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  • Day11

    Day 11 - El Nido

    January 6 on the Philippines ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Well what a HUGE day!!

    After a 12 hour sleep we were well and truelely feeling better just not quite 100%.

    Dylan had organised a private boat to take us on a tour to see different islands in El Nido. The weather wasn't in our favour and tour C was cancelled. We rebooked to do tour B which going ahead. The weather was starting to clear for us. Our boat arrived on the beach we were staying at and we were off.

    Our first stop was papaya beach ... About a 10 min boat rude. We were the first to arrive and had the whole beach to ourselves. We walked down the beach and the sun shot through the clouds and started to highlight the beautiful water. Here I am taking photos and I turn around to see Dylan on one knee with a ring (for those who want the soppy version, hit me up privately). Let's just say I'm one lucky girl!!

    Off on the tour we went, exploring snake island, caves and beautiful private beaches before the weather turned terrible and we headed back to mainland.

    Still not feeling 100% and overwhelmed (I was anyway) we spent the afternoon resting and telling our family and friends.

    Dinner was spent overlooking the water and although we couldn't quite stomach alcohol, lemon and ginger tea did the trick!! Reality hey!!

    Hopefully some drinks tomorrow along the beach.

    My sister's reaction was by far the best - photo below (sorry Paige haha)
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  • Day9

    El Nido

    October 15, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Drove to El Nido yesterday and stayed the night, in a room wi a lizard (Ian freaked oot). Daday we went on an island hopping tour, it was so amazing! We hired a GoPro so hopefully wir photos fae dat will be better. It was so amazing, we swam through two lagoons and had snorkelling stuff to see all the fish 🐟. We saw monkeys in trees too which was pretty cool but I couldna get ony good photos. Just waiting noo on wir run back to wir proper hotel.Read more

  • Day4

    El Nido

    June 9, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    La deuxième ville qu'on a faite est El Nido, beaucoup plus touristique mais elle nous avait été conseillée.

    On a fait une balade en bateau, où on a notamment fait du kayak et on a vu une tortue de tout près hihi

    On a aussi fêté l'anniversaire de Mika en mangeant au resto sur le bord de plage, c'était un beau moment.

    On a un peu moins aimé cette ville-là parce que vraiment touristique, beaucoup de monde et pas grand-chose à faire mais c'était quand même vraiment chouette. Quoi? Qui se plaint ici? Non non, pas moi 🙄
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  • Day11

    Day trip to central El Nido

    July 11, 2017 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Third time lucky for this trip!! After being rained off the past two days we finally got a day to explore the beauty of El Nido.

    We went on a boat trip out to see the lagoons, beaches and islands. Scenery was incredible, crystal clear waters made it seem as if the bottom of the sea was within touching distance and the greenery of the rock faces surrounding us is something we've never seen before.

    Very glad we hired a kayak in the small lagoon as could pass through a tiny gap in the rock face to enter a hidden lagoon to explore.

    Followed up by snorkelling and a BBQ on the beach :)
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  • Day9

    Marimegmeg Beach

    February 14, 2017 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Da ist er! Türkisblaues Wasser, Weißer Sand und gerade mal 5 Minuten mit dem "Taxi" von uns entfernt. Wir wünschen euch einen schönen Tag 😌☀️🌴🌊 C.

  • Day145

    Day 144: Beach Day in El Nido

    November 7, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    After a bit of exploring in the morning (and a stop at a delicious crepe shop we'd seen last night for breakfast), we felt at a slight loss for what to do. The actual town doesn't really have anything to do - it looks much nicer during daylight with the limestone cliffs towering overhead, but it's more of a base for doing things elsewhere, like snorkelling. The beach itself may have been nice once upon a time, but now it's just a polluted strip of sand with garbage washing up and oil slicks from the hundreds of boats in the bay.

    So we did the next best thing - we booked a snorkelling tour for tomorrow instead! We spent most of the morning in the room, despite nice weather, just relaxing and using a bit of internet since everyone was out and not using it. We also organised our boat to Coron (an island about 6 hours ferry ride north) as well while we were at it.

    After a bit of research we decided to head for a beach a few kilometres south of town, called Los Cabanas. We jumped in a tricycle and headed off on the 15 minute drive, only 100 pesos which seemed pretty reasonable. Down the hundred or so steps to the beach, and this was exactly what we wanted. A wide, long, unpolluted beach with no crowds, just scattered groups of people. A couple of bars at either end playing music and selling cheap drinks, and of course constant jewellery vendors (they are incessant here, absolutely everywhere in Palawan).

    We settled ourselves down and I jumped straight in the water. Lovely and warm, and a perfect aquamarine colour - it's times like this you realise why that colour has that name!! Spent an hour or so in the water, before sitting on the sand and eating the bakery food we'd bought for lunch back in town.

    A rainstorm blew through but we saw it out in the water, thankfully with a thick hotel towel covering our very-non-waterproof bag. When it got really heavy we retreated to the bar at the closer end which had some beach umbrellas that came in handy! It was just a passing shower and before long we were back in the water, this time with beers in hand, enjoying the ambience and the environment.

    Shandos got in and out a few times, but I stayed in for several hours at this point. Did some fiddling with the GoPro, and as the sun started to set I put it in position for a time lapse which turned out pretty well! Once it got dark we decided to leave - lots of young Westerners were piling into the beach bar ready for a night of binge drinking, while we were basically exhausted and ready to head home!

    As expected we got ripped off by the tricycle guy on the way home - it was 150 pesos to get back. They explained it away because oh they had to wait so long for a fare and blah blah blah, but they know it's a sellers market out there and it's a bloody long walk back to town if you don't like it! I guess it could've been worse. It was funny though, the guy who ended up with us had the world's shittiest motorbike, and needed a several hundred metre run-up to make it up one of the hills! I guess it's only used to Filipino-sized passengers.

    Back in town we headed upstairs, had a shower and changed before going back out for dinner. Visited a Greek restaurant for dinner where I had a pork souvlaki and Shandos had mussels in wine. My food was great though extremely garlicky - I don't think Shandos was impressed! Early to bed as we've got an early start for our snorkelling tour tomorrow, and on top of that we have to switch rooms at the hotel for some poorly-explained reason.
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  • Day27

    El nido day 1

    April 12, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Up at 3am to finish packing and grab some breakfast. Had a taxi booked for 3.45 which showed up about 10 mins late. Took about 30 mins to get to the airport and checked in very quickly. Managed to catch the last of the Real Madrid v Juventus champions league match which was quite exciting. The flight was very quick and got in to Manila 20 mins early! Back round to departures in the domestic terminal for the next leg of the flight to El Nido.
    The next flight was on a tiny propeller plane which on the whole was fine but the landing was quite dodgy. Lovely views but felt like we were going to end up in the sea! The airport was tiny and I think Air Swift are the only company that flies there. Had to get a trike to get from the airport to the hostel and it was actually quite far away!
    Got to the hostel to find a beautiful landscape view. The hostel front was right on the beach and had seats with a great view across the bay. I checked in but couldn’t go to my room until 2pm so I sat and chilled for a bit and tried to get hold of Beth. She was still in town as she had been staying at a different hostel for the last 2 nights. Went to meet her and the gang in town and went to get some breakfast. Met 2 new people who had joined them travelling here - Alex and James. We also went to book onto a tour for Saturday called tour Z which is basically a booze cruise! After eating we all headed to the hostel and got checked in. My room was nice, 4 bed mixed dorm which had air con. Met Matt in there who is from Hawaii and seemed nice. We spent the afternoon chilling on the beach and taking in the views.
    The hostel was quite far from town so we stayed there for the rest of the night. We had food at the hostel which was really nice. Also had lots of rum and cokes and played lots of drinking games. The bar closed at 10 so we bought and bottle of rum and carried on the drinks on the beach. Did a bit of star gazing while we were at it. Headed to bed at around 1am feeling quite tipsy!
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  • Day29

    El nido day 3

    April 14, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Up at 9am to grab some breakfast ready for our booze cruise - tour Z. Got trikes into town and met the rest of the party that were coming on the boat. We were given lanyards and led towards the boat. It was a warm walk to the port. Got there to find a massive bright yellow boat with loads of side decks and equipment on it like kayaks, paddle boards, snorkels etc. We paid 500 peso each which got us unlimited alcohol while we were on the boat. Started out slow and sedate but could tell it was going to end up messy!
    The first stop was about 15 mins away. Here I decided to go snorkelling which was great! Loads of fish everywhere. I dove down to get better views and was able to get right in amongst them all! Spent about 40 mins here then back onto the boat for more drinks. Next island was a bit further away. Here I just went onto the beach with Beth, Vicky and Ben and we took a few photos. Back on the boat we had a delicious lunch with a mixture of all sorts of stuff. The next island was a sandbar island which we took a paddle board over to. Here everyone played volleyball. A few people also got stung by jellyfish! The last island I decided to snorkel again, less fish here and a jellyfish got me this time. It wasn’t too painful though. We wanted to make the most of the free drinks for the last bit and so got quite a few drinks from the bar before we headed back to the port.
    By this point we were all pretty smashed and hungry so we went to get some dinner. I had a really gross chicken burger which I literally couldn’t eat. I refused to pay for it it was that bad! After dinner we headed back to the hostel. Here I met Prachi, one of the work the world girls. She had made friends with a couple of English lads who wanted to go out - Harry and Jack. We headed into town and went to a bar called Sava which was pretty chilled sat on beanbags outside. We then went to Pukka bar which is more like a club. We had a really fun time and danced the night away.
    When we got back to the hostel we noticed something wasn’t right with Jack. He disappeared off to the toilets and was gone for ages. Harry went to find him and found him in an absolute state in the toilets. I think he had been spiked as he had only had the same amount of drinks we had and I’ve never seen anyone that bad. I ended up looking after him for a few hours until he came back round. Then I went to bed, knackered!
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  • Day30

    El nido day 4

    April 15, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Didn’t wake up til about 11.30am after my late night. Prachi was going on a boat tour today but it set off super early so I hung out with Beth. They were moving to a different hostel which was on a beach about 40 mins away and so they packed up their stuff and then we got trikes over there. It’s called Nacpan beach and is very beautiful. We chilled there at the hostel on the beach all afternoon. At one point some people came over with tiny tiny puppies that they had found on the beach and so we had cuddles with them which was cute. We watched the sunset on the beach and then at 7pm I said my goodbyes and got the long solo trike back to my hostel. Here I met up with Prachi after her tour and she showed me some pictures. At this point I was feeling knackered and so went to bed!Read more

  • Day28

    El nido day 2

    April 13, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Woke up at around 9am to get breakfast. I was feeling a bit worse for wear! We hired motorbikes and headed off for a tour of the northern most part of the island. I was sharing one with Beth and I decided that she would be best driving as she has ridden bikes in every country she’s been to in Asia so far. A few Kms down the road, the road stopped being tarmac and became gravel road. Beth didn’t like this and so we were driving extremely slowly which was completely fine with me! We made it to the first stop in one piece. At the stop we hiked 25 mins to a waterfall. It was blisteringly hot and so by the time we got to it we were all very sweaty. We had to cross a few rivers and so the boys had to carry some people across as they didn’t want to get their trainers wet. I had my sandals on so I was ok. The waterfall was pretty, nothing overly spectacular but it was really nice to get in the cool water and relax for a bit. Ben and Alex decided to jump in which we all found a bit scary as we didn’t really know how deep it was. Hiked back down from the waterfall and got back on the bikes. It was back to the gravel track again for about 30 mins. Eventually we made it to tarmac and so Beth was much happier. There were a few picturesque viewpoints along the way that we stopped at. Some stunning views! We decided that we needed to stop for lunch and found a place in the middle of nowhere. It was really cute little treehouse style thing up on a hillside with views over to the sea at the top of the hill. There seemed to just be this one Dutch lady doing everything for us and so it took a while to get our food. I had a watermelon shake and vegetable tempura with satay sauce which was delicious. Back on the bikes again and by this point we realised how far we had left to go with not very long left of daylight. We decided to make less stops and just try and crack on with some distance. Plenty more stunning views on the way and a few nice looking beaches. Just before sunset we decided that we should try and find somewhere to stop to watch it. Found a gorgeous beach called Lio beach which was quite quiet and had stunning views. The water was a really nice temperature and so I stood in the water while I was watching the sunset. It was very pretty. Once the sun was down it was just the small matter of getting back in the dark! It actually wasn’t too bad and it didn’t take too long. Once we were back we grabbed some food. It was James’ last night and so we let him decide what he wanted to do. He decided that chilling at the beach with rum again would be fine. We got shouted at for being too loud and so we moved down the beach a bit to outside the cottages that James and Alex were staying in. Stayed up chatting until about 2am with music. Then we said our goodbyes and went to bed.Read more

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