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  • Day14

    Trans Mongolian Railway + Perm

    May 15, 2017 in Russia

    Daar gingen we dan! Om 3.35 's ochtends de Trans Mongolië Expres in voor onze eerste etappe van 26 uur van Moskou naar Perm. De trein is eigenlijk alles wat je je hierbij voorstelt: een kleine coupé met twee stapelbedjes (waar jens in de lengte net inpaste, dus het was vrij krap), een klein tafeltje en een kanten gordijntje voor het raam. Op de gang was een w.c., een ketel heet water en één stopcontact. We deelde de coupé met twee Russische mannen die enthousiast hun lunchtrommel vol met vlees en worst met ons deelden en uiteraard twee flessen vodka; die behoorlijk snel op waren.. Één van de twee mannen kon een klein beetje Engels, wat het net wat makkelijker maakte om te communiceren en hij vroeg ook of hij ons op instagram mocht volgen. Super lief. De ander wilde proosten op "my friend, Poetin". De Russen hebben volgens ons sowieso een onjuiste reputatie want we hebben tot nu toe alleen nog maar ontzettend vriendelijke mensen onmoet, die het heel spannend vinden om Engels te spreken, maar ons ook in het Russisch altijd proberen te helpen :)

    De klok ging onderweg twee uur vooruit en om half 6 kwamen we slaperig aan in Perm. Passend, want Perm is een slaperig en stoffig stadje waar onze hotelkamer in een kelder bleek te liggen waar het dus stikdonker was.. We gingen de dag erna naar een ijsgrot in een nabijgelegen gehucht waar we bijna 1.5 uur werden rondgeleid volledig in het Russisch. Onze tourguide deed op een gegeven moment het licht uit en toen stonden we een hele tijd in het donker te wachten. Er gebeurde niets en we weten nog steeds niet echt wat hier het nut van was haha.
    Verder was er niet erg veel spannends te doen en ging onze wekker om 4 uur 's nachts alweer af om in de trein te stappen naar het vlakbij gelegen Ekaterinenburg!
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  • Day25

    Über Perm nach Kungur

    May 31 in Russia

    Und wieder eine Zeitzone weiter, inzwischen sind wir 3 Stunden vor deutscher Sommerzeit.
    Allerdings ist hier eher Winter, heute haben wir nur 3-5 Grad und ein wenig Schnee.

    Etappe heute 405 km über eigentlich ganz guten Straßen. Hier ist alles sehr viel einfacher und ärmlichen. So haben wir uns Russland eigentlich vorgestellt. Nun stehen wir an der größten Eishöhle Europas. Morgen Vormittag werden wir Sie uns anschauen.Read more

  • Day6

    Russia: 24 hours

    August 13, 2017 in Russia

    We share a compartment with Tilman, a German PhD student heading to Hong Kong. We get along together very well and exchange a lot of stories and travel advice while our wagon no. 1 smoothly leaves birch forests and wetlands behind. The other passengers are Russians and a handful of other tourists. Though English is not common, communication somehow works surprisingly fine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner mainly consist of noodles and piroggi. As night is about to crawl in, the train is drenched in msgical colours.Read more

  • Day2

    Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater

    October 3, 2016 in Russia

    Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre

    The Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre is an opera and ballet theatre in the city of Perm in Russia. It is one of the oldest theatres in the country, and it has remained a major musical centre during its history, in which many significant art events have taken place. Its ballet troupe is one of the most popular in Russia.

    (The red building is a very old girls school and the blue one is just impressive because of the color :-D )Read more

  • Day2

    Mosque in Perm

    October 3, 2016 in Russia

    We never expected a mosque at this place and on the first view it looks like another russian-orthodox church. But the crescent moon in stead of the crosses unmasks the mosque.

    We decided to enter this very, very old and for muslims holy place:

    After a serious note to undress our shoes we were welcome in the building. Attila spoke a lot with two guys inside (I think one of them was the imam of the community). I didn't understand a lot because they spoke just Russian, but nevertheless it was very interesting to meet them.Read more

  • Day2

    Пермяк-соленые уши

    October 3, 2016 in Russia

    Permyak Salty Ears (Russian: Пермяк солёные уши) is a 2006 urban sculpture by Rustam Ismagilov in the city of Perm, Russia. The sculpture consists of two parts - the figure of the photographer and a round frame with large ears, in which those who wish to pose for a photograph can put their faces.

    The sculpture is located on the main street of the city of Perm, Komsomol Prospect, near the "Ural" hotel and is located on the "Perm Green Line" - a pedestrian route for tourists. The monument was unveiled on April 1, 2006.Read more

  • Day24

    A Long Train to Somewhere...

    October 6, 2016 in Russia

    After dreading this day for a few weeks, the time had come for Courtney to make her way to the train station, and board the sleeper train to Irkutsk. It wasn't the meeting new people; it wasn't the lack of substantial vegetarian food options; it was the potential for four nights without sleep.

    Jamie assured her that if she made one night without sleep, the second night, she'd be fast asleep in no time, and if she made it two nights without sleep, the exhaustion her body was suffering, would result in a full reset, and a third night of sound sleep. Time would tell how Courtney would respond, but for now, the only thing she could do was wait.

    After one last burst on the treadmill, before four days on train, Courtney and Jamie, checked out, and headed to the station on the other side of the city. Arriving with over an hour to spare, Courtney and Jamie sheltered under the dilapidatd eves of the station's left luggage office, as rain fell persistently around them. It wasn't a day for exploring a city, it was a day for being inside. "So long as this rain persists for the next four days on the train, so that the rest of the holiday is dry, I'll be more than happy", Courtney thought.

    Surveying the motley crew, huddling in the only dry section of the platform, the spectrum of people to travel with them was diverse. There were Russian businessmen in their two-piece suits, perhaps heading into the Motherland to secure the sale of some industrial supplies. There were the international tourists, marked by their backpacks, ready to start their Trans-Siberrian adventure. There were old Russian ladies, travelling with bags and bags of food, back to their families, in the great distance of Siberia. The train was going to be a cosmopolitan mix of people from within Russian and without.

    Suddenly, an announcement went out over the PA system in Russian, and the throng of people previously sheltered from the rain, stepped out into the chilly Moscow 'mist', and headed for the train. Not having understood the annoucement, but having the limited ability required to interpret the movement of people, Courtney and Jamie followed the horde, and boarded the train.

    Their sleeping compartment, was small, but adequate. Housing four people, in two sets of bunk beds, with a small table in between. Just the job for eating breakfast, playing cards, or writing a travel blog. Having taken five minutes to put there bags away, and settle in, Courtney and Jamie were joined by their two cabin mates, all the way from the Netherlands. As it would turn out, there was a sizable Dutch contingent travelling in second class on the train. Being a Russian commuter train, rather than a pure tourist train, there was no first class at all.

    Their new cabin mates had already travelled through Germany, Poland, and Belarus, and were now making their way to Ulan Bataar in Monglia, via Moscow. After exchanging pleasantries, and getting to know each other a bit better, it was time to head to the restaurant car, to have something to drink, have something to eat, and mingle some more with the rest of the train. While there, Courtney and Jamie made the acquaintance of many more travellers, including two in particular from Poland and France.

    The international contingent of the train was a good bunch - a good laugh. As she lay in bed trying to get to sleep, Courtney thought to herself, that the time would pass quickly, with such fine company.

    And as the clock struck midnight, Courtney's final thought of the day, reverberated through her head, "I hope I can sleep".
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  • Day3


    March 26 in Russia

    Perm 2 is the last stop in Europe. By the time we wake in the morning we'll have passed Yekaterinberg and be over the border to Asia.

    It also the first place where the snow lies uncleared on the platform. Up until now every platform, path and walkway has been ruthlessly swept to pristine dryness. Here it is merely trodden down. In some spots where the hoses trail across to replenish the train's tanks it has melted or worn down almost 6 inches, still without any sign of reaching the bottom. There may be a platform under there somewhere, or it may be solid ice all the way down.Read more

  • Day9

    Trein #70 naar Perm

    July 19, 2015 in Russia

    Vandaag hebben we voor het eerst intrek genomen in ons nieuwe verblijf... Treinstel 7, bed 23 en 24. Heel knus. De samovar (heetwaterketel) ziet er wat gammel uit maar werkt prima. Avondeten is noodles met lokaal (Danilow) gekochte bessen :)

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