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  • Day3

    To the beach

    November 2 on the Philippines

    OK we are now in danger area of lack of sleep. So yes we slept off and on yesterday till 10:30am, but it's now been about 9 days of very little sleep. Jet lag between all these countries is really defeating us. This morning we both said we can't wait to go home so we can sleep. I quickly threw this idea out the window as I am loving travelling, just in need of some real sleep and relaxation.

    In the morning I was bored of tossing and turning so I got up at 6:15am and freshened up. Once Will was ready we went down for breakfast. May was devastated that she had run out of gas in her cooker so could only offer us toast and jam but obviously we were happy! Bless her! We sat chatting for a while and she was still amazed that I was of Indian origin. She said I looked just like Miss Universe 1994, Shushmita Sen of India, and kept asking if I'd been on beauty shows or in competitions. I swear they were looking at someone else! She was so sweet and insisted on getting a hug before we left.

    Out in the burning heat with our backpacks again and the water works begin... not tears but sweat haha After about 20 mins we got to the bus terminal and we soon got on a bus to Moalboal. It's Will's birthday tomorrow so I've been wanting to get to a beach as soon as possible so we can chill out and swim. Unfortunately the place I wanted to book was booked up so hopefully the place I booked is going to be OK!

    The journey was pretty rough, as expected and it was very very busy with preople standing the whole journey. When we arrived another couple got off at the same time and the instantly the tricycle riders feasted upon us. Luckily the couple suggested we get lunch first which in hindsight of what came next was very wise. So first we enjoyed our McDonald's lunch 😊

    After lunch we began our haggling skills for a tricycle ride to Panagsama Beach which is where our accomodation, Cebu360 dive centre, was. Firstly the tricycles were offering crazy prices. Eventually we got to a guy who couldn't take us as he wasn't going that way but told us to walk 5 mins away and they will do it for cheaper. So we did after 30 seconds of walking someone picked us up for the agreed price. Easy.

    It was a very bumpy ride down a very poorly cemented gravel road, but he got us there pretty quick. He dropped us off at what we thought was the right place but on showing our booking we soon realised it wasn't. Luckily the owner of this dive centre, Cameron from Leicester, led us to where he thought was the one we needed, but we soon found out it had been shut down as the owner had an argument with the ground owner. This seems to happen quite a lot here. Hot and bothered, Cameron led us back to his dive centre, handed us beer, let us use his WiFi and said try and work out what's happening but don't worry we will sort something out. In the end he was an absolute super star he gave us a lovely room for cheap at the dive centre, told us about dives that he can offer us for the next few days and turned what could have been into a panic situation into a calm and happy one. Now I'd like to to say that we then jumped into the sea, made the most of being the beautiful Philippines and got one with nature but that would be an utter lie. As soon as they gave us the room I desweated and just led on the bed, did some reading, read my blog and chilled out in an airconned room. Maybe it's a waste but it's what my body needed! I wasn't resting for long before Will said I should get up to watch sunset. It was much cooler now so I headed out to watch Will swim out in the sunset which was quite picturesque.

    For dinner we had veggie and seafood noodles which we were told is more than enough for 2. We waited an hour and half and it came absolutely miniscule and so we had to go to another restaurant for another dish of veggie curry before heading home for hopefully a full night sleep.
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  • Day5

    It's a Mango Shake kinda day

    November 4 on the Philippines

    Upsettingly we have to leave our lovely accomodation in Cebu Dive Centre that Cameron kindly gave to us as he had it booked up, but luckily we found somewhere else yesterday. So all is good. It has a shared bathroom and no AC but hey we can't have it all!

    Will still wasn't feeling well so today is going to be another one of those days. In the morning we got up packed, went for breakfast, took our laundry and then found a place that had a lovely view of the sea and fruit shakes. I had a super yummy mango shake and Will had a pineapple one. All of a sudden I felt really ill and we had to go back to the room. Uh oh... I think I have what Will had! Hopefully I don't!!

    As soon as we got in the heavens opened so it gave us an excuse to sit in an AC room till check out! After check out we sat and chatted in the common area with Cameron and other budding scuba divers until about 3pm when we were able to checkin. It's back to basics, a small room, electric fan and shared bathroom, but it did the business. After checking in we had lunch,, met a couple more people and then headed back to the dive centre for some more socialising.

    For dinner we were able to get oursleves on the VIP reservation list (only 2 places left) for Smoke Night at the taco bar with Cameron and crew. All we knew is that he'd been talking about it all day and that it would be good so we went for it. What we probably should have checked was what the food would be and how much haha We arrived a bit late and saw people eating enormous meat platters. Each person had a whole chicken leg (thigh and drumstick), a rack of ribs, a beef fillet, beans and half a jacket potato. Me and Will looked at each other and thought jeeze we can't consume this much food!! However, luckily they only had enough for one platter and instead of the beans and potato they only had sweetcorn left so it was much more bearable. We met a Finnish and Belgian guy and sat chatting to them about our various countries and politics. When we got the bill we were even more relieved that they only had one. It was the same price as a dive! Phew! But it was different and something fun to do 😊
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  • Day4

    Will's Birthday!

    November 3 on the Philippines

    So what is your dream birthday? Waking up to a gorgeous coral coastline, blue skies, swim in the sea along the coral reef wall, seeing blue starfish, nemos, swimming amongst a shoal of hundreds of sardines, having cake in the morning after the swim? Well that was our morning for Will's birthday!And after yesterday's antics it was definitely required. But... What your don't want to have is a funny tummy and then to spend the rest of the day in bed which is what happened in the afternoon 😔 He was so ill bless him and I felt helpless. Not a great way to spend his birthday.

    To be honest I don't have anything exciting to add but I'm so glad we got out in the morning for a swim before he was feeling really ill.

    The afternoon and early evening was spent with him in bed and me reading my book and chatting to Cameron. For dinner we went to a local Taco place. As we had barely moved today we both realised we might break our 10,000 step streak. We had a tough decision to make, do we break it or do we attempt to do it. With a bit of hand waving and a lot of walking aimlessly we did not let the illness defeat us and we are proudly on a 44 day streak! So happy 😊
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  • Day6

    Ah that good old friend again... RAIN!

    November 5 on the Philippines

    Feeling much better we both got up early and were ready by 7am! Today our plan was to do a hike and got to the beautiful Kawasan waterfalls. We went for breakfast and guess what?! The heavens opened and I'd like to say it was just a tropical shower but it's now 11am and it's still going hard and heavy! So the morning has been spent watching YouTube videos to remind us how we set up our scuba equipment, revisiting scuba buddy checks and looking at pictures of cool fishes we might see. Feeling confident I remember it all I then carried on reading Jurassic with the fan blasting high.

    By lunch time it cleared, so we went for Chicken Sisig and rice, signed up to 2 dives for tomorrow, so unbelievably excited, and then walked for 45 mins to white beach to finally see a sandy beach!! So many locals along the way thought we were bonkers walking and to be honest at one point I did but we soon arrived and a local told us to walk through HK resort to avoid paying, perfect 😊 This part of white beach was really lovely and full of locals only, whereas if you go further or take a tricycle then you will be dropped off in the tourist side with loud music, touts and drunken tourists. Instead we had locals playing games, soft background music and mostly locals bathing in the sea as couples. Super hot from the walk we quickly changed and jumped straight in. I'm not the most confident swimmer, well I can swim well but I get scared of the deep end haha, but now that I have goggles its soo much easier and better. Today was the furthest, longest and most confident I've ever swam and although I had to hold on to Will for stabilisation at one point, (my goggles kept leaking in water) I am actually super proud of myself. The coral reef wall was just incredible!!!! We saw blue star fish, pipe fish, incredible coral, angel fish and parrot fish. It was so much fun, we must have swam for about an hour and half as the sun began to set. We swam to shore, changed, ate some snacks and chilled. Before heading back we wandered further up the beach and then jumped on a guys motorbike for the journey back. I'm always amazed how many people you can fit on these things haha

    When we got back we chilled out with Cameron and crew before heading for dinner to the Three Bears. The chicken burger and chicken stuffed with mozerella and bacon was really tasty. Shattered we both fell into bed.
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  • Day7

    Scuba Time!! Eek!

    November 6 on the Philippines

    After yesterday's snorkeling, although nervous, we were super excited to begin scuba diving. We arrived at the dive centre for 10:15am and was hoping to practise with our equipment etc but Bro set it all up for us and took it all to the boat. This made us a bit anxious as it has been 3 months since we last dived and testing our bcds etc would have warmed us nicely back into it. The dive centre was super busy and just before 11am we were loaded onto the boat. Now, we have only ever done shore dives before, you just walk out with all your gear into the shallow water. For a boat dive you basically roll off backwards into the water, so I was super nervous about this. By the time myself and Will got our gear on our instructor and the rest of the team were already in the water and we were really feeling pressured to get a move on. Luckily another instructor on the boat walked us through it step by step and checked that we were all ready to go in a calmer manner. And I did it! I rolled off. It was kinda fun actually, well once I inflated my bcd and remembered to actually breather through regulator haha When Will got into the water he was getting quite panicked as his bcd wasn't tight enough and we were being rushed to begin descending so I stayed with him while he tried to fix his vest. In the meantime I was trying my mask and it was really loose so this gave me time to try and sort this out. It was all very panicky and rushed when we had to descend into the water. Neither of us were ready but we felt we had to just go for it. Looking back this was a stupid thing to do and a very dangerous thing to do. Will was able to cope ish with his bcd being a bit loose but my mask was the first of my major problems. On descending my mask just kept filling so I repeatedly was trying to empty it but now it was becoming painful to equalise and sort out my mask. So I had to ascend back to the surface to sort out my mask and wipe my burning salty eyes.

    Take 2... The mask was fixed, I was able to equalise now I wasn't so panicky but I soon realised that I was far too buoyant and therefore couldn't sink far enough and would just keep floating upwards. It must have been so frustrating for everyone else in the group and I was getting really worried and embarrassed. But the worst part was that because I was constantly going up and down I had to constantly equalise. Bro tried pulling me down a lot using my fin but this made everything worse as I wasn't able to equalise in time and I was now in a lot of pain. For those that have never dived, if you can't equalise your ears are under immense pressure, basically like what you sometimes get on planes too. The only fix here was to add more weight which Bro did. He added another kilo to my jacket and it was better. I was finally able to scuba and, although honestly I was quite upset and stressed, I was able to enjoy the little amount of marine life we saw, but there wasn't anything spectacular. Along the journey we were constantly tracking our air gauge and as soon as mine hit below 100 things went bad for me again. I floated straight towards the top and couldn't get back down. Bro grabbed my fins to pull me down but this time the pressure on my ears was truly excruciating he grabbed another weight from another instructor and this did the trick. We swam a tiny bit more but to be honest visibility was quite poor so it wasn't that fun even once we had calmed down but it was soon time to end.

    Getting back on the boat with the gear was pretty easy, but my mood was really low. I felt like I'd let myself down and more upsettingly I'd let everyone in the group down. I began chatting to the others and myself, Will and Shannon all felt the same. It wasn't a pleasant dive, we all had various issues and to be honest we all wanted to quit there and then. We dried off and went to lunch for a chicken sisig to discuss our individual problems and more importantly how we can fix them next time. We didn't quit and we went back for our second dive which was a shore dive called the Sardine Run. I am so glad I persevered as this time I had the right amount of weight in my jacket, we all were more confident with our equipment and so we were calmer.

    The dive was really fun. Bro was able to show us a lot of the marine life which included Denise Pygmy Seahorse, Harlequin Ghost Pipefish, Giant Frogfish
    Harlequin Sweetups, Map Puffer Fish, Big Eye Scad, Lion Fish and the star of the show sardines. Oh my goodness the sardines. There must have been thousands swimming around us. I can't describe how beautiful they were. At one point I was in my very own bubble surrounded by them and I couldn't see anyone from the group. When we finished we were all super buzzing.

    We sorted out our equipment and chatted for a while and then decided to jump back in and go snorkeling along the coral wall. It was so much fun and this time we saw a pair of Lion Fish, a lot of clownfish, blue star fish, pipe fish, parrot fish and amazing coral. We got so distracted that actually we ended up swimming for over 2 hours! I can't believe I've gone from not a very confident swimmer and needing to have my feet near surface to swimming over a 70ft drop coral wall in a matter of days!

    When we finally got out the dive centre crew were pretty impressed with how long we were out and we're already on the beers. So we decided to turn our evening into Will's Birthday! I ran back to the room showered and dressed and no one had moved a muscle. Well they moved to lift up there beer bottles haha

    It was a great night, we all just sat, drank beers, chatted about all our various experiences travelling, went to the Taco bar for dinner and drank some more. As it was Will's birthday the owner made him bright blue drink with god knows what was in it but it was super tasty, obviously also very alcoholic, and then we finally finished the night with jackfruit flavoured tequila shots.

    What a great day.

    In terms of pictures we don't have too many as we took videos on our go pro. I'll probably upload them onto Facebook or create stills at some point!
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  • Day9


    August 20 on the Philippines

    Hey Leute,
    heute haben wir etwas ganz besonderes unternommen! Wir durften heute Walhaie beim Füttern beobachten und so ganz nah an sie heran schwimmen. Es war unglaublich!!!! Walhaie sind 6-8m Lang und eigentlich ganz ungefährlich, aber wenn dann doch so viele um einen herum schimmen, bekommt man doch ein mulmiges Gefühl 😂 Aber dennoch,war es einfach der absolute Wahnsinn!
    Anschließend sind wir wieder zum White Beache gefahren, um das super gute Wetter zu genießen und an unserer Bräune zu feilen:D
    Momentan liegen wir im Bett, da wir morgen um 3:20am aufstehen müssen, damit wir den Bus nach Cebu erwischen und von dort aus geht es dann weiter mit dem Flugzeug nach Siargao. Hier bleiben wir dann wahrscheinlich die letzten 10 Tage und werde auch dort einiges noch unternehmen (ich sage nur Surfen und so....)
    Also ihr Lieben,
    bis morgen!
    Das Alonz
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  • Day8


    August 19 on the Philippines

    Hallo ihr Lieben, nach einer langen Zeit melden wir uns auch mal wieder zurück. Wir haben so viel erlebt, dass keine Zeit blieb um etwas zu bloggen. Momentan liegen wir noch in den Feder und schlafen heute mal aus. Die zwei Tage bei Conzis Bekannten (Ma Ruth und Co.) waren einzigartig und einfach wunderschön! Diese Tage werden uns noch sehr sehr lange in Erinnerung bleiben, so herzliche und gastfreundliche Menschen haben wir selten erlebt. Offen, lustig und unglaublich warmherzig!!! Wir haben viele Ausflüge unternommen, z.B eine Tour zu Wasserfällen mitten im Wald,welche total unberührt von Menschen sind. Keine Touristen, nur die Einheimischen kennen sie und nun das Alonz :D
    Wir haben so viel erlebt, dass es viel zu lange dauern würde, alles hier nieder zu schreiben:) Wir werden euch Zuhause alles berichten!
    Nun sind wir auf Cebu-Island bzw. in Moalboal und genießen den Strand und das Meer. Hier sind jetzt auch viele Touristen und wir haben schon einige junge Leute aus Europa kennen gelernt. Es macht einfach so viel Spaß zu reisen 🤗
    Heute geht es auch nochmal an den Strand und morgen zu den Walhaien 🐳
    Heute Abend gibt es dann auch noch mehr Bilder!!
    Bis bald
    Das Alonz 😘
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  • Day8


    August 19 on the Philippines

    Hey ihr Lieben, wir sind ausgeschlafen und waren schon schnorcheln. Für mich das aller Erste mal und daher habe ich mich am Anfang auch eeeeetwas ungeschick angestellt. Ein Classic-Alina:D Nun habe ich eine kleine Schürfwunde am re. Fußrücken, mein Souvenir 😁 Naja wie dem auch sei, wir sahen einige schöne Fische, Seeigel und allerlei andere Sachen. Das gute ist, dass wir direkt bei uns am Strand, also quasi vor der Haustür schnorcheln aber auch tauchen können. Jetzt sitzen wir in einer der vielen Strandbars, genießen Mango-und Wassermelonenshakes und essen fangfrischen Calermaris. Besser geht es nicht :D Zum Glück haben wir so ein Glück mit den Wetter🤗
    Im Anhang findet ihr noch ein paar Bilder;)
    Bis bald
    Das Alonz
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  • Day160

    Moalboal, PHL

    February 6, 2017 on the Philippines

    Nachdem alle gut auf den Philippinen angekommen und wir nun zusammen sind, ging die Reise rasch weiter. Auf der Cebu Insel gibt es einiges zu sehen und wir wollen außerdem noch auf weitere Inseln gehen. 🌴

    Unser nächster Halt - Moalboal. Hierfür sind wir gleich mal mit dem lokalen Bus ca. 4 Stunden weiter gefahren. Schulter an Schulter saßen wir alle verstreut im (nicht klimatisierten) Bus zwischen den Einheimischen und durften in eine wunderschöne Landschaft blicken. Egal wie voll der Bus war, die Lebensmittel-Verkäufer fanden immer noch eine kleine Lücke Platz im Bus und wollten ihre Ware aufdringlich verkaufen.

    Am nächsten Tag ging es mit dem Roller zu einem schönen Wasserfall und einen Strand.

    Morgen geht die Reise schon wieder weiter und wir freuen uns sehr auf die nächste Ortschaft. Dort haben wir was besonderes vor. Ihr dürft gespannt sei 😄
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  • Day49

    Cebu - Filipijnen

    October 19, 2016 on the Philippines

    Vanuit Kuala Lumpur zijn we naar Cebu gevlogen. We kwamen aan in Cebu City, een ouderwetse Aziatische stink stad. We zijn de volgende dag snel naar Moalboal vertrokken. Vanuit daar hebben we de Walvishaaien in Oslob bezocht. Super vet om met zo'n mega grote beesten te zwemmen. Daarnaast zijn we ook naar de super blauwe Kawasan watervallen geweest om te zwemmen en beetje van watervallen te springen, haha! Moalboal heeft een prachtig koraalrif en we besloten om te gaan duiken. Lyanne heeft haar duikbrevet gehaald en ik ben twee keer tijdens de cursus mee gaan duiken. We hebben de Sardientjes trek gezien,stuk of 1000000 tegelijk in een school, mega schildpadden en nog veel meer moois uit de onderwater wereld. Vanaf nu kunnen we dus mooi samen gaan duiken. We zaten in een super leuk hostel, de eigenaar/eigenaresse (we weten het nog steeds niet) maakte er samen met alle Engelsen (Geordies, precies zoals uit Geordie Shore) die ook in ons hostel zaten een paar dolle avonden van.Read more

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