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  • Day39

    Time Out!

    October 8, 2015 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    We left Coimbra Wednesday morning at about 8:45 in 10 degree weather that required a long sleeve shirt under my cycling tank. We headed west toward the coast and the seaside resort town of Figueira da Foz, about a 45 km ride.The terrain was mostly flat with a few rolling hills thrown in along the way. Approximately 8 kms from our destination, there was a fairly steep 120 meter elevation gain and, equally steep descent on the other side of the hill.

    I usually let Brenda take the lead as we travel, but when going down hills, I let gravity take over and, because of our weight difference, inevitably end up in front of her. In any case, Brenda does not like riding too fast and I've teased her about being "chicken" many times over the years.

    As we descended the hill towards Figueira da Foz, I once again went by Brenda, but as I felt the speed becoming a little perilous, began applying my brakes from time to time. Suddenly, I heard a bike coming up behind me on my left, thinking it was one of the many road bikers we'd seen along our journey. As I glanced left, I was astounded to see Brenda about to overtake me. When I later looked at my Strava data, I was doing 43.9 km/h at the time, so Brenda was probably going close to 50.

    And that's when it happened. Brenda's bike began to wobble and the next thing I knew, she lost control and hit the pavement. I immediately skidded to a stop and went to her aid, as did several good Samaritans who were passing by. Brenda had left a lot of skin on the pavement and was bleeding from a cut above her right eye. I broke out the first aid kit and tried to clean her up as best I could, but it was obvious we wouldn't be getting back on our bikes any time soon. Someone called for an ambulance and Brenda was brought to the hospital in Figueira.

    After dressing her many wounds, giving her a full examination, CT scan and X-rays, fortunately, the only serious issue they found is a small fracture to her right cheekbone. Although the doctor said it appears to be well aligned, to be on the safe side, he booked an appointment with a maxillofacial surgeon for Friday afternoon at the University hospital in Coimbra

    Until then, we've extended our booking here for a week to give Brenda's wounds a chance to heal and re-build her strength.

    Whether we continue our journey on two wheels is yet to be seen, but as they say, que sera sera. Trains and car rental are both cheap and easy here, so we have lots of options. The most important thing now is for Brenda to heal and get back on her feet.

    I'll keep you posted as things progress.


    Distance traveled today: 38.9 kms
    Elevation gain: 349 m
    Moving time: 2:53.07
    Average speed:13.5 kmh
    Total distance traveled: 188.9 kms
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    OMG!!!! Poor Brenda!!!! That sounds like it HURT!!! I feel her pain…….ohhh…..hope she got some good pain killers and good idea to stay put for a while. Get better soon Brenda, and you two take it easy. xoxo…..seriously, I am cringing thinking about it….. mabel


    OMG!!!! Poor Brenda!!!! That sounds like it HURT!!! I feel her pain…….ohhh…..hope she got some good pain killers and good idea to stay put for a while. Get better soon Brenda, and you two take it easy. xoxo…..seriously, I am cringing thinking about it….. mabel

    Betty Jay

    falling off at 50kms must have been a nasty impact!!! i hope the medical staff are kind and thorough. yes, good idea to take your time for healing. take care brenda-boo.

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  • Day45

    Figueira da Foz

    October 14, 2015 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    This little fishing village turned resort town was supposed to be a one night stand for us as we made our way down the Portuguese coast toward Lisbon. As it turned out, we ended up spending a week here while Brenda convalesced from her biking injuries. We stayed at the Hotel Aviz, a nice little Mom and Pop establishment owned and operated by a charming couple who were very helpful despite the language barrier caused by our lack of Portuguese. For the first couple of days, I was pretty much on my own as Brenda was in a lot of pain from the severe road rashes on her right arm and both legs, her bruised ribs and her fractured cheekbone. On Friday we got her out of the room for the first time when we drove back to Coimbra for her appointment with the maxillofacial surgeon. Once we learned she wouldn't need any reconstructive surgery, we came back to Figueira to chill out for a few days.

    And chill we did, literally and figuratively. Although Figueira is probably a pretty happening place in the summer, it's pretty sleepy come mid-October. The main attraction here is the beach, which is absolutely huge. From the coastal road to the water, the sand must stretch for at least 500 meters. Unfortunately, some nasty weather set in over the weekend and didn't really clear out until Tuesday morning. Thanksgiving weekend was rainy, windy and pretty cool. On Monday Brenda was nonetheless feeling strong enough to venture outside to explore the town with me. We stumbled upon a little hole in the wall restaurant that was brimming with locals and decided we'd have our Thanksgiving lunch there. Of course, there are no Thanksgiving celebrations here, so we had to improvise, particularly since none of the local restaurants cater to vegetarians, let alone vegans.On the other hand, without exception, every restaurant offers up wonderful soups at bargain prices.They're almost always thickened with potatoes and are usually vegetable based. They have all been delicious. This restaurant brought a cauldron of soup to the table, followed by a rice dish, a plate of chick peas sauteed with onions and a delicious salad. And no turkeys were harmed in the making of our meal!

    By Tuesday the sun had returned and we ventured out to take our first look at the beach. It is spectacular. The sand goes on forever and eventually brings you to a steeply sloping shore with crashing waves. We walked along the shoreline to a breakwater with a lighthouse where we sat and enjoyed the sun and ate some delicious grapes from the Algarve. Aside from the gulls and one other couple, we had the entire beach to ourselves.

    On Wednesday, we again strode along the water, in the opposite direction from Tuesday, and one again felt like we were the only people enjoying this beautiful place.

    Tomorrow we pack our things and head south to Lisbon where we'll spend another week. For the time being, we'll be traveling by car, but hopefully we'll be back on or bikes fairly soon. One thing at a time.
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    So glad to hear Brenda is on the mend! And good idea to go by car for a bit. Sounds like a lovely place you are at, and your soup looks absolutely yummy! Chicken noodle? Mabel xo

    Betty Jay

    Glad to know you're up and about doing some sightseeing Brenda n Roch. Soup looks wholesome! btw, any advice on exchanging euros? shd we change in canada? or do you have some good advice on best way to handle this?

    Roch Pelletier

    Betty, we bank with Tangerine who charge only $2.00 for an international withdrawal, but we can only pull out 200€ at a time. The plus side is we're never carrying too much cash, the down side is we have to hit the ATM more often than we'd like. It still comes out much cheaper than the exchange and fees charged by the credit card companies.

    Betty Jay

    thx Roch...we will look into this. What do you think of Lisbon?!! if you book accom in seville pls let us know asap so we can be in same neighbourhood. my goal is to have sth booked by oct 19th latest.

  • Day13

    Happy Thanksgiving

    October 12, 2015 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for, beginning with Roch, our families and friends, and after my bike accident, I am very thankful to be alive.

    Today is also the first day I’ve had a chance to get out and walk around Figueira da Foz since arriving here after the accident on October 7. Up till now, I’ve mainly been resting and recuperating in the hotel.

    I’ve been staying on a raw vegan diet to give my body foods that are as nutritionally dense as possible. The exception has been a big bowl of soup a day. I can’t count how many times we’ve been saved by soup here in Portugal. Almost every restaurant big or small has vegetable soup on the menu, some for as little as 1.25€, rarely for more than 2.50€, all of them without exception have been good, really good, or amazingly good.

    While I rest at the hotel, Roch has been bringing me a double portion of vegetable soup from one of the local restaurants. You can tell that this soup is home-made, there is a depth of flavour you just can’t get with bullion cubes. Some days there’s more carrots, other days there’s more cabbage, some days there are chickpeas, other days there are beans, every day the soup is scrumptious.

    I was looking forward to getting out and about today so we first went to the municipal market to stock up on more fruit. We wandered rather aimlessly afterwards, just enjoying the day. Since today was Thanksgiving, we decided to have a Thanksgiving meal out and as such, while strolling the streets of Figueira, we made a point of peeking at the various menus we passed along the way. We ducked down a small side street and noticed a quaint little home-grown restaurant with a billboard menu on the sidewalk. We went to take a look but there wasn’t much on offer for vegans… but looking inside pass the front bar area of the restaurant, we saw a back room filled with locals. We had to eat there.

    Roch managed to convey to the very sweet woman who came to greet us that we were vegan and after she asked us to wait for a moment, she came back to seat us. We started the meal with yet another delicious bowl of vegetable soup, followed by rice, potatoes, chickpeas and a mixed salad of lettuce, carrots, beets, corn and onions. Everything was simply prepared without any pretention, just down to earth goodness that we happily ate up with much thanks and gratitude. The total was 12€ including bread, a little carafe of red wine for Roch and a bottle of water for me.
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