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  • Day559

    Day 560: Dacian Fortresses

    August 28 in Romania

    Back in the car, this time a four hour drive! We headed north into Transylvania, where the next World Heritage site awaited. This is known as the Dacian Fortresses, and they're ruined fortresses of the Dacian people, who lived in this area prior to Roman conquest. Apparently they had quite a thriving civilisation going on, but Trajan destroyed them around 105 AD and it never recovered.

    We visited the site of Sarmezugeteusa Regia, which was their capital and largest fortress. Not much to see other than some walls, column bases of temples, and a road, but some archaeology was going on and it was still cool to see. Interesting connection - we had seen Trajan's Column still standing in Rome, just near the Forum when we were there back in January (it even featured in my video). The Column tells the story of Trajan's conquest of Dacia (modern day Romania and a bit north into Ukraine), and much of what we actually know about the Dacians comes directly from the column. Their leader, Decebelus, is still a folk hero to Romanians (though he was heavily pushed as such during the Communist era, a heroic leader fighting against imperialism and all that).

    Hotel was about 20 minutes drive from the fortress - nothing special but we're only here for a night. Wifi quite crappy, keeps going on and off line.
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  • Day7

    Oasa Stausee

    August 15 in Romania

    Der Oasa Stausee liegt an der bekannten Transalpina Strasse. Entgegen vieler anderer Straßen finden wir hier piekfeinen Asphalt vor und die Streckenführung erinnert uns teilweise an Korsika und ermöglicht entsprechenden Fahrspaß. ;)

    An der Staumauer "stapeln" sich mal wieder die Touristen, eine Fahrspur wird komplett als Parkplatz genutzt und auch die typischen "Touribuden" bieten hier wieder allen möglichen Krimskrams feil.

    Wir machen kurz Pause, schauen uns den Trubel an und genießen den Ausblick auf den See.
    Dann lockt uns die Transalpina-Strasse wieder auf die Motorräder.
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  • Day19

    Sibiu (Hermannstadt)

    September 17 in Romania

    Wir haben die Nacht überlebt und nun gehts nach Sibiu der Hauptstadt von Siebenbürgen. Ein Muss bei jedem Rumänienbesuch. Wir benötigen 4,5 Stunden für 203 km. In Fagaras fahren wir an einer prunkvollen orthodoxen Kirche vorbei. Leider finden wir keinen Parkplatz um diese zu besichtigen. Auf dem Campingplatz Ananas, ca. 14 km von Sibiu entfernt, machen wir uns Stadtfein. In Sibiu genießen wir den Zauber dieser wundervollen Stadt. Wir besteigen den Kirchturm der evangelischen Kirche und krönen ben Besuch mit einem köstlichen Abendessen im Restaurant Kulinarium. Unseren Buggy mussten wir erst suchen, da im Dunkeln alles anders aussah.Read more

  • Day2

    I was used to find water fountains and clean streams #acrossRomania, but for the last 2 days and 150 km this was the first one, almost hidden. Next to it there's most likely a grave with XC (could be HC in Cyrillic) and what looks like a WW1 medal.

    And only once before have I seen this type of sheltered spring. There are 2 chalices next to it used for scooping water from the well. The spring is covered with a wooden door that protects it from the elements, although the surplus of water is flowing away anyway, making what's inside always clean.

    The chance to drink clean water directly from the ground seems like such a luxury in this century.
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  • Day2

    I managed to run away from the rain and avoid it for the most part of yesterday. At the very end of the track for the day, just a couple of kilometers away from the place I wanted to reach the rain caught up with me and I made a mistake in choosing which way to go.

    Let's play with maps: Follow the blue track #acrossRomania
    1) turn left, wrong way, go back
    2) go straight on... The sign says that it's a dead-end towards #5
    3) This is not a way, this is a swamp!
    4) and this is a cornfield, let me go around it, how big can it be...
    It was a big cornfield and not in squarish shape, so I ended up going wide
    5) still no sign of the path that matches the track.

    Even worse, the new unopened highway cut whatever path was there
    6) oh, look if I continued straight I could have gone this way in the first place!
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  • Day2

    The little path on the right was third time the charm #acrossRomania. Charm that quickly turned into bog.

    As I stopped in hesitation the lady on the navigation says "go straight". Sure, let me just unpack my canoe!

    Water to the left, I'll skip it. Water to the right, I'll skip it. Middle looks clear! Nope. It's turning into swamp after 20m, just when I thought I can rush through.

    The lukewarm water reminded me of marshes in Latvia. Only, in those I entered because I wanted to.

    So, the idea of me going on dry and the bike in water didn't work. Mostly because I ran out of dry land. Let's think out of the box. What if I go in and the bike stays out as much as possible?

    The plan worked, kinda. At least my shoes were clean. But the bike had kilos of mud all over itself. The tires would lift it up, the fenders and the frame would scrape it off, then the mud falls into the brakes, panniers, chain, derailer. You name the part, it had mud on it :)
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  • Day2

    Unbelievably, this little ladybug survived and reached the other side with me. I took the photo before I started going into the water and was surprised to see the little guy still roaming the bike after all the mud and water 😄

    And unaware of all the struggle in the mud #acrossRomania were these fellas, a bee, a bumblebee and an ant, all working the same flower..

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