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  • Day2

    A typical lazy day... For us!

    November 1, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    So after our 38 hour travel to get here it was obviously going to be a slow start to the morning. We slept off and on till 10:30am, but could easily have done with a couple more hours. We had fried eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast with our homestay family. During breakfast May, the mother, just kept staring at me and at one point apologised and said "I'm so sorry, I'm so star struck by your beauty". This has happened a lot in the Asian countries we've been to. It seems like the Indian look is really adored, something about the shape of our eyebrows?? I have no idea! Eventually we got out, after moving very slowly, at about 1pm.

    Jeeze what a difference in temperature, we are back in sweaty land. I can't blink without sweating endlessly. Within 2 seconds of leaving the house we were both fully drenched. When your knees and elbows start sweating you know its hot!

    Today's plan is to do a self guided city tour which included the following: Fort San Pedro, Plaza Independencia,Malacañang sa Sugbo, Magellan’s Cross, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Rajah Humabon Monument, Colon Obelisk, Heritage of Cebu Monument, Jesuit House of 1730, Yap-San Diego Ancestral House, Casa Gorordo Museum. Along the way Will found a burger stall selling burgers for 28 pesos. That's 40p! And it was Get One Take One, so he got 2 burgers for 40p. I question the meat content but it was substance. As it was a Bank Holiday for All Saints day a lot of the places were closed, but it lasted a pleasant enough time to feel shattered, but enough time to not rush round everything.

    As we finished by 4:30pm we decided to walk Ayala Mall where we can try the famous Lechon, suckling pig, and finally get some free cash at the HSBC cash machine (the only one on the whole island that is free for foreigners). On the way we found a department store with super cheap clothes, finally I can get some tshirts which fit me! All my clothes are 2 sizes too big... I know you're probably thinking why didn't I just get some new ones from the UK when I came back? Well I bought 2 new tshirts and some sunglasses (yes I broke them again, wups) for £2.80. That's why!

    Initially we were thinking of getting one of the really fun looking buses they have here but in the end for ease we walked. The main reason I like to walk around places is because you really see and feel the true side. It is very clear that you are either unbelievably rich or horrifically poor, with little in between. Although technically GDP wise it is not the poorest country we have visited it really feels like it. There are so many homeless people on the streets and hygiene doesn't really seem like a thing here, adults and children are covered in dirt. It's so sad to know that the Philippines is for most people seen as paradise and therefore on most people's bucket list when actually for the locals it feels like poverty. When I was talking to my hairdresser in Taiwan I remember talking to her about going to the Philippines and she was from here too. She was saying that if people get the chance to leave them they do and the only jobs they can get are as cleaners or a like because if you're Philipino you are seen as very very low in class.

    The walk was about an hour long, but luckily it was much cooler now, well 28 degrees 😂 First stop was the House of Lechon and it seemed quite posh so we were worried it would be expensive but as we were due a We got 1/2kg of Spicy Lechon, 2 garlic rice, a vegetable dish and 2 mango shakes. The food was way more than needed, really tasty, Will must have had 2 full sized portions and me 1 and the total bill came to £14. I think we have finally come back to the real asia.

    Here they call everyone Ma'am and Sir, which at first I thought "Ooo I'm not old!", but it's becoming quite cute.

    Finally after dinner we went to pick up our cash and then walked home. I can't believe how drenched we must have looked when we got in. It looked like we'd been rained on haha
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  • Day16

    Hmm Rain or Baking Heat...?

    November 15, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    All night there has been a huge storm, we finally got out of bed in preparation for our scuba day but the weather was just horrific. We would have got soaked getting to the dive shop, got soaked and cold on the boat and we expected the visibility to be really poor so we decided to cancel it. So we spent the morning chilling in the common area with Mocha and then when the rain finally stopped around 10 we made our way to Cebu City where we will fly out to Singapore tomorrow. As we were flexible for time we decided to get to the ferry the local way. Our host dropped us off at the main road, we then jumped onto a Jeepney (an elongated jeep with 2 benches as seats in the back) which had over 40 people in (not even joking) and then took a tricycle for the final 15 mins journey to the port. I've really loved how honest most people in the Philippines are. There's been no scamming at all and it's been so easy. Even though the weather has been off and on we've had such a fun time here and have so many plans for next time we come. Watch this space for more!!

    We jumped on the ferry in no time and arrived in Cebu City just after 1pm. As the ferry dropped us off at Fort San Pedro we decided to have a look around it before walking to our hotel. Wow what a change in weather. I was drowning in my own sweat within 2 seconds of getting off the boat. We had a guided tour around the Fort (still carrying our luggage) and I was just sweltering the whole time. It was gorgeous in the sun though.

    We then walked for 35 mins to our hotel. Why we thought this would be a good idea with our luggage and in the heat I don't know but we did. Luckily I booked a room with AC and we just de-sweated in the room haha

    Last time we was in the city it was over All Saints weekend and honestly the city was generally quite dead during the day. This time it was unbelievably busy. I don't think I can go back out there!!

    We put off going out until dinner. We must have been staying in an expat area as all the food was ridiculously priced and 100% meat. Our last night was spent eating rubbish. First we had Liempo (crispy pork), which I really didn't enjoy so didn't eat, then we went to Jollibee for Will as he wanted to try the disgusting sweet cheesy spaghetti thing and then I finally caved in and just went to McDonald's for a McChicken burger meal. Let's just say I'm ready for a change of scenery now...
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  • Day1

    Happy Halloween - Country Number 10!

    October 31, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Well, I'm pretty thankful to be honest from about 1pm to 4pm I was able to get some sleep and we were not the only ones I was surprised to see when I woke up. The area we chose was full of others doing an overnight stay. It was much more comfortable than my sleep in Gatwick Airport helped by the China Air blanket and pillow 😊

    So now its 4:30am and I'm pretty wide awake so I decided to make the most of their free showers and get myself feeling a bit more human for our last destination, in our 2 days of travelling,Cebu in the Philippines!! I'm sooo excited 😊🇵🇭

    So why did we choose the Philippines I hear you say. Well it was actually a quite difficult decision. When we left England for the 2nd time we had a couple of countries on our bucket list, Japan, Nepal, Philippines and to be honest Japan was a very close contender. The flights from Hong Kong were only £25! But after quite a lot of research, by the time we booked it and after spending a very long time in cities we decided to go for a beach holiday for a bit. Throughout our travels we have only done the odd bit of beach life and so this time we are going to spend 2 weeks relaxing in the Philippines. I say relaxing... Let's see if we actually do that!

    After passing through immigration at Hong Kong, we had to check in at the desk and pass through security again. A slight inconvenience but it all went quite quickly so we were back round by 7:15am. Time for breakfast! Having been out of Asia for a week I was craving noodle soup of any kind so we treated ourselves to a Michelin starred Ramen. Yum!

    When we got on the flight the leg room was super small, even for little old me. Reclining seats especially on small flights should be banned. Sorry for those readers that enjoy a good recline but honestly you are just annoying the person behind you and its not acceptable. My knees now have huge red marks on and I couldn't even put my table down 😔

    When we arrived at the airport it was tiny so we quickly got out, attempted to get cash out with zero success, exchanged our $4 dollars instead and then jumped on a bus. Oh my goodness the difference in temperature was extreme. It was about 8 degrees when leaving NYC and here it was 31 degrees on arrival! The traffic was pretty chokka so it took a long time to get to SM Mall where we needed to change and get a taxi. We thought as we were there we would sort out the cash and sim situation and wow what a pallava that was. Because it is Halloween and All Saints tomorrow everyone and I mean everyone was in this shopping centre. It took 45 mins to get out cash and another 45 mins to get a SIM card which turned out, although it was recommended as the best, was shockingly terrible. Its 5pm and we have finally grabbed a taxi to our homestay. Traffic was unbelievably bad again and so we asked the driver is this just because of halloween to which he said "No it's everyday between 3pm and 8pm. After 38 hours of travelling we finally arrived at our end destination. The family seemed really lovely but we hadn't eaten since 7am so we were starving. We asked for recommendations and she mentioned a vegan restaurant 1 min from the home, so win win!

    My goodness, what a day, couple of days, god only knows/ time zones have screwed me up!
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  • Day9

    Bantyan & Malapascua Island

    June 3, 2017 on the Philippines

    We arrived in Bantayan, Santa Fe after a long bus and boat journey and it was HOT. For the first time during our travels we didn't have anywhere pre booked to stay and this will be the last time we make that mistake. We got a trike with a man who looked like a Bond villain, he only had one eye and red painted finger nails. I didn't really trust him showing us different hotels, we gave him the name of one we were considering and he took us to a random housing area and stated that was the location. A few places we tried were fully booked so in a panic we picked up some wifi and booked a place, he wasn't happy about going there wanting us to take his recommendations instead. Traveling around looking at different places in the heat is not for me and the place seemed cleaned and central. We headed out in Santa Fe, our hotel was based just a couple of minutes from the main strip with all the bars and restaurants. We went to a place called Cafe Del Marre and had delicious fresh pasta. Whilst sitting there we experienced 2 power cuts, island life at its best!

    The next day we hired a scooter from the hotel and drove up the coast to Bantayan to use the only cash machine on the island 😱 we stopped at a couple of beach spots on the way back for food and drinks. The Philippines has amazing beaches, soft white sand and crystal clear waters make it an absolute treat to swim in. Bantayan is very chilled and we couldn't find any accommodation we really loved so decided to move on to Malapascua island the next day by boat.

    We decided to hire a boat to get to Malapascua instead of the public boat - bus - boat option. The bangka was supposed to take 2 hours but it was more like 4. We stayed at thresher cove dive resort in a little cabin on the beach 😍 it wasn't flash by any stretch of the imagination but it was still nice to wake up to sunrise over the sea. The first night a little dog came to get ready on the balcony with me which obviously had my sold. Malapascua is huge for diving with thresher sharks, you can do the dive as part of an advanced open water course. We attempted to tell a little white lie to the dive shop about Bailey having his PADI but got rumbled ☹️ Malapascua has some nice little beach restaurants which we visited each evening, no real party scene maybe because everyone has to get up at 4am to dive with the sharks 🦈 Bailey started doing part of his PADI and we completed another dive together.
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  • Day38

    36. päev Cebu

    February 10, 2017 on the Philippines

    Täna algas mu päevane vōi isegi pooleteist päevane tuur 😄 Seekord siis Cebu saarele. Selleks tuli minna tagasi Puerto Princesasse ja sealt lennukiga Cubusse. Lend jōuab natukene enne südaööd kohale, seega taksosse ja kiiresti hotelli, magamine ja taksoga bussijaama ning bussiga linnast välja mere äärde! Kuidas tundub... ega siin pole muud kui tuleb otsast pihta hakata.

    Busspeatusesse läksin seekord jala. Otsisin oma armsad RoRo bussid ülesse ning läksin piletit ostma. Kohalikud suunasid, et pileteid saab osta just sellest putkast. Tore, palun mulle 1 inimese pilet Puertosse ja mis kell buss väljub. Buss väljub 10:00 ja pilet maksab 500 peesot. Veider, El Nidosse oli pilet 300 peesot, aga ega siin kōik ütlevadki neid hindu nii nagu sülg suhu toob. Tehing tehtud ja ootan bussi, mingi aeg öeldakse, et buss läheb hoopis 10:30. Ega mul aega on, lennuk väljub 21:25. Kell tiksub täis, inimesed muutuvad ärevaks, hakkab toimuma mingi van sōidab ette ja hakatakse kotte sisse loopima, agaaaaaa... kus on minu RoRo buss??? Siit ei saa mingit RoRo bussi, siin on kōik mini van'd. Aaaah okeiii... Kui ma oleks Nidosse sōites länud selle mikrobussiga siis oleks arvatavasti ostnud järgmiseks päevaks endale lennupiletid ja Filipiinidelt ära sōitnud. Kui bussis sai vähemalt aeleda, et natukenegi mugavam oleks, siis seal ei saanud ju liigutada ka, nii kitsas oli. Alguses oli iga tund mingi peatu. Esiemene oli selline suurem bussijaam, see oli juba tuttav, enne olime ka

    samuti seal. Teiseks tuli tagumisepingi rahval pissihäda ja tegime suvalise peatuse. Kogemata bussijuht vajutas pidureid nii äkki, et esimesepingi kohalikel juhtus väike äpardus. Ema süles magav laps oksendas kōik täis. Ta ei olnud enam selline imik, vaid juba täitsa sööv laps😆. Ōnneks sai ruttu bussist välja. Juht suunas meid ühe maja juurde, pererahvas lubas lahkelt oma vetsumaja kasutada. Ma ei tea, miks nad enda jaoks selle wc teema nii keeruliseks on teinud. Nüüd olen kogemuse vōrra rikkam, kuidas päris kohalikel päris majas see toiming käib.

    Kōik erinevatest vaevustest priid, vōib edasi sōita. Nüüd tuli söögipaus, bistroo moodine koht. Riisitorbik pannakse taldrikule ja juurde küsid mida siis parasjagu soovid. Valikus olid näiteks ka kalmaarirōngad ja krabib... vaade oli väga tore ja koht ise oli üpriski puhas, ei olnud selline putka, vaid ōhurikas katusealune. Bussijuhil ja sōitjatel kōht täis ja kihutame edasi. Järgmiseks me tankisime ja pumpasime rehve jne jne... Mingi hetk tuli seal bussis isegi uni... ja saabuski lōpp-peatus -lennujaam. Olime jōudnud varem kui ootasin. Trügisin tricycle meestest läbi, ürita neile lennujaamas seletada, et sa ei lähe kuhugi, ja otsisin mingit söögikoha. Läheduses oligi üks päris tore koht, küsisin, kas neil wifi on ja tuli välja, et selleks peab maksma 10 peesot. Kohe olin nōus, kui juba maksma peab, siis vōiks ka hea ühendus olla. Ühendus oli täpselt sama kehv kui nende kanaburger. Üks on kindel, burgereid nad teha ei oska, nad küll väga tahavad ja seal ei olnudki midagi muud, aga ei... nad ei oska!!! Tsillisin siis oma netis, jutustasin töökaaslastega, tööd väga teha ei saanud, niisama lōin aega surnuks. Kell läks suht ruttu ning kuskil kuue ajal läksin uuesti lennujaama poole.

    Jumal tänatud, et ma nii vara juba ära tulin. Lennujaamas oli skanneerimise aparaat katki, nad tahtsid käsitsi kotid läbi tuulata... mul oli küll netis check in tehtud, aga siin see ei lugenud. See üks pikk järjekord venis ikka mitu tundi... ma olin kokku kukkumas. Kuna ma olin üksi siis ei saanud vahepeal istumas ka käia 😬Lōpuks jōudsin boarding alasse 21:00 ehk ma pidin ainult 25 minti veel ootama 😄. Uni oli juba ja lennukis oli nii külm, kuid ōnneks lend kestis ainult u 2h. Jōudes Cebusse vōtsin oma koti, vōtsin jälle 10 000 peesot automaadist ja takso otsing vōis alata. Odavamad taksod on valged, mis ootavad ühel pool teed ja kallimad lennujaama taksod teisel pool teed. Odavamate jaoks ootad siis järjekorras ja saad endale mingi lipiku ning vōid rahuliku südamega sōita. See järjekord oli nii pikk, et ma ei viitsinud seda oodata. Walkie-talkie mees tuli minu juurde, et kas ma vajan taksot ning ma teda ära ka ei ajanud- vajan jah 😄Nii ta mulle kohe ühe kutsuski ehk selle kallima lennujaama variandi.

    Cebu linn tundus öösel takso aknast vaadates tunduvalt sōbralikum kui seda oli Manila, kuigi Cebu on suuruselt teine linna Filipiinidel. Ega siin midagi ilusat ja toredat ei ole, aga natukene ikka parem. Vōib olla ma olen harjunud juba. Olin vōtnud üheks ööks majutuse ja tuli välja, et pm ülikoolilinnakusse, kohe palju turvalisem oli selle teadmisega magama jääda. Tuba oli nagu ta oli, aga nad vähemalt püüavad...
    (Pilte mul väga ei ole, panen eilsest ōhtust ka paar)

    👣- USDA Dormitory-Hotel
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  • Day1


    May 26, 2017 on the Philippines

    Kuala Lumpur - Cebu, Air Asia, flight time 3 hours 40.

    "It's better in the Philippines" is the tagline for tourism here. However due to reading about the unrest and martial law declared by the government in the press and on tourism advice sites we felt nervous about arriving in Cebu. There was definitely an increased police and security presence at the airport, hotel and malls. This did provide some reassurance and on the whole I wouldn't say I felt unsafe in Cebu but preferred to remain in what we deemed "safe" areas. We arrived at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel after a looooooong taxi ride, the rush hour traffic here is insane. We visited an area called Lahug as recommended by the lonely planet but didn't rate it and mainly stayed in the Ayala Mall area. So we probably didn't see the "real" Cebu but we both agreed we would rather feel safe than risk venturing further. The last week had been dominated by trekking and lots of travel so we mainly chilled by the hotel pool and even managed to fit in the gym a couple of times. Feeling recharged we decided to head north to Bantayan Island, a 3.5 hour bus journey and 1 hour ferry.

    After the northern islands we passed through Cebu again and stayed at a really nice hotel called Golden Prince, comfy beds and amazing showers. We won't be able to stay there after a disagreement regarding some beans included in the room service breakfast, I did get 2 free apples that I refused to share with Bailey for not supporting me in my complaint 😂. In contrast to the rest of Cebu the city and capital is very developed with lots of western shops and restaurants. Island life is good but you can't beat modern amenities - Cebu is one of the few places I've actually used a hair dryer! Not much of an issue for me but baileys curls are becoming unruly.

    So that is why there is only one picture from Starbucks of Bailey photobombing a guy with a DJ Drew top.
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