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  • Day6

    Stavanger, Norwegen

    July 21 in Norway

    Nach einem gemütlichen Frühstück radelten wir los um die Stadt Stavanger zu besichtigen. Ein paar Anläufe später hatten wir endlich den richtigen Weg gefunden (es gibt zwar viele Radwegschilder, leider sind sie etwas versteckt, sodass man teilweise danach suchen muss 🤣) und kamen ins Zentrum. Hier war schon viel los, denn in Stavanger findet an diesem Wochenende Skandinaviens größtes Foodfestival statt! Was haben wir doch für ein Glück! 😉

    Zu meiner großen Freude schlenderten wir zu Beginn gleich durch Gamle Stavanger - die wunderschöne Altstadt die aus 173 kleinen (weißen) Holzhäuschen besteht, die Ende 18./Anfang 19. Jh. gebaut wurden.
    Ich war begeistert - soo hübsch 😍 - hier würde ich wohnen wollen - Flo nicht - was für eine Überraschung! 😜
    Danach spazierten wir durch die Øvre Holmegate - Norwegens bunteste Straße! Hier wurden 2005 nach dem Plan eines Künstlers die Häuser bunt gestrichen. Diese Straße begeisterte mich durch ihre kleinen Läden, Cafés und Second-Hand-Shops 💜 - Flo nicht - das war ja klar. 😜

    Am Foodfestival konnten wir durch die keinen Portionen viel Verschiedenes probieren. Am besten und außergewöhnlichsten: Bacalao - typisch norwegischer Eintopf mit Klippfisk (Stockfisch)
    Sehr lecker und leicht nachzukochen! 🐟
    Da war auch Flo endlich begeistert! 🤣
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  • Day5


    July 20 in Norway

    Nachdem wir nun einige Tage "wild" gecampt hatten, steuerten wir gestern Abend ziemlich müde einen am See gelegenen Campingplatz in Stavanger an. Wir ergatterten noch ein schattiges Plätzchen und freuten uns schon sehr auf eine ordentliche Dusche und ein sauberes Klo! Beim Campen verschieben sich nämlich gänzlich die Prioritäten von "Was unternehmen wir heute Abend?" zu "Woher kriegen wir Wasser?" und "Wo gehen wir heute Abend aufs Klo?" 😂

    Voller Übermut kauften wir gleich ein paar norwegische Lebensmittel für eine ordentliche Jause ein. 😊
    Braunkäse - schmeckt wie Cheddar mit leichtem Karamellgeschmack, Sild - Hering, Kvikk Lunsj - wie Kitkat - ist Norwegens " Wanderschokolade" auf der Verpackung stehen sogar Tips dazu!

    Noch zum Womo - Camping: wir haben echt puren Luxus hier... unsere "Nachbarn" schlafen auf und unter einer Lagerhausplane und das geht auch 😉
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  • Day2

    Black tie night

    September 4, 2017 in Norway

    A full day at sea in which we were quite sporty in the morning playing Shuffleboard and Quoits on deck before going to the golf net to try and chip golf balls into a net.
    In the afternoon, Allison attended a talk on acupuncture and one on reading your footprint whilst I explored the 11 decks of the Arcadia then had a little snooze to catch-up on the lack of sleep from last night!
    We then got dressed-up for the Captain's dinner before going to the theatre to watch a musical montage from British films.Read more

  • Day6

    Stavanger, Norway

    June 20 in Norway

    We toured Stavanger on our own today. We walked along the harbor and through the city center to Old Stavanger.
    The winding cobbled streets contain many 18th, and 19th century wooden buildings believed to be one of Europe’s largest collection. Stavanger began as a mercantile and fishing village and has claimed to be the cradle of the Vikings. Today it is one of the largest oil exporters and is called the Petroleum Capital of Norway.
    Stavanger is on the southwestern coast of Norway. Although they boast to have the best weather in Norway we did not have the chance to experience it. Today was cold and rainy, but good preparation for what’s to come.
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  • Day6


    June 20 in Norway

    We are sailing to the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the geographical location we have been advised that we will have poor to no internet connection from 6/25 to 6/29. We truly are at the top of the world!
    Rest assured the Penguins are working behind the scenes and will return🐧

  • Day28

    Oil oil oil

    July 26 in Norway

    We have now spent two full days in Stavanger.

    We decided on the first day that we needed some exercise so we headed out of town 30 minutes to climb Mt. Dalnuten which is about a 1.5 hour return hike. From the top of the mountain which is only 400 metres one can get a spectacular view of Stavanger across a sound. We had missed the funicular in Bergen so this was to garner the same experience. We went swimming off a pier into the same sound we had been looking at to cool off when we had Finished the hike. The water was very cold and very salty. We avoided any jellyfish We got home early afternoon and chilled out until after supper when we headed downtown to the harbour where they were preparing for tall ships involved in a race to come over the weekend into the harbour.

    I think the two words that best describe Norway is oil money. Since the development of the offshore oil fields in the North Sea starting in 1969, the Norwegian economy has been on fire. Having now spent the last two weeks in Norway, I can attest to the affluence of the country. New housing, new cars, vacation properties, marinas filled with unused pleasure craft. Compared to the other Scandinavian countries Norway is expensive. Groceries and consumer items are double what they are in Edmonton. This is even more noticeable in Stavanger which is the centre of the oil industry. The number of high end watch stores in downtown Stavanger was on par with Switzerland. Being from Alberta we thought that a visit to the Norwegian oil museum was in order. I think Cheryl enjoyed it more then the military museum which is a tall order. It had tastefully done movies about how oil had changed Norwegians especially those working on the off shore rigs, interviews about the life and fears of oil workers on these rigs, movies about the divers who work on the ocean floors. There were all sorts of displays about the oil platforms and the drilling off shore. Those platforms are huge ranging from 50 to 250 metres in depth. There were also displays about the environmental effects of burning all this carbon. I think we were longer in the Oil museum then the war museum. I had an interesting talk with an attendant in the gift shop of how oil had effected Alberta which she said was similar to how it had effected Stavanger. By 2014 housing had become prohibitively expensive in Stavanger.

    When we were done we headed down to the harbour to check out the tall ships. The harbour was just packed with 3 and 4 masters. There were at least three large ships from Russia manned by Russian navel cadets. The kids were quite thrilled to be on a Russian navel vessel with real navel seamen who were conversing in Russian. There was also a tall ship from the Indian navy who had the most friendly crew. After an hour and a half wandering around in the sun we headed for home to chill out and start packing for our trip home.

    This will be my last blog of the trip. I hope you have all enjoyed following it. I have had some camera issues so I will try to post the photos later. Thank you Ross for all of your encouragement with this blog. Knowing that someone was actually reading it was a true motivator for updating it.

    Cheers Rob
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  • Day26

    Rain rain rain

    July 24 in Norway

    It started to rain Sunday night just as we started packing our stuff up to drive to Haugesund which is located half way between Bergen and Stavanger on the west coast. We really have been blessed with marvellous weather during the trip. It has been warm and sunny the majority of the time. Unlike Vancourvites, Norwegians on the West coast of Norway actually readily volunteer that it rains a lot here. It rained off and on for much of our trip. We took a ferry for part of the trip. The rain ceased so we could hang out on deck. The ferry seemed brand new compared to the BC ferries I am use to. Loading the ferries was a model of efficiency. We were away before I could get out on deck. The ferry was also very fast. BC ferries should check out. When we got to Haugesund, Cheryl stayed at the BnB while the kids and I went to the Viking museum. The Viking museum was at a site of prehistoric and Viking settlements from 3000 BC to 1300 AD. From this site the inhabitants had been able to control north south trade and had thus been very powerful. There was a good documentary movie about the site. There was a point and click English audio tour but I sensed all was not covered. Lots of old prehistoric and Viking nicnacs. After the museum we wandered through a sheep farm to a Recreation of a Viking farm. It was getting on in the day and all the historical actors were on there cellphones counting down the last 30 minutes before going home. One of them was good enough to break away from her phone to chat with us. Many people have unanswered questions about the Vikings such as how did they navigate such large distances without compasses. They didn't need compasses, they had cellphones.

    When I planned stopping in Haugesund it was mainly to break our drive down to Stavanger. As it turned out afterwards, I had a connection to Stavanger.Back in the winter when I was showing one of my neighbours what Air BnBs I had booked for my holiday he commented that his brother happened to live in Haugesund. Now my neighbour Bjorn is from Norway so if anyone I knew had a brother there it would have been him. I got in touch with Stein and he invited our family to their cottage or summer for a barbecue at his summer home on a fjord. It was 25 minutes east of Haugesund and away from the coast so it was less cloudy. The rain held off and there were some glimpses of the sun. We had a delightful meal of hot dogs. Norwegians love hot dogs but not sausages.In their grocery stores there are lots of hot dogs on the shelves, far more then Canada. I kid you not. Their cabin was on this beautiful fjord. After supper we went swimming off of rocks just by their cabin. The swimming was even more exciting as there were these white jellyfish one had to avoid. I swam across the fjord and when I got back, I had a skin irritation in my antecubital fossa. I had probably been stung by a jellyfish. Fortunately they are pretty harmless. After washing my arm off with salt water and about an hour of time the itch went away.

    We returned to Haugesund and it rained hard all night. I am sure the local were happy as there has been a drought here. We had hoped to go to some beautiful beaches today but when we woke up it was still pouring hard. My wife who has a penchant for military museums as many of you know from my previous blogs insisted on going to the military museum. As military museums go, it was excellent. Norway was occupied by the Germans in WW2. They hid there submarine bases in the fjords and built coastal defences all Germany's west coast. When they lost the war, they left all of their weaponry in Norway. There was a lot of German armaments, submarine material, information about the resistance and life in Norway during the war. My favourite item were shoes that were made from fish skins rather then leather during ww2 and a wedding dress made by a female resistance fighter after the war from an allied parachute drop. I think Cheryl read every word of the English booklet that described 90 different displays in the museum. I was happy to get out of the museum in 2 hours.

    We drove on to Stavanger. Another ferry ride and multiple bridges and Lon long underground tunnels connecting islands. The Norwegians infrastructure is pretty impressive. I thought the Swiss do tunnels well but the Norwegians seem to do them better and longer.
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  • Day24

    Ich war zwar neulich schon mal da, aber die anderen wollten gerne einen Ausflug nach Stavanger machen. Von Hebnes aus geht eine Schnellfähre um 8:45 Uhr hin, die nur 1,5 Stunden unterwegs ist. Schön war die Fahrt und bei bestem Wetter erkundeten wir das Städtchen etwa auf dem gleichen Weg wie ich neulich. Auch wenn ich da schon gewesen bin, ist es bei anderem Licht und in Begleitung nochmal schöner.
    Zwei Kreuzfahrtschiffe lagen am Kai, die Viking Star und die Viking Sea, und gossen ihre Ladung, die Passagiere, über dem Städtchen aus. Viele Reiseführer waren zu sehen, die rote Schilder in die Luft hielten und in ein Headset vor sich hinbrabbelnd einer imaginären Route folgend kleine Grüppchen von Kreuzfahrern hinter sich her zogen. Bis zur Nr. 27 haben wir mitgezählt.
    Auf der Rückreise am Nachmittag schnappten wir uns noch eine Tüte Shrimps vom Kutter, die zuhause direkt zur Vorspeise weiterverarbeitet wurde, und der Abend bot wieder einen neuen schönen Ausblick an. Jeder Sunset ist halt anders. Das Alte Goanische Gesetz gilt auch im hohen Norden, auch wenn Sunsets hier breitengradbedingt viel länger dauern.
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  • Day16


    July 18, 2017 in Norway

    Jetzt ist endgültig Schluss mit Schönwetter. Der morgendliche Ausblick beim Kaffee könnte trüber kaum sein. Dabei zeigt Wetteronline kein einziges Regengebiet an. Und trotzdem...

    Ich schaue mir das eine Weile an und beschließe dann, dass das das richtige Wetter für einen Ausflug nach Stavanger ist. Von der Ortschaft Tau aus gibt es eine Fährverbindung, die mich für 56 NOK in 40 Minuten hinüber befördert. Das Auto lasse ich in Tau.
    Stavanger ist ganz hübsch anzuschauen und lässt sich gut zu Fuß erkunden. Drei Kreuzfahrtschiffe liegen am Kai. Dementsprechen sind die kleinen hübschen Gassen der Altstadt ziemlich voll. Geht man aber nur eine Ebene weiter hoch, ist man quasi alleine. So komme ich doch noch zu ein paar schönen Fotos ohne Menschen. Langsam bessert sich auch das Wetter und drei lange dumpfe Töne aus dem Schiffshorn kündigen die Abfahrt der Viking Sky ab. Bis ich wieder unten am Kai bin, ist sie aber schon meilenweit entfernt. Schade!
    Zurück auf dem Campingplatz hat sich die Zusammensetzung der Reisemobile einmal komplett erneuert. Spricht für viel Durchgangsverkehr und macht den Platz etwas unruhig. Aber sei's drum. Als Basecamp für Aktivitäten in der Umgebung ist der Standort ideal, es gibt hier einiges zu entdecken, und zumindest Nachts ist es sehr ruhig.
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  • Day59

    Stavanger, Norway

    August 6 in Norway

    Everyone was looking forward to a very much needed day of rest today until we found out we had crew rounds and drills this morning. It finished around 11:30 and then I think most people just went to bed. I got the nice surprise of being able to go out with Jackson for at least an hour after drills. So we are currently camped out at a Starbucks near the ship. Not the most exciting thing but we both needed wifi and didn’t have much time. We are both enjoying our hot chocolates and ham and cheese croissants though.Read more

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