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  • Day2

    I was used to find water fountains and clean streams #acrossRomania, but for the last 2 days and 150 km this was the first one, almost hidden. Next to it there's most likely a grave with XC (could be HC in Cyrillic) and what looks like a WW1 medal.

    And only once before have I seen this type of sheltered spring. There are 2 chalices next to it used for scooping water from the well. The spring is covered with a wooden door that protects it from the elements, although the surplus of water is flowing away anyway, making what's inside always clean.

    The chance to drink clean water directly from the ground seems like such a luxury in this century.
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  • Day2

    I managed to run away from the rain and avoid it for the most part of yesterday. At the very end of the track for the day, just a couple of kilometers away from the place I wanted to reach the rain caught up with me and I made a mistake in choosing which way to go.

    Let's play with maps: Follow the blue track #acrossRomania
    1) turn left, wrong way, go back
    2) go straight on... The sign says that it's a dead-end towards #5
    3) This is not a way, this is a swamp!
    4) and this is a cornfield, let me go around it, how big can it be...
    It was a big cornfield and not in squarish shape, so I ended up going wide
    5) still no sign of the path that matches the track.

    Even worse, the new unopened highway cut whatever path was there
    6) oh, look if I continued straight I could have gone this way in the first place!
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  • Day2

    The little path on the right was third time the charm #acrossRomania. Charm that quickly turned into bog.

    As I stopped in hesitation the lady on the navigation says "go straight". Sure, let me just unpack my canoe!

    Water to the left, I'll skip it. Water to the right, I'll skip it. Middle looks clear! Nope. It's turning into swamp after 20m, just when I thought I can rush through.

    The lukewarm water reminded me of marshes in Latvia. Only, in those I entered because I wanted to.

    So, the idea of me going on dry and the bike in water didn't work. Mostly because I ran out of dry land. Let's think out of the box. What if I go in and the bike stays out as much as possible?

    The plan worked, kinda. At least my shoes were clean. But the bike had kilos of mud all over itself. The tires would lift it up, the fenders and the frame would scrape it off, then the mud falls into the brakes, panniers, chain, derailer. You name the part, it had mud on it :)
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  • Day2

    Unbelievably, this little ladybug survived and reached the other side with me. I took the photo before I started going into the water and was surprised to see the little guy still roaming the bike after all the mud and water 😄

    And unaware of all the struggle in the mud #acrossRomania were these fellas, a bee, a bumblebee and an ant, all working the same flower..

  • Day3

    Wooden church from 1663

    June 23 in Romania

    When I saw that there's a wooden church just 1km off my track I couldn't resist. The little wooden church of St. Dimitri, built in 1663 is hidden behind train tracks, accessible only on foot.

    The graveyard around the little church is rather new. It's dominated by a family tombstone, that's the size of a small house #acrossRomania, much like the ones found in Cemitério dos Prazeres (Pleasures Cemetery) in Lisbon.

    I couldn't peek inside but what little I could see through the window.

    This is engraved above the entrance. To the best of my knowledge, this is the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet that was used #acrossRomania before 1860s. Later they transitioned to Latin alphabet. The entrance is lowered, so you have to bow, symbolically bowing in front of god as well.

    It's great to see from carpentry point of view, how they brought the side planks/walls together
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  • Day3

    I'm listening to this piece when this scene appears before my eyes #acrossRomania. My moment of Zen.

    Grandma on a quad passed me by and I felt sorry for not being faster to snap a photo of hers. But my mind went back to trying to feed a shy dog. She was afraid to come closer. I thought I'll split my meat with her and take a risk by leaving it on the side of the road. I was happy to see her found it once I cycled 50 meters away. Then, as a karmic reward, the aforementioned granny came back on her quad. And I was ready.

    This is how I imagine eastern Russia in summer. Fields, mountains in the distance and grannies on quads. Add perhaps a rifle strapped across their back and a hammer and sickle tattoo on their forearms 😁
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  • Day3

    I try using solar power as much as I can, but unfortunately 28W solar panel is not enough to feed 70.000 mAh batteries that I have with me 😅
    I might need visiting that power plant in the background.
    Crossing the power plant perimeter is also a unique experience. You cannot shake off the feeling that you're at a place where you shouldn't be, even though there are no checkpoints, guards and cameras. Only dogs. Of which this one had no shame of choosing means of transportation.Read more

  • Day3

    The medieval fortress (or, as my phone suggests, an alternative spelling 🏰) in Deva is mentioned in 1269, but a more interesting fact is that it's built on top of a volcano.

    On another image is notoriously famous style of residential housing, which finds inspiration in volcanic eruptions, after which all the debris is collected and glued to a house facade. Even baroque looks Spartan compared to the amount of decorations on these and similar houses.

    And just like that I breezed through Deva and went on to see what lies behind the city.
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