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  • Day6

    Last port of call - Bergen

    September 8, 2017 in Norway

    Another day off the boat as we explored the city of Bergen. We even had an hour of sunshine!!

    Our first stop was the Floibanen funicular railway which chugged it's way to the summit of Mt. Floyen for panoramic views of Bergen below. Whilst there we walked to and around Lake Skomakerdiket before giving our knees a real pounding with a ~3km serpentine walk back down to the town centre.
    Bergen itself is an eclectic mix of old and new, demure and brash with the working port seemingly the focal point. We looked around a few shops housed in old warehouse buildings and we walked past a busy fish market ( I assumed it smelt!), visited some gardens, the University and Johannes Kitken church area before getting back on board for Allison to attend a talk on circulation, and for me to have a quick snooze before we both joined the sail away party which kicked-off as we set sail for Southampton.
    Tonight it's out with the DJ and dickie-bow again for the second black tie event of the cruise followed by a visit to the theatre to listen to the entertainment team cover some Queen songs.
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  • Day12

    Bergen, Norwegen

    September 1, 2017 in Norway

    Heute gibt es nicht viel zu sagen, denn heute sind wir von Flåm nach Bergen gereist. In Bergen angekommen machten wir uns sofort auf den Weg zu unserer Unterkunft. Nach gefühlten 1000 Stiegen und einer Steigung von 25% kamen wir total fertig bei unserem Airbnb an. Allerdings reichte ein Blick aus dem Fenster, um uns für den beschwerlichen Weg zu entschädigen. Als erste Gäste von Inger Kristine können wir ihr Zuhause nur wärmsten empfehlen. Einfach nur TOP!
    Noch schnell ein leckeres Curry gekocht und gemütlich zusammensitzen. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Tage in Bergen.
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  • Day1

    Bergen, Norwegen

    August 12, 2014 in Norway

    Während meines Praktikums in Norwegen bin ich mit Kathi nach Bergen gereist. 10 Stunden fuhren wir mit dem Nachtzug von Oslo nach Bergen. Da uns Per unseren Urlaub 1 Tag vor Start erst genehmigte, hatten wir keine Zeit irgendetwas zu planen, ein Glück dass wir gerade noch eine Unterkunft gefunden haben. 5 Tag verbrachten wir in Bergen. Wir erforschten die Stadt, gingen einen Tag wandern und sandelten im Regen an allen möglichen Orten herum.
    Es war super lustig! Danke Kathi für den schönen Urlaub mit dir!
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  • Day13

    Bergen - Hoch hinaus

    September 2, 2017 in Norway

    Ausgeschlafen und voll fit wachten wir in bequemen Betten auf und frühstückten ausgiebig. Mit vollen Mägen machten wir uns auf den Weg, die Stadt zu erkunden. Zuerst besichtigten wir Brygge, welches wegen seiner alten Holzhäuser und engen Gassen bekannt ist. Da Samstag und wunderschönes Wetter war (zur Info: schönes Wetter ist in Bergen echt selten) trieb es die Touristen und Einheimischen förmlich aus ihren Häusern heraus.
    Da wir alle noch einen Muskelkater von Flåm hatten, beschlossen wir, den Aussichtspunkt mit der Fløybanen zu erkunden. Oben angekommen überwältigte uns der toller Ausblick über die Stadt. Wir wanderten noch etwas herum und machten Fotos.
    Wieder unten angekommen sahen wir zufällig einen gratis Ikea Bus und beschlossen spontan, den Menschenmassen zu entkommen und flüchteten zu Ikea.
    Mit günstigen Fleisch- und Gemüsebällchen versorgt stöberten wir durch die Schauräume und ließen uns inspirieren. Zum Schluss aßen wir noch einmal einen Hot Dog, um ausreichend gestärkt den steilen Heimweg antreten zu können.
    Eure Flickis
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  • Day14

    Bergen - Ultimativer letzter Tag

    September 3, 2017 in Norway

    Luxus ist, wenn man schlafen geht und sich keinen Wecker stellt - ganz nach unserem Motto "is wurscht wir haum eh zeit".
    Der letzte Tag war angebrochen und gut ausgeschlafen versuchten wir, noch möglichst viel norwegische Luft in uns aufzusaugen. Das Wetter war herrlich, weswegen wir den Tag ganz gemütlich im Bergenhuspark und in der Altstadt genossen. Am letzten Drücker shoppten wir auch noch ein paar Souvenirs für unsere Lieben und uns selbst. Ein Spaziergang am Hafen rundete den Tag ab und wir machten uns schließlich auf zum letzten Abendmahl in weiter Ferne. Was eigentlich als Restlverwertung dienen sollte, artete schnell zur Nudelsalat-Eskalation aus.
    1 KILOGRAMM Nudeln (!)
    1 kg Karotten
    Gurken, Tomaten, Mais
    2 Spitzpaprika
    2 Feta
    2 Äpfel
    3 große Frühlingszwiebel
    1 Sauerrahm + Essig
    Geheime Würzmischung
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  • Day399

    Bergen with Cath & Dorothy!

    July 30, 2017 in Norway

    We'd been looking forward to today because our friends Cath and her Mum Dorothy were coming to the city of Bergen on their Scandinavian cruise and we were meeting them for dinner!

    It was late on the Sunday morning by the time we arrived and suburban life was in full flow. Some were out walking with dogs, kids or both. Others were doing DIY, maintenance or having a good clear out.
    Modern, concrete good quality multistorey housing with terraces was mixed with large homely looking wooden board buildings.

    Nearing the city centre the van rattled slowly along cobbled streets, passing large groups of tourists and the cruise ships from whence they came, moored at the spacious marina. The sightseers soon thinned out and it wasn't long before the streets were quiet once again. It took a bit of time to find a suitable parking place but being Sunday, it meant that many restrictions were relaxed. We parked up in a marked bay on dead end road up the hill by the University, overlooked by grand stone townhouses in pastel colours, that looked as if they were now rented out as student accommodation.

    Walking down to the centre, we passed the tall steepled, red brick, St John's Church. The morning service had ended and inside only a few worshipers remained while the candles were blown out. There was a rich smell of wood and looking up, we found ourselves under a beautiful dark wooden ceiling.

    A wide pedestrian thoroughfare led us downhill alongside water that flowed along channels inset in the dark grey pavement and steps, before sliding smoothly over a flat slate of dark marble to form a waterfall.

    The dockside was where most people were clustered. Running along one side was an indoor fish market. This was more like a market than the one at Trondheim; it had several sellers, each with beautifully presented arrays of seafood and fish on ice, on their slanted silver metal counters. Gigantic crabs, prawns, salmon and oysters (at £3.50 each) were all available to take away, but you could pay extra and have them prepared into a meal for you to eat at one of the wooden slat picnic tables, sitting on chairs covered with plush cusions and sheepskins. Alternatively you could laze away the hours with a cocktail on one of the large, low grey sofas.

    A corridor of outdoor market stalls ran perpendicular to the angular head of the dock, each counter covered with a smart maroon awning. These sellers focused on street food, with cups of mixed berries, salami selections and freshly cooked meats and fish to take away. Prices displayed were in Norwegian Kroner and Euros, the cost of the latter being even higher than the former!

    Skirting round the dock we saw an eclectic range of boats, from huge modern cruise ships to little tour boats. We passed another electric car ferry charging its batteries and took time to peer at the expensive leisure cruisers and the sleek lines of classic sailing ships, one with beautifully varnished wood, another that looked brand new and spotless in smart navy colours.

    The two long sides of the dock were very different, the south side with its markets, appeared practical with wide streets and modern buildings. The north side contained the well preserved Bryggen area, with its wooden board warehouses painted in rich reds, blues, greens and deep yellows. The area within this old town sector had wooden floorboards and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The atmosphere that pervaded the traditional working area was different from that outside, whilst the internal spaces were all occupied by tourist shops, these sold handmade lace, rich brown moose leather products and traditional knitted jumpers and gloves to name but a few. Cheap tourist nik naks had not been allowed to distract from the 'ye olde worlde' feel.

    We were going to go up Fløyen mountain on the cable car but the £9 fee and our aching feet decided us against it and we instead wandered around a garden area with a fountain spilling over rocks upon which bronze statutes were perched. A large lake stood nearby, around which greedy gulls perched, their beady eyes studying those passers-by who had icecreams. Vicky's favorite place in Bergen had to be the ornate band stand around which bright flowers bloomed. People sat out on the neatly cut grass enjoying a bit of Sunday rest and relaxation.

    After returning to the van to sit with Poppy, we once again wandered down the hill to meet Cath and Dorothy at their hotel. We'd looked up a pub with good food and prices that were decent (for Norway).
    Pingvinen (The Penguin) was only half a kilometer away and we walked directly there through the heavy rain, catching up with Cath and Dorothy as we went.
    The pub didn't take bookings and it was lucky we arrived when we did because there were no free tables left. There were however, two friendly looking people sitting at a table for 6, so we asked whether we might join them and they happily agreed. They turned out to be British and really good company!

    There was all sorts on the menu, including reindeer, cod, moose and whale, but most dishes could be adapted for vegetarians. We both went for reindeer shank which was cooked perfectly and delicious with a hint of cinnamon. We'd decided this was the only meal we'd have out in Norway and so splashed out on beers. We chose the cheapest ale at £7 but it was Norwegian and tasted good. Cath and Dorothy are both great company and it really buoyed us up to be able to spend the evening with them, even if it did feel a bit bizarre just meeting just for dinner in a city so far away from the UK. We stretched out the time with another round of beer and walked back to the hotel, again sheltering under umbrellas. It would have been great to spend more time with them but our visit home in November doesn't seem too far away now and we are looking forward to spending time with many of our friends and family then!
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  • Day1

    A trip to Bergen

    April 23 in Norway

    The beautiful town of Bergen with its colorful houses and majestic fjords. The picture above was taken during a fjord cruise from the town. Unfortunately, the water was still frozen so the tour was not able to take us to the very end.

  • Day15


    September 4, 2016 in Norway

    Das wunderschöne, belebte Städtchen Bergen in Norwegen 🇳🇴

  • Day10

    200 kroners

    June 2, 2017 in Norway

    This morning was overcast and calling for rain all day.

    We checked out of our hostel and headed down to Flåm city where we were going to go on the fjordsafari.

    This is a 2 hour boat ride on the Aurlandsfjord and on the Nærøyfjord. The Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO world heritage site. Along the way we made stops at attractions and spotted for seals, porpoises (2nd smallest whale) and eagles. The rain also held off completely for the tour. The fjords are connected to the ocean so they have same marine life. It was seriously the most incredible thing I've ever seen. We saw the town called Undredal (population of 90 ppl) which was used as inspiration for Disney's Frozen. There is also this bnb on the top of a super steep mountain. It was once a farm but an American turned it into a bed and breakfast. He worked on it for 17 years. There is still no electricity today. There is a two year waiting list to stay at the bnb. The only way to get to the top is by boat then to hike (45 minutes if you're in good shape) to the top. When it was a farm, they had bought a tracker and when they delivered it they didn't realize that there was no road so they actually took the tracker apart and hiked it up the mountain piece by piece. Today, the motor of the tracker runs a cable to the top. Its used to carry the luggage up to the top for the bob so you don't have to hike with it. Norway has been one of a kind experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone (as long as you have a good job & can afford to eat 😂)

    After the boat trip, we walked around the city a little more and waited for our bus to Bergen.

    Waiting at the bus stop, we met this Australian couple who are traveling Norway for 3 weeks. We were talking about how expensive it has been here in Norway & how it's almost triple what we pay at home.... then they told us that it's almost 6 times what they pay at I feel bad for ever complaining 😂

    The bus to Bergen was about 3 hours long. The scenery from the mountains was beautiful and the tops were covered with snow. We went through a couple tunnels that went right through the mountains. One of them was about 20km long. While we were on the bus, there was a guy sitting beside me that wrapped his head in curtains... I'm not really sure what was going on.

    We arrived in Bergen and it was pouring rain. We got off the bus and had absolutely no idea where we were going. We looked at the directions our Airbnb host gave us and they were a little complicated. We google mapped it & it said there was no way to get there by public transit... after 20 Minutes of trying to figure it out we found out where we needed to go. Walked across the park in the pouring rain (in our Canadian ponchos) and got to the bus stop.

    A guy started talking to us about Canada at the bus stop (knew we were tourists by the poncho). I asked him how we buy a ticket for the bus & we had to go into the store to get one. Once we got back, we realized he was wasted... he also told us we can stay at his place if we wanted to.... omg creepy.

    Got on the bus & guess who sat right in front of us... the creepy man... yay -.-

    We got off the bus and walked about 300 meters to our Airbnb. Our host is awesome & has a whole set up of maps and directions to the nearest tram & buses.

    Our room has a panoramic view of Bergen and the beds are super comfy. Since it's raining & it was already 9pm, we were just going to stay in and watch a movie and hit the town tomorrow when it's supposed to be nicer.
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  • Day11

    Hasty Generalizations

    June 3, 2017 in Norway

    This morning we got up to get ready to explore the city of Bergen.

    There were beautiful skies, only a couple clouds with tons of sunshine (complete opposite from yesterday)

    We took some instructions with us on how to get to the tram & somehow we messed up. We turned left and basically walked parallel to the tram but one street down. For some reason, we decided it was a good idea to turn onto the industrial street. So after walking about 35 minutes, we came across the tram. Oops.

    Took the tram into the city like a local wohooo

    There was a fish market set up right in front of the harbour where they were cooking fresh fish & shellfish. It smelt so good!! We bought some strawberries & ate them while walking.

    We continued on to the UNECSO World Heritage site of Bergen which is a strip of buildings with pointy roofs and all different colours. Between the buildings were little alley ways where they had little art galleries and some tourists shops. I tripped atleast 3 times going through these. I blame the beautiful artwork for the distractions... 🙄

    We went on exploring the city walking through the streets of Bryggen. I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but this city is my favourite so far. It is so small and quirky, there's just something about it that makes you feel so happy inside.

    We walked along the harbour where we save a multimillion dollar yacht docked (it looks similar to the one on below deck). There were tons of people on their boats, listening to music & drinking beer in the sun. It's already amazing enough that I'm exploring northern Europe (I was only planning on doing this trip in 2019), but I wish I can afford just a beer here, nevermind the boat!!! A pint of beer is about 15$ Canadian & I just can't justify spending that much on a beer (Germany here we come, my liver is ready!!)

    We went back to the fish market where Kaylee bought some fresh fish and chips. But just to give you an idea on how expensive it is, she paid 36$ for a plate of food. It's insane. (I opted on skipping lunch today & I ate a frozen yogurt instead. Oops 😌)

    At the fish market, they had different types of sausage; reindeer, moose and whale. Kaylee tried them all. She said they tasted exactly like polish sausage. She bought the whale and reindeer ones to bring home to share with everyone (yuck, no thanks)

    We walked some more (surprise surprise) & just window shopped a little enjoying the beautiful weather and city. We went and sat in the city centre and people watched for sometime. The sun was so hot.. I now know how the Scandinavian people get so tan... I know its usually raining but when that sun does come out... damn!!

    We walked around a park where there was a huge water fountain in the middle. Again we stopped, sat and enjoyed the view a little more.

    We went to the train station where we looked to see if they had baggage storage for tomorrow & it's SURPRISINGLY CHEAP!! Who would have ever thought.

    We decided to get some dinner. We went to Los Tacos & got a burrito. It was so freakin good!! On the wall it said "make tacos not war" which was amazing. I love norway cause norway loves tacos so much. There's a taco place at least every block here. It's perfect.

    We went exploring of the other side of the city where we hadn't been yet. We saw some cool street art, a church, a museum & part of the university. Just when I thought I couldn't love Bergen anymore!!

    It started raining so we headed back to the apartment to take and shower & get ready for Germany tomorrow!!
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