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  • Day409

    Skiftessjøen Lake

    August 9, 2017 in Norway ⋅

    Our travels took us to the head of Hardangerfjord and up through the increasingly tight valley, following the white river that fed the huge fjord, the river itself being fed by many glorious waterfalls. The terrain became more and more rugged and we passed boulders bigger than houses. Eventually the landscape turned too precipitous to forge a path over it, so our course continued through it, in a series of tunnels that looped over themselves, allowing us to spiral our way up the steep mountain.

    Emerging at the top, we pulled over in a car park signed 'Vøringsfossen' and walked to a viewpoint where iron railings had been bracketed directly on to a natural stone platform. Peering over we found ourselves looking down what must have been several hundred metres of a sheer sided canyon. Several powerful waterfalls plunged down into a dark blue pool where the force of their impact caused a dense cloud of spray. We don't believe we've ever seen anything that compares to the scale of this before!

    From our viewpoint that looked out accross the canyon, we could see another that looked out over the drop at the head of the valley. We drove a few kilometres and finding the correct turning, parked up at the end of the road. There were works going on and viewing platforms, walkways and benches had recently been installed. We didn't think it was possible but the views from here were even more stupendous. The position we were viewing from allowed us to see the waterfalls more fully and get up close to two out of the three major ones. Beyond the plunge pool the white river snaked away along the flat but narrow floor of this incredibly deep valley.

    Leaving awestruck, we found ourselves on a plateau of sorts. While the terrain couldn't be described as flat, there were no longer dark towering mountains. We were over 1000m above sea level now and bright snow patches remained in protected lees and hollows. The land became boggy and meadows of white Cotton Grass began to crop up here and there beside small lakes, where the soft land had allowed a river to swell and bow out. We stayed in a restplace by one of these lakes. Amazingly it was still not raining when we arrived and there was somebody out rowing one of the tubby little boats we've frequently seen hauled on shore. There was a bitter wind so even before the heavy rain began to pelt the van we weren't tempted to launch our canoe.

    It was only once the low clouds rose later that evening that we realised we had parked facing the Harangerjøkulen glacier. Its gleaming white surface of snow had merged into the white of the cloud. It continued to play hide and seek with us as the variable weather closed in and cleared repeatedly during our stay.
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  • Day408

    Kvernabekken Park restplace

    August 8, 2017 in Norway ⋅

    We set off feeling positive because for once it wasn't raining! Our journey continued along the steep bank of the huge Hardangerfjord. When we stopped for lunch we found it was warm enough to enjoy sitting out on one of the restplace benches, with Poppy on her rug watching the other visitors coming and going.

    Norway's landscape is so extreme that many Norwegian roads need to be incredible feats of engineering. Before we found our overnight spot, we drove through a tunnel for nearly 8km and after navigating the underground roundabout, emerged directly onto the Hardangerbrua suspension bridge that sat high over the fjord, stetching more than 1km over the deep water. The end of the bridge plunged directly into the side of the mountain and another tunnel took us to the Kvernabekken Park restplace where we spent the night. From here we were able to take a short stroll and look down on to the bridge we'd just travelled over. In the evening, Will explored further and took the footpath down to the start of the bridge. He turned back at this point but could have walked across.

    Apart from the refuse collectors blasting their radio out at 7:45am the following morning, it was a peaceful night's stay.
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  • Day410

    Nesbyen layby, Hallingdalselva River

    August 10, 2017 in Norway ⋅

    The road ahead of us meandered into the distance, mimicking the river that meandered at our side.
    Lakes, ponds and puddles reflected the pale grey and blue sky whenever the land dipped below the water table, which was frequently. The ground cover was made up of pale green lichens, mosses and low lying sage coloured shrubs, dotted with light grey rocks; moraine left over from when a glacier scrubbed the surface of the land.

    Dropping down from the plateau the hills grew higher and were covered with mostly coniferous trees. A train line provided a high speed connection to Oslo and the slopes supported many holiday homes, although they were well spaced and many had green roofs, helping to minimise the visual and environmental impact. With increasing proximity to Norway's capital city, large caravan sites became frequent. Many of the plots had cabins with fenced off terraces for vans to pitch alongside.

    We parked up at a layby beside the flooded river Hallingdalselva. The cloud had gradually disappeared and we now had blue skies and heat -what a contrast to the dull, wet and cold morning! Will measured the water temperature as 17°C at the shallow edges but it grew considerably colder the deeper he went as he took a 'refreshing' dip.
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  • Day58

    Day 35: reinforcements arrived :)

    July 11, 2016 in Norway ⋅

    What a day!! Two of the most important people in my life and life-long confidants came to the Norwegian boonies to join me on my last week of the journey. I'm thrilled to see them and for the adventures ahead.

    After they arrived late Sunday night, we took our time in the morning and had our last big breakfast in "civilization" (the 4-hut town of Finse) and sorted out our backpacks and route plans. Around noon, we took off, circling around the huge glacier Hardangerjøkulen, with lots of snow fields, beautiful views and a picturesque waterfall. Merten and Elena got to practice changing into and out of their rain gear plenty today, as the weather changed constantly ;)

    What a beautiful reunion, fun hiking, and meaningful conversations. It was quite a change from the last 5 weeks of being just by myself, but I'm thankful for them being here and enjoyed every moment
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  • Day60

    Day 37: vertical adventures

    July 13, 2016 in Norway ⋅

    The first half of our day was fog-filled, but no less exciting. First, the trail brought us along the ridge of a vertical 900 meter drop. Even though we could not see anything, you could sense the amazing place we were at and the fog drifted into our faces upwind. Second, we climbed a steep track, scrambling up rocks and swampy parts, which lead us to declare the 8th world wonder of "the vertical swamps of the north" ;-)

    The second half of the day welcomed us with full sunshine and a friendly, steady downhill through green, lush meadows. What a treat it felt to get a full view of the mountains!

    With still wet clothes and tents from 2 days of fog and rain, we decided to rent in a little mountain hut for the three of us, grab a shower and dry our stuff. Civilization has its perks :)
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  • Day59

    Day 36: wrapped in clouds

    July 12, 2016 in Norway ⋅

    We had an eventful and fun second day together. The weather wasn't quite on our side, but we wouldn't let it bother us. We're working on adopting the Norwegian way of hiking: despite and well-equipped in any kind of weather :)

    Most of the day, we went through thick fog, which turned pathfinding on the trails - marked by red Ts on stones along the way - into a joint treasure hunt.

    The second half of the day went over a long dam with no view of the big lake whatsoever and then up a pretty steep ascent through swampy parts, over rocks and all in all in a beautiful, lush and green setting. The hike was challenging and really fun.

    The rain wouldn't stop, but we managed to put the tents up, with all our wet stuff in one and ourselves in dry sleeping bags in the other. A day successfully completed and feeling happy and fulfilled from being in this beautiful nature, we're ready to sleep soundly through the rainy night.
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  • Day61

    Day 38: back into the wild

    July 14, 2016 in Norway ⋅

    We had a fantastic breakfast at the cabin, and left energized on a day full of beauty and adventures. Our first stop was a spot with two tall waterfalls, which we really enjoyed - along with many other tourists, as it was right by the road and many drivers stopped there.

    Afterwards, we headed back into the wild on our trail headed south, following up the ridge of a mountain range and down into the next valley. There we went on smaller trails, making our way to a beautiful spot with views over a large canyon / fjord.

    We made camp with that view (picture 1) and went off on a quest to grab some water for dinner. The short hike to a nearby lake turned into 2 hours of trying to find clean water further away - the lake was muddy and a close-by river had dried out. But it was more than worth it, as we discovered our most amazing sight so far - see picture 4. We ended up finding water from a very small stream, filtered it to be safe, and definitely realized how previous clean water is and were thankful for a hot dinner.

    Along with dinner, we started a small fire and enjoyed the stunning view till late into the night. Time for bed now :)
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  • Day9

    Eidfjord - Idyllic Norwegian village

    July 12, 2017 in Norway ⋅

    Where - Eidfjord, Norway
    Weather - Cool / few showers - 14°C
    Steps - 18500 or 12km (and 46 storeys)

    Brad chose to wake early this morning so he could get a picture of the ship sailing under the Hardanger bridge which only has about 1 metre clearance. I preferred to remain in bed.

    We did not have any excursions organised so the day was ours to do as we wished. We set off to explore the quaint little township of Eidfjord nestled amongst the huge mountains. Exploring meant a lot of walking, particularly uphill to get some great view points so the legs are a little tired tonight.

    Some of the sights we saw was an old stone church built in 1309; a sod roofed house where the roof is made of grass/ flowers on a birch lined base; and a robotic lawnmower which we and some Americans found interesting but apparently is quite a common sight in places like Germany

    All in all it was quite an enjoyable day - the photos really don't do it justice.
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  • Day9


    September 3, 2016 in Norway ⋅

    Tag 9

    Die Brücke hat eine Gesamtlänge von 1.380 m und eine lichte Höhe von 55 m. Wegen der großen Wassertiefe des Hardangerfjords (nahe der Brücke bis 500 m) müssen die 202,5 m hohen Pylonen an Land stehen, damit hat die Brücke eine Spannweite von 1.310 m und war bei Eröffnung die längste Brücke in Norwegen und weltweit auf Platz 10. (Quelle: Wikipedia)Read more

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Eidfjord, Ейдфьорд, ইদফজোর্ড, Kommun Eidfjord, Eidfjord kommune, Эйдфьорд, Eidfjords kommun

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