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  • Day190

    We found our paradise

    March 7 in Oman

    There was this super steep downhill run, we literally dropped down to sea level, 700m on less than 10km. It was noontime, the sun was burning on our skin - and we knew that it would go up again as steep. We looked left into the wadi, saw the palms, saw that there was water (water in a wadi!) and could hear waves breaking somewhere. So let's go there, it seems to be a nice place (procrastination?)!

    It is called Wadi Suneik on our map and there was definitely no other option than staying the rest of the day and spend the night there :)

    We were actually running out of water, but luckily, we found a water canister with about 4 remaining liters we could use for cooking because the water in the wadi was too salty and there are no facilities, nobody and nothing, nature in its pure beauty. Strolling around the untouched palms felt somehow wild and bewildering and the vegetation made the access to the water a bit difficult.

    The real challenge was an access to the beach we could hear but not see. Swimming through the wadi for about 2km could have been an option, but too exhausting, so climbing along the rock face seemed natural, exhausting as well, but the effort provided a wonderful beach. Fishermen passing by were a bit surprised...

    Days like this feel like a real, natural adventure, we didn't know that this place exists, we didn't expect anything (except the steep drop and climb of the road we were not really looking forward to), we discovered this place by accident and explored it on our own, without any information. We spontaneously decided to spend the night there and listened to the 'concert of the jungle' at night, a starry sky above the palm roof. Our paradise.
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  • Day192


    March 9 in Oman

    In the light of the recent, sad event and because we also see a connection to traveling, here a phrase Stephen Hawking once made up:
    'Look up at the stars, and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.'

  • Day193

    A sight and a beach

    March 10 in Oman

    The closer we got to the UNESCO archeological site of ancient Khor Rori, the more we got aware that we did not only find an interesting historical place which was famous for exporting Arabian frankincense out into the world, but also a beautiful beach with water on both sides. Our decision to stay the rest of the day and overnight was quickly made - meanwhile, we can't imagine to fall asleep without the sound of the sea anymore.Read more

  • Day95

    Salalah - Wassergeysir

    April 10, 2017 in Oman

    Den kurzen Aufenthalt in Salalah haben wir mit einem Ausflug zu den Wassergeysiren verbracht.

    Leider war die See so ruhig, das es eher Blaslöcher waren. Mehr als ein fauchen haben wir nicht erlebt. Die Landschaft hingegen war sehr schön, auch der Strand war atemberaubend. 😁 Nahezu weißer Sand und türkises Wasser. Wer hätte gedacht dass der Oman so schön ist? 😊

    Danach ging es durchs Land zu einer berühmten Grabstätte.Read more

  • Day95

    Salalah - Grabstätte und Suk

    April 10, 2017 in Oman

    An der Grabstätte angekommen musste ich mich "leider" von der Gruppe entfernen. Während sich Cecily mit den anderen die Gebäude angeschaut hat, wurde ich von einem wilden Kamel angelockt, welches 2 Junge bei sich hatte. 🤣

    Nach der Besichtigung der Grabstätte ging es dann zur Suk, wo wir noch ein bisschen shoppen konnten. 😊
    Die Suks im Oman, speziell in Salalah sind überfüllt mit Weihrauch, der hier eine Jahrhunderte alte Tradition hat. 😊

    Nächster Halt, Jordanien!
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  • Day3

    Von Salalah aus sind wir heute Richtung Norden gestartet. Zuerst haben wir einen kleinen Stopp an dem vermeintlichen Grab von Hiob eingelegt und haben uns dann auf die Suche nach Weihrauchbäumen gemacht - die Landschaft hier verzaubert uns jeden Tag aus neue 😳

  • Day20

    Sardines Sardines Sardines

    November 2, 2017 in Oman

    I like sardines, so when we got the opportunity to see them being harvested I was pumped. We met our guide Mohammed a little after 9. It is a half day tour of the area around Salalah Oman. We are driving east, up the coast in a Toyota Land Cruiser to Mirbat when we come upon a seagull convention on the beach beside us. All of us get out to see. Men are bringing in nets full of Sardines, transferring them to huge bags, and staggering with the heavy bags to the back of a truck where they are dumped. The truck teems with jumping fish, some of who escape, only to be snatched up by the sea gulls.

    Mirbat is an old trading post on the spice route from India, and we get some photos there. On the way back we stop at a Souk that specializes in local incenses and perfumes. Frankincense is the local specialty. Of course we buy something. I don't even know what it is, but it smells good. We all get back to the ship in time for lunch, spend the afternoon reading and later played shuffle board. Ya Shuffle board, what does that say? I don't know, but I had a good time. Cripes what does that say?
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  • Day20

    Salalah, Taqa and Mirbat

    November 2, 2017 in Oman

    Our first impression of Salalah was clean, pretty and wealthy. The buildings are mostly of beautiful white/light sand colour stone. According to our driver most live in single family dwellings. These are 2-3 floors and are huge. A family consists of Mom and Dad, children and grandparents in one dwelling.

    Next we drove to Taqa where we found the sardines on the beach, followed by a view point that overlooked the town and we could watch for dolphins and turtles. Wrong day for that, no dolphins or turtles but gorgeous view.

    Now back in the car and we visited the ruins of Sumhuram (Khor Rori). This was an ancient outpost for the incense trade . It was considered the hub harbour for shipping of Frankincense between the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and India.

    Back in the car and off to Mirbat a small fishing village. There were some ruins which were described as the Mirbat Castle. This was the old city of Arabian horses and salve trade.

    Along the way we saw many camels, as herds in fields or simply walking on the highway. We finally stopped at Al Husn Souk. Liz and I did our best with the 30 minute time frame for shopping. Back to the ship for fun and games..
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