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  • Day53


    August 28, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    Auch im Norden Polens gab es nirgends Kapsel-Kaffee, nur in Breslau und Warschau in den Nespresso-Shops.
    Spät am Abend fanden wir in Augustów eine Bleibe und übernachteten dort zwischen hohen Bäumen und schönen Seen. Weiter gings nach Elblag. Auf dem Weg dorthin mussten wir auf der Autobahn umdrehen, wegen eines Autounfalls. Trotzdem erreichten wir am Nachmittag den Camping Nr 61. (Kreative Köpfe in Polen, haben sich diese Camping-Namensgebung ausgedacht)
    Ausgehruht gings am nächsten Tag zur Marienburg in Malbork. Dies ist eine mittelalterliche Ordensburg des deutschen Ordens, aus dem 13. Jahrhundert. Die Geschichte die diese Burg zu erzählen hat, ist sehr interessant. Auch von der Schönheit und der Grösse, war diese Burg die Schönste die wir gesehen haben.
    Ausserordentlich ist auch die Leistung der Denkmalpfleger, welche die zerstörte Burg nach dem 2. Weltkrieg sehr schön restaurierten.
    Am Abend gingen wir nach Gdańsk und übernachteten im Camping 218, der direkt am Strand lag. Wir besuchten die wunderschöne Altstadt und genossen den tollen Ausblick über die Dächer vom Riesenrad aus. 🎡 🌃
    Am Abend fuhren wir in Richtung Süden und übernachteten an der Autobahnraststätte. Eher schlecht, als recht ausgeschlafen waren wir schon früh morgens in Poznań. Dort konnten wir mit Blick auf den schönen Marktplatz, mit seinen farbigen Häusern unser Kaffee geniessen. Am frühen Nachmittag schon gings nach Breslau, wo wir endlich einen Nespresso-Shop ansteuerten und uns riesig freuten. Im Geschäft angekommen, teilte man uns mit, dass der Strom ausgefallen sei im ganzen Quartier. Sie schliessen für heute den Laden... 😳😫
    Die daraus resultierende Enttäuschung, ertränkten wir in einem Café um die Ecke. ☕️
    Wir buchten uns für zwei Nächte im Camping 126 ein. ⛺️ Das Stadtzentrum war mit dem Tram in Kürze zu erreichen. 🚊 Wir besichtigten den schönen und belebten Rathausplatz, sowie die Dominsel. Ebenso den Nespressoladen (der diesmal Strom hatte) und das Restaurant 7 Liberta. Ganz ein tolles italienisches Restaurant. 🇮🇹 🍕
    Heute geht unsere Reise wieder gemütlich nach Hause. Ziemlich so der unspektakulärste Teil unserer Reise. Aber auch das gehört dazu. Wir freuen uns beide nicht wirklich nach Hause zu geh'n, da der Alltag sehr schnell wieder einkehren wird... 💻 💡
    Worauf wir uns jedoch sehr freuen ist, Familie und Freunde wieder zu sehen.
    Bis bald! 👋🏻
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  • Day278

    Wonderful Wroclaw, Poland

    June 8, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    Back in the most beautiful country in Europe. I never made it to Wroclaw my first time in Poland but I'm sure glad I made it here now. It's so magical. A little known fact about Wroclaw is that it's home to a population of ancient gnomes. They all have their own names, professions and stories and there are more that 320 in the city. In the 80's an anti communist performing group staged a demonstration dressed up as gnomes ran around the city in warm underwear protesting. The city is a hidden jewel and I'm so glad that there aren't many tourists so far. I got in at 17:00 and wandered for two hours. The nice guy at the hostel gave me a tip on a good local place to eat. I found it but they only took cash and I hadn't exchanged money yet. The Odra River runs all around the town and there are three bridges and five islands. Apparently it's known as the second Venice in Europe; except for the rancid smell of the canals. Wroclaw is also a huge vegan and beer city and very proud of it. It was formerly a Czech and then German city. A lot o famous people lived here, one in particular was the infamous Red Baron ( Charles Scultz composed his books about him). This place has great vibe. I looked at real estate and a three bedroom apartment in the old town is $79k. Hmm, got me thinking.Read more

  • Day279

    Wrapping up in Wroclaw

    June 9, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    Well so much for the hidden jewel. I wanted to book an extra night and the nice girl at reception said the town is booked for the weekend. Wow. The temperature hit 27 today and I had to hide out from 13:00-15:00 hours. Smokin hot. I did leave early in the morning for four hours and walked the different islands, caught the locals market and then the old square. One of the islands is called cathedral island and is solely churches. It has beautiful gardens and is the only island with gas lanterns where a man lights the lanterns every night at dusk. I browsed through some local galleries and the artists are really inspiring here. Dinner was at Kurna Chata where I had mushroom and cabbage perogies. They were deep fried and much different than the one's I had in Warsaw. So yummy and each region has a different way of preparing them. My total meal with a beer came to $7.50. Such a great value in Poland. I was in the lookout for gnomes today and was thrilled finding some cute interesting ones. A stage was being set up for the folk festival featuring groups for all over Poland and the Ukraine. Watching the dancers was beautiful.Read more

  • Day252

    Day 253: Centennial Hall & Wroclaw

    October 25, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    Settled into our apartment no problems last night, and got up ready to face the day. Our apartment is absolutely beautiful by the way, the most modern and fanciest place we've stayed in by quite some distance. Great finishings, nice modern touches etc. Almost like being back in our home in Crows Nest - it even has some exposed bricks!

    First stop today was Wroclaw's only UNESCO site, the Centennial Hall. This is a large multi-purpose hall that was finished in 1913. Remembering that this area of Poland is slightly Germanic and was at the time part of the German empire, the building was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Napoleon's defeat by the Prussians at the Battle of Leipzig. It was also one of the first major buildings in the world to use reinforced concrete.

    We wandered around outside, checking it out from each angle. There's a large park on one side with an enormous "multimedia" fountain which has lights, angled jets, mist sprays, music and so on. It was playing Ride of the Valkyries as we walked past which seemed rather appropriate.

    Had hoped to go inside and check it out, since it's still actively used for things like sporting events, concerts etc. As it turned out, it was actively being used today for a careers fair for Polish uni students, so we did what normal people would do and registered for the fair to get in! The girl seemed rather startled when she mis-heard my date of birth as 1991 and I corrected her to 1981! How many years of working experience do you have? Uh, about 20 I guess. Oh, so more than five? Yes :)

    Lots of people inside, both students and recruiters alike. We probably stuck out like sore thumbs but whatever! Got our filming done and headed back outside.

    Dropped the car off at the apartment again and walked the 10 or so minutes into the old town. It was almost completely destroyed at the end of WW2 so it's not as old or picturesque as Krakow, but still quite nice. Lots of brightly painted buildings and ornately decorated ones too. Enormous central square with a Renaissance-era town hall.

    One cool little touch are these small bronze gnome statues scattered around the city. They're all interesting, some a little cheeky. Originally from the Polish resistance movement in the 1980s, the trend has been kept alive and the city adds more every year. Managed to find a few on our wander around!

    Had some lunch at a Thai restaurant where we reviewed other tourist options for Wroclaw. It seemed like if we weren't going to check out the main few cathedrals, the other highlights were the Centennial Hall and the main square, both of which we'd accomplished before lunch!

    So we wandered around a few more side-streets, enjoyed a couple of other squares and some street art, then headed home where we relaxed and did work for the rest of the day.

    Headed out in the evening to a semi-trendy bar with good food and drinks; seemed quite popular with the after-work crowd.
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  • Day156

    Wrocław, Poland

    October 9, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    I didn’t think it’d get this cold in Autumn but it’s colder here than NZ in the middle of winter!!! Nevertheless, I can easily say that I love Wrocław, cold and all! Karina and I travelled here from Dresden and checked into a hostel close to the city centre. My first impression was of the Main Square at 11pm and although it had a few characters that made me raise an eyebrow, it was simply beautiful. The lights hit the old city buildings perfectly and the square took several turns to a bigger square which made it quite interesting! I had my first Zapikanka from a convenience store and it was quite tasty. The next day Karina and I joined a free walking tour of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. It was super interesting to hear about how Poland had been held by five different governments - Polish, Germans, Russians, Czechs and Austrians - and it’s not until you come to Poland that you realise how long they’ve had to fight for Independence, outside of WWII. In Wrocław specifically, the City is known as the city of Dwarfs - I had no idea why until it was explained that the dwarf is a symbol of anti-communism and it was really fun walking through the city spotting these little statues all over the place. I enjoyed some of Karina’s favorite traditional Polish cuisine including Periogi (similar to dumplings), bigos (hunters stew), kopytka (potato/gnocchi like dumplings) and white borscht soup (sour but creamy soup - not a fan). The best part of Poland which I didn’t know are their sweets and treats are amazing!! Perfect for my sweet tooth but not my waistline unfortunately... Fresh triangular doughnuts filled with every flavor you can think of line the streets and even the most controlled individual couldn’t say no. I devoured a raspberry flavoured one and it was just as good as you could imagine! They also have mouthwatering chocolates - wafers, fudges and caramel nut bars in particular. I’ve stocked up on a small collection to bring back to NZ, but no guarantees they’ll last the return trip. Another thing I loved about Wrocław was the florist shops that are open 24/7 and apparently they get great business throughout the night, particularly from men buying their wives and girlfriends flowers after a big night out. I wasn’t sure what to think of Wrocław or Poland before I arrived but I can say this is one of my favourite cities (yes I have about 100 favourite cities now) but it’s definitely worth remembering and has so much to offer!Read more

  • Day2534

    Cenntenial Hall in Wrozlaw

    June 16, 2017 in Poland ⋅

    The Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia), a landmark in the history of reinforced concrete architecture, was erected in 1911-1913 by the architect Max Berg as a multi-purpose recreational building, situated in the Exhibition Grounds. In form it is a symmetrical quatrefoil with a vast circular central space.
    Info: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1165
    Video: http://youtu.be/Ifef2_1C1m8
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  • Day3


    May 9, 2018 in Poland ⋅

    Um 14:00 Uhr auf dem Campingplatz No.126 bei 25 Grad und leichter Bewölkung angekommen. Den Campingplatz finden war gar nicht so einfach, den der lag in einer Seitenstrasse hinter einem verschlossenen Tor. Man musste Schellen, damit sich das Tor öffnet.
    Nach dem Essen sind wir dann mit der Strassenbahn in die Stadt gefahren.

    Der erste Eindruck: viele Häuser sind baufällig und heruntergekommen. Dann aber eine wundervoll restaurierte Altstadt rund um das Rathaus. Leider kam dann das Gewitter und wir mussten uns Unterschlupf suchen. Das war der richtige Moment ins Hard-Rock Cafe einzukehren.

    Später hörte es auf zu regnen und wir sind noch ein wenig durch die Stadt gelaufen, echt schön hier, aber seht selber:

    Ach ja, überall in der Stadt finden sich die kleinen Wichtel.

    Hier gibs noch den Zloty
    In der Straßenbahn gibt es keinen Fahrschein, alles wird mit der Kreditkarte gemacht
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  • Day206

    Breslau - zurück auf der Straße

    May 25, 2018 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Back on the road!

    Nach unserer Ankunft in Deutschland verbrachten wir einige Zeit in Bürstadt, auf der kulturellen Landpartie im Wendland und in Einhaus, ehe wir wieder dem Ruf der Straße folgten.
    Lange Überlegungen und einiges Hin und Her brauchte es für eine neue Routenfindung. Es standen drei Möglichkeiten zur Auswahl: Skandinavien, Baltikum oder Balkan. Schlussendlich entschieden wir uns für Option vier, nämlich erst einmal nach Polen zu reisen, um uns die Optionen Baltikum und Balkan offen zu lassen.
    Einen Bus buchten wir uns von Lübeck nach Breslau, wo wir nach acht Stunden Fahrt gegen Nachmittag bei Nieselregen eintrafen, was sich aber im Laufe unseres Aufenthaltes in satten Sonnenschein verwandeln sollte.
    Wir bezogen unser Doppelzimmer in einem zugegebenermaßen heruntergekommenen Haus im Herzen der Stadt am Hauptplatz. Der äußere Schein bestätigte sich nicht, eine moderne Wohnung erwartete uns.
    Draußen bestaunten wir eine wunderschöne Altstadt und ich war überrascht, gerade in Polen auf eine wunderbar große und zudem leckere Auswahl an veganen Restaurants zu stoßen. So ließen wir die architektonischen und kulinarischen Eindrücke auf uns wirken und bummelten an Kirchen und kleinen Gässchen vorbei, ließen uns auf Bänken in den verschiedenen Grünanlagen nieder, liefen über den Markt in der Markthalle und einen Jahrmarkt in der Altstadt.
    Nach zwei Nächten bestiegen wir einen Zug und nahmen Kurs auf Krakau.
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  • Day1

    Restaurant Chtopskie jadto

    December 28, 2018 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Seit langer Zeit waren wir mal wieder im Chtopskie jadto. Das Restaurant bietet einen Mix aus Polnischer und Russischer Küche. Wir hatten geräucherten Käse mit Preiselbeeren und eine typische Polnische Suppe zur Vorspeise und Dumplings mit verschiedenen Füllungen zum Hauptgang. Wird nicht unser letzter Besuch geblieben sein.Read more

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