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  • Day104

    ... in Kraków

    July 20, 2017 in Poland

    Especially for you Ange! Don't worry, although I hadn't been particularly blogging about the food - as the 6 pic limit sometimes prevents me from doing so - we definitely weren't depriving ourselves :)

    Firstly my deep red Barscz with accompanying pastry things. have no idea what they were but tasted good! Stuart enjoyed his potato pancakes on a bed of gooey goulash... a very positive introduction to Polish food! How would believe it of a motorway services, obviously being freshly made in the kitchen, such a great little find!

    A small taster of Marta's wonderful feast.. we ate huge klobasa sausages, lamb kebabs, many types of wonderful salads, flatbreads sauces and topped off with chocolate cake with gooseberries.

    Next up me, the proud mother with my pierogi babies :)

    The one thing I failed to mention in the last post was finding a whole aisle of fresh biscuits in the huge supermarket. Would've been rude not to try at least a little selection.. chocolate orange mmmmm

    And finally a photo showing some of the wonderful food made by Sumona. Milder than traditional I think to cater just for us!! And finished off with chai tea

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  • Day24


    August 19, 2018 in Poland

    I left with mixed feelings about Krakow. On one hand it is an undeniably beautiful city, but on the other, like so many beautiful cities further west it has been long discovered and thus overrun by hordes of tourists. This was only made worse by the fact that half of Poland was on holidays this week due to the Wednesday public holiday. If I thought the crowds in Warsaw were too much, Krakow was something else, which severely tested both my patience and reinforced my unabiding hatred hatred of organised tour groups.

    This hatred came back to bite me on my second day in Krakow as I tried to get to Auschwitz. Every second person in town was selling package tours to Auschwitz, offering the same generic overpriced package. I’ve never been a fan of tours, but especially for visiting somewhere like Auschwitz, which for me would be a deeply personal and confronting experience, being stuck with a large number of mindless drones and passionless tour guide sounded like my idea of personal hell. Instead I took the independent option and grabbed a 2 hour local bus from Krakow to Auschwitz, arriving with a sinking heart to find a huge car park full of coaches and tour groups being corralled. Things only got worse as I ventured further in and saw the line to get individual tickets. It was 10am and the line must have stretched over 500 metres and showed little sign of movement, as tour group after tour group wandered straight to the front and through the gates. A couple of enquiries later confirmed that the wait was close to 4 hours for individuals, but that if I was happy to sign up then and there for a guided tour with any one of the many touts I’d be able to skip the queue. Faced with the prospect of selling out on my principles and seeing the place I had come so far to see I chose instead to shoot myself in the foot and headed back to Krakow. To be honest, despite wasting my day, I’m happy with my choice. I’ve been to concentration camps at various locations in Europe in the past and so I knew what to expect, and the prospect of going through that experience while being jostled by crowds and rushed by guides is not how I wish to pay my respects and reflect on one of the worlds darkest periods.

    It was a similar experience back in Kraków as I was frustrated in my attempts to get into various attractions, such as Schindler’s factory and the very impressive Krakow castle. Not that all was lost though, there was a Pierogi festival on for the length of my stay, so I ate my body weight in dumplings and once I got outside of old town and the crowds started thinning I discovered another fantastically vibrant city full of parks, life, street food and the very characterful Jewish district, which has remained largely untouched.
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  • Day45

    Krakow, Poland

    October 9, 2014 in Poland

    Just arrived at Greg and Tom's Hostel. Picture of the common area and the quote above my bed in the room and oh so true. The most painful part of my trip has been hearing from the many uninformed about how bad everything is in the USA. Just so everyone back home we in the U.S. are all running around shooting each other (unfortunate yes mass shootings do occur in the U.S. but account for 200 deaths a year not thousands and the USA is 319 million not 20-80 million like most euro countries so do the math people), nearly all our cities are having riots, we are all broke, our unemployment is higher than Italy's (uh...never!) and our economy is not that big anymore (wrong still #1 GDP). They receive a constant stream of negative news and feel obliged to tell me all about it. Those who have actually spent time in the USA in recent years know better. So to all those so uninformed do me a favor and keep your false beliefs about my country to yourself until you've really spent some time there and read the quote pictured a couple times until then.

    Upstairs windows of a place right down the block where I'm certain I knew what's going on...
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