut verdammt steil aus. Aber die 25$ haben sich gelohnt, war wirklich lustig.
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