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  • Day2

    In, über und quer durch Porto

    October 29, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Was für ein wunderbarer Tag es heute in Porto war ☀️ Auf die Gefahr hin, dass Martin und ich uns inhaltlich überschneiden... was absolut gerechtfertigt wäre, so schön, wie das hier ist. Gestärkt durch ein liebevoll zubereitetes Frühstück ging es heute per pedes 👣 quer durch die Altstadt, durch viele enge Gassen, viel Berg hoch u wieder runter. Auffallend in Porto, abgesehen von den verrückten Höhenunterschieden und der enormen Sauberkeit in den Straßen sind die Fassaden. Alt neben neu, heruntergekommen neben modern. Viele bunte Kacheln bestimmen das Stadtbild. Auf Empfehlung hin sind wir über die „Ponte de D. Luis I“ zum anderen Ufer des Douro und haben da einen fantastischen Blick auf Porto gehabt. Portwein spielt hier eine große Rolle, demnach viele Schiffe mit Fässern beladen, viele Weinkeller, Probiermöglichkeiten und an jeder Ecke zu finden 🍷
    Einige sightseeing-Klassiker wie Bahnhof, Kirchen, Markthalle etc haben wir ausfindig machen können u auch einen Aufstieg zur hochgelegenen Kathedrale sowie 200Stufen hoch zum „Torre dos Clérigos“ waren am Ende noch drin. Zu guterletzt hab ich mich noch in die völlig überlaufene Bücherei „Livraria lello“ getraut 📚 Man sagt sich, die Mutter der Harry Potter Bücher hätte hier viele Inspirationen gesammelt, optisch auf jeden Fall sehenswert.
    Für uns gehts morgen langsam Richtung Süden u wir verlassen Porto 🚙💨
    Wir senden liebe Grüße ✌🏼😎
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  • Day23

    I only work half days doing surgery...

    July 12, 2016 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    First full day in Portugal... i cannot say it enough. i love this city.

    After sleeping in for a bit after the excitement last night, we headed into the city for another day of exploring. As we got into Porto we decided today was the day we would take a boat and wine tour because .... Why the hell not!

    First up, we took a boat tour of the Duoro River that connects to the Atlantic Ocean and seperates Gaia from Porto City. The river is famous for its 5 huge bridges crossing it built by 5 arxhitexts. Honestly the tour was just relaxing and we got to see a complete view of the city! There were these men on the boat who sat near us from Manchester... Let's just say I know they are all doctors and they make a lot of money. Because they kept saying it. To each other. Im pretty sure my eyes rolled out of my head and Taylor's weren't far behind.

    After the boat tour, we headed to the Gaia side to take our wine tour! We started at a cute cafe where we had pastel de nata - Portugese custard treats. These have always been a favourote of mine but man, are they amazing in Portugal. Next stop: Calem wineries for the tour and tasting!

    We did the wine tour in french because A) it was an hour earlier than the engliah tour and B) the girls are fluent in french and I underatand it. I actually learned ao much about the grape growing process and why they use the caves in Gaia to store port wine! We got to see the barrels where the wine is stored and learned about the different classifications of Port Wine (white, Rose, Tawny and Ruby)! And I understood all of the french thankyouverymuch. After the tour cane the best part... The tasting. I am a huge fan of port wine but for those who know me, white is definitely my favourite. We were served a tawny and a semi dry white in these gorgeous Calem wine glasses... Which may or may not have left te building with us. Oops.

    Next stop was a wine museum where we didn't learn anything but we got 2 more glasses of wine. I love Portugal.

    We stopped by the Taylor wineries so Taylor could see her namesake before heading to the mall (El Corte Ingles) where we all did a bit of shopping! After shopping, we sat in Starbucks and made friends with the barista (as usual) and I am pretty sure I will be movong to Portugal sometime soon. Mark my words.

    We walked around Porto after this to try and find some night life... And we didnt find any. So we sat at an outdoor PATIO and had a pitcher of sangria to end the night.

    Did I mention I love Portugal?
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  • Day2

    Ponte Dom Luís I

    March 20, 2019 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Nach einiger Zeit kamen wir dann an der Uferpromenade und der Brücke an. Ein absolut geiler Ausblick, schon von unten! Die Brücke hat sozusagen 2 Stockwerke. Oben fahren die Straßenbahnen, unten die Autos. Auf beiden Ebenen gibt es zudem Fußgängerwege.
    Nachdem wir den Ausblick bei gefühlten 25° Sonnenschein an der Promenade etwas genossen haben, war dann für uns klar, wir müssen aufjedenfall auf beiden Ebenen einmal lang laufen.
    Uns war auch klar, dass wir am Ende des Tages einen Sonnenbrand haben werden. Mit so gutem Wetter hatten wir beide nicht gerechnet und uns auch dementsprechend nicht eingecremt.
    Dann ging es dann zunächst unten über die Brücke auf die andere Seite, wo wir dann schon nicht mehr in Porto waren. Von dort hatten wir aber noch einen besseren Blick auf die Altstadt, die Uferpromenade, die zahllosen Weinkeller und Boote.
    Ein Ausblick der sich definitiv lohnt!
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  • Day306


    February 3, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    So the walking tour I booked didn't happen but we did go explore.
    It was a 3km walk to the centre. I am genuinely surprised by how much I like this city. It's run down but beautiful. All the buildings are covered in tiles. It's wonderful.
    It was all downhill which was great - it's the walk back that will be the bummer.

    Seriously though, the tiles. 😍😍😍

    The main square had beautiful buildings too but that wasn't where the main attractions were so we kept walking.

    Made it to the Ribeira square next to the Duomo river.
    There were so many HUGE fish in the water. It was bizarre! They were all so big and yet no one was fishing them. You could eat for a year.
    We walked across their famous Luis 1 bridge (similar looking to the harbour bridge) to get to the other side of the river to get a better view of the unesco port.

    I bought a magnet that had tile patterns on it because it will definitely remind me of the city.

    Along this side was a bunch of old boats with port barrels on them.

    We found a resturant that sold a sort of sandwich thing we were told to try. It's called Francesinha. It's ridiculous. It's meat cheese more meat more cheese and I think some bread somewhere in there. It was sooo goood.
    It was sitting in some sort of sauce. Either beer or port. It's traditionally beer but this tastes like port so 🤷🏼‍♀️
    We loved the place EXCEPT they put bread and olives on our table.
    They then tried to charge us for them. We were like uhm, no. We didn't eat them.
    Or at least not the olives. Will had some bread because at he assumed the table bread would be free like it normally is.
    I thought it was really dishonest especially after I told a waiter to take it away because we don't like them.
    I don't think she understood but still. Not paying lol.
    They took it off the bill.
    Shouldn't have been there in the first place lol.

    We walked back - on the way we found the most unexciting head hole picture thing (see photo - terrible description hahah) I had to get a photo. You normally replace a beloved character head.... this was not... why anyone would NEED to get a photo with this is a mystery.

    Walked back home. Long walk 😅

    Had a quick snooze infront of the mini heater. Saaaa goood.

    We watched the illusionist - good film.

    I had strawberries for dinner because our late lunch completely stuffed us both.

    Uploaded today's photos to past 2 days too.

    Also, we came across a random chicken on our travels.
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