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  • Day6

    Exploring Bergen

    May 26, 2019 in Norway ⋅ 🌫 10 °C

    Our ship is the Viking Sun...beautiful 2 yr old ship. We are docked beside the Viking Sky the ship that had all the problems in March where waves washed overboard and guests were helicoptered off in the middle of the night. So there have been lots of comments about making sure we get back on the right ship.
    We lingered a bit his morning enjoying the ship, then joined our tour of Bergen before noon.
    We learned some of the history of Bergen.
    May 17 was constitution day..independence from Denmark so lots of festivals still in progress.
    Historically Norway's oldest houses are around Bergen.. old German and Norwegian merchants brought in cod to trade with rest of the world around 1100. The Hensietic league rogue businessmen from Germany overpowered the fishermen for years.
    Most buildings are made of wood then later of stone a symbol of power.
    Bergen gets 265 days of rain it is the rainiest city in Norway so we are very lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day today. The population of Bergen area is 280,000
    Big explosion of Bergen 1944 burned most buildings, the re-build after the great fire started the culture change.
    Bergen is a city of 7 mountains..Norwegians love to hike the 7 mountains..... hiking is very close to people's hearts..often a first date is to go on a hike...see if you are cut out to be Norwegian on first date.
    Crime very low in Bergen..highest standard of living in world so low social issues..low crime...low care for all...government paid education for immigration they need help develop country...very environmentally conscious.
    Old and new..civilization and nature live side by side. Known as happiest society in the world. Very trusting of others...they have a good life do not need to steal etc.
    Money came from oil..oil fund only uses 4pc of the billion dollar fund. They spend the interest of the fund in infrastructure and health care.
    There are a lot of tunnels up to 26km underground paid for by the oil fund Bergen is now well connected by tunnels and ferries where it was previously isolated..
    Immigration largely from Poland and central Europe till from all over.
    Great music hall..composer Edward Greig ..known for songs such as Morning Song. We heard a concert of Greig music on the ship last evening.. lovely.
    Numerous buildings even today made with wood even foundation. They have the most Tesla's in world..want electric sales tolls...charge cars free around country. Environmental very big.
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    Looking good!


    Sounds ldyllic!! You're looking like you're enjoying yourself.

    Andrew Harris


    J P H Travel Adventures

    Street games in Bergen parks. Probably 50 of them...families flock to them and play in town centre..really neat.

  • Day16

    Letzter Hafen, Bergen!

    June 4, 2019 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Unser letzter Hafen ist Bergen, dann ist die schöne Zeit auch schon wieder um!
    Da wir heute zum vierten Mal hier sind, haben wir uns entschlossen das Aquarium zu besuchen! Super schön ! Eine Robenshow haben wir gesehen und beim Fische füttern durften wir zu sehen ! Dann ging's zu Fuß durch die City zurück zum Schiff, vorbei am Markt und der Altstadt! Diesmal hatten wir zwar keine Sonne, aber es war trocken und die Temperaturen sehr angenehm. Nun sind wir Fußlahm und warten aufs Auslaufen !
    Morgen haben wir noch einen Seetag und dann heißt es auch schon wieder Koffer packen! 🙋‍♀️
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    Eva Munteanu

    Kommt gut an 🙏🏻🌈😘

  • Day13


    March 22, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    So nun sind wir in Bergen -13Uhr- angekommen. Leider haben wir nicht so lange Zeit ,nur den Nachmittag. Aber wir sind an der Festung Bergenhus gewesen und anschliessend durch die alten Hanse Häuser gebummelt. Da kam dann auch noch die Sonne zum Vorschein, so war das wieder ein wunderschöner Tag. Morgen haben wir nochmal einen Seetag,der hoffentlich nicht so hohe Wellen schlägt, denn die letzte Nacht war schon heftig.Read more

  • Day34

    Stadtspaziergang durch Bergen

    August 2, 2018 in Norway ⋅ 🌨 16 °C

    Zurück in Bergen machte ich den Stadtspaziergang mit dem Besuch des Hanseatischen Museums.

    Die Stadt machte heute ihrem Ruf alle Ehre. Hier regnete es im Schnitt 250 Tage im Jahr und wir hatten das 'Glück', einen eben dieser Tage zu erwischen.

    Aber es gibt bekanntlich kein schlechtes Wetter,
    sondern nur schlechte Kleidung!🌂
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  • Day18

    Bergen Cruise Terminal

    January 4, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    This morning we had our last walk around Bergen as we are leaving for our Cruise later today. This quaint village has so much character and we will be back one day.

    After a short taxi ride to the Hurtigruten cruise terminal it was time for the next chapter of this Scandinavia Holiday. On arrival it was weird as no one else was around, very unusual as when we have boarded other cruise ships people are everywhere. I guess as the vessel is a working ship and pulls into a number of ports along the way so many quests might already be aboard. The ship is also much smaller than other cruise ships we have been on . We only disembark at certain ports as some of the port stop are just to drop items to the towns along the Norwegian coastline.Read more

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