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  • Day55


    September 24 in Poland

    Lovely city. Old capital of Poland. Unusual for Poland wasn’t destroyed during the war so has quite a different feel. Four hour walking tour and then a couple of hours wandering, church, market, cemetery. The usual.
    Biggest market square east of the Pennines and a few of the biggest buskers.
    Why aren’t we losing weight?
    The answer, Polish cuisine.

  • Day1

    Krakau & Auschwitz

    April 8, 2017 in Poland

    Krakau, wat ben je mooi en wat willen wij hier graag nog eens terugkomen als het ietsje warmer is! Iedereen die ons een beetje kent weet dat we eigenlijk op reis zijn gegaan vanwege al het lekkere eten overal en hier op het oude marktplein konden we ons hart ophalen op de Paasmarkt. Heerlijke deegpakketjes (Pierogi) gevuld met van alles, zuurkoolstoofpot, een soort grote braadworst (kielbasa) en later in het vega eettentje Momo nog overheerlijke springrolls.. Genoten!

    Vanochtend gingen we naar Auswitsch en Birkenau en we waren erg onder de indruk van al het vreselijke wat we daar zagen en lazen. Ik dacht meerdere malen: Het lijkt net een horrorfilm.. En dat was het natuurlijk ook. Birkenau is echt enorm groot en het was erg bijzonder om te lopen tussen de barakken, langs de lange treinbaan en de brokstukken van wat ooit de gaskamers waren. Gisteren waren we in Krakau zelf naar het Shindler museum geweest. Dit is net een attractie zo mooi hebben ze het aangekleed. Je waant je echt in het Polen tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog. Je kon door het ghetto heenlopen wat het enorm benauwde gevoel gaf van hoe het moet zijn geweest; ommuurd door een muur van hoge grafstenen. Sombere, maar mooie monumenten voor de gruwelen die hier hebben plaatsgevonden.
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  • Day258


    May 19, 2017 in Poland

    Thanks to all for wishing me a happy birthday! I left Katowice this morning and stalls were being set up for a musical and outdoor festival. Music was playing and people were in great spirit and another sunny day. Holy cannoli is it hot and Kraków is buzzing! So much action. Music and film festival, huge market and artisans in Rynek Square. Loved it the first time here with Olli in 2013 and I love it even more again. Had a plate of mushroom and cabbage perogies and a couple of beers for lunch. There are a ton of British tourists and the Polish people speak excellent English. Booked my hostel away from the old town as it is super noisy and I'm only a 10 minute walk away ($11 per night, yippee). Lots of parks and green space and super clean. Krakow is the Catholic capital in Poland and home of John Paul II. Walked along the river Wisla and enjoyed the warm summer night. Kraków has become a gastronomic Mecca and there are so many great restaurants to choose from. I walked through the indoor and outdoor market and through St. Benedicts church. There was a peaceful Communist support rally in the main square. I didn't go into Wawel church as the queue was huge and I had too much to see. Lots of super fall down drunk British guys tonight. Don't think the Queen would be too impressed.Read more

  • Day11

    Loving Poland

    July 24, 2016 in Poland

    So as the title says, I'm loving Poland! I don't know specifically what it is that makes me love Poland but I know the excitement and energy here is infectious. Today we were on an all day boat and castle tour. The bus took us almost 2hrs outside towards Slovakia. We stopped and had a tour of a dam and a castle. Both were pretty interesting spots. Very pretty views all around. After that the bus took us to the river border between Poland and Slovakia. That's where we had our boat tour. It was very nice and relaxing and of course very beautiful. We rode the river between mountains and the weather was perfect. We were also in Slovakia for awhile so I get to add that to the list of countries. Our boatmen were pretty fantastic and hilarious. Our tour guide translated everything they said and explained many things to us. We finally had lunch at 4:15pm. And at 6 started our journey back. Once back we were able to find a church that has a very late Mass (9:30pm) that was starting shortly, thanks to our tour guide. It was packed! It was a beautiful church and I was so excited because that was my first Polish Mass. I really enjoyed that experience. As we were leaving we went through the town square and there was a WYD concert happening. We were checking it out and one of their last songs was the WYD theme. I got really excited because I know that song pretty well after listening to it for almost a month and a half now. So I belted it out. It was amazing! The excitedness of everyone there was so great and I absolutely loved it! Tomorrow should be good day but definitely a more serious day. We are visiting Auschwitz.Read more

  • Day24

    Das nächste Ziel war Krakau. Bei unserem vorletzten Grenzübergang erwartete uns wieder keine Kontrolle. So erreichten wir Krakau am frühen Abend. Unser Parkplatz war nur 1,6 km von der Altstadt entfernt und kostete uns 6€. Bevor wir uns ein leckeres Abendessen in einem gut bewerteten Restaurant zu uns nahmen, besichtigten wir kurz die Stadt und überstanden einen kurzen aber heftigen Regenschauer. Bei Anni gab es herzhafte Kartoffelpuffer mit Fleisch und bei mir eine sehr edle Entenbrust mit Miniklößen. Der Weg zurück war kalt und windig, aber unser letztes zu überwindendes Hindernis vor dem Schlafengehen.Read more

  • Day34

    Krakow Poland

    June 8 in Poland

    Said a sad auf wiedersehen to Switzerland and took a short flight to Poland. As Switzerland is expensive, Poland is cheap. Thank goodness. As I would be a shit busker.
    Krakow may not be as pretty as some of the other cities we have visited but it is vibrant and lively and has soul. Wandered around Old Town before taking a stroll down Horse Piss Alley (if you have been there you will know what I mean) into the main city square, which was full of bars, restaurants, markets, buskers and horse drawn carriages (see reference above).
    We sampled their many and varied vodkas - super smooth, and ate some fantastic local street food.
    We decided it would be a good idea to leave early as a) lots of English stag parties come to Krakow b) they weren't drunk yet c) neither was Graham, and d) if both were this would not end well.
    Oh and I must mention our apartment. It's on the third floor with no lift, so Graham had to lug the luggage up numerous flights of stairs. I helped. The stairs all bow in the middle when you walk on them and the tiles on the landings are all loose, but it is in a great location and has everything we need. Including a bar over the road playing loud music. All adds to the atmosphere.
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  • Day35

    Wieliczka Salt Mine

    June 9 in Poland

    This afternoon we visited the salt mine, which was originally established in the 13th century. All the sculptures and carvings were done by the miners. They still have mass 300 metres underground every Sunday.
    Went back to the town square tonight to try some more vodka, as the bar we have found has over 100 flavours. We are working our way through the list. Ate street food at the local market - it was sensational. The place really comes to life at night - there are buskers, break dancers, stages set up with performers, markets, bars and restaurants all around the square, horses parading along the streets and many many drunk people. But there are also sober ones so it balances out nicely.
    We didn't stay near the square as it is walking distance but much quieter where we are staying in the Jewish quarter. Well it would be quieter if we weren't staying opposite a nightclub that goes until 5am. Graham peeked out the window at 4am and he said there were bodies everywhere. We were laying in bed singing along with them. One of those moments that will be funny one day in the future, but not at the moment.
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  • Day1

    Plac Nowy, Cracovia.

    October 4, 2014 in Poland

    La bulliciosa plaza Nowy en el bario judio es el corazón de la vida nocturna. El antiguo mercado, donde antaño se sacrificaban los animales según el rito hebreo, aloja hoy una decena de puestos de zapiekanki (un híbrido entre pizza y bocadillo) en los que cada noche se forman colas de jóvenes en busca de una cena rápida y barata antes de ir por algún bar de la zona.
    En nuestro caso, ademas, dimos con una abeja local con apetito.Read more

  • Day36

    Last Day in Krakow

    June 10 in Poland

    So many things to see....such little time.
    Hopped on a Segway tour for a couple of hours to check out the city. It's a great way to tour - informative and fun. There are a multitude of escape rooms here so as we hadn't done one before we thought we'd had a go. It was heaps of fun and quite addictive. We were pretty useless at the start and they helped us out a couple of times on the walkey talkey. We solved every puzzle but the very last one so didn't make it out this time.
    As it was our last night we headed to Wodka Bar for a last paddle of vodkas and then had street food. There are many nice restaurants here but the market food is seriously good.Got back to our apartment just as the rain started. Timing is everything.
    Unfortunately we didn't get everything done that we wanted to in Krakow. Next (and final) stop - Amsterdam.
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