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  • Day145


    August 30, 2017 in Norway ⋅ 🌙 50 °F

    And way out west we went.. all the way to the Fjords.

    The drive was MAGNIFICENT. Firstly winding up through the mountains where we first glimpsed actual snow on the mountains. Cue a stop at the side of the road where we jumped out in shorts and bare feet to take photos. Surrounded by geared up hikers in boots and jackets.. the Brits really were on tour!

    Winding down the other side of the mountains the road opened up to our first sight of the Fjords..

    Took. my. Breath. Away. We had to take a car ferry across to the body of land where we were staying. Whilst waiting we did a shop for a couple of days worth of food which bankrupted us all.

    What followed for me was days of the most spectacular scenery of our trip. Our accommodation was an old school house sitting on the shore of the Hangerfjord. The view from one of our windows in photo 1. we had direct access to the Fjord, which was freezing, and only Luke was brave enough to jump in. Although I did crouch down to cover up to my neck..

    Everywhere we drove was beautiful but treacherous as there are steep drops on many sides of the roads winding along the coast of the Fjords, where lorries and buses fly around hairpins at 80kmph….

    We went for a walk up some steep rocks which we decided to descend when the rain came across the Fjord and made our return quite slippery. Worth the short hike for a more expansive view, blocked in the attached photo by me and Hannah!

    None of these drives however compared to my fear the day we decided to visit the ski centre nearby. We had learnt of the ability to ski nearby and whilst I didn’t intend to ski I was keen to see snow in August! So our first hurdle was negotiating passing a herd of cows on a single track road lead by a farmer who had clearly given up. He half heartedly shooed them away to enable us to pass all but about 2 who refused to budge instead continuing to block our path without a care in the world. Ignoring Stuarts insistence that they would move if I drove at them, me arguing how we would explain the car shaped dent in the bonnet to Kev, I stayed behind bricking myself that they would turn and launch themselves at the car. Following this first stressful ordeal, the second hurdle was working the toll barrier - which didn’t want to accept any of our cards - whilst avoiding a herd of deadly (or just nosey) sheep. Heading straight for us and staring intently, my friend was terrified they would attack. Just in the nick of time the barrier rose and safely in the car we drove onward and definitely upward toward the ski centre. Watching the temperature drop and the roads becoming increasingly moist, I started to feel a few nerves. Continuing up into the now snow laced heights, sheer drops accompanying narrow roads meant I had never been more pleased to see a WC when we got to the top. Quick stop for a pic of the Glacier skiers and back down to calm my nerves with a stiff cup of tea!

    We had relaxing days, partly due to the huge cost of many of the activities vs budget. Did enjoy a few exorbitantly expensive beers and an inside BBQ. No real internet meant we managed to play lots of rounds of Mexican train :)
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  • Day63

    Day 40: surrounded by rainbows

    July 16, 2016 in Norway ⋅ 🌙 3 °C

    Today was the day of rainbows :) The most stunning and vibrant one greeted me right when I woke up (picture 1, even though it doesn't do reality justice). The weather was constantly changing, with beautiful sunny hours followed by icy winds and constant rain. We ended up seeing 4 beautiful rainbows throughout the day and celebrated each one :)

    Our trail lead us over several wide rivers, some of which we crossed barefoot (picture 4), but most we crossed in boots, "jumping" from rock to rock. Towards the end of the day, we followed a "shortcut" on a fun, adventurous path through a small canyon (picture 5). It was challenging and felt great, but also drained our energy. So we were extra happy hikers when a few minutes later, we arrived at Torehytten cabin (picture 6), where we made hot chocolates, our usual dinner and pancakes for dessert to celebrate day 40.

    We have about 2 to 3 days left to Odda and then back to Germany. It feels odd knowing my hike will be over soon, but I sure know a lot of things I'm looking forward to, most of all my loved ones in California and Germany.
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  • Day62

    Day 39: a campfire, view & good company

    July 15, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Today I started my re-civilization program as we stopped for breaks at two different cabins ;-)

    After a tough night (I had a hard time sleeping) and a foggy morning, we arrived at a cosy hiker's cabin around lunch time. We had waffles and hot chocolate, Merten and Elena took a nap on comfy couches while I read a book, and then we had some more waffles. We hiked on in the lovely landscape of rolling hills, plenty of waterfalls and green, swampy riverbanks. What an abundance of water, we really enjoyed being outside in good weather.

    A few hours of hiking later, we grabbed a cool beer at the next cabin in the late afternoon. Shortly after and back on the trail, we meet a group of four hikers, also from Germany, going in the same direction, and enjoyed the common goal and good conversations. We made camp together on top of a mountain range, with a stunning view. Deliciously filled stomachs, a large fire and the beautiful nature around made for the perfect scenery of a relaxed evening.
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  • Day64

    Day 41: mind games

    July 17, 2016 in Norway ⋅ 🌙 4 °C

    On a day like today, hiking becomes a mind game - long distance ahead, fairly similar landscape all day, tired legs from days of walking, icy winds and heavy rain forecasted. Your body is totally fine, wrapped up and full of unused energy, but your mind tells you it will be hard, you will be cold, you won't make it. We did a few things to win this mind game: be prepared for any kind of weather, stay positive and motivate each other, play mind puzzles and guessing games together, and listen to good music for a while.

    And so we did the hike in very good time, good spirits, and made it across 5km of snow as well as two river crossings without a bridge. One of the river crossings was quite an adventure; we had to take off our shoes and pants and cross melting water which came up almost to our hips. The water was 2 to 4 degrees. We felt quite proud when we had crossed ;-)

    We were completely exhausted and happy when we arrived and treated ourselves to a big dinner at the self-serve mountain hut - we're not tenting in snow today :)
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  • Day6

    Moreller ehk Norra mureli piirkond

    July 27, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Sõidame mööda kallast teisele poole saart ning teeääres seisavad sildid moreller. Hiljem tulid ka ploomid ja õunad - no tere tulemast põhja. Täitsa igal pool mäe nõlvadel kasvandused. Kilekatted oli murelitel peal mõnes kohas ja aegajalt ka võrgud. Tunduvad päris ahvatlevad tumepunased marjad puu otstes.Read more

  • Day17

    Nachtlager mit Überraschung

    July 9, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Wir übernachten ein paar km oberhalb von Kinsarvik. Der Ort ist ziemlich lebhaft und voller Touris, ein Freizeitpark und ein völlig überfüllter Campingplatz locken uns nicht. Also suchen wir nach einem ruhigeren Platz, was wir auch finden. Allerdings erwachen wir recht früh durch Schüsse, die ganz schön nah klingen und durch die Bergwände noch vervielfacht werden... Der Grund wird uns bald klar: wir haben neben einem Schießstand übernachtet.😖Read more

  • Day11

    Kajaking - Hardangerfjord

    September 5, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Tag 11

    Da uns die Füße von gestern noch weh tun nutzen wir heute die Arme.

    Der Hardangerfjord (norwegisch Hardangerfjorden) ist ein etwa 170 Kilometer langer Fjord an der südwestlichen Atlantikküste Norwegens im Fylke Hordaland. Er ist einer der längsten und tiefsten Fjorde an der norwegischen Küste. (Wikipedia)Read more

  • Day6

    Tappev õhtu

    July 27, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Kell on pool kaheksa ja väljas on endiselt 30 kraadi kuuma. Jõudsime ööbimispaika. Üle tee on mureliistandus. Nagu oleks kuskil Itaalias või nii.

    Käisime meres ujumas ja jääkülma dušši all, sest soe vesi maksab ja meil on nagunii palav. Nüüd lamame auto varjus, sest telk on liiga soe.

  • Day7

    Hommikune saun murelitega

    July 28, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Täna äratas meid kuumus, mitte äratuskell. Kadri kolis juba kell pool kaheksa telgi ette, auto varju magama. Sõime hommikusöögiks nuudleid ja saia ketšupiga. Taivo arust on sai ja ketšup imelik kooslus, aga Kadrile tundus meeldivat.

    Õnneks ronime nüüd kõrgele ja üritame minna lumelauaga sõitma.

    Liikuma hakates saatsid meid pikalt murelite kasvandused ja putkad kust neid ise osta sai (pisike putka kus on rahakassa ja murelite karbid). Üks karp maksis 45 NOK. Kadri uuris, et kas kassas on piisavalt raha, et 100 lahti vahetada, kuid lõpuks maksime ainult 40 NOK. Me ei ole enne nii suuri mureleid näinud kui need olid. Kuna Kadril on pisikesed käed, siis see murel oli juba ligilähedale Kadri peo suurune. Oi kui maitsvad! Kas keegi teab kas mureli kividest saab samasuguse puu kasvama panna?
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  • Day12

    en spannende Tag isches gsii

    September 18, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    ca am 7ni simmer z Norwege aacho und hend ois denn grad uf de Weg zunnere bekannte Wanderig zum "Preikestolen", eme Felsvorsprung gmacht. Nach demm simmer wiiter richtig Norde düüset und denn schlussendli a demm Plätzli da aacho. Mir hend nümm wiiter möge zum öppis schönners sueche... Drumm hemmers ois denn so gmüetli wie mögli gmacht - Vorzelt spanne, es Füürli i de Füürschale mache und es feins Stuck Fleisch ässe :) - importierts Chuäli vo Dänemark wils mer da obe ahnschinend chum cha zalle... ;)Read more

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