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  • Day413


    August 13, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Leaving the paragliders at the top of our hillside overnight spot, we filled and emptied the van at the service point in the nearby town. It was provided by a petrol station so we topped up with diesel to thank them for the free services.

    Next on our agenda came Oslo, Norway's capital city. We'd chosen to do a 'City Sunday' to make parking our 7 metre long van easier and because we hoped the streets and attractions would be less busy. Unable to park at the Sculpture Park as planned, we persevered, squeezing through streets where cars had unthinkingly parked opposite each other, leaving barely enough room for the van. Will managed to find a space on a road in the university quarter, next to a well used basketball court. It was a warm, bright and all importantly, dry day. People, many of whom looked like students, sat out on the grass and staged seating as we passed and made our way in towards the centre through a corridor of hipster bars and cafés. A couple of street performers from New York, dressed in jazzy attire, took advantage of their captive audience.

    Once the stress of parking began to subside we began to feel and appreciate the area's relaxed atmosphere. Being Sunday, there were several 'Loppis' (flee markets), a fruit and flower market and a corridor of hippy street stalls that sold a wide range of items. Bristle brushes, baby hareem pants and silver bangles were all on display alongside doughnuts and grilled paninis. We enjoyed looking around this Camden Locks of Oslo but kept our krone safely in our wallet. Around this alternative area there was some great wall art with graffitid images, scenes and sculptures on the sides of the buildings.

    Reaching the city centre we walked up the wide pedestrianised Karl Johans Gate to the inauspicious yellow brick Parliament Building. From here we had a view of the grand columns of the Royal Palace that sat within the park at the end at the street. We read that the Norwegian royal family actually live here and unlike many such residences, the public can go right up to the doors.

    Skirting round the Parliament we headed towards the large docks, from where we could see cruise ships, old Navy ships with mines and missiles on board and traditional square sailed tall ships, now used for ferrying tourists. Looking down on all this was the faded red brick fortress, a sprawling complex of relatively new buildings atop a low cliff.

    Our final destination in the capital was Oslo Opera House, an amazing building whose appearance was modelled to represent a glacier. Made of white stone and glass, it was created with an inclined roof that you could walk up on to for views. It's wide roof pavement was made up of many sloped sections, butted on to other parts that slanted at different angles. You needed to keep your eyes on where you walked lest you stumble up or down one of these joins. A couple of cuboid metal buildings protruded from the smooth lines of the roof, the Braille-like dimples on their otherwise flat chrome sides, providing a contrast to the sea of straight lines. The descent allowed us a view of the people enjoying the space below at ground level. They appeared a little like the figures in a Lowry painting and having come to Oslo on a Sunday deliberately to avoid crowds, we had the unusual feeling that the people enjoying the building around us actually went some way towards making it what it was. Inside this stunning piece of architecture was an outer area containing a café, seating and a few informatiom stalls and displays. 15m tall clear glass windows looked out upon the water in the dock and shed light on the straight and rich gold wooden slats that sat vertically and spiraled round and upwards containing the inner rooms and auditorium.

    We returned to the van via a less salubrious neighbourhood, passing by 3 men in particular that you would not want to meet down a dark alley and one woman who looked like a heroin addict heading out to score. It allowed us to see an extra dimension to a country that consistently comes at or neat the top of the scoreboard for the highest standard of living, income equality and people's levels of happiness. It reminded us that some will still seek to exploit and others will invariably fall through the cracks, however small they are.

    Overall, we really enjoyed the layed back Oslo we saw. We are sure the fine weather helped in this, as we were surrounded by people making the most of their leisure time in the sunshine. Our favourite place by far was the Opera House, accessible for all to enjoy.
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  • Day8

    Judgemental eyes

    May 31, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Our plan didn't go as we thought this morning. We did get up at 7 to put on a load of laundry. We both went into the bathroom to try to figure out the machine... because it was in Norwegian. Long story short, we ended up putting our clothes in the drying with laundry detergent 😂 we quickly realized and had to put everything into the washer except half the clothes didn't fit (small then the dryer). Kaylee scooped our all the laundry detergent as fast as possible (our host was waking up) We successfully got 2 loads of laundry done expect we put the clothes in the drying & it took a solid hour just to dry bras and underwear. We hung some clothes up in the room and threw everything in the dryer and left (in hopes that when we came back it would be dry

    We went out and visited the opera house which was made out complete marble on the outside and the inside was just as spectacular. We went to the top of the building to get a good view of the city.

    We then went into Oslo central station to try to find where we're going tomorrow and ended up at the visitors centre. We grabbed a map and quickly look at what we wanted to see. We walked the main road and saw parliament, city hall and the royal palace. We also went into the Nobel Peace Prize Centre.

    It started to down poor so we wanted to get to the mall or somewhere where we could get food. I took out my Canadian poncho and rocked it with my sunglasses. Ive never seen so many people stare because of a poncho. A girls gotta do what she's gotta do to stay dry.

    We walked by Burger King & we decided to check the prices for fun cause we had no idea what it was going go be like.... I was floored. It was almost 15$ for JUST a hamburger. We then went into the grocery store where i soon found out that i will be starving myself until we get to Germany. The prices are almost triple what we pay at home.

    We got a oven pizza and brought it back to our place to make. We ended up having dinner with our Airbnb host who is a huge fan of Leonard Cohen. We talking for a good 45 minutes until I crawled into bed. This is where I plan on staying for the rest of the night.

    We also face timed with momma who I miss so much. It was nice to talk to her ❤️❤️
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  • Day14

    The graveyard, Ibsen and the river

    September 5, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    People by themselves doing their things in peace and solitude. Sunbathing, reading, listening to music, thinking. This is Oslo’s graveyard population. Nature and vast spaces makes it great for a sunny day like today. Munch and Ibsen are buried here.

    I came across Ibsen during this trip, and fell in love with what I heard about him. I will read some of his writings sometimes soon but I hope to actually attend a play! Irreverent, sharp and provocative. Poverty, psychological problems, and social rules are the main themes. His grave has a hammer symbol, representing the society falsity breaker.

    After the graveyard, I head towards the river where I find a thriving community of artists. Greenhouses cafes, riverside wooden meetup points, graffiti and street art. Oslo rules!
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  • Day90


    July 2, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    7am starts are ew.

    We said bye to the man host at 7:40 and walked down to the bus stop.
    It was a little awkward cause we were going to leave the keys on the table but accidentally woke him up - he was sitting in his chair with his shirt unbuttoned, massive gut hanging out and little short shorts on haha
    The bus stop is just outside..
    We at first were like phew! We have come at the perfect time - because it's Sunday there is only one bus every hour and it comes in 2 minutes.
    We waited
    And waited
    And waited
    But It didn't come.
    Panic set in.
    If we didn't get to the station on time we were totally screwed because we would miss the ferry and everything else that came after -.-
    Will wanted to walk to the shops and catch a different bus but I had other plans.
    We walked back to the house and I rang the doorbell, explained the situation and the lovely human that he was - he drove us 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    I just didn't want to risk walking to the shops to find out that bus only comes once and hour too because then what??
    I had privately guessed he would offer to drive us. I felt bad even asking but I was pretty stressed and desperate.
    Nothing was open at the station - including the ticket people...
    we had a go at the automatic machine.
    Bloody hell our ticket broke the bank.
    1000krone =$200 TO NOT EVEN GET A SEAT
    We have been told Denmark only has the one train company and no competition so they can charge whatever they want -.-
    We got breakfast then went and waited on our platform. The train came early so we got on - as everything around us was deserted we decided to sit in some of the seats and wait and see if we got kicked out.
    But no one came so we got to stay woohoo!!
    I had a little snooze. Will is listening to YouTube talks - its his new thing. I think the current one is about the Big Bang.
    Last night we watched one of top 10 countries likely to cause WW3.
    It's about 20 minutes before we have to get off and change trains.
    Another ticket person came and asked in a confused could if we were a group of 4. We said no and asked why....

    Each ticket covered 2 people.
    I'm so angry about it because if the stupid ticket people had been there we would have gone to them and not wasted $100

    Genuinely upset and annoyed.

    We changed trains without any issues - it was a very small station so our train was the only option.

    It was like a bus train - it had many scheduled stops but only actually stopped if you pressed the buzzer in the train.
    Everyone was going the same place we were so it was easy to find.
    We went and checked in again without any issues which was a relief because my email was in Danish so i had no clue lol.
    We sat upstairs for a bit because we were an hour early.

    We didn't end up having the magic truffles in Amsterdam and I had completely forgotten that I still had them until a sniffer dog walked by 😐😐😐😐😐 shit shit shit shit lol

    I went to the toilet and put them in the sanitary bin HAHa my bad.
    Mum don't stress, it's fine ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

    We made it on board. The boat is HUGE. It's more of a cruise ship than a ferry. It's got shops everywhere, money exchange, restaurants etc
    It's 8 levels and transports cars too.
    We found seats.
    It is wayyyyyyy more rocky than I expected such a big boat to be.
    Good luck Will - lucky he took a motion sickness pill before we got on.
    I went up to exchange money - there 200 note had a big fish on it which I found amusing. Must be an important type of fish. Maybe a Viking related fish 🤔
    As I was changing money I didn't know if It was the boat or if I was about to faint. It was such a bizarre feeling.
    I went and sat down and after a while decided it was the boat.
    Apparently sea legs don't happen automatically.
    I'm more use to it now.
    Wifi costs on the boat which is a bit of bummer.

    To try and promote Will not vomiting I went and got us food.
    It was difficult balancing.
    He has eaten now and is trying to sleep - he doesn't look very comfortable so I doubt he will be successful but he has 3 more hours to try.

    I ended up having a snooze myself. Lol
    The boat got less bumpy by the end. I watched the waves out of the toilet window. ✌🏼
    We got off the boat and I couldn't believe it - A CUSTOMS PERSON DOING THEIR JOB. 😍
    We had to show her our passports AND she even made a full enquiry about when we entered the schengen zone and checked our stamps. Good for her. She deserved a sticker.

    I don't know if I have previously mentioned this but I made a Facebook status when we went from Belgium to the Netherlands without anyone checking our tickets or passport saying like good job Europe in a sarcastic tone and literally every European person i know commented saying like derrrrr it's a free travel agreement.
    Tony Lloyd commented too in what I interpreted as a condescending tone so I double checked

    As it happened once you're in the EU you're in and dont need to show documentation even though I'm not an EU member which is frankly ridiculous..
    BUT I am also suppose to be checked so I don't overstay my welcome.
    Denmark and Norway thus far are the only people taking security seriously.

    You shouldn't trust your neighbours to do their jobs - I could be anybody.
    EU people should have to flash their EU cards which is what I assumed was meant to happen..
    those tightened border security measures are really working out ..

    The dock was a 3km walk from Larvik station 😒
    Luckily there was a big group walking that way so we followed them cause my maps weren't properly loading. But being prepared for such events I print screened the route lasts night just in case - it's just easier when the live movement dot thing moved with you.
    Made it. The walk was quite boring really. It's quite an industrial area.
    My heart sank.. on the board next to every train for the rest of the day to Oslo - it said cancelled.
    I asked the kiosk guy and he didn't understand the word cancelled
    So we got on the train currently waiting for people to board. I think we got lucky because it is going to Oslo 🙌🏼
    Our tickets were again expensive. Another $100 gone 😩😩😩
    The scenery is pretty. The quality of houses is higher so far.

    Our train was 2 hours which is longer than I had told Will it was going to be so he had the grumps.
    To be fair I did think it was going to be an 1.5 hours. It's what google said lol.
    Some of the stations we went through were surrounded by wonderful areas.
    I feel like they look like the type neighborhoods you would live in if you were part of a yacht club.

    The man across from us had such smelly armpits. 😷Shock horror he was Indian.

    Our train was running about 7 minutes late which doesn't hold up to the European standard we have come to expect. Tut tut.
    We arrived in Oslo finally - everyone had to get off due to track work.
    🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 YAYAYAY

    And so began our next and final leg of the journey.
    I loaded the map through the hostel website and not through google so we went on a slight detour but no harm done.
    Well maybe a little, Will was whinge bag. So much so he actually apologized later for it 😵😱😮
    Unheard of.
    His exact words were " sorry for being such a poo head" ❤️❤️ Nawh.

    The city was pretty dead but I suppose it is a Sunday night...
    walk walk walk.

    Found it. Or at least thought we found it.
    We found it's sister hotel. We figured that out when our name wasn't registered - 50m down the road... FOUND IT 🎈🎈🎈

    I think I spend more time documenting our 'getting lost' adventures than actual tourist stuff.
    Being lost just takes up so much of our time 😂

    This hostel is super shitty. It screams houso's but it's just for one night.
    We have been assigned beds but cant find the letters so we have just picked 2.
    We did a tag team poo then went to TGIFridays for dinner or as they call it TGIPridays - rainbow flags everywhere.
    Oslo isn't as clean as we expected. I dunno, I expected more. It's dirty and there are a lot of homeless.
    The food wasn't great. Our chicken wings were cold.
    Our food cost $100. Booooo.
    WE HAVE SPENT $500 TODAY 😭😭😭😭😭
    Transport, checking in and food 🔪🔪
    Our room is full of retards.
    Will is so bad with people who aren't strong with English.
    It's like he has to make it known he is Australian and pulls out the most bogan, complicated sentences he can think of.

    This place is a Hole.

    Randi's tomorrow :) she should get home around 4 - we will have to amuse ourselves until then.
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  • Day91


    July 3, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Ok so some dude came into our room at 1am and woke everyone up with his ridiculous snoring.
    I think he has sleep apnea because it would stop for 10 seconds - relief would wash over my body and then he would start again.
    At 3am the sun was completely up so I played sim city on my phone for a bit and found ear plugs for Will.
    Went back to bed - we had to pay for linen which we didn't want to do so we went without which is totally disgusting BUT I actually found the bed to be quite comfortable for the rest of the night.
    Woke up at 10 so that was great.
    Checked out and they stored our bags for us for free so we dropped them and went exploring.
    I picked up a free map at the desk - we headed towards where we were last night because apparently the royal palace is nearby.
    The streets were cleaner this morning but still quite empty.
    Ooo forgot to mention last night we walked past a man covered in bumps. I discovered on my google search this morning that I correctly identified him as a leper.
    Poor man.

    We walked a while and found the palace. It's a crappy outer design but I'm sure the inside is just fine lols.
    I liked what the guards were wearing - I don't think he was allowed to speak but he did communicate with people who asked him for a photo by nodding.
    I got one 🤘🏽
    Their march is much faster than other countries guards - its normal walking pace.
    We sat for ages and looked over the map we were given. There was a fortress on there so we decided we would go there after we had eaten.
    We found a place that did a great burger.
    It was $30 each for a proper chips and burger meals which was much more reasonable that expected.
    Not ideal but it wasn't $50 each.
    We walked past the harbour which was quite nice and found the fortress. It's called Akershus fortress.
    It was free to wander around so we did. We walked to the top and sat for ages just looking at boats and escaping the sun in the shade.
    You could pay to enter the castle but but it really didn't look that exciting so we didn't.
    We were really just wasting time waiting for Randi to get home.
    It had a sign saying the place has significance but no other real signs explaining why... lol
    Either way - been there done that.
    We decided to go back to the hostel and chill for a bit.
    Bless google maps.

    We got back and both used the loo then hung around for about 2 hours before we decided we would start walking towards Randi's and on the way find a pub to sit in for Will. Apparently his liver is hurting from lack of alcohol. Lol

    Found one - it was about $9 a beer which again is crap but still better than expected - he was allowed 2.
    It was then about 5:30 so we started the walk

    Oh my god she lives on the top of a mountain.
    The whole walk was uphill 😩😩
    So sweaty, yuck! 3 Kms later we found her front door.
    She buzzed us in - the elevator was so small we went one at a time - I went first but when it arrived at her level I couldn't turn around to get out because of my backpack - Will must have called for the elevator because back down I went. When I reappeared he just looked at me like I was a retard.
    I got out, turned around and got back in - she met me at the door.
    She hates feet so I found it odd we had to take our shoes off haha
    We just chatted for ages and made up a very basic possible plan for the next week.
    She has given us her room and she will sleep on a mattress in the upstairs bit.
    So keen to spend time with her.
    We had a cup of tea - once again when someone has offered tea it hasn't been black tea with milk 🤔. Very strange.
    We went down to the supermarket - she put on a jumper she knitted herself - I was very impressed with it.
    But get this - you need a PERMIT to knit. HAHAHHAH What the actual crap. Where the hell are we ?!?!
    Supermarket was down the road we bought some basic food. It will be the first time she has had milk in her fridge so she is excited by the novelty (vegan) lol.
    We got a decent amount of stuff and it was only $50👍🏼
    She has bought us some Norwegian snacks too 🙃🙃🙃 oh and some brown cheese which tastes delicious!! I had some when we got back - it has a caramel taste to it. Yummmmy!
    We walked back and ordered pizza because everyone is pooped.

    This is why we are friends....
    I noticed a bowl full of lettuce and asked what it was - she answered very embarrassed
    "Those are my pet fish"
    I looked closer and there are 4 soy sauce fish things in the bowl too 😂😂😂😂😂

    She went and slept, our pizza arrived (it was too oregano-y) I showered and now in bed. Keen for a good night sleep.
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