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  • Day3

    A day in oslo

    September 5, 2016 in Norway

    Our flight to Oslo in the new 787 dreamliner was nice, although we learned that Norwegian does not include food or beverages on the 7 hour international flight unless you pay extra or flag them down for a glass of water. Another standard airline fee to add to the growing list.

    Oslo itself was probably the cleanest city we've been to. It is also one of the most expensive but we had an enjoyable stay.

    Based on recommendations from friends, we walked to the Vigeland Sculpture Park filled with hundreds of nude statues. Certainly interesting, and a beautiful large park. Then we walked around the city and had some mussels and fries and Herring for dinner at a small Norwegian restaurant called Nokken. An Uber drove us home since we were tired from several miles of walking our first day.
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  • Day19

    Bette and I bit tired

    July 6, 2017 in Norway

    Bells are ringing again in Oslo. They chime the hour then play a tune to honour someone or other and we have lost two hours again so a bit confused. We have a gorgeous room in the hotel and the staff here are so obliging. Have to reorganise our luggage a bit before boarding the boat and we are going shoe shopping in the morning as one of my pairs of walking shoes fell apart in Iceland 🇮🇸 xx

  • Day9


    June 26, 2017 in Norway

    Having fun here in Oslo. Weather mainly clear but cool for Summer max20 degrees. Been to amazing huge sculpture park and Viking museum. Bette reckons I would look the part with a Viking helmet on and standing at the bow. What is she trying to say? Went to the painter Edward Munch museum and saw a huge collection of his work then on to the Home of the Nobel Peace prize. We had a hilarious time trying to buy train tickets. The streets are full of young people celebrating their Schoolies and lots of buskers. Walked a lot and feet holding up ok . Food is great but very expensive. Hotel in a great position and very comfortable. More adventures tomorrow love to all B&B cxxRead more

  • Day11

    Last days in Oslo

    June 28, 2017 in Norway

    Have really enjoyed exploring Oslo further . The Nobel Peace prize museum was very moving. There was a very emotive exhibition on refugees that reminded me of the stories of so many of the refugees I taught. Todd and Col would have loved the Kontiki museum we went to with the actual raft as pictured here as well as another place which covered adventures to the Arctic and Antarctic in wooden ships. Today we went to the modern art gallery which had some interesting and also bizarre pieces. We were getting very tired and sat down in two huge red chairs and watched a terrible short film that made us laugh so hard we hardly were able to get out of the chairs. Bette decided to join the school children who were dressing up and having their photos taken. The attendant said the masks were just for kids but I managed to take this photo of her in the monster mask. See if the little ones recognise her!! We saw all theses little kids on outings today. Two carers pushed 6 kids about Ned's age in these two red wooden wagons . They let the kids run around on the grass for a while then lay them all down under a tree covered each one up and they all went to sleep. They were still there when we came out of the gallery. We wondered what magic spell they had performed. We then took a ferry out on the fjord. Early to bed tonight as we are off on our Iceland adventure tomorrow. XxxxxRead more

  • Day13

    This is my second attempt at this entry. The first entry was lost when my iPad crashed. It makes me feel like I am at work and one's dictation gets lost. I am actually working on this on a high speed train to Oslo. One can watch the speed of the train and at times we have been doing 200k per hour which seems pretty fast but maybe not as fast as the TGV trains in France. Maybe someone could fact check this for me. We finished our stay in Stockholm on a strong note. We toured the Vasa museum which contains the Vasa ship from 1638 that sunk in Stockholm harbour within 40 minutes of it's maiden voyage. The guns made the ship too top heavy. Due to cold water, low oxygen levels from fecal matter and a low saline water, all of the wood and fabric on the ship and many non metal items were perfectly preserved. It was raised in 1961 and the ship and contents made the perfect tourist attraction. It is the most visited site in Stockholm. The ship is very large and all of the ornate wood carvings are incredibly preserved. This combined with all of the preserved nonmetal items including shoes and cloth made it a very interesting museum. We lasted about 2.5 hours which is pretty good for the West family. After the Vasa museum we headed back to Gamla Stan for Rob's quick tour of the old town. We started with theRoyal Palace where none of the Royal family live but was being over run with tourists. In fact the old town was all overuse with large bus groups following numbered ping pong paddles. We checked out some of the old church's which served the various nationalities of the merchant communities from the 17 and 18 century. There was an impressive statue of St. George slaying the dragon and the tiniest little statue of a boy looking at the moon. If you rubbed the boys head it would bring you good luck. We wandered the narrow streets of the old town trying to avoid the hoards of bus/ cruise ship tours. By 2:30 we had had enough so headed back to our BnB to make supper for some Swedish guests. Our friend Jennifer Klein's first cousin once removed Astrid and her boyfriend Oscer came over for supper. We made the quintessential Canadian meal of macaroni and cheese. It was a more luxury version compared to Kraft dinner. My children certainly enjoyed it and I think our guests did as well. It was nice to get together with them as it is always nice to meet the locals which when one is travelling one doesn't always get the opportunity to do. They also brought over a Swedish game called Hukke that we went to play at the park after supper.It consisted of throwing batons to try to knock down one competitor's blocks. After several spirited games we let them go home so we could start packing up for our trip to Norway today. After three transfers we made to Flemingsberg station in good time. Chris was very helpful figuring out where the commuter trains leftRead more

  • Day1

    22.8.2016 Hafen von Oslo

    August 22, 2016 in Norway

    Nach einer kurzen Nacht ist es geschafft: Wir betreten skandinavischen Boden!
    Zuvor galt es auf der Fähre alle Decks zu erkunden, das Varieté zu besuchen, lecker à la carte zu essen, den Sonnenuntergang auf Deck zu genießen, im Irish Pub Karten zu spielen und natürlich in Daniels Geburtstag hineinzufeiern. Der letzte Alkohol, den wir nicht mit ins strenge Norwegen einführen dürfen, wurde fast erfolgreich vernichtet... 😉
    Nun fahren wir Richtung Ostsee, d.h. wir verlassen Norwegen gleich wieder und besuchen Schweden. Mal sehen, wohin uns die sechs Reifen hinterlegen...
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  • Day494

    Day 495: Exploring Oslo

    June 24 in Norway

    Today was our day for checking out Oslo, capital of Norway. First stop was the large ski jump near our campground, which sits on a tall hill and gives you a view across much of the city. Unfortunately for us, you only get that view if you pay to access the ski jump which we didn't feel like doing, not at Norwegian prices anyway!

    So we left and headed down into the city proper. First stop was a large park on the outskirts of downtown which has a famous sculpture garden. Nice sculptures, but it was very heavily touristed here, lots of elderly and Chinese getting off buses and being herded through the park. Read later that it's the most visited spot in Norway for tourists!

    Next stop was a food market in the trendy district of town where we grabbed some lunch. Again it was Norwegian prices, so we just stuck to small stuff - sushi I think. England were playing in the World Cup in a few hours and there was a pretty good bar setup here, so we decided to go for a drive and see the rest of Oslo from the car before heading back up here.

    We did so, and didn't see a whole lot. The concert hall is cool, very modern and futuristic, but otherwise the city was a little bland and uninspiring. Back to the food market area where we watched the England game, a 6-1 victory! Schnitzel was very excited and barked a lot.
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  • Day15

    A day in Oslo

    July 13 in Norway

    The train trip from Stockholm went pretty well yesterday. We got in around 8 and successfully navigated the T subway system to the hostel. The hostel is very nice. The boys have a room for two and Madeline, Cheryl and I have a room for three with our own shower. We had a gourmet meal at the hostel of Ichi ban noodles which we had stocked up on in Sweden. We had been munching the whole train trip so we didn't need a big supper. It has supposedly been quite warm in Oslo this summer with temps of 29 degrees Celsius the last few weeks.Fortunately it cooled off over night and we all had wonderful sleeps. We didn't get to bed until 10:30. It was still pretty light out when we went to bed. There were people playing frisbee golf in a park beside the hostel. It really is the place of the midnight sun as it is so far north. Breakfast was included and was a wonderful spread not like the youth hostel meals I remember from my youth.

    We headed downtown on the T and visited the car rental place to make sure all was in order for our car rental tomorrow. We then took Rick Steves tour of downtown Oslo. My favorite part of the tour was the City Hall. A large Art Deco building build in the 30s. The front was covered in wood carvings of Norse mythology. Inside the central hall was covered in Art Deco murals. We wandered around a little and saw the room where they present the noble prize which has a spectacular view of the harbour. We then proceeded to walk around downtown Oslo taking in the National theatre, the parliament building which was less impressive then the city hall, the cathedral and downtown ttrain station which were all spread out principally along one street with a lot of high end shopping stores. We bought some groceries for lunch before heading off to Vigleland park on trolley 12. In 1921 an artist by the name of Gustav Vigeland made a deal with the city of Oslo that they would support him and provide a studio if he produced bronze and stone statues for the park.He produced 600 nude statues of men and women which were all gracefully arranged throughout the park. Some of the statutes dealt with the phases of life others dealt with the interaction of men and women. They were very beautiful. We spent a long time wandering around. It was a little sunny and by the time we were done viewing the sculptures we headed to a nearby outdoor swimming pool to cool off. It had a 50 metre pool and 1,3,5 and 7 metre pools. The kids were in heaven. I had hoped to make it to the National gallery to see the scream but we just ran out of time.
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  • Day5

    Tag 5.1

    3 hours ago in Norway

    Da wir eine leicht verregnete Nacht hatten, waren wir am Morgen leider nicht mit frühstücken beschäftigt, sondern haben unser Zelt, die Isomatten, die Schlafsäcke und einige Klamotten so gut es ging entwässert.
    Danach machten wir uns auf den Weg nach Lillehammer um das Freilichtmuseum Maihaugen zu besuchen.
    Da wir die norwegische Gelassenheit unterschätzt hatten, standen wir 20 Minuten vor den Öffnungszeiten noch vor verschlossenen Türen.
    Trotz einigen unfreiwilligen Zusammenstößen von Kopf und Türrahmen, erkundet wir die alten Gebäude aus dem 17. Jahrhundert, welche aus verschiedenen Orten zusammen getragen wurden.
    Wir wurden erfolgreich zum Pferdeburschen und zum Schaaf/Ziegenburschen ernannt, von einer der Museumsführerinnen die dem Dorf ein wenig Leben einhauchten und teilweise alte Traditionen oder Aufgaben die es auf den Bauernhöfen gab vorführten (zb Brot backen oder unterrichten).
    Zudem wurd uns erläuterte wie das hierarchische System der damaligen Zeit funktioniert.
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  • Day5

    Tag 5.2

    3 hours ago in Norway

    Nach dem Museum entschlossen wir uns doch noch nach Oslo zu fahren, da uns dieses sehr empfohlen wurde (Danke hier an die Dani <3).
    Da wir eine kleine Pause vom Zelt wollten, suchten wir uns als erstes ein Unterkunft in der Nähe von Oslo.
    Wir fuhren los und nach ca. 2 Stunden gelangten wir auf eine der Ringstraßen die um Oslo herum führen.
    Wir kamen unserem Ziel immer näher und desto näher wir kamen desto höher kamen wir auch.
    Wir fuhren also weiter und höher und weiter und höher und höher und weiter.
    Schließlich hatten wir unser Ziel erreicht und stellten fest, dass es sich bei unserer Unterkunft um kein normales Hostel handelte. Wir waren in einer Fortbildungsunterkunft gelandet, mit Fitnessraum und Sauna und Outdoor Pool, sowie Seminarräumen.
    Die Aussicht von unserem Zimmer beeindruckte uns sehr, da wir komplett Oslo von oben sehen können.
    Wir entschlossen uns relativ schnell den Pool aufzusuchen. Nach einigem umherirren hatten wir es endlich geschafft und konnten ein wenig "schwimmen".
    Nachdem wir die Annehmlichkeiten unserer Badewanne ausgenutzt hatten, machten wir uns noch auf den Weg und fanden einen Wanderweg.
    Diesen erkundeten wir und genossen die unreal wirkende Stille und die beeindruckende Natur.
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