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  • Day21

    Wochenende in Lissabon - Unterkunft

    August 12, 2017 in Portugal

    Drei Frauen und eine Stadt! Wir haben das perfekte Hotel mit Zimmer für 3 Personen gefunden - Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel. Zentral, mit Pool und gutem Essen!
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  • Day1

    Ola Lisboa!

    February 2 in Portugal

    Wow, Lissabon - du bist wirklich schön! Begrüßt wurde ich am Flughafen mit strahlendem Sonnenschein. Dann schnell zum Ausgang und mit der Metro in die Stadt. Dort holten mich Mutti, Phil & Marcus an der Metro Station ab und wir gingen in unsere toll gelegene und wunderschön eingerichtete Unterkunft. Nach dem Frühstück ging es los Richtung Atlantik , in den Stadtteil Belem- Lissabon liegt ja direkt am Meer und hat somit ein maritimes Flair, wenn man an der Promenade entlang läuft. So waren wir auf dem Padrão dos Descobrimentos , ein riesiges Denkmal was zu Ehren eines Seefahrers errichtet wurde. Von dort hat man einen tollen Blick über den Tejo und auf die Brücke des 25. April, bei deren Anblick man denken könnte, man sei in San Francisco. Wir liefen dann weiter bis zum Torre de Belèm, eines der bekanntesten Wahrzeichen Lissabons direkt am Tejo. Nach einer ausgiebigen Besichtigung ging es vorbei an einem beeindruckenden Gebäude, was sich als Archäologie Museum herausstellt. Weiter mit der Tram kamen wir wenig später auf einen der Hauptplätze der Stadt an, gingen auf den Arco da Rua Augusta und hatten dabei einen wundervollen Blick über die Stadt während die Sonne unterging. Nach längerem suchen landeten wir in einem kleinen gemütlichen portugisischen Restaurant und hatten ein sehr leckeres Abendessen (hier gibt es überall Fisch zu essen). Auf dem Heimweg, wurde uns nicht zum ersten Mal , mal wieder Haschisch angeboten - augenscheinlich geht man in Bairro Alta, dem Kneipen - und Szeneviertel, sehr offen damit um. 🙈. Nun sitzen wir in unserer Wohnung und planen die nächsten Tage....Read more

  • Day23

    Lissabon Street Art

    August 14, 2017 in Portugal

    Durch Lissabon laufen wird nie langweilig. Entweder entdeckt man irgendein tolles Graffiti oder man schaut einfach gebannt auf diese vielen, tollen Fliesenfassaden.
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  • Day23

    Tuk Tuk Tour durch Lissabon

    August 14, 2017 in Portugal

    Es war sooo cool! Mit dem Tuk Tuk sind wir 3 Stunden durch die Stadt gefahren, haben bekannte Sehenswürdigkeiten gezeigt bekommen, versteckte Oasen und die tollsten View Points!
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  • Day101

    Jour 61 - Lisbonne dernier jour

    August 28, 2016 in Portugal

    Suite à un malentendu nous avons du déménager pour notre dernier jour à Lisbonne.
    Notre hôte nous à gentillement proposé son appart perso mais comme les vélos étaient déjà emballés nous ne pouvions pas aller très loin!
    Nous avons trouvé une chambre à 300 m chez Hugo un acteur portugais qui a des TOCs. Ce n'était que 300 mètres mais il fallait les faire avec les vélos emballés... Après la première monté, Xavier a décidé de porter les cartons tout seul 😥

    En fin de journée, nous nous sommes fait un restau pour utiliser la monnaie Européenne qu'il nous restait. Nous avons trouvé un restau végétarien, buffet à volonté!!!! 🙏🏼😍👯🎉😛
    Quand les serveurs ont vu les assiettes de Xavier, ils avaient l'air de se demander si ils ont bien fait de nous laisser rentrer! 🙊
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  • Day84

    Lissabon, Portugal

    December 15, 2014 in Portugal

    Boa noite a todos! Schöne Grüße aus Lissabon! Heute Mittag bin ich an der letzten Station dieses Reisejahres angekommen, mit dem Bus bin ich quer durch Portugal bis nach Lissabon gefahren! Am Nachmittag habe ich eine erste kleine Runde durch die Stadt gedreht und bin schon ganz begeistert! Morgen geht dann die richtige Entdeckungstour los :)

  • Day21

    Sky Bar in Lissabon

    August 12, 2017 in Portugal

    Was für eine Aussicht! Über die Dächer von Lissabon bis zum Wasser. Den besten Blick hat man übrigens von der Männertoilette aus ;)
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  • Day2


    June 28 in Portugal

    Bem vindo a Lisboa! This place is more than beautiful enough to make up for the slog of a trip it takes to get here, rewind so I can't winge a little...
    Bux was all packed up with her bag at the door when I arrived home on Tuesday night, barely able to contain herself. What I remembered as a 9pm flight was actually a 4pm one, the perfect ingredient to push our least organised trip ever right up and over the edge into crazy house the morning of.
    The flight to Dubai couldn't have been better, they bumped us into a 40% empty section, so we all got to lush it up a bit, but we still hit the airport hotel for our 7 hr layover. Showered and refreshed we were off to Lisbon the next morning, it couldn't arrive quick enough.
    The departure taxi rank had well over a 200m queue, dejected we went looking for refreshment for it to die down and stumbled into the arrivals rank. Our driver was elated to take us to our hotel. No really, the only two english words he knew were "English" and "Australia" but that didn't hold him back, he ranted and gesticulated with such captivating fervour some of it had to stick. He told us our family role names (Pai, mãe, filho and filha), told us how bella Lisboa was for turismo, told me I had to try Sagres, but Super Bock was a much better cerveja. The only failing was us understanding why he was so excited by a particular monument, a gift from the people of Marrakesh, it features an important guy and lion on the top, he was particularly taken by the leão, he kept growling ferociously to ensure we grasped its power, but I'm afraid not it's significance :(
    Gab the rock star has excelled, picking a beautiful apartment right on the edge of Chiado. We strolled down the picturesque lanes until we found our way to the wider streets. We found a local restaurant with a Fado show tonight just around the corner so we know where we'll end up. We wander into a pastelaria for a whole bunch of sweet pastries then onto a shopping precinct.
    Everything is so close, and far away at the same time. It's just over there, but finding the right lane to get you there is impossible, with such a visual feast it hardly matters. TravelMan's guide to Lisbon is about as much research as we've done. It means I have the tie mirror and A Ginjinha as the only thing on a list for this part of the world, but buggered if I can see a path to Praça dom Pedro IV so give up. We wander in some shops mostly pulled along by the next perpetually cool looking place just down the road a bit. Eventually its refreshment time, on the hunt for a nice place to chill we set ourselves up in a square with a market, it's only a minute before Bux realises the Dolls Hospital "Hospital de Bonecas" also from the TravelMan episode is right in front of us! The 5th generation of the same family is still running the store, originally established in 1813. So far it's the perfect embodiment of this city, so quirky, artistic and with such rich historical legacy it is rightly so proud of. Somehow the stars have aligned and it turns out we've already been to Praça dom Pedro IV, but didn't realise. We head back to the square and find A Ginjina, the tiny walk up bar selling the famous sour cherry liquor, so delicious I have two! Emboldened I fancy myself in one of these summer Kangols, but the mirror doesn't match my minds eye andI have to pass. Into a T-Shirt shop full of smarmy quips Fid is in his element, He swoops up nearly a half dozen t-shirts and we head off to find the famous public tie mirror engraved with 'componha o nó da sua gravata’ (correct your tie’s knot) but alas 115 d Pedro square is a construction site.
    We strolled down rue Augusta towards Praça do Comércio, and I mean strolled, interesting shops and bars all along meant plenty of pit stops. The Plaza itself has been made over with a massive screen erected for world cup games. WIth over a thousand people sat neatly in front of it I imagined those red jerseys I could see on the screen must have been Portugese, but no this very and exuberant crowd was assembled for the Belguim v England game. The afternoon sun was wonderful down here on the harbour, hard to believe it's 7:30 in the evening!
    We get an Uber back to the Fado restaurant around the corner from our hotel and settle in the show. Such wonderful emotion, like our taxi driver, we have no idea what she's singing about, seems with this language the intensity is 80% of what is being communicated.
    We're home, absolutley busted, jet lag finally has the upper hand against our Lisbon excitement, time for bed!
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  • Day3


    June 29 in Portugal

    Famed for averaging 280 days of sunshine per year, today and tomorrow look to be statistically beyond average - grey and rain is the forecast. The weather can't get in the way of this city though, everything is such a visual feast there is little reason to worry about the sky.
    We're off to Fábrica Lisboa for breakfast, Fid decries them the best croissant he's had outside of Paris. How civil to enjoy a Super Bock and Ginjinha with my espresso and croissant! We plot our course for the day over breakfast - the YellowBus unlimited ticket. Hop On-Hop Off everything from the busses to trolly cars, a boat to Belem and even the funiculars. We opt for the long bus ride to orientate ourselves, out along the river to the worlds exhibition grounds and back along the river. We found out about the Statue the driver was so proud of, turns out we didn't understand as much as we thought, it had nothing to do with Marrakesh, nor is the lion anywhere near as significant as he made out!
    Such an old city means almost every 100m has a square or Praça dedicated to someone who did something important, I feel so ignorant about Portuguese history I know none of these people, mind you almost everyone is commemorated. One Praça is dedicated to the guy who used to sell lottery tickets there! We pass the bullring and discover in Portugal it is illegal to finish the bull in the ring, instead he is subdued and removed from the ring, and I assume dispatched in private, I doubt the bull cares for the courtesy.
    Back to Praça do Comercio, we stop for lunch in a Beer Museum, what are the odds? Fid couldn't hold back his interest any longer, he heads off to explore what the "Worlds Sexiest WC" might involve, he returns deflated that the sexiest thing about it was the woodwork. We're torn between the trolly car tour or the boat to Belem, but timing demands the trolly car.
    By far the coolest thing we've done so far, these things are insane. Such a glimpse into early 20th-century technology, the whole process involves such antiquated limitations. The driver gets out occasionally to manually adjust the rails at any junction that does suit his plans. If the combination of heat, weight and incline get too much the driver has to get out and spread sand on the tracks to boost his grip. Then there are the rail placements, set at a time when these lanes only knew the fall of human or horsefoot, there was little need to design for cars, as such cars need to get out of the way, the trolly can't. A pinnacle entertainment on the trip is just how close come drivers have parked their cars to the tracks. Never actually a problem but the drivers have to slow and be careful nonetheless.
    Back to the square and the rain is beginning now, we decide to skip the boat for the afternoon and wander up Rua Augusta again for a shop. This of course means Fid and I finding a FIFA screen and some Super Bock somewhere to pass the afternoon. We stroll, drink, shop, stroll, drink, shop all the way back to the Market square where we purchased the tickets this morning. By this time the litres of cerveja I've had over the afternoon are catching up with me. We're in the market where I somehow end up with some new suede shoes, cork wallet, and a whole bottle of delicious Ginjinha, Gab, in what a very clever piece of manipulative strategy, just bought some nuts.
    Never one to underplay, Gab sealed her stoic frugality and it's contrast to my self-indulgence by talking me into a new leather messenger bag, it is rather swish! A brief stroll through Martim Moniz led me to some nice young north African men ready to explain Portugal's unique strategy for their war on drugs. The kids were more than ready for dinner, and the African men had left me rather peckish myself, Pizza was the order, not sure I've had anything quite so delicious.
    An uber had us home and out of the rain, but not bothered by it in the least. Every hour only deepens our love of this place, what a city!
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