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  • Day1

    24.02.2015 Khasab/Oman

    August 24, 2016 in Oman

    Heute haben wir eine Tour über Costa gebucht. Mit eine Holzdhau (Boot) durch die Omani Fjorde. Bis heute
    wussten wir auch nicht dass es im arabischen Raum Fjorde gibt. Es war wirklich sehr sehenswert. Morgens um 8.30 Uhr sind wir von Bord gegangen und sind nach einem Mini-Fußmarsch auf die Dhau`s gestiegen. Fast die ganze Zeit haben uns Delphine begleitet. So nah sind wir den Delphinen noch nicht gekommen. Für Davis der absolute Höhepunkt. Wahnsinnig tolle Landschaft und super klares Wasser. Hier gibt es noch Dörfer die nur per Boot zu erreichen sind. Helmut hat noch die Chance wahrgenommen bei einem Stopp ein Bad im Meer zunehmen. Nicole und Davis haben sich nicht getraut. Wir wurden während der Fahrt super verpflegt, mit Obst und Omanischen Tee (sehr süß schmeckte aber super, selbst Davis hat den getrunken und Omanischen Kaffee (nicht so lecker). Auf dem Rückweg hatten wir noch ziemlichen Wellegang. Ein toller lohnenswerter Ausflug. Um 18.00 Uhr hat das Schiff schon wieder Richtung Abu Dahbi abgelegt. Abends haben wir uns noch im Theater die Rock und Pop-Show angesehen, dabei ist Davis eingeschlafen.Read more

  • Day5

    Im Hafen von Khasab

    December 21, 2017 in Oman

    Nach diesem anstrengenden Vormittagsprogramm genießt jeder für sich das süße Nichtstun auf dem Schiff. Ein Mittagsschläfchen will gehalten, und Bücher wollen gelesen werden. Pünktlich um 18 Uhr legt Kapitän Tom uns souverän unter den Klängen der großen Freiheit ab.

  • Day1

    Khasab, Oman

    January 24, 2017 in Oman

    Today was our first port of call, which was Khasab, Oman 🇴🇲.
    The port is surrounded by some very impressive mountains, but there is not much else here, unless you wanted to do a Dhow cruise to see dolphins. I just had a stroll along the coast road to stretch my legs. As usual with Oman the locals were very friendly and everyone I passed said hello and smiled, so I got to practice my only Arabic phrase "Salam Alaikum" which actually means "God be with you" but is used as a general greeting like hello.Read more

  • Day8

    Khasab, Oman

    January 31, 2017 in Oman

    I decided to get the shuttle into Khasab today and then walk back to the ship.
    It was a beautiful walk, with the impressive mountains which are the backdrop of the town, looking like how I'd imagine the moon to look. As usual I went off the beaten path, and ended up walking through some what looked like allotments, where the locals were growing vegetables etc.
    And I got the chance to try out one of my few Arabic phrases, saying "Salam Alikum" to a few people and getting big smiles and getting the response "Alikum Salama" in reply.
    I came across a small mosque and asked what looked like the caretaker if I could go in for a look, he said ok, so I went in and got a couple of photos.
    I must say that the Omani's that I met on my walk where very friendly.
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  • Day15

    Khasab Castle, Oman

    February 7, 2017 in Oman

    Today we where back in Khasab, Oman 🇴🇲, for the last time on this trip, so I decided to have a stroll to the castle.
    On the previous two visits here on this trip, I'd been put off going by various people saying, it's very small, not a lot there, blah blah blah.
    Well I shouldn't have listened to them.
    Firstly it's a beautifully preserved, 17th century Castle , not a reconstruction as I thought. It was built in the 17th century by the Portuguese on top of what was an old fort and has some very well preserved artifacts.
    The middle tower which apparently is the oldest part of the castle, houses an air-conditioned room with very informative displays, showing how life was and in some cases still is in Khasab.
    On ground level the courtyard displays three old Omani boats that originate from the northern part of Musandam, along with a number of canons and old dhows displayed at the entrance of the fort.
    Also in the courtyard are two reconstructions one is a traditional bait al qufl (“house of the lock”) which is a stone construction with a floor below ground level, which the nomadic mountain tribes used to store their valuables that they could not carry with them, on their summer trips down to the sea and a barasti (palm thatch) summer house, ingeniously constructed using stone pillars with permeable walls fashioned out of palm branches.
    Which kept the occupants cool in the very hot summer months.
    It is a really interesting place and it was very easy to spend an hour or so there, all for the princely sum of 1 Omani Rial, which is about £2.
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  • Day2

    Had the last laugh

    December 15, 2015 in Oman

    I spoke to Gisleni the concierge, and told her how disappointed I was at not getting the upgrade, especially as the couple I mentioned to you in the last blog post did get an upgrade, not only did they get the upgrade but they went from an inside cabin on deck 3 to a junior suite on deck 8.
    That's a 4 step upgrade, when you are only supposed to get a one step upgrade.
    Anyway when I told Gisleni about being disappointed especially as I had offered to pay, and she tells me she had recommended that we get the upgrade as we were willing to pay, but she was overruled by the hotel director.
    She also tells me that she has the same opinion as me concerning this particular couple, as they had been rude to her, and even after getting the upgrade they where at guest services complaining about something else and being rude there also.
    The upshot is Gisleni says she will see what she can do and while I was there at her desk made a couple of phone calls and fired off three emails to different people, then tells me to come back later on in the morning.
    To cut a long story a bit shorter, she not only got me an upgrade to a Grand Suite, but got it for free!
    Needless to say Sheila is now a very happy bunny.
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  • Day5

    Im Hafen von Khasab

    December 21, 2017 in Oman

    Morgens um 6 Uhr, pünktlich zum Aufstehen erreichen wir den Hafen von Khasab im Oman. Wir müssen tatsächlich sehr früh aufstehen, denn wir haben die Dhaufahrt durch die Fjorde gebucht.

  • Day1

    Khasab Sea Tours

    March 16, 2017 in Oman

    Khasab Sea Tours with dolphin watch and swimming snorkeling. Dhow cruise into Musandam fjords have some wonderful sightseeing's of towering fjords and fisherman village. Lots of colorful fish at telegraph island which is also good place for sea coral and reefs.

  • Day4


    March 9, 2016 in Oman

    We docked at Khasab today but none of us fancied getting off the ship, which was great for me as it gave me the chance of another sleep, to help get over the hangover before the Captains table tonight.....
    Anyway the meal was with the staff captain, Matthias Sebom, who is from Sweden and a really nice guy.
    There were only six guests and funnily enough all of us are from Wigan, there was Barbara and Steve, Maz and Sue, and Sheila and I, so it was easy having conversations with everyone, which made a nice change.
    The food was excellent and the wines top notch as usual, no Chateau de Sainsbury on the captains table, lol.
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